Scandinavian Wind Blows in the Japanese Market.

Even though my institute, the IISIA, has enthusiastically underlined the upcoming phase of the human history called “Pax Japonica”, almost nobody, particularly in Japan, on the street believes it’s coming soon. Instead, the ordinary people still rely on the previous scheme of the global governance, where the traditional western powers remain dominant.

In this regard, Japanese retail investors are currently invited to invest rather to the US market, where they are said to be able to make much more profits than in Japan. Even an American comedian speaking fluently in Japanese is trying to persuade them to make money in US, while he allegedly succeeded to make much more profits than he could need in the rest of his life.

Having said that, I would highlight herewith the astonishing reality in the financial market, which major mass media like the “Nikkei Shimbun” never report. First of all, the Japanese stock market will sharply go down approximately from 23rd March, 2021, as far as the advanced type of quantitative analysis is telling us right now. One month ago, such an outcome of computational calculations was at first obtained by my alliance partner. This emerging trend never vanishes, but has been becoming vivid gradually. Based on that, our institute currently sticks to the forecast that the Japanese stock market will collapse tremendously together with the REIT index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Now you may wonder whether you should completely withdraw your money from the Japanese stock market. Well, I would say, “Yes and No”. What I mean to say is, of course, NOT that we follow the so-called “golden middle rule”. In the detail, we should sell all the major stocks of big companies in the Japanese market in the very beginning of January, 2021. Nevertheless, this won’t be the very end of the whole story, I think. Since western foreign investors are currently targeting another obstacle in the Japanese stock market, you should never give it up here in Japan.

What do I mean by saying “another obstacle”? I suppose that careful retail investors like you has already become aware enough to find out a different “sea change” in the Japanese stock market, which is irreversible but so slight that you might overlook.

Surprisingly, Scandinavian institutional investors are now buying equities of Japanese small and middle sized, publicly listed companies including ventures. You know, the Scandinavians are very famous for being extremely cautious and tend to invest their money to their targets in advance of other major investors’ decision to do so. In various sectors of the Japanese SME and technological ventures, they have been purchasing their shares step by step, which have been even officially reported to the Japanese Ministry of Finance. However, they never play it up officially and publicly as well, almost nobody takes care of such a trend, except for those who are directly getting involved with the relevant investments.

The Scandinavians are also famous for investing to long-term targets. This means, at least, they firmly believe that Japan will soon get rid of the current turmoil in everywhere, and even lead the rest of the world in terms of making money in the revitalized and flourishing stock market. As the saying goes, “The darkest place is under the candlestick.” Don’t miss it.

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