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Who Will Break the Current Stalemate?


Of course, time has gone by and is still going by. However, I can’t help feeling our biological clock has been stopped due to stalemates we’re facing all over the world. In this regard, we’re heading to the era of not “Kronos” but “Kairos” as ancient Greek people once described. In the total deflation, every single move is to be slowed and even stopped, as we, the Japanese, have experienced since 1990. It’s a really historical, irreversible event for humankind that matters and forces us to change all the models we’ve been practicing in daily life.

The so-called “celebrities” in the financial world are fully aware of such a fact from the very beginning of the whole story and now starts to tell the truth step by step, so that they could avoid to be attacked by the angry public later. Recently, Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Fed, tries to do so by saying the following. Brien Ludin reports:

“We asked him where he thought the gold price will be in five years and he said “measurably higher.”

In private conversation I asked him about the outstanding debts… and that the debt load in the U.S. had gotten so great that there has to be some monetary depreciation. Specially he said that the era of quantitative easing and zero-interest rate policies by the Fed… we really cannot exit this without some significant market event… By that I interpret it being either a stock market crash or a prolonged recession, which would then engender another round of monetary reflation by the Fed.

He thinks something big is going to happen that we can’t get out of this era of money printing without some repercussions – and pretty severe ones – that gold will benefit from.”

Oooops! What does he mean when he says “some significant market event”? We want neither a stock market crash as we had in 2008, nor a prolonged recession. Nevertheless, Alan Greenspan seems to have intentionally leaked what he heard in communication with those who’s in facto entitled to move the world.

Now, you may wonder whether it’s just an ordinary tactic of financial celebrities to make others believe a scenario that causes fear in the society. To manipulate the market, such a scenario has been sometimes made use of and disseminated by these “celebrities”. In the case of Alan Greenspan I now mention, the history seems to repeat itself.

Nevertheless, there are indeed some obvious “stalemates” we encounter in world affairs as follows:

  • War against the ISIS
  • Antagonism between Israel and Iran
  • Peace process of the Middle East
  • Territorial conflict in Ukraine
  • Domestic turbulence in Argentina

Every time some powers try to get a breakthrough, other powers quickly emerge from the opposite direction and hinder the former from proceeding. As a matter of fact, there are lots of “structures” which can theoretically applied to break these “stalemates”, nevertheless, no one has enough power to reign supreme. That’s the problem all of us encounter currently.

When something significant, as Alan Greenspan suspected, would happen, it would take place between 3rd and 12th of March ahead, I think. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis our institute does in collaboration with my closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD, points out the result so far. Once we would miss the opportunity, the “slight fever” in the financial market would continue at least till the early summer, and we would experience an even much bigger crash than ever. In this case, the stock market keeps soaring for the time being without bringing any profits to ordinary retail investors.

After the historical crash to be expected, the next process towards rebirth of human civilization will be started to set brandnew frameworks in every sing sector of the society. To actively contribute to the process ahead, I’ll soon visit Istanbul in Turkey to attend the kickoff meeting of B20 Task Force, maybe as the only Japanese member of the task force in terms of SMEs and Entrepreneurship.

Not just awaiting but creating our own future is what we should do right now. Ask yourself who will break the current stalemates in the world community. It’s not others but YOU that is called on to move forward. Are you ready for going beyond volatilities to reach the next stage of human civilization together?

How long will the endgame last??


Having dreamed last night of “the moment of the truth” ahead either on February 26 or March 3, I got up early in the morning as usual and surfed on internet. The morning bird ticker just informs me of the agreement reached by the EU countries including Greece: Mr. Tsipras succeeded to prolong financial support from the EU at least for four more months.

According to western type of astrology, there is said to be a big cliff between 19 and 20 of February in this year, which would clearly divide the world between before and after. Specifically, a new order would begin to emerge after the incident, which all of us have never seen.

Based on that, I simply supposed Greece would finally depart from the current system of EURO and start to rely on an emerging, new currency system conducted by the Russian and Chinese. That could give us tremendous and irreversible impact on both politics and economy, nevertheless, the Europeans seem to succeed to persuade Mr. Schaeuble, angry German finance minister, to reconciliate with the cunning Greek leadership (at least for a while).

Now, I’m again wondering how long the on-going endgame will last? As far as I know, the BOJ made up its mind to join this game as early as in autumn, 2010, although the project per se was tentatively suspended due to the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. As far as I analyzed, all the conditions were set again in autumn, 2012, again, and the endgame was restarted.

The points are as follows: First of all, we obviously lose the feeling of tension step by step, because the endgame was repeatedly delayed as shown above. Secondly, however, the game itself never ends. It’s been still going on, and everybody somehow fears of the X-day ahead. Well, this is a kind of “chicken game”, where only the very last player will face its disastrous end. To evade such a tragedy, retail investors, who learned a lot from fatal lost in 2008 and 2009, get rid of the financial market totally and keep the attitude “wait and see.” That’s then led to divergence between the stock market and real economy all over the world: While the former flourishes, the latter stagnates.

To get a breakthrough, the human kind is now urged to seek a scape goat as usual in the world history. Greece is unfortunately too tiny to be attacked as the enemy of human civilization. Instead, the Europeans slowly get back to their tradition of Anti-semitism. Thanks to the previous financial capitalism, Jewish leadership called “Ashkenazi” were successfully promoted and became well known as “billionaire” in the world community. From the current view point, they were allowed to join the US establishment since late 1960s, because they were secretly doomed to be sacrificed at the very last stage of the financial capitalism.

It’s not Greece but Mr. Netanyahu, the Israeli Ashkenazi leader, that matters right now. As soon as he will aggressively speak out against Obama’s appeasement to the Iranian in the US congress, the US-Israeli alliance will begin to collapse. We’ll see such a historical moment within 10 days, on March 3 (EST). Ashkenazi’s diaspora will then be dramatically increasing, and the so-called “Jewish significant conspiracies” would be revealed one by one, such as the origin of the ISIL: Whether that’s true or not, doesn’t matter to people on the street. The most important thing is they’ll finally find a common enemy called “JEWS”. So far, everybody is forced to believe that the Islam is the common enemy of the western civilization, nevertheless, what would happen, when the “Islamic state” as such will turn out to have been fabricated by Mossad?

Anyway… I myself believe the current “endgame” I described will never stop and reach the next decisive stage very, very soon. Even within 10 days. Then, we’ll encounter the predetermined future which never shows its predeterminedness.

Two Tribes of the Japanese


I sometimes feel there are indeed two tribes of the so-called “Japanese”. The then PM Nakasone declared in 1980s that Japan is a nation of one single ethnicity, nevertheless, the deeper you penetrate into the Japanese society, the more you are aware of obvious difference between the two tribes.

The one is quite open-minded. The members always respect each other and accept innovations, or “something exciting for our lives” without any hesitation. They love to hold festivals and praise Bacchus. This tribe prioritizes to maintain peace and try to evade any conflicts.

Another one is quite different from the former. Members of this tribe doesn’t hesitate even to kill each other to secure their own interest. They never accept innovations, or “something unfamiliar” and reject whenever new ideas technologies come up. They really believe “Might is right.” They love to maintain their rule over the society and kick out whenever outsiders come in.

From ancient times, the Japanese often encountered strangers who came over to the islands after having been defeated in other regions. The ancient Japanese were clever enough not to kick off theses foreign guests but to accept their customs and technologies in order to further develop the society. This has been leading to the tendency that the Japanese love to accept something coming from foreigners, while rejecting their own inventions and innovations.

Let’s take a simple example: When you, as a Japanese scientist, succeed to invent a brandnew technology in Japan, it’s hardly possible for you to get acceptance from the Japanese society. Of course, you can ask Japanese leading companies such as TOSHIBA, HITACHI and MITSUBISHI to check the authenticity of the technology but in vain. They don’t take care of it, simply because they didn’t invent it by themselves. It’s not the authenticity but genuine pride that matters. Instead of repeating this kind of trials, you should immediately ask your foreign partners to get assistance. When your technology will be authorized by foreign institutions, you’ll be also accepted in the Japanese society. That’s it.

As I previously posted, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry had advertised the 10th trial of project to detoxify tritiated water emitted by the Fukushima Dai’ichi Nuclear Power Plant. As I frequently mentioned in this English weblog, a Japanese venture (“Company A”), which is theoretically capable of transforming tritiated water to hydrogen (!), applied for the project and was interviewed on February 6. The METI made the result public the day before yesterday on internet. The ministry just kicked out the innovation and accepted only other so-called “ventures” closely related to the above mentioned leading companies in Japan.

When the GOJ would pick up the technology of Company A, it could simultaneously solve two issues, which burden the Japanese society: Detoxifying of tritiated water and production of hydrogen without emittance of greenhouse gases. However, they reject such a technological breakthrough made in Japan and stick to the original policy that tritiated water should be attenuated and released to oceans. As far as I suppose, the final decision will be made in either April or May, and Japan will be given bashing from other countries. As a candidate for the Summer Olympic Games in 2020, the GOJ once explained the tritiated water was “under control”. Other countries will recall this and begin to blame Japan for having lied to win the race in Buenos Aires.

Getting back to Company A, the venture’s CEO explained he now consider to collaborate with foreign eminent institutions such as the Fraunhofer institute and the MIT. From the very beginning of the invention, they showed their willingness to get a technological breakthrough with Company A. Nevertheless, nobody could guarantee to call the technology “made in Japan”, after it would be just exported to overseas.

As long as Japan won’t fall into default, the second Japanese tribe I mentioned keeps to dominate and never let innovations into the society, I firmly believe. PM Shinzo ABE is the leader of this tribe, while the former one keeps quiet to await “the moment of the truth”. I myself try hard to prepare for the decisive moment to enable “Pax Japonica” to be dominated by the peaceful, original Japanese.

Two True Stories You Have to Focus on.


While the Japanese public opinion is currently paying attention only to Kenji GOTO’s tragedy in ME, there are indeed plenty of other stories you have to focus on. They are much more of importance from the long-term perspective than the captives’ tragedy.

 One of them is the high technology for detoxifying tritiated water emitted by the First Fukushima Nuclear Plant, which I mentioned on this weblog several times. Yesterday, the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy in Tokio interviewed CEO of the venture company in charge. After having successfully given a briefing on what the venture developed to experts and government officials there, he gave me a phone call to say four companies were exclusively invited to the interview. On February 12, 2015, the Agency is said to be going to make the final decision on whether it’ll officially pick up the technology to solve this issue. The venture company has been asking me to make public how far the technology will be developed step by step under the condition that it will be accepted by GOJ. Within five days ahead, you’ll be informed whether this fatal issue of tritiated water in Fukushima will finally vanish forever. Stay tuned.

Another significant story I’m now trying to draw your attention to is regarding the bizarre relationship between Japanese casino and Israel: Until recently, many political leaders in Japan referred to the possibility to legalize casino business, nevertheless, their project obviously failed, and nobody’s talking about the story any more in the Japanese public. The point is Israeli leading English newspaper “Haaretz” now reveals Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM known as a hawkish leader, urged a Japanese high-level official to introduce casino business legally on behalf of Sheldon Adelson, tycoon of world-wide casino business and one of the closest allies for B. Netanyahu. Of course, his PM’s office automatically denied the authenticity of the story and declined to further comment.

To understand correctly what happens behind the scene, you have to know who in fact owns the Sands Corporation which is normally said to be possessed by the Jewish tycoon. It’s not S. Adelson but a clandestine entity for hidden asset of former successive dynasties in China that controls the corporation and casino business as a whole. In the last autumn, I succeeded to contact one of its managers who are entitled to control the financial legacy in Hong Kong. The manager called “Mme. L” clearly explained to me they don’t have any intention to allow the Japanese to open casinos, because they respect us, the Japanese, as a nation of technology which can produce true added values to the world economy. “We instruct our agents to do casino business only in nations and regions which have nothing to do but venues for gambling. Just imagine Singapore and Las Vegas”, she added.

Furthermore, Mme. L. described a series of Jewish leaders and their prominent financial institutions as her agent, which the fund simply hire with money. One of these agents is Sheldon Adelson, who tried to implant casino business to Japan, however, obviously in vain. Logically speaking, the reason for his failure is quite simple: S. Adelson misunderstood instruction given by the Chinese traditional fund. That’s all.

Anyway, I’m still wondering why this story is leaked intentionally at this timing when the trend of Anti-semitism is expanding in an accelerating manner. There must be a certain reason for that, which I’ll try to figure out for you, dear readers.