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An Open Letter on US-Supernote to R. T. and M. S.

There are some issues in the world community, which I followed over nearly 10 years. One of them is “US-Supernote”, or criminal counterfeiting of US dollar with high technology. 

For those readers who are unfortunately not familiar with this issue, I’ll explain the whole story in short as follows: The so-called “US-Supernote” is so authentic that nobody except for real experts can recognize it as counterfeiting. In this regard, “US-Supernote” is to be clearly differentiated from other counterfeited US-dollar.  The point is USG has blamed DPRK (North Korea) for printing this “US-Supernote”, although there was no hard evidence which can support the theory.

In Japan, a funny thing happened in this context: In 2005, Mr. Ryuichi TESHIMA, former chief correspondent of NHK in Washington, or self-proclaimed expert of intelligence, published a “novel” entitled “Ultradollar” in Japanese.  In this “novel”, he obviously dramatized the above mentioned theory and tried to persuade Japanese readership on criminal counterfeiting of DPRK. As soon as the “novel” was published, Mr. Masaru SATO, former non-career diplomat, or another self-proclaimed expert of intelligence, enthusiastically began to support RT’s theory without showing any hard evidences. RT could rise to stardom in Japanese authors’ world thanks to this “novel”.

In spite of the fact that I’ve been never supporter of the dictatorship in DPRK, I simply found RT’s argument just funny and even crazy. Sorry, but it was just so.  Based on my experience as desk chief of DPRK issues in the Japanese MOFA, I’m fully aware of that the Japanese NPA never admit the position of USG which had blamed DPRK for printing Supernote and paying with that all over the world.


To make all the things clear, I made up my mind to write a book on this issue in Japanese. Before it was published in 2007, I contacted a person who is closely connected with the American network of Sepharadic elites to get their support. I can still remember how this person responded to me at that time: “Really? You don’t need to be voluntarily involved in such a stupid story made by the Ashkenazi.”

In this book entitled “DPRK versus US”, I mainly explained what German and Swiss experts said on this issue only based on hard evidences as follows:

– So far, there is no hard evidence which clear shows DPRK’s direct involvement in counterfeiting US-Supernote.

– Because the US-Supernote seems so “authentic” except for minimum difference from the real one, certain parts of USG themselves should be rather suspected to make it.

– There are some Japanese self-proclaimed “experts of intelligence” who still circulate a rumor by saying “DPRK is responsible for US-Supernote”.  Nevertheless, there “IS” no evidence which supports this argument. Therefore, I strongly doubt whether these guys really know what (financial) intelligence means.

My book brought about very funny repercussions by RT and MS. Even though I heard from the publisher that RT heavily got angry, he was so wise that he didn’t try to attack me. He just ignored my counterargument, as if there weren’t such a book as mine.

Even before the book was published, MS tried to find fault and to threaten and cajole the publisher (Chikuma shobo) by turns. As soon as he reconized that the book wouldn’t be withdrawn from the public, he even asked a yellow press to write a frame-up on another story I had written on my Japanese weblog. Although this was a suppression of speech without doubt, the publisher finally decided to stop to sell the book. My book went out of print.

Now that all the funny dramas in Japan seem to be forgot and everyone believed RT and MS were “experts of intelligence”, US media suddenly began to report not the North Korean but the Israelis had been arrested by US authorities for having counterfeited huge amount of US dollar in a very sophisticated manner:

For the last 15 years, at least $77 million in sophisticated counterfeit $100 bills have flooded into the country from Israel.

The Secret Service says it has now broken up the ring believed responsible for bringing the bills here, just as the counterfeiters were starting to produce the bills at a new plant in New Jersey.

According to a court affidavit, the bills had many of the security features designed to thwart counterfeiting, including watermarks and a security thread. They were printed on high-quality offset presses.

Criminals would pay about 40% of the face value of the bills for a “10 stack,” or $10,000 worth of the bills, and then pass the notes at everything from local CVS drugstores to car washes to Lowe’s home improvement stores. Most of the bills were circulated along the Interstate-95 corridor in the East.

The Secret Service got on the trail of the counterfeiters in spring 2012 when four of the bills showed up at a Loan Max in Woodbridge, Va.

Most of the bills are believed to have been printed in Israel. But this January, officials say, counterfeiters set up a printing operation in a Cherry Hill, N.J., warehouse they had purchased. Authorities eventually found a Heidelberg offset printing press along with four smaller printing presses and computer equipment.

By May, the Secret Service was ready to start making arrests. It executed search warrants in five states and arrested four Israelis, seven residents of New York State and two other defendants from Georgia. The indictments against the ring were revealed by the agency last week.

While the Secret Service is best known protecting the President and other federal officials, the agency was started in 1865 for the purpose of combating counterfeiting.

Again, the US secret service finally found out the fact the Israelis are to be blamed for counterfeiting US-Supernote. Of course, DPRK harshly reacted on that and dismissed as false US accusations of dollar bills forging.

This is why I write this “open letter” to RT and MS online. Mr. Experts of Intelligence, could you please explain whether you’re still believing DPRK were responsible for whole the story on US-Supernote? Or, do you finally admit YOU ARE WRONG and YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN “EXPERTS OF INTELLIGENCE”?? (laugh) Ooops! Sorry, you were just either “journalist” or ” diplomat with skill in writing”, I know.

A short story in addition:  As soon as I became aware of the above quoted wire of CNN, I contacted my senior German friend, who followed this US-Supernote story for decades. This morning, I’ve got his response by eMail. “There is only “ONE” US-Supernote. I can fully understand the Israelis gathered US-Supernotes and secretly circulated them among the Palestinian to detect from where they smuggled arms. This article should have been written by a reporter who isn’t familiary with the real story.”

Hmmm… “Fact is stranger than fiction.” Anyway, what to be underlined here is the fact RT and MS were just deceived by USG. However, true experts of (financial) intelligence can never been deceived. That’s it.


Scotland Just before Declaration of Independence

Maybe, a lot of foreign readers have wondered why I didn’t uploaed my column on this English weblog yesterday. Candidly, I really wished to so, nevertheless, I couldn’t connect myself to internet no board to Narita/Tokyo. I just came back from Scotland to Tokyo and uploaded instead a short film on what I saw in Scotland in terms of her possible declaration of indepence (Sorry, only in Japanese tentatively).

Please enjoy the above shown film I myself made on board, and see you on the next Saturday online. Stay tuned…



Preparing for Survival on August 22

The US President Obama gave a speech on August 14 to imply US wouldn’t begin ground operation to rescue the Kurds in the northern Iraq. Simultaneously, the Russian President Putin made it clear in Crimea that Russia stands up by itself without any confrontation with outsiders. Based on these two events, the financial market boosted due to the speculation that geopolitical tensions in both Iraq and Ukraine would be eased.

Nevertheless, my adaptive unconscious never agrees on such an optimism so far. I’ve been feeling the world is heading rather to a series of collapse which will clearly declare the beginning of irreversible change of the world order. While I stick to this thesis, my closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD, sent me his statistical analysis on the Nikkei 225 as follows:


20140814    -1    15621.63    over 408   
20140815    -1    15508.46    over 193.89   

20140818    -1    15468.22    over 153.65   

20140819    -1    15350        over 35.43   

20140820    1    15248.99    over -65.58   

20140821    1    15287.97    under  -26.6   

*20140822    1    15014.56    under -300.01   

20140825    1    15204.7        under -109.87   

20140826    1    15234.97    under -79.6   

20140827    1    15283.89    under -30.68


Now, you can easily find something significant would occur on August 22, which would lead the world to a fatal collapse. According to the Le Chatelier’s principle, the financial market would go up before that. However, you should never believe the trend would continue forever. Otherwise, you would lose everything you’ve been bidding in an optimistic manner without any firm reasons.    

Well, you may still wonder what would occur on August 22 and how you should prepare for that. In order to seek appropriate solutions, you should begin with regarding the above mentioned remarks given by Obama and Putin as “noble lies“.  For accomplishing their joint venture to change the world order, they just pretend as if they wouldn’t have any intentions to do so. In fact, they should have jointly begun to finalize preparation for this hidden project.

The point is both US and Russia would be involved into de facto wars without any official declaration of war. Regarding US operation in the northern Iraq, the self-proclaimed Islamic jihadists, ISIS, will further attack the US air force even to the extent that the US military as a whole couldn’t help beginning concerted retaliation with the Israeli IDF by de facto ground operation.

Russia will be attacked by the Ukrainian military, while the former is trying to penetrating into her territory with its “humanitarian” convoy. Even though Putin still seems to be reluctant to act offensively, the local military unit, which is surprisingly independent of instructions from Moscow, will react harshly on any direct attack by the Ukrainian. A ground war will begin.

But, don’t be too pessimistic. There must always be an exit of complicated labyrinth. That is to say, there must be a common goal which Russia and US jointly pursue to reach. What is it?

At this stage, I would simply say they want to cut off oil supply in both the Middle East and Russia. While the future market of crude oil will rocket, the fatal shortage will push the world community to accept opening of brandnew oil fields especially in the Arctic Circle.

In this regard, the stock market will collapse dramatically, wherever it is. The USD will be depreciated in a dramatic manner because of fear for Islamic terrorism inside the US border. In addition, the oil price will sharply go up and reach beyond $ 200 per barrel.

And don’t forget the escalation of Argentinian default. On August 21, an essential decision on CDS connected to the defaulted bond will be made.

Of course, the so-called “ABENOMICS” in Japan will be forced to stop. As far as I know, the fundamental human network of the world order doesn’t agree on Japanese running alone. It just checks whether the Japanese Imperial House really wants to do so. The latter is still thinking about the next step. To move forward or to evade any collision with the former is the real question the hardcore of the Japanese is now facing. It’s not the stock price but the survival of Japanese hidden strategy to realize “Pax Japonica” that matters.

Anyway… On August 22, the world community will go beyond “the point of no return.” My adaptive unconscious tells me that the chaos will be settled down tentatively in the beginning of October and December of this year and the new world order will irreversibly emerge in the forthcoming March. Whether Japan will be rescued in spite of the dramatic change, depends on the possibility that Russian President Putin will pay an official visit to Japan in September, while Putin will be nominated for conductor of the world community by replacing US President Obama.



My dear Japanese readers don’t need to be too pessimistic. The hardcore of Japanese authority has closely got connected with Putin from the beginning of his political career and even helped him to be sufficiently financed to become the President. It’s not ABE but an ordinary old man living in Kobe whom Putin always thanks and is willingly to talk with.

Well, guys, the party will be started soon. Are you ready??

Too Beautiful to Be Destoyed??

Yesterday night, I enjoyed a dinner with my elder colleague in Fukuoka/JAPAN, who’s been truly successful in the Sino-Japanese accounting world since the 1990’s. Because he’s too successful to be satisfied with his ordinary job, he and his local friends are now trying to open a brandnew restaurant of giblets cooked in a hot pot, which is located in Sapporo. As soon as it was opened in last April, it’s just begun to boom there in spite of the really hot climate nowadays (“Giblets cooked in a hot pot (MOTSUNABE)” is used to be served in winter in Japan). The company made its mind to expand the business in Hokkaido.

Following his recommendation, we just tried to have it in the head restaurant here in Fukuoka. It was… too delicious to be described. Just beyond description. To be honest, I had got angry beforehand, because event of a local bank where I should have given a speech was canceled due to the approaching typhoon. However, I decided to come here to enjoy the reunion and “MOTSUNABE”, which made me feel happier than ever. Thank you so much, my elder colleague Mr. A, or “Eichan in Fukuoka”!!


By the way…Sometimes, I find it funny the Japanese public opinion tends to describe many “talented” women as “Too beautiful to XXX”. For example, there is a female researcher who is too beautiful to be attacked harshly in spite of ambiguity in her scientific finding (Ms. Haruko OBOKATA). In addition, we can also find a female lawyer who is too beautiful to be criticized as job hopper (Ms. Mayu YAMAGUCHI).

Now, the Japanese public opinion starts to target Russian/Ukrainian/Crimean beauty: Ms. Natalia Poklonskaya. In the course of disastrous and still on-going civil war in Ukraine, Ms. Poklonskaya, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Crimea, has been locked on. Although the GOJ joined concerted sanctions against the Russian government by G7 countries, her popularity in Japan continues to grow. The reason is very simple: Ms. Natalia Pokonskaya is too beautiful to be destroyed. Hmmm…

Natalia_Poklonskaya-9893It is said some so-called experts of Russian and international affairs in Japan commented it’s just a typical propaganda of the Russian to show up their girls’ beauty. But I strongly doubt it because there are indeed lots of Russian women on the street who can be described as possessor of both talent and beauty.

Since yesterday, however, even the Japanese public opinion seems to forget its enthusiasm for Ms. N. Poklonskaya and changed the focus on another story: The US president Obama finally instructed his air force to attack the northern part of Iraq. The bombardment is continuing so far.

Maybe, the world is too peaceful for Barack OBAMA to be maintained. While the Nikkei 225 index fell drastically due to his declaration of war yesterday, the American obviously perceived him doing the right things and rushed to buy stocks in NY. When I heard the breaking news on the declaration yesterday morning in TOKYO, I never changed my previous analysis on future trends of the global macro which had pointed out yesterday (August 8, 2014) must be the day of very beginning of a new trend upwards in the market. I contacted our legendary data scientist of the Japanese stock market, Mr. HKD, and then, he also argued the sudden fall of the Nikkei 225 could indicate rather a strong rebound in the next week.

BUT, don’t be too optimistic to be blind to the real future: On around August 18/19, something significant could happen and change the positive trend so far drastically, tells my adaptive unconscious. What will come up?? I don’t know yet, although I’m quite sure the rebound, which started with the yesterday’s DOW in NY, will be kept only for a while.


Well, guys, it’ll be the end of show time we’ve enjoyed together thanks to the financial capitalism invented by the Chicago boys. Instead, the Russian will give a totally brandnew order of the world thanks to both their female beauty and the BRICs bank. Meanwhile, the battle between the two, self-proclaimed world orders will lead the globe to an irreversible chaos at least until 2018. Be careful and stay tuned…





End game of Mme. Kirchner and Her True Intention


While I enjoyed a concert of lovely Ms. Candy Dulfer & Co. in Blue Note Tokyo on July 30, the ticker indicated on my mobile phone the end game of Mme. Kirchner in Buenos Aires had begun: The S&P downgraded Argentina’s rating to “selective default”. This was a very important news for me, because I just remembered I had started this official English weblog during the last day of my visit to Buenos Aires last year. At that time, nobody (yeah, really “nobody”) in the Japanese market regarded such a risk as imminent. However, I firmly believed this must set all the clock of the world history for its end game towards the next era.

Now, you may wonder why I’ve been believing such a crazy story? While analyzing the global macro, I always stick to design thinking with adaptive unconscious instead of system thinking.  For the former, it’s essential to prefer qualitative analysis to quantitative one. That means I usually concentrated on finding factors around phenomena, which seem quite similar to ones around what happened before.

In the case of acute default in Buenos Aires, which Mme. Kirchner’s government, of course, rejected officially, I’ve been comparing it with Mexico’s case in 1994/95. In the course of the latter, the following events happened step by step:

– First of all, Mexico was invited mainly by the USG to join the OECD, a club of developed countries. That was in 1993 when I myself joined the Japanese diplomatic service, by the way and was partly in charge of this process.

– Afterwards, a huge amount of money from the world community was invested in Mexico. Her economy flourished.

However, it was suddenly disclosed in the autumn of 1994 that almost all the official economic data and statistics released by the Government of Mexico were fake. The world investor’s community was totally shocked and started capital flights massively from Mexico. Mexican peso was dramatically depreciated. To our surprise, the world economy as a whole didn’t collapse at the early stage, so that everyone believed it was again a temporary matter.

– “The moment of the truth finally” came almost 6 months after the default of Mexico. The USD suddenly began to be depreciated massively.  While experts blamed FDI by US companies to Mexico for such a drastic change, the USG, especially, US Treasury officially explained it didn’t know the reason for that.  Instead of seeking the truth behind that, the USG stuck to “benign neglect”, that is to say, it didn’t do nothing against that.  

The real target was Japan. JPY was massively appreciated against USD.  Masayoshi TAKEMURA, Minister of Finance of those days, hurried to fly over to Washington D. C. to complain, but in vain. The collapse of the so-called “Heisei Bubble Economy” was accelerated.

OK, why don’t we apply the same historical scheme to the current Argentina’s case as follows?:

– Argentina was invited to G20, a club of leading countries, although she still suffered from the legacy of her own default in 2001/02. FDI accumulated.

– The illusion of Argentina’s economic flourishing was blown up, when folks in the market started to suspect her possible default. Officially, Mme. Kirchner’s government repeatedly denied such a possibility, although every single citizen on the street in Buenos Aires knows her vassals have invested a lot of money to CDS of Argentina’s government bond: The more its rating would be downgraded, the better off Mme. Kirchner and Co. would automatically become.

– Now, the turn came to the US. Ridiculously, some vulture funds in NY sued the Government of Argentina for paying the full amount of her once defaulted bond in 2001/02. The battle in the court began and continued. Finally, Argenina’s rating was downgraded to “selective default”, as I mentioned before.

Well, please stay tuned, because the end game of Mme. Kirchner didn’t really come to end, since Italian bond holders will be gradually involved to this story from now on. It’ll take some more time, maybe some more months, before we’ll recognize the world economy as a whole will have been captured by this trick.

This time, Shinzo ABE, our Japanese Prime Minister will be sacrificed due to massive appreciation of JPY by simultaneous massive depreciation of USD plus EURO. It’s not any other parts of the world but JAPAN that is to be targeted. Of course, his economic policy since 2012 called “ABENOMICS” will be shut down.

BUT, don’t forget Mme. Kirchner already paid courtesy calls on Pope Francis twice, and the Pope declared he will come back to his home town, Buenos Aires, in 2016. Besides that, Pope Francis has enthusiastically commited himself to the Middle East Peace Process and even visited Israel recently to call for peace.

We should focus on the hidden axis among Argentina, Vatican and Israel behind the whole story. Please remind yourself of the fact that Argentina and Israel have been historically connected with each other by trading Uranium, while Argentina has been famous for not having given back the so-called Nazi gold. In addition, Vladimir Putin declared Russia’s intention to cooperate with Argentina in the field of nuclear power.

Anyway, the real end game of the world history has just begun in BA. Keep in mind and try to relax until “the moment of the truth” will come soon.