On E. Shibusawa and His Legacy.

So far, I’ve discussed with you how the realities in the global leadership look like, particularly from the viewpoint of the so-called “off-balance-sheet assets”, which are originally being controlled by the born leadership, or imperial and royal families. I sincerely hope you’ve been gradually understanding them and keeping on thinking of them further. In this regard, one of the issues you might be tackling might be the following question: Conditioned that we take into account the historical existence of such secret funds, where are they deposited? There are indeed plenty of books on this issue, I think. However, as far as I’ve read thorough, all the authors of these books obviously fail to detect where the funds are deposited. At best, they claim that they succeeded to reach those who were said to have been well informed of the relevant stories behind the door. Nevertheless, these guys turned out to, either have been dead, or even have not been capable of telling the truths for some unknown reasons.

This column you’re reading right now is a kind of my confession that I’ve been working on the entire system of the “off-balance-sheet assets”. That is to say, I know how it does work in the realities, and will disclose the mechanism as far as I think to be allowed by the system.

Having said that, one of the fundamental principles you have to follow in this context is the following: Everything you regard as inevitable in terms of sound development of the secret fund system, has to be continuously hidden in front of you, observers. You might think it to be hidden in such “special” places as historical castles or deep caves. NO, that’s not the case. To the contrary, as long as it is “shown” but “hidden” as well, you can’t recognize it without having sufficient and appropriate knowledge and experiences.

This time is NOT different. Every Sunday evening, NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, is showing a series of drama on the life of the legendary entrepreneur called “Ei’ichi Shibusawa”, who’s used to be called “Father of the Japanese capitalism”. Some viewers tend to discuss the detail of the story, which are sometimes dramatized and do not tell the historical truths. But from my viewpoint, this kind of discussions is too vulgar to be shared. It’s rather the fact that E. Shibusawa’s legend is being picked up right now does matter, I think. Why?

The Emperor of Showa, who was allowed to be the “signer” of the secret funds, allocated some parts of them to various associations and foundations in 1950s, so that his projects could be realized and executed thoroughly. One of them is said to have been the foundations in terms of the father of the Japanese capitalism, which allegedly control still more than 5 tons of AU bars in the deposit on behalf of the Japanese Imperial Household. The point is the leadership of the foundations is now thinking that the mission was already completed. They want to give back the rest to an entity which is imperially authorized to have it. This is what’s being actually worked on.

Again, if you want to conceal something important from the public, don’t put it into a hidden place. You’d better show it in front of people on the street, who never think it to be so precious as you can recognize by yourself. That’s one of the arcana the born leadership used to make use of. Don’t forget it.  

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