The Man Who Knew Too Much.


Sometimes, I just wonder whether we’re happy and satisfied when we get to know truth. Of course, we’re always trying to reach “truth”, however, once you will reach it, you’ll never know whether it’s worth knowing. There are indeed several issues which cause such an overwhelming feeling in my mind. One of them is the so-called “Japan-US alliance”.


Last night, one of my mentors, a true connoisseur of world affairs, asked me the following question in Tsukiji/Tokyo:

“Why do you think Japanese mass media can find out illegal accounting by staffs of Japanese Diet members, however clever it is? Do you really believe folks of Japanese media have enough time to check all the relevant documents to point out violations?”

I know many Japanese journalists and staffs of mass media, who never take a rest. They just work all the day and keep running after someone and something targeted. I hardly believe they have enough time to research one single issue thoroughly. Nevertheless, Japanese politicians are forced to resign one by one due to their financial and sexual scandals.

“Well, to keep the whole system, you need an organizational controller with professional skills. That is located in Nishi-Azabu.”


In this regard, “Nishi-Azabu” means the Akasaka Press Center of US Army. Including this one, US still keeps 8 bases and facilities even in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

What US Army does in these locations, is kept secret, at least to the ordinary Japanese people. As far as I know, staffs working at the Akasaka Press Center are in charge of maintaining political and financial frameworks they set to Japan just after the WWII. Whenever Japanese nationals try to jump out of them, US Army comes up, finds it out and punish them. This is why the above described, illegal accounting of Japanese Diet members are always revealed, even though it is sometimes insignificant errors.

“To be honest, Taro ASO, former PM, is to be targeted after Yuko OBUCHI and Yoichi Miyazawa, Ministers of Economy, Trade and Industry. The investigators in Nishi-Azabu know everything Mr. ASO did in both Tokyo and Kyushu.

Anyway, do you happen to know why Ryuji FUKAYA, former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, just vanished from the political scene, although his popularity in Tokyo was quite high?”


“Sorry, I don’t know and can’t simply imagine why.”

“Mr. FUKAYA got troubled with US… As a symbol of trust in Japanese allegiance to US,  US has deposited a huge amount of money to the account of JIMINTO, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. He volated the unwritten rule on how to treat this hidden asset. I’ll show you written evidences later.”, the mentor said.


Please don’t misunderstand I myself am getting involved in the whole system. To the contrary, I was just thinking of what my mentor doesn’t know or pretends not to know, while I listened to his explanation. As far as I know, what the Japanese Imperial House is quietly trying to do since the last April, is not to keep such a framework since 1945 but to get back (at least) financial force it once had before the WWII. Because the way to do so is just of invisible manner, US seems not to have become of the Imperial plan as a whole. After 2020, not US but Japan will control the whole system.

Thanks to remote viewing, US partly knows what Japan is aiming at. They obviously got to know that around 2002/2003 and tried to find out Japanese people to be in charge of this kind of dramatic change. They either just picked up them and took away from Japanese border, or made the Japanese public forget them and their capability to save Japan. In the last 10 years, this maneuver was entirely successful, I think.

However, the decisive moment has come for the sake of Japan. The on-going hidden war in the financial world, which was kicked off by the historical QE of the BOJ, will lead to Japan’s liberation from US. The ultimate weapon Japan will use, will be her intensive default without any prior notification.


Well… Sometimes, I feel a little bit tired when I’ve got to know too much. Especially everything around truth.



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