An Open Letter on US-Supernote to R. T. and M. S.

There are some issues in the world community, which I followed over nearly 10 years. One of them is “US-Supernote”, or criminal counterfeiting of US dollar with high technology. 

For those readers who are unfortunately not familiar with this issue, I’ll explain the whole story in short as follows: The so-called “US-Supernote” is so authentic that nobody except for real experts can recognize it as counterfeiting. In this regard, “US-Supernote” is to be clearly differentiated from other counterfeited US-dollar.  The point is USG has blamed DPRK (North Korea) for printing this “US-Supernote”, although there was no hard evidence which can support the theory.

In Japan, a funny thing happened in this context: In 2005, Mr. Ryuichi TESHIMA, former chief correspondent of NHK in Washington, or self-proclaimed expert of intelligence, published a “novel” entitled “Ultradollar” in Japanese.  In this “novel”, he obviously dramatized the above mentioned theory and tried to persuade Japanese readership on criminal counterfeiting of DPRK. As soon as the “novel” was published, Mr. Masaru SATO, former non-career diplomat, or another self-proclaimed expert of intelligence, enthusiastically began to support RT’s theory without showing any hard evidences. RT could rise to stardom in Japanese authors’ world thanks to this “novel”.

In spite of the fact that I’ve been never supporter of the dictatorship in DPRK, I simply found RT’s argument just funny and even crazy. Sorry, but it was just so.  Based on my experience as desk chief of DPRK issues in the Japanese MOFA, I’m fully aware of that the Japanese NPA never admit the position of USG which had blamed DPRK for printing Supernote and paying with that all over the world.


To make all the things clear, I made up my mind to write a book on this issue in Japanese. Before it was published in 2007, I contacted a person who is closely connected with the American network of Sepharadic elites to get their support. I can still remember how this person responded to me at that time: “Really? You don’t need to be voluntarily involved in such a stupid story made by the Ashkenazi.”

In this book entitled “DPRK versus US”, I mainly explained what German and Swiss experts said on this issue only based on hard evidences as follows:

– So far, there is no hard evidence which clear shows DPRK’s direct involvement in counterfeiting US-Supernote.

– Because the US-Supernote seems so “authentic” except for minimum difference from the real one, certain parts of USG themselves should be rather suspected to make it.

– There are some Japanese self-proclaimed “experts of intelligence” who still circulate a rumor by saying “DPRK is responsible for US-Supernote”.  Nevertheless, there “IS” no evidence which supports this argument. Therefore, I strongly doubt whether these guys really know what (financial) intelligence means.

My book brought about very funny repercussions by RT and MS. Even though I heard from the publisher that RT heavily got angry, he was so wise that he didn’t try to attack me. He just ignored my counterargument, as if there weren’t such a book as mine.

Even before the book was published, MS tried to find fault and to threaten and cajole the publisher (Chikuma shobo) by turns. As soon as he reconized that the book wouldn’t be withdrawn from the public, he even asked a yellow press to write a frame-up on another story I had written on my Japanese weblog. Although this was a suppression of speech without doubt, the publisher finally decided to stop to sell the book. My book went out of print.

Now that all the funny dramas in Japan seem to be forgot and everyone believed RT and MS were “experts of intelligence”, US media suddenly began to report not the North Korean but the Israelis had been arrested by US authorities for having counterfeited huge amount of US dollar in a very sophisticated manner:

For the last 15 years, at least $77 million in sophisticated counterfeit $100 bills have flooded into the country from Israel.

The Secret Service says it has now broken up the ring believed responsible for bringing the bills here, just as the counterfeiters were starting to produce the bills at a new plant in New Jersey.

According to a court affidavit, the bills had many of the security features designed to thwart counterfeiting, including watermarks and a security thread. They were printed on high-quality offset presses.

Criminals would pay about 40% of the face value of the bills for a “10 stack,” or $10,000 worth of the bills, and then pass the notes at everything from local CVS drugstores to car washes to Lowe’s home improvement stores. Most of the bills were circulated along the Interstate-95 corridor in the East.

The Secret Service got on the trail of the counterfeiters in spring 2012 when four of the bills showed up at a Loan Max in Woodbridge, Va.

Most of the bills are believed to have been printed in Israel. But this January, officials say, counterfeiters set up a printing operation in a Cherry Hill, N.J., warehouse they had purchased. Authorities eventually found a Heidelberg offset printing press along with four smaller printing presses and computer equipment.

By May, the Secret Service was ready to start making arrests. It executed search warrants in five states and arrested four Israelis, seven residents of New York State and two other defendants from Georgia. The indictments against the ring were revealed by the agency last week.

While the Secret Service is best known protecting the President and other federal officials, the agency was started in 1865 for the purpose of combating counterfeiting.

Again, the US secret service finally found out the fact the Israelis are to be blamed for counterfeiting US-Supernote. Of course, DPRK harshly reacted on that and dismissed as false US accusations of dollar bills forging.

This is why I write this “open letter” to RT and MS online. Mr. Experts of Intelligence, could you please explain whether you’re still believing DPRK were responsible for whole the story on US-Supernote? Or, do you finally admit YOU ARE WRONG and YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN “EXPERTS OF INTELLIGENCE”?? (laugh) Ooops! Sorry, you were just either “journalist” or ” diplomat with skill in writing”, I know.

A short story in addition:  As soon as I became aware of the above quoted wire of CNN, I contacted my senior German friend, who followed this US-Supernote story for decades. This morning, I’ve got his response by eMail. “There is only “ONE” US-Supernote. I can fully understand the Israelis gathered US-Supernotes and secretly circulated them among the Palestinian to detect from where they smuggled arms. This article should have been written by a reporter who isn’t familiary with the real story.”

Hmmm… “Fact is stranger than fiction.” Anyway, what to be underlined here is the fact RT and MS were just deceived by USG. However, true experts of (financial) intelligence can never been deceived. That’s it.


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