The Time Has Come. “Tritiated Water in Fukushima, Ade!”


Actually, I decided to write my impression and ideas on the forthcoming general election to be held on December 14, 2014 in Japan. However, an eMail has just let me change my mind: Mr. MO, CEO of the Japanese venture dedicated to develop a high technology to detoxify tritiated water from the Fukushima dai’ichi nuclear power plant, wrote to me that the METI suddenly declared (even on Friday!) it begins a public appeal in terms of technologies to solve this fatal issue.  This clearly indicates every technology gathered so far is unfortunately useless to get a breakthrough.

As you know, our institute has been intensively trying to explain the authentisity of the above mentioned high technology to the Japanese public, even though almost all the Japanese mass media disregard such an effort of the institute. Instead, one of the Japanese leading mass media on economy even defamed us, which we never accept.

Those who are involved in this issue clearly know there is only one technology, which could solve it without causing a negative side effect. That’s this high technology I’ve been trying to recommend to the public and Government of Japan. A very famous loboratory at one of the Japanese leading national universities successfully accomplished the verification tests of the technology by using not tritiated but heavy water. The repeatability of the result, which is sometimes pointed out as critical in contexts of verifying new technologies, is scientifically guaranteed as far as heavy water is concerned.  Experts expect detoxifying can also work, when tritiated water is poured into the mechanism developed with this technology.

Anyway, the moment of the truth will have come. Our institute will keep trying to do what should be done in this context.  As soon as the result of the public appeal will be cleared, I’ll write here again. I firmly believe the year 2015 will begin as the very first year of the dramatic change towards “PAX JAPONICA”. Stay tuned.



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    1. Thank you, Tomoko. Your comment is always inspiring for me. Unfortunately, the Abe administration will go away soon and a new one will come. Whether it will seriously pick up this technlogy or not, really matters, I think. Stay tuned.

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