“Hello!” and “Good-bye!”

Due to the current, prolonged crisis of the international community, our mental health seems to be negatively affected step by step. As I wrote in previous posts, “the moment of the truth” should have come in either November or December this year. However, the western powers obviously decided to postpone it till May/June of next year. That is to say, you have now about 6 months left till everything will be settled down. There are groups of people who can’t keep up with such a volatile change of the sea changes any more and simply begin to give up. It’s really a pity to have to say “Good-bye” to them, but it’s just “SHIKATA-GA-NAI (I can’t avoid that.)”.

On the contrary to the pessimism, it’ true someone and something brandnew will emerge instead in the course of time. According to the “Le Chatelier’s Principle” I mentioned frequently on this weblog, one thing will come into a system, when another has left it. Based on that, our optimism for the sake of the new world order beyond the current financial capitalism must be kept, I firmly believe.


My closest alliance partner Mr. “HKD” sent me his statistical analysis on the Japanese stock index “NIKKEI 225” yesterday, which is shown below:

20131206    -1    15659.85   over 482.36
20131209    -1    15957.11   over 657.25
20131210    -1    15811.76   over 511.9
20131211    -1    15725.28   over 425.42
20131212    -1    16123.99   over 824.13
20131213    -1    16033.24   over 733.38
20131216    -1    16038.16   over 738.3
20131217    -1    16197.94   over 898.08
20131218    -1    15656.09   over 356.23
*20131219    -1    15341.26    over 41.4
20131220    -1    15486.51    over 86.64
20131224    -1    15485.66    over 185.8

It clearly shows the next sea change will reach us on December 19. Till then, we should pay sufficient attention to the rising volatility of the market. My adaptive unconscious tells something significant will break out suddenly due to the GOJ’s de facto market manipulation for the sake of the Japan Bubble.

So, just relax and wait and see. What is to be checked by then is our stress tolerance. All you need is just love to all and our common future. Enjoy.

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