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Dear Sirs,
Thank you so much for your kind attention to this weblog full of intelligence reports and posts.
Please make sure you may/can NOT read the restricted area of my posts WITHOUT appropriate registration. To appropriately register, you have to send all the required information including your name, eMail address and your own credit card number etc.

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Particularly, foreign readers who kindly showed great interest, did not appropriately register, while they didn’t inform us of their credit card information. In this case, you may/can NEVER read the restricted part of my intelligence report you actually wanna take a look at. Please be careful.

If you obviously failed to send me your credit card information appropriately, I send you relevant invoices by return, conditioned that you successfully sent me your name and eMail address and other required information except for credit card number etc. Please check your eMail box carefully and make a payment accordingly.

Again, thank you very much for your attention and keep in touch.
Takeo Harada in TOKIO

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