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Clash of Two Universal Authorities

I’m just riding on the Chuo-Line bound for Tokyo, while I’ll hold a seminar in Fukuoka today. This will be the very last seminar for me till 2015 in Japan, because my schedule will be full of other obligations especially related to the global community such as participation as panelist in the forthcoming St. Petersburg Economic Forum (in Russia) and Eurasia Business Forum (in Kazakhstan).

The most important thing in this moment is the fact that the fundamental stratum all over the world suddenly began to move. To understand it correctly, I maybe have to explain you what this stratum is.

Obviously, the international community is divided in five different classes as shown below:

-Fundamental Stratum

-Head Clerk


-Work Force


The fundamental stratum such as emperor and kings concentrate on making concepts and frameworks, while their head clerks like presidents and prime ministers help them to do so. Once they are finished, managers are instructed to think of how to execute them and then will make detailed plans to be shown to work force. According to these plans, the work force will execute them one by one.

The point is only the fundamental stratum and their head clerks are in charge of deciding concepts and frameworks for the human society. All the others just obey them, even though they are “motivated” to do so. Magic words such as “MBA” are typical tools to let them believe as if they decide only by themselves how to move forward.

What the ultimate stratum is interested in and always follows is two things. The one is to watch the position and motion of celestial bodies. Another is to observe diastrophism. To find any subtle early warning signals is extremely important for this class, because its authority is fundamentally based on quick response to them. All the concepts and frameworks this stratum makes is to adapt to new environment the nature shows at each moment. This kind of effectivity is the very source of authority and power from the ancient. Experts call it “theocracy”, which is totally different from “democratic” one to be taught in modern times.


This week, all the fundamental stratum has, as I mentioned, begun to move in two directions: westwards and eastwards. For example, the Pope Francis granted the US president Obama an audience on 27 May, while the Queen Elizabeth will do so in April. The Pope Francis will then pay a visit to the ROK in this summer, after Obama will visit Japan and be given an audience to the Japanese Emperor Akihito.

Gradually, you’ll be aware of bipolar structure of the world community.  The one polar is apparently the Pope and his apparatus called “Vatican”. Another is, however, still hidden and hardly regarded as such. Can I drop you a hint? On 26 March, the Japanese Emperor and Empress paid a private visit to the Ise Grand Shrine. If you aren’t familiar with the Japanese traditional culture and its history, you never understand what this “private” visit really means. The key to open the hidden door is to just imagine for what they prayed there.


My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD”, sent me the result of his statistical analysis on the NIKKEI 225 index on the last Thursday as follows:

20140327    -1    15033.25    over 556.09
20140328    -1    14980.51    over 357.62
*20140331    1    14459.19    over -163.7
20140401    1    14417.31    under -205.58
20140402    1    14525.12    under -97.77
20140403    1    14571.25    under -51.64
*20140404    1    14358.12    under -264.77
*20140407    1    14551.51    under -71.38
20140408    1    14505.78    under -117.11
20140409    1    14552.14    under -70.75

20140410    -1    14681.26    under 58.37

Hmmm… My adaptive unconscious tells you now something significant will occur between 4 and 7 April in the world, which will directly affect the Japanese financial market. That will surely imply “schemes, concepts and frameworks” I just pointed out will have been changed whereby to let the human society enter into the next phase which will last till the latter half of September in this year. Stay tuned.





To Tell the Truth, My Friends…

While almost everyone has been watching what’s going on with the missing flight MH 370 from KL, a short but significant statement was released regarding irreversible change of solar activity: A kill shot from the sun could have hit the earth, when the revolution of the latter around the former had moved nine days earlier than usual.  Even though this information wasn’t disseminated by major media except for Thomson Reuters, it’s of course too remarkable to disregard.

While I’ve been professionally keeping watching at massive expansion of open sources on the internet from 2005, one subtle regularity seems to have emerged gradually in the world events’ calendar. Whenever a disastrous crisis is set to break out, that’ll be always postponed at the final stage allegedly thanks to world-class leaders. However, the true reason for the postponement is always unknown. Let’s take a typical example for this phenomenon: The on-going seven-party talks on the Iranian nuclear armament. Every time a new round of the talks is decided, its date is obviously quite relevant to planetary motion, I think. In the course of the talks, conflictive points among the parties are always highlighted and even exaggerated by mass media. Just before it reaches the critical point, every issue is somehow cleared and the round comes to a dramatic denouement.

Shall all of us thank top diplomats for avoiding Iranian security disaster? I’d say, “NO! We don’t need such a compliment.” What’s shown in the diplomacy, is just stage effects. There must be a hidden scenario shared by the world’s primordial class, which seems to be closely related to both planetary motion and solar activity.

Now you see me as a genuine conspiracy theorist, I’m afraid. Of course, I’m not one. I’d just like to point out an obvious parallel between temporal events on the earth and astronomical phenomena, which is usually too big to recognize.

According to modern brain science, human beings keep anticipating what will happen in the future. For that, they need noematic framework to be revised in accordance with what’s happening in the real world. Once surroundings are changed, human beings try to adapt their noematic framework to them. That can be done artificially, for example, by massive usage of important media. Experts call it “social manipulation”.


Leading Futurologists predict traditional mass media like newspapers will vanish within 25 years. I won’t say they will “vanish” but their influence on human society will become totally limited in the course of time. In this context, the above mentioned “social manipulation” seems to be also on the verge of death.

However, you shouldn’t forget the biggest media all of us sees every day: That’s the heavenly body. Why don’t you think every single planetary motion affects our thought and behaviour?

At least in my country, Japan, the primordial class traditionally concentrates on it. Planetary motion and solar activity have always changed the world history. The primordial class such as imperial and royal families give instructions to their first servants including president, prime minister and CEOs of conglomerates, to form a framework which is compatible with astronomical phenomena. Without explaining the truth, these servants then order their managers to break tasks for work force. Only within this framework, ordinary people live their life.

To sum up, the biggest media in the universe is astronomical phenomenon including solar activity. If you can anticipate its future changes monopolistically and make frameworks for the rest of the world, you’ll be welcomed as the next secular leadership by the world primordial class. In this regard, theocratical race has already begun and slowly enters the final stage. Whom do you think will be chosen as the savior of the world? Stay tuned… (From the beginning, I personally believe the one will be found in Japan.)

Can You Help Me??

While the financial market began to go up and down vehemently just after March 11,  I’m now feeling relaxed and listening to my favorite “Pavane pour une Infante Defunte”. It’s partly because I anticipated, as I wrote in the previous post, exactly what would occur in the market and have been well prepared psychologically. Beyond that,  there are two reasons why I can calm myself despite of accelerating volatilities in both the market and society as a whole.

As I had also shown before, I’ve been committing myself to foster a Japanese venture, which tries to detoxify tritiated water. Even though my column on this issue was thundered against, I’ve never given up. Finally, I’ve got a message from the leadership of this venture and found out its operating test undertaken by an eminent laboratory of a certain national university in Japan turned out to be very successful. The team of this laboratory verified the high technology, which was developed by this venture, is truely capable of dissociating hydrogen from deuterium oxide. Technologically saying, that means this technology is theoretically able to do the same thing  vis-à-vis tritiated water and detoxify it, which was never known before in the academia. The point is Japan has finally got a crucial breakthrough to overcome all the difficulties caused by the odious tritiated water in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.


In addition, I had an encounter with an expert I really wanted to meet.  At the dawn of the age of the “Japan’s bubble”, I’m now trying hard to find a science-based reason for future role of the Japanese to lead the whole world.  Of course, that is closely related to the “Pax Japonica”, which has very slowly begun to emerge.

My current research focuses on contemporary brain science and seeks to find those scientists who are trying to justify the revolutionary theory developed by Dr. Tadanobu TSUNODA scientifically. Basically, Dr. Tadanobu TSUNODA argued as follows:

– Those who learned the Japanese language as their mother tongue before they had become 10 years old, uses only left brain for linguistic communication. Furthermore,  they “hear” Japanese traditional music also in left brain, while western music comes into right brain.

– The scene around the ordinary caucasians is totally different: They use both left and right brains to understand languages. Although the Japanese people in the above mentioned mean keep their right brain almost “vacant”, the caucasian make use of  the full capacity of the brains.

– The point is not genes but the Japanese languase as such makes the things different. You can even give this kind of “left-concentrated” brain to the caucasians, while they learn Japanese in their early childhood.


After this theory caused enthusiasm in the Japanese society in 1980s, it was harshly criticized. It is said that Karel van Wolferen, Dutch famous author, has written “his testing methods are highly suspect. My impression, based on an account by one of his foreign guinea-pigs, is that auto-suggestion plays an important role. Yet his books sell well in Japan…” Many authoritative journalists without sufficient scientific knowledge followed this criticism. And the theory was forced to vanish into the night of the human history.


However…The “TSUNODA theory” is back now: This week, I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Koichi TSUNODA, the eldest son of Dr. Tadanobu TSUNODA, who is also well-known doctor in the Department of Artificial Organs and Medical Device Creation of the Tokyo Medical Center. During the encounter, Dr. Koichi TSUNODA explained to me that he finally succeeded to prove the authenticity of his father’s theory thanks to the high technology developed by HITACHI. Headband equipped with this technology can show changes of blood flow in frontal lobe without forcing the testee to pose artificially, which is usually the case for fMRI. He underlined, “Mr. Harada, you know, not genes but the Japanese language play the decisive role. My farther, Tadanobu, is right.”

Dr. Koichi TSUNODA now tries to publish his article on this experiment in western authentic journals of science like the “Nature”. He calls for kind assistance of those who have influence on the western-dominated academia. If you can help him, please contact me via the internet. I’ll convey your message to him.

 I firmly believe the comeback of this “TSUNODA theory” will soon give great shock to both the academia and society, while every Japanese experts and government officials rush for replacing Japanese with English even in elementary schools!!


My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD” sent me the results of his statistical analytics on the Nikkei 225 index the day before yesterday as shown below:

20140313    -1    15093.51    over 263.12
20140314    -1    15001.81    over 185.83
*20140317    1    14778.92    over -37.06
20140318    -1    14854.67    under 38.69
20140319    -1    15054.39    over 238.41
20140320    -1    15345.15    over 529.17
20140324    -1    15538.94    over 722.96
20140325    -1    15318.32    over 502.34
20140326    -1    15463.04    over 647.06
*20140327    -1    14908.37    over 92.39
20140328    -1    14892.15    over 76.17
20140331    -1    14892.51    over 76.53
20140401    -1    14892.07    over 76.09

Hmmm…The market will obviously continue to go up and down till the end of March.  All we need is patience and hope for future. For that, I’ll show you brandnew development of Japanese innovations further on this weblog. Stay tuned…



Der bestirnte Himmel über mir, und das moralische Gesetz in mir.

During I surfed on the internet and checked the OSINT website called “What does it mean?” as usual, I found the above shown short video. It urges us to make financial contributions to save the Syrian children, who have been suffering from the so-called “civil war” in their country for years. Actually, this is the case not only for Syria but also some other countries such as Venezuela and Ukraine, where “civil war” broke out abruptly.

When you concentrate on these phenomena just superficially, you might regard them as tragedies caused by totalitarian regimes. However, I still wonder why only these countries were arbitrarily as targets of “civil war”. Why not in other countries which are much more famous as totalitarian? My answer to this question is quite simple: These countries were chosen as triggers of domino effects, which will keep volatilities for the sake of survival of the current financial capitalism. When the Crimea will declare its sessesion on 16 March, that will bring about huge impact on other controversial ethnics like the Scots and Kurds.

Many “experts” mainly on the Wall Street and City of London (or even Tokyo) continue to explain the world’s economy will recover robustly in the near future. But the true future scenario, which world-class leaders in both politics and economy share, is quite different. Let me show you it briefly as follows:

1. Current extraordinary activities of the sun including “sun storm” affect the earth’s magnetic field dramatically.

2. That leads us to irreversible climate change. In the northern hemisphere, traditional centres of western civilization such as London and N. Y. are involved in the on-going global cooling.

3. Because of this global cooling, human immune system is negatively influenced and won’t work as it has done before. Human activities especially in the market are decelerated.

4. Finally, the western powers get into the era of total deflation. There could be a few exceptions of this phenomenon. One of them would be Russia, where arctic passages are to be opened thanks to topical warming.

5. Although Japan is also getting into the same troubles as in other western powers, she could be saved as a safe haven because of her low latitude.

Every single moment on the earth converges on what happened in the space. Immanuel Kant’s statement is completely right, while he wrote, “Zwei Dinge erfüllen das Gemüt mit immer neuer und zunehmender Bewunderung und Ehrfurcht, je öfter und anhaltender sich das Nachdenken damit beschäftigt; Der bestirnte Himmel über mir, und das moralische Gesetz in mir.”

Now, you can surely understand the true reason of “civil wars” in specific countries behind the scenes. All of them are desperate efforts of conventional western powers called “Europe” and the “US”, which have been trying hard to stop this dynamic process of civilization center’s movement.

The point is Russia seems to be a final winner of this process, although such a judgment will soon turn out to be premature. Because of accelerating battles with falling western powers all over the world, Russia will be impoverished, too. As long as Japan refrain from participating actively in this game of civilizations, her opportunity to become the final winner remains. In order to keep this opportunity, the traditional authentic ruler of Japan needs confusion of domestic politics, which allow nobody to be selected as the ultimate strong leadership with sufficient powers to make tough decisions to cooperate with western powers militarily. That is to say, Japan strategically pretends to be further confused with domestic affairs.


My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD”, sent me the latest result of his statistical analysis as shown below:

20140306    1    over 14638.21    -259.42
20140307    1    under 14979.46    -155.29

20140310    1    under 14955.51    -179.24
*20140311    -1    under 15140.75    6
20140312    1    over 15071.04    -63.71
20140313    1    under 15023.81    -110.94
20140314    1    under 14942.76    -191.99
*20140317    1    under 14759.27    -375.48
20140318    1    under 14817.09    -317.66
20140319    1    under 14977.77    -156.98
*20140320    -1    under 15215.37    80.62
20140324    -1    under 15215.9        81.15

20140325    -1    over 15216.78    82.03

My adaptive unconscious tells you the next sea change will decisively emerge on 11 March. As I pointed out in the previous post, all the major investors in the market have been continuing to bid on that. Before the “moment of the truth” will come, just relax and take a little bit time to remind yourself of what happened in the 80s, while listening to a revival of “legendary” Japanese modern music.