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On Aggressive Introvertness of the Ordinary Japanese.

Because I’m always talking about “Pax Japonica”, you might believe I belong to a Japanese type of ultranationalist. No, no way. To the contrary, I’m rather fed up with the typical Japanese way, particularly in both politics and economy. That was exactly the reason why I quitted my academic career at the age of 20 and jumped in the world of Japan’s diplomacy. Diplomacy, where the people are allowed to live between borders and nations. In the Japanese society, I thus feel as if I were a “NOWHERE MAN”, while I firmly believe I’m steadily connected with the hard core of Japan apart from her vulgar way and ordinary people.

In previous essays on this official weblog, I concentrated on issues of either the global community or other states such as PRC and the States. But this time, I’m gonna pick up an issue on Japan. It’s related to aggressive introvertness of the ordinary Japanese.


If you are foreign business person and wanna get involved in the Japanese domestic business and market, you’re kindly recommended not to follow the ways your predecessors mistakenly chose. The point is “Yes” in Japanese never means your Japanese counterpart agrees completely with you. Even he/she has still any reservation to your proposal, he/she just says “Yes” to keep social “politeness” in communication particularly with foreigners, who, according to their general belief and conception, shall be respected and protected in Japan. They sometimes say “NO” expressively, which indicates there is no way left for compromise. At least as long as you stick to logically argue, you never win. In short, both “Yes” and “No” in Japanese simply means the Japanese reject your proposal and opinion.

In this regard, I call this trend of Japanese business communication “aggressive introvertness”. There are unwritten rules only Japanese insiders have learned from their birth and obeyed, which are totally invisible to foreign visitors. They become aggressive, so as to protect these unwritten rules of the Japanese society. Simultaneously, they are indeed extremely introvert or seeing only inward, because they feel obliged to keep the internal harmony of the Japanese society and economy.

Those who come from foreign countries and wanna be successful in the Japanese business world, tend to easily approach to the Government of Japan, so that their business requests will be appropriately mixed into its orders and policies, which all the Japanese shall follow legally. In a short term, this seems to be an effective way for you, however, in a long term, it’s just harmful to the brand of you and your business/company in Japan, while they turn out to extremely hostile to you by stopping “special treatment for foreigners”, and blame you for collaborating with political and economic traitors in the Japanese society. The tiny door to the hard core of Japan is, of course, closed and never open again.

Having said all of that, I’m wondering how “Pax Japonica”, which I’ve been proclaiming here in advance, can be started, while the local people of the country, the people on the street of Japan, never accept anything from the outer world. Nevertheless, I herewith underline the fact there is nothing impossible, as long as we observe it comprehensively. Historically viewing, once something extraordinary took place in Japan, which the local people could endure any more, they suddenly became not “introvert” but “extrovert” so as to adapt themselves to the changing circumstances as soon as possible. And in this process of emergency, the way of the Japanese as emergency treatment will draw unprecedented attention thanks to its both effectiveness and appropriateness, they will be followed by other nations, which will be suffering from almost all the issues and problems the Japanese will have to tackle.


Imagine, all the Japanese gentlemen cut off their “topknot (Chonmage)“ without hesitation, when the Meiji Restoration has just begun in 1868. They also just slew away their traditional clothes or “Kimono” and wore western ones instead. Nobody can deny the same (or rather much more dramatic) tendency will emerge in the Japanese society very soon. In short, the question is how acute the accelerating crisis of the Japanese society is, which is about to inevitable lead the ordinary Japanese to change their mind from introvertness to extrovertness aggressively. At that moment, the above-mentioned “Pax Japan” will get started.

At this juncture, my institute believes we will reach this moment of the truth by May of 2024, and the first and last “point of no return” will be fixed in the latter half of 2022. Well, let’s see. Be united with us towards the better world called “Pax Japonica”.

Savile Row and Espionage of Japan’s Never-ending Fighter.

I-Class Submarine

People often ask me how I obtain information and intelligence I need for future analysis. To such a question, my answer is quite simple: “It’s synchronicity that matters and leads me to deeper understanding of realities in the world.” The point is to keep on preparing for going to where I just wanna visit. In the beginning of my trip, I used not to be aware why I make just a trip. However, whenever I come to an end of my trip, I grasp why I come there. In between, I’m given opportunities to become aware why I come there thanks to various synchronistic encounters. I could enjoy quite the same experience during my last visit to Fukuoka in the Kyushu region of Japan.

While one of my elder local business partners kindly welcomed me this time, he spontaneously mentioned his father’s personal experiences before and during the WWII. The father, who rarely talked about what he has done in the wartime even to his sons, was allowed to join the legendary espionage school of the then Japanese Imperial Army in Nakano, “Rikugun Nakano Gakko” in 1939.

To my surprising, the Japanese military fighter for espionage left some of his personal experiences on duty I’ve never heard from historians so far, to his son orally. Before the WWII, he was assigned to executing confidential operations in London and other European cities. He was permitted to go on board of a I-Class submarine, a great legend of the Japanese navy history, and left Japan for Europe. The ports of call were Papua New Guinea, Argentine, Cuba and Portugal, the countries and regions which were friendly to Japan.

Experts of Japanese wartime history often refer to the tragedy of the I-29-Class submarine, of which the crew attempted to obtain confidential documents of the then ultramodern military technologies from the Nazis, but failed to get back to Japan due to bombardment by the US armed forces in the Pacific in 1944. The I-19-Class submarine took the route in the Southern Hemisphere via the Cape of Good Hope. The I-Class submarine I mentioned beforehand took another route via the Strait of Magellan, which even prominent historians never found out as far as I know.

And I was astonished to get to know the historical cat that covert actions were executed by a confidential team trained in the “Rikugun Nakano Gakko” even in London, the heart of the British Empire. The alumni of the legendary espionage training center are usually well known for the fact that they were on duty in Asia, particularly China, Korea and South East Asia. But nobody mentioned so far they were active for espionage even in London. The father, the Japan’s never-ending fighter behind the door, intensively worked on espionage in London in civil clothes, while he was transferred to China as soon as the WWII began. In the very end of the WWII, he was instructed to ship arms and ammunition as many as he could to Taiwan, where Chiang Kai-shek & Co. was beginning a civil war against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

To check the authenticity of what the father told to him, the son recently visited a tiny shop of tailor on Savile Row in London. The shop keeper kindly brought to him from the underground warehouse what the father, who pretended as if he were a civil person, left: A paper pattern of gentleman’s hat. Over decades and generations, it silently certifies the historical fact that he was there on duty of espionage.

The Japan’s never-ending fighter, who refused to join the Public Security Intelligence Agency after the WWII, never expressed his political support to politicians specifically, seemed to even wait for the next command from someone different from politicians and government officials. For the professional shadow man with great national pride, there must have been only one person, of whom he obeyed instructions.


Now, I’m wondering what he thought on board of the legendary mega-submarine of the Japanese Imperial Navy bound for Europe via the Cape Hone. To add his sincere hope, loyalty and national pride to the collective memory of all the Japanese, I herewith write down what I was allowed to listen to in Fukuoka recently. May the peace prevail in the entire world.

What, if…???

Yesterday, I intensively wrote a new future scenario of both Japan and the entire global community to be officially released on July 11, 2020. On the day, our institute is gonna hold a big event in Higashi-Ginza/Tokyo, where we’re gonna proudly announce the release of this future scenario, which updates all the contents we logically and analytically predicted so far (I suppose there may be some seats in the event still available for you. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate click this for immediate application.).


While writing phrases in the future scenario one by one, some ridiculous but (probably) essential issues suddenly occurred to me like the following:

-The Government of Japan explained that it succeeded to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Japan both politically and technically, which can be summarized as the “Japan Model” of pandemic containment. However, according to Le Chatelier’s Principle, those who won the last game, would be easily defeated in the next game. Based on that, Japan will be primarily targeted, once the next pandemic approximately connected with heavy gastroenteritis will emerge somewhere on the earth (possibly in the southern hemisphere (B or A)).

-This time (COVID-19, I mean), we were forced to understand it is our human immune system that really matters. And the elder we are, the more vulnerability we have in terms of the new virus infection. In this regard, just imagine what will take place in the Japanese society when the local elderly population will easily pass away due to the massive infection. The number of old generations, who are normally regarded as a burden to younger generations in pension policy, will be inevitably reduced, which will be politically accepted as a positive indication for Japan’s future (An ultimate solution of Japan’s default?).

Well, it really doesn’t matter for me as future scenario maker whether this short result of future analysis I intensively done yesterday, because all the future scenario makers need is not political correctness/emotional way of thinking, but just facts, facts and facts.

As usual, our institute intends to publish the forthcoming version of the updated future scenario only in Japanese, because it mainly highlights the way to Pax Japonica. Nevertheless, we’ll take into consideration English/Chinese consideration, if the majority of foreign readers will send me requests. What do you think?? If you wanna get to know much more, please don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving your comment shown below on the screen. In the brand-new future scenario, I’m trying to much more precisely describe how the world in Pax Japonica looks like and why it’ll be inevitable. Stay tuned.

On Declaration of New Federal State of China.

Mr. X, whom you must be due to my previous posts quite familiar with, kindly suggested in advance that new oversees Chinese leaders living and staying in more than 90 countries would jointly declare foundation of the New Federal State of China at 8:37 A.M. on June 4. Here you are with the short video released by the project leadership including Stephen K. Bannon, the former advisor to US President Donald Trump.

Getting back to the history in both East Asia and China, we had a variety of revolutionary bodies and refugee governments of the Chinese, which were partly located even in Japan. And some of them succeeded to build up the self-proclaimed “New China”, while others totally failed with their own endless dreams for “New China”. Having said that, we can’t assume that the project of “New Federal State of China” will be fully realized and reach its goal to replace the previous nation states of the Chinese such as People’s Republic of China and Republic of China. As long as we stick to the conventional way of political-economic and geopolitical thinking in terms of the world order in the post WWII period, we don’t see any potentiality making the dream of NFSC happen in the very near future.

However, besides the remarkable fact that not only overseas Chinese middle-aged powerful leaders, but also Stephen K. Bannon, US political influencer of the populistic right wing, is joining the historical project, I herewith underline an unknown entity called the “Himalaya Supervisory Organization” obviously gets involved. What is it? Just read the following self-explanation quoted from the declaration:

The founding principles of the Himalaya Supervisory Organization are defending the security, wealth, freedom and dignity of the Chinese people together with the international community, safeguarding the future of the Chinese people, and contributing to the peace of the New Federal State of China and the world in the next millennium. “Himalaya” stands for democracy, rule of law, and freedom.

Established on the same basis of the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization is a non-government organization that is substantial, legitimate, composed of designated personnel, and protected by international law. It will always serve as a third party to build a platform and bridge between the New Federal State of China without the Chinese Communist Party and the world to achieve everlasting peace, openness and transparency, compliance with law-binding rules, and open cooperation. It will also work closely with other countries in developing an ecosystem encompassing law, media, culture and finance, and will explore advanced internet technologies to increase transparency in the democratic system and reduce political and economic costs associated with its operation.

As a non-profit organization based overseas, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization will be bound by stringent regulations ratified jointly by the United States and the New Federal State of China government when elected, wherein penalty mechanisms will be established in order to guarantee a long lasting, effective, transparent and just supervision of the democracy, freedom, and rule of law in the New Federal State of China. Those from Himalaya Supervisory Organization who violate the clauses above will subject to the most severe punishment imposed by the new Chinese government, the United States government, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization, and other oversight organizations in accordance with law.

The June 4th Incident, also known as the Tiananmen Square massacre, is the most significant and far-reaching democratic movement and student movement in China’s modern history. Therefore, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization chose June 4th, this special date, to solemnly proclaim the New Federal State of China declaration!

Still, you might wonder “Why Himalaya for New China?”, if you’re not aware of the origin and consequences of the Trans-Himalayan esoteric Buddhism. If the new project of NFSC is backed by the spiritual tradition of such an outstanding esoteric teaching, the attempt really matters to the entire global community. If so, the NFSC will be founded even along with the previous efforts of “theosophical” organizations, which are extremely influential even to the western intellectual leadership sympathizing “Theosophy” by Rudolf Steiner and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.


In previous posts, I frequently mentioned that our world will very soon face the “Gnostistic Revolution” of its contemporary order, which will replace everything conventional with something and someone completely brand-new. The point is how it will be kicked off and who will carry out such a dramatic change of the human society. In short, we urgently need a “written future scenario with clear words and instructions on what to do for reaching the ultimate goal of the human beings”. In this regards, there are three possible “hotspots”, where this final scenario with a roadmap to the “Gnostistic Revolution” will abruptly emerges: Israel with “Kabbalah”, Himalaya with “esoteric Buddhism”, and last but not the least, Japan with “Shintoism”. Behind all the incidents we wee everyday on the surface of the world, there is the final fight among these three mystic traditions; “Who will be finally selected and allowed to save the world.”

Based on this kind of understanding on the fundamental issue, My institute, IISIA, which regards itself as a “safe haven” of all the intellectual directions, ethnics, nationalities and even ideologies, will further follow the development of the new project “NFSC” with great interest. As far as our institute is well informed, China will be divided into four parts at the last stage of the on-going turmoil among the Chinese leaders, and will hold a general meetings of all the big and powerful Chinese families in Jinan, to which a Japanese mission with sufficient knowledge and experience on these matters will be invited as one of the most essential stake holders in East Asia.

The history obviously goes beyond the previous frameworks dramatically from now one. Get fully prepared for the next phase of the human civilization. Stay tuned.