Clash of Two Universal Authorities

I’m just riding on the Chuo-Line bound for Tokyo, while I’ll hold a seminar in Fukuoka today. This will be the very last seminar for me till 2015 in Japan, because my schedule will be full of other obligations especially related to the global community such as participation as panelist in the forthcoming St. Petersburg Economic Forum (in Russia) and Eurasia Business Forum (in Kazakhstan).

The most important thing in this moment is the fact that the fundamental stratum all over the world suddenly began to move. To understand it correctly, I maybe have to explain you what this stratum is.

Obviously, the international community is divided in five different classes as shown below:

-Fundamental Stratum

-Head Clerk


-Work Force


The fundamental stratum such as emperor and kings concentrate on making concepts and frameworks, while their head clerks like presidents and prime ministers help them to do so. Once they are finished, managers are instructed to think of how to execute them and then will make detailed plans to be shown to work force. According to these plans, the work force will execute them one by one.

The point is only the fundamental stratum and their head clerks are in charge of deciding concepts and frameworks for the human society. All the others just obey them, even though they are “motivated” to do so. Magic words such as “MBA” are typical tools to let them believe as if they decide only by themselves how to move forward.

What the ultimate stratum is interested in and always follows is two things. The one is to watch the position and motion of celestial bodies. Another is to observe diastrophism. To find any subtle early warning signals is extremely important for this class, because its authority is fundamentally based on quick response to them. All the concepts and frameworks this stratum makes is to adapt to new environment the nature shows at each moment. This kind of effectivity is the very source of authority and power from the ancient. Experts call it “theocracy”, which is totally different from “democratic” one to be taught in modern times.


This week, all the fundamental stratum has, as I mentioned, begun to move in two directions: westwards and eastwards. For example, the Pope Francis granted the US president Obama an audience on 27 May, while the Queen Elizabeth will do so in April. The Pope Francis will then pay a visit to the ROK in this summer, after Obama will visit Japan and be given an audience to the Japanese Emperor Akihito.

Gradually, you’ll be aware of bipolar structure of the world community.  The one polar is apparently the Pope and his apparatus called “Vatican”. Another is, however, still hidden and hardly regarded as such. Can I drop you a hint? On 26 March, the Japanese Emperor and Empress paid a private visit to the Ise Grand Shrine. If you aren’t familiar with the Japanese traditional culture and its history, you never understand what this “private” visit really means. The key to open the hidden door is to just imagine for what they prayed there.


My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD”, sent me the result of his statistical analysis on the NIKKEI 225 index on the last Thursday as follows:

20140327    -1    15033.25    over 556.09
20140328    -1    14980.51    over 357.62
*20140331    1    14459.19    over -163.7
20140401    1    14417.31    under -205.58
20140402    1    14525.12    under -97.77
20140403    1    14571.25    under -51.64
*20140404    1    14358.12    under -264.77
*20140407    1    14551.51    under -71.38
20140408    1    14505.78    under -117.11
20140409    1    14552.14    under -70.75

20140410    -1    14681.26    under 58.37

Hmmm… My adaptive unconscious tells you now something significant will occur between 4 and 7 April in the world, which will directly affect the Japanese financial market. That will surely imply “schemes, concepts and frameworks” I just pointed out will have been changed whereby to let the human society enter into the next phase which will last till the latter half of September in this year. Stay tuned.





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