Soong’s Sisters and End of Petrodollar

3soongFirst of all, I have to thank you all of you, dear readers, for loving to read this column. I’m aware of the fact that friends living all over the world kindly visit this weblog, even though I’ve not certainly met you all face to face.

Some of you might have expected I would pick up a current issue such as “the end of petrodollar”, which is obviously shown in the following chart:


The general meeting of OPEC led by the Saudis neglected the expectation to boost the price of crude oil, because they apparently don’t agree with US on how to redraw new borders in Middle East. With hidden collaboration with Russia, Saudi Arabia has been trying to retaliate against US. The Saudis aim at US Shale companies, which have got financed with high yields. As long as the on-going collapse of WTI-index will continue, they will have to declare their defaults one by one. That will be, of course, NOT soooo good for US, while the majority of the world opinion simply believes dramatic recovery of US economy, which I firmly doubt.

Now, you may argue not US but Russia would be destroyed due to the collapse of oil price. Nevertheless, don’t forget one more single fact: Russian ruble has been depreciated simultaneously, so that the negative oil shock to Russia is indeed weakened.  Putin can pretend as if he were the victim of this negative oil shock, so far as his sovereign wealth fund continues purchase of Russian national bond. In addition to that, he is, as I mentioned, backed by the Saudis. While playing the role as “victim of American financial capitalism”, Putin loudly appeals for the shift to new world order.

Well, this is the cutting edge of “REALPOLITIK” on the globe. Obama will be defeated completely, unless he will accelerate the whole process to begin a “total war” against the Islamists including the Arabs.  As soon as such a total war will be kicked off, US dollar will dramatically collapse, while USG will never let gold reserve of other countries go out. This is why the Russians successfully accumulated their gold reserves recently, and why the Dutch repatriated a part of their gold reserve from the US federal bank in NY.

My closest alliance partner in Japan, Mr. HKD, just pointed out a certain, decisive decision in terms of gold price must have been made on November 6 in this year by those who are essentially concerned in the global market. You may recognize it on the following chart of gold future index in NY:


They say, “When gold moves, the world also moves.” I would say a “violent reversal of the global market” is approaching rapidly. Once it will happen, gold, JPY and crude oil will go up, while USD will collapse dramatically.


Because the situation is so fragile and volatile, I’m now attracted by something which never changes. Imagine what you would do if you would have to control an innumerable amount of gold and precious metals. The point would be how to divide and invest it and keep its value at least.

In this context, I’m very keen to know what strategy and scenario the Soong’s sisters including Madame Soong May-ling followed. When you watch the following movie on the sisters, you can’t find any single fact related to this kind of strategy and scenario because of their complete secrecy.

You may just wonder why the sisters was divided in two groups, two (Ai-ling and May-ling) in Taiwan, and one (Ching-ling) in PRC. It is especially said Ching-ling was too serious woman to accept depravity of capitalism, which I just doubt. Instead, imagine the sisters were intentionally divided, so that their hidden asset could be invested to two Chinas. This is why Ching-ling was promoted to the vice state president at her final career. It’s monery that matters. What a splendid investment strategy they pursued!


In 2003, a woman who was (and is still) very closely related to US American sephardic elites whispered to me:


“The future of US completely depends on how China will move. It’s so clear that nobody can deny it.”


Now that we’re facing the time of petrodollar’s sunset, I finally understand what she meant. In this context, “China” means not PRC but the sisters’ legacy. Imagine what will happen, if the sisters’ asset will move once more in the very near future. Thanks to synchronicity I’ve experiencing in Tokyo currently, I’ve got to know how the fund is controlled in detail and who is in charge of. When an appropriate opportunity will emerge, I’ll write it down here exclusively for you, dear readers. Until then, stay tuned.




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