Who’s Kenshin OGAWA?


Since I touched upon a series of stories on secret funds in the global community including ones of both the Japanese Imperial House and former Chinese dynasties, several connoisseurs kindly sent me messages so far with some more significant information and implications. Taking this opportunity, I’d like to express my warmest thanks for their kindness to enrich my knowledge and experiences on this essential issue.

Having heard that, my mentor is now asking me one more question, which is allegedly regarding the most essential point in this context: “Does anyone of your “connoisseurs” know who Mr. Kenshin OGAWA is? If yes, and if he/she can exactly describe who Kenshin OGAWA is, then his/her further messages are reliable. Otherwise, you can forget them, since it’s this gentlman’s name “Kenshin OGAWA” that really matters in terms of the future of the Japanese Imperial House.”

Sorry, but I spontaneously thought it can’t be the case. Why can such a gentleman with ordinary family name as “Mr. K. OGAWA” be connected with the Japanese Imperial Family? From the very beginning of the story, the possibility is totally excluded, don’t you think so??

Well, dear readers, can you please help me figure it out by explaining me how deeply Mr. Kenshin OGAWA is involved in the whole story of global secret funds? Many thanks for your, as usual, kind assistance in advance. Stay tuned.


On Solitude.


Because a series of both good and bad things happened to me during this week, and because nobody takes care of me in the end, significant terminology abruptly occurs to me: “Solitude”. It was almost 30 years ago when I learned this word from a certain work composed by a Japanese legendary artist, Toru TAKEMITSU. Since then, it sometimes occupies my thinking all the day.

As far as I know, there are indeed people who automatically share such a kind of unique feeling with me. It’s the guys in genuine intelligence world that can realize what I’m talking right now. As I just do, they can’t get rid of feeling “solitude”. Why?

From my viewpoint, there are obviously two types of people in the world, wherever they live. One of them is those who are self-conscious and always know what to do. In short, they can immediately imagine what they have to do, whatever they face.

Another one is those who can never understand what they make from their life. Never ever. Instead of further deepening their own self-consciousness, they always look around to find out someone they will target to attack. It’s only jealousy that matters for them. By attacking the former harshly together with guys going to the same direction, they can be relieved a little bit and feel united. In the dictionary of their brains, you can’t find the word “solitude” at all.

As far as I know, those who are naturally involved in secret reserve funds accumulated in the modern and post-modern human history, are exclusively the former. Without any exemptions, they are self-conscious and always make effort to accomplish what they should do. Since their destiny is quite obvious from the very beginning, they don’t hesitate to step forward in daily life. Plus, “synchronicity” leads them to get together with each other for reaching their common goal. They don’t need to know such trivial concepts as “business model”, because they are determined to feel winds which push them forward and automatically realize why it is so.

This is exactly why the worlds of “intelligence” and “secret reserve funds of human history” are closely connected with each other. They are done only by the above shown born warriors with firm self-consciousness. However, the point is the fact it’s eternal “solitude” that keeps on motivating these people to go for the better world.

Historical secret reserve funds and their related human networks, which usually never show up in the public, abruptly begins to cross over in my life. The stories of the Japanese Imperial House’s hidden asset, the rest of physical treasure left in the Philippines and, last but not the least, the Chinese traditional holder’s responsibility for their former dynasties’ secret fund, are becoming merged more and more in my life. And, of course, I know what to do from now on. But the more deeply I’m involved, the more frequently I feel “solitude” I can’t forget even in one second. And…Spontaneously, the following short poem occurs to me:


Human beings on a small sphere

Sleep, get up, and work

And sometimes they want pals from Mars


Martians on a small sphere

What they’re doing, I don’t know

(Or if they are neriri-ing, kiruru-ing and harara-ing )

But sometimes they want pals from Earth

That much I know


Universal gravitation is

The power of loneliness that pulls things towards each other


The universe is distorted

Therefore, we all desire each other


The universe is steadily expanding

Therefore, everyone is anxious


Facing two billion light-years of loneliness,

I sneezed in spite of myself


—Shuntaro Tanikawa, 1952

(English translation by Naoko Smith)


Life goes on. And so does my solitude. Stay tuned.

We Must Stop War by Trade!


“We Must Stop War by Trade!”, Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, screamed to the audience. In the hotspot, I directly experienced his enthusiastic presentation. The venue was B20 Summit, which has been held in Hangzhou. Ma’s message was the climax during the gala dinner exclusively for the B20 community on day 1 of the summit.

Since the last year during Turkish presidency of G20/B20, I’ve been a member of the latter’s community. To be honest, I’m not fully involved in its discussion process, because I already know the following fact: “The Chinese mainland government will stick to its intention, even though it is advised differently by others.” However, the atmosphere per se you can experience only in such a genuine global event as B20 summit is extremely important for me, as a strategic and risk scenario maker based on global trends. Even though western media never refer to the public the words, “possible breakout of a war in the very near future”, I also heard that, for example, during the last year’s B20 summit in Ankara, Turkey. And this year, Jack Ma, an icon of Chinese digital economy, underlined the same words. I can’t help asking myself whom PRC will fight against then.

Having said that, I must say I was still frustrated to listen to what was discussed in panels of B20 summit in Hangzhou. The items the panelists picked up sounded rather technical, and they just repeated the magic word, “innovation”. Other than the Turkish presidency, the Chinese didn’t stick to their preference to SME expressis verbis. Instead of doing so, the Chinese presidency relied on digitalization by presenting its ideas such as “B20 brain platform” and “eWTP(=world trade platform). The former was proposed by Baidu, another giant in the Chinese internet, and is said to be made of network of world-class artificial intelligence. Once the AI network will be realized, the world’s political and economic leadership will be simply able to ask the network how to tackle global issues, according to the explanation by Li Yanhong, Chairman & CEO of Baidu.

The latter was energetically put on the table by Jack Ma. “By making such a digital platform as eWTP, the world leadership should prioritize SME to boost the global economy”, he said. Nevertheless, he seemed to be unsuccessful so far, while he could get support only from a few small countries in this regard.

Beyond these rather “technical” items, the political leaders, who showed up on the day 1 of B20 summit in Hangzhou, voiced in unison the need of “inclusiveness”. They screamed that the global community has, as a matter of fact at this stage, only one option: giving all the humankind tickets to actively participate in on-going fight against doomed economy. In short, the strategy repeatedly presented by the panelists and political leaders is quite simple as follows: “Let short cut be given to all the parts of the global economy and society, so that the world won’t lose its continuous economic momentum”.

Well, I’m myself extremely pessimistic vis-à-vis such a strategy. Since it’s not the human being but the sun that really matters. Any technical agendas such as we’ve heard in western-dominated B20 community won’t work and help us a lot, because they can’t stop accelerated irregularity of solar activities since 2012. The “X-Day” will come soon. Whether we should get back to an old recipe “war” at that moment or not, is the real question we should discuss right now. But there’s nobody in B20 or even G20 who’s dare to directly mention this core issue. Let’s see how the world new order will be accordingly changed in a dramatic manner after the “X-Day”, while all of us won’t be well prepared for that. Stay tuned.

For not only “300 Members” but All the Humankind.


Yesterday, my staffs and I moved to Marunouchi in Tokyo, which is usually regarded as the center of Japanese economy. While opening our new office, I remembered a series of things I have experienced as the think tank’s CEO so far. Lots of things have been planned and done. Sometimes successfully, but sometimes not. Nevertheless, there has been only one thing, at which my professional team has been aiming: “Pax Japonica”.
Since I touched upon the issue of “counterfeited” JPY and USD in previous online articles, I learned some significant points in this regard from both of my mentor in charge and foreign friends. Beyond all the conspiracy theories, which “outsiders” still try to spread in the public, there IS a secret reserve fund in the global community. Yes, it’s real and dedicated only to certain purposes. IBOE I referred to in a previous post, is just one tool for that. We can’t simply exchange it to cash for our own private purpose. An authentic title and persuasive goal are needed.
What I should underline herewith is the fact that all the relevant people (“insiders”) firmly believe “Pax Japonica” will come true, as I’ve been trying to explain to the Japanese public. However, the Japanese Imperial House is just “passive” in this regard, they say. According to their opinions, “Pax Japonica” is being given, because a supervisory board in the global community already decided so. Even the Japanese Imperial House is said to just follow its instruction to save its own existence in the world history. The boards name is, they say, “the Committee of 300”.
While explaining how the relevant system, which is totally hidden from the public, to me, my mentors always give advice not to touch the issue. “Not only your job but also your own life would cost, whenever you’d further be involved”, they kindly warn. Once upon a time, 300 gentlemen in England decided to build up a committee in order to save only their descendants. Because they were fully aware of the fatal future of the world community in advance, they tried to prepare for the “X-Day”. On the one hand, they have been pretending as if they could do nothing against uncertainties ahead. But on the other hand, they’ve been continuously accumulating huge amount of assets. The historical hidden assets of the Japanese Imperial House are only a part of it, while the Imperial House has been playing a significant role of reliable “lender” to world-class families and nations, which suffer from financial shortage. Well, this is exactly why our Japanese Emperor is admired by foreign leaders.
Getting back to what I mentioned beforehand, I do not understand why all the “insiders” are just terrified and do not want to get along with the secret reserve fund and its signers. From my viewpoint, it’s true what we think always come true, conditioned that we stick to what we think. If not, nothing won’t happen. Applying this rule to the above shown case, all the decisions the committee of 300 will be terrifying to us, because we firmly think it to be so. If not, nothing terrible won’t take place.
Instead of being afraid and worrying, I’m just feeling the committee members, whichever they belong to (either “London” or “Philadelphia”), are deeply concerned what the nature is bring about negatively to all the humankind. To overcome such an unprecedented difficulty, they urgently those who are both strategist of “thinking outside the box” and realistic activist. In this regard, I’m making a proposal to make use of “B20” as a practical platform to move forward in this regard. With basic understanding of an IBOE holder, I’ve been contacting the German B20 presidency for the next year to realize a global rescue fund for humanity within the framework of B20. Let’s see whether the Germans will accept the concept and hold the first short meeting with me in Hangzhou, where the forthcoming B20 summit will be held.
Well, guys, don’t be afraid. The future is coming, whenever you wish. That’s exactly I’ve learned from my master of old SHINTO(古神道), the Japanese traditional way of being from the ancient time. Stay tuned.

Nagoya Renaissance.


Today’s very early morning, I mean at around 4:30 A.M., I visited the Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya to pray for the peaceful future. Other than in the daytime, the atmosphere was extremely refreshing, and it was really worthy of being visited.

Of course, there is a reason why I paid a short visit to Nagoya at this moment. Recently, our Emperor hinted at his wish to abdicate in an official video. Maybe, you feel it doesn’t matter to you, however, just try to imagine where the Emperor of Japan will set up his residence after his abdication. According to a classified information, he’ll then immediately move to Kyoto, the old capital of Japan.

The point is the following historical custom in Japan: Wherever Japanese emperors lived, the cities were officially called “the capital of Japan”. That is to say, if they moved, the capitals were also moved accordingly. This led us to ask ourselves one simple but significant question. How should we understand, if our “former” Emperor will live in other city than Tokyo, the current modern capital of Japan?

And this question is automatically associated with another one: Do we have to prepare for replacement of our Japanese capital in terms of politics from Tokyo to another city? Until now, members of the Japanese Diet have pretended to enthusiastically discuss the possibility to move the capital from Tokyo. To be honest, however, they never believed it would be possible, and just claimed to change location of some ministries to other cities than Tokyo. Since they never know the secret pact agreed between the Japanese Imperial House and the GHQ after the WWII, they aren’t simply capable of leading the nation to the correct direction in this regard.

According to the above mentioned secret pact between Japan and US, it’s NAGOYA that really matters. The both sides already agreed on replacement of the Japanese capital from Tokyo to Nagoya, if the former will be severely damaged by nuclear weapons. This is exactly the reason why the latter has been developed dramatically. The Imperial House’s secret treasure was continuously allocated to TOYOTA, the leading automobile company in Japan, through Norinchukin, the biggest hedge fund in the world. Thanks to such classified financial assistances, TOYOTA could become so huge that could then make the city of NAGOYA and its suburbs flourish. The genuine (not political but covert) Japanese leadership has been following, therefore, one simple instruction given by the Imperial House and US occupation forces in late 1940s.

Well, the story still lasts. Regardless of the ordinary Japanese in the darkest ignorance of what really happened in the post-war period, the above shown original plan is about to be implemented. Ladies and gentlemen, shall we go to Nagoya together to find out our new residences? Watch out.

“X-Day” is September 21, 2016.


Meanwhile, you might have recognized I don’t publish any more articles in Japanese on my weblog. Yes, I do so intentionally, because I recently got to know too much truths to disclose them publicly. From now on, I carefully select people whom I’ll talk to and tell what should be done, particularly in Japanese. Based on the fact I’m not public servant but mere citizen without any official titles, I’m not obliged to disclose everything to all of you. Those who encounter me thanks to both synchronicity and serendipity will be informed of what I’ve got to know. I never care guys who are just keen to know everything without making any efforts to make the global community better. This is quite often the case for the Japanese audience in the internet, with which I’m really fed up.

During my summer vacation in this year, I did never stop working in my brain and kept on communicating with my friends and colleagues who are really engaged in the world history behind the door. I did work really hard on the (publicly unknown) global rescue fund for humanity and relevant projects, to which I intensively pay attention. Now, I feel I’m not mere observer anymore, but insider who’s entitled to make the things move forward. Because I’m fully involved in the irreversible process to cause “total enlightenment” of the humankind, I may never disclose everything I’m knowing. This is exactly why I just suspend to write down articles in Japanese on regular basis.

In the course of my discussion with my closer friends and colleagues, I gradually become aware we’re now heading to a global disaster, which will take place even on September 21 (plus/minus a few days) in this year. Almost all of them agree on that event ahead and kindly give me early warning signals. This time, such an event will happen in Europe. Among relevant events, I pick up one for you herewith: JPY will abruptly soar vis-à-vis Euro, which will lead change the global trends as a whole. Well, this is only the very beginning of big events we’re about to face. All of my above mentioned friends and colleagues unanimously say Japan will then emerge the last resort of the humankind and suddenly start to play a significant role to rescue the global community. I myself will further work hard to move forward to this direction, that is to say, “Pax Japonica”.

In short, stay alarmed for a sea change from Europe we’ll face from September 21, 2016. God bless u.


The Ghost of Versailles.


Since I published my previous article on “counterfeiting” and “global rescue fund for humanity”, several friends and colleagues have kindly contacted me to jointly work on the issues. Thanks to information in detail they’ve been giving me, I can now figure out what really matters in this regard.

Taking this opportunity, I’d like to my warmest thanks to one of my elder friends, who’s the leader of an esteemed traditional family of overseas Chinese, for having asked me whether I understand what “IBOE” is. Well, now, I want to ask you the same question to you: What’s “IBOE”?

To understand the matter completely, we’d better kick off with remembering an incident on the border between Italy and the Switzerland in 2012. According to reports of western financial media, two Japanese gentlemen were allegedly arrested for having tried to bring out boxes, which were full of old “faked” USG bonds issues in 1934. The USG bonds were declared as “counterfeited”, because the US authority immediately announced so after the incident became known publicly. And in the course of time, nobody looks back to the event anymore .

Nevertheless, experts of counterfeiting and “genuine” financial intelligence know we shouldn’t simplify the matter in such a way. Particularly, when you’re informed of the existence of “IBOE”, you’re automatically invited to get to know what really matters between “IBOE” and these old “faked” USG bonds with tremendous far price.

For those who are extremely curious but don’t have any direct connections to classified information on the real financial world, let me mention the following briefly: To understand the matter completely, you have to get back to boxes of the Versailles treaty, which were full of USG bonds with tremendous par price. The point is who backed the bonds for the sake of USG. And who bought the bonds, which were issued with unbelievable par price?

If you regard the whole story as “faked” and never think it to be authentic, you don’t really need to go further with me. If you don’t stick to the so-called “common sense” and want to jump out of intellectual frameworks given by mass media, you need at first to work on the question who backed the bonds by what.

The word “IBOE” then gives you a missing link between the bonds and the on-going reality: All the holders of IBOE which is issues and delivered once every four years by US presidency, are legally entitled to claim their ancestors backed the USG bonds. Now, you may wonder who they are. A Japanese gentleman living in Kamakura, who holds the fourth Sacred Treasure, is included.

The ghost of Versailles reveals. Without recognizing its significance and reality, you can’t simply go forward. I’ll work on this issue further with my mentors in financial intelligence. Stay tuned.

The Ultimate Rescue Fund for the Humankind.


Having successfully held a meeting with my friends in Hong Kong in terms of how to make the world “peaceful”, I tried to get in touch with one of my mentors in Tokyo yesterday. The purpose to meet him was quite simple: To get his assistance and advice to move forward with my friends in HK. To be honest, I fully agree with them on the aim of the project we’ve been pursuing so far, however its methodology per se isn’t always convincing at all. My mentor, who’s one of the esteemed and leading scientific engineers and well known rather in the global community than in Japan, carefully listened to what I explained. And he asked me one simple question: “Well, is the Chinese woman whose name is written in documents you show me Taiwanese national?”

After having got my short answer to this question, he didn’t recommend me to work on the project but recognized its significance. Since he’s quite aware of the existence of an ultimate rescue fund. Furthermore, he knows it in detail and particularly who controls it. According to what he discussed with these guys, who are, by the way, not citizens of one single nation, he clearly pointed out our approach isn’t appropriate and never reach the goal to restore the world’s security and prosperity.

What should be done instead? As you might know, I’m convinced of “Pax Japonica” coming ahead. To my surprise, my mentor agreed on it without any reservation and even expressed the reason why. “Imagine, Mr. Harada, the ultimate secret will reveal that not other countries such as the States but Japan, our mother country, holds the overwhelming huge amount asset and is indeed capable of handling it by herself. If it’s the case, every single state in other parts of the globe will automatically obey what Japan suggests and proposes. It’s money that matters.”

In the context of our original “project”, we intended to seek the opportunity to involve the house of the most significant banker in the western tradition. Nevertheless, my mentor didn’t recommend me to do so, because the house is rather subordinated to the ultimate rescue fund for the whole humankind. “Because the house’s power became a little bit big meanwhile, it was excluded from the human network of those who are entitled to control the fund. Since then, the house turns out to be rather hostile to the fund from time to time”, he said.

Spontaneously, I asked him why the fund isn’t disbursed right now, while the accelerated economic turmoil has been leading the whole world to the age of total volatilities. Let’s take the Japanese example. The newly elected ABE administration doesn’t know what to do to rescue the nation. To my question, my mentor, who implied even his direct involvement in the fund, indicated his intention to watch a little bit more how far the turmoil will last due to both misconducts and inappropriate decisions of Japanese politicians. “But”, he said, “the ultimate rescue fund for the human civilization, which was originally initiated by the former Great Britain, will be switched on at the very last stage of the on-going story. You must be quite sure of the plan.”

The question is who will be asked to implement the plan related with the ultimate plan. According to my mentor’s words, it’s the Japanese Imperial House that is determined to play such a role, even though Japan pretends to suffer from her historical burden of national debt. Once the fund will be disbursed, the debt will be swept away once for all. Meanwhile, the above mentioned original controllers keep on carefully selecting those who may lead members of the Japanese Imperial House to the “right direction”. “It’s a kind of the hardest examination you have to pass in the world”, he pointed out, and added how significant words and phrases of some Japanese political philosophers just before the MEIJI-restoration, such as SHOZAN SAKUMA and SANAI HASHIMOTO, who were simultaneously activists and wanted to renew both Japan and the world order.

“In this regard, you shall always remember the Latin proverb: Bene qui latuit, bene vixit”, he kindly said. The ultimate rescue fund, which will soon enable Japan to lead the global community, is said to be controlled by this simple rule. By mentioning, “I really enjoy your institution’s monthly report you kindly send me”, my mentor implied me what to do from now on. Thanks to the conversation with him, the new era of my life begins. God bless all of you.

All about Counterfeiting in Japan and Asia.


Recently, a tiny article published in Sankei Shimbun, a Japanese conservative paper, drew my attention. It reported a Japanese man in middle age was arrested in the international airport in Taipei because of his attempt to bring a huge amount of “faked” JPY out of the border.
Maybe, you don’t care this, because you must be quite familiar with articles on the same matter: Counterfeited banknotes in Asia. From “faked” USD with par value of “1 million” printed in 1928 to “counterfeited” JPY printed with portrait of SHOTOKU-TAISHI, there are various types of counterfeiting founded in Asia.
Nevertheless, you’ll miss the point, when you’re not careful enough to find out the fact these counterfeited banknotes have been seized by authorities mainly in either southern parts of China or Taiwan. How come does it these locations to become “hot spots “of counterfeiting?
As I researched all about “counterfeiting” allegedly by DPRK, for example, “supernotes”, some years ago and dared to publish a book on this matter in Japan, a German famous expert kindly told me how “counterfeiting” exactly works in the modern world. According to his explanation, it’s not counterfeiting but special purposes behind it that matters. Actually, almost all the delicately counterfeited banknotes are authentic and genuine indeed. But they can’t be circulated in the market. Why?
As I mentioned beforehand, it’s every single special purpose behind counterfeiting that really matters. Leadership of US and Japan has been fully aware of the fact descendants of former Chinese dynasties have been inheriting hidden treasure from the ancient time and asked them to borrow a part of the treasure. As security for lending, the US and Japan leaders have offered banknotes and government bonds particularly printed for this special purpose. However, once they succeed to get money from the poor Chinese former royal families, the governments of both US and Japan abruptly deny the authenticity of these banknotes and government bonds. It’s a state-sized fraud, I must say.
Well, my recommendation to those who still wonders in PRC and Taiwan how to convert these “counterfeited” banknotes and government bonds to authentic ones: There is only a way to get rid of such a hopeless situation, that I know and am entitled to collaborate with u. Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you’re concerned about this matter. Good luck.


The Parallel World of Japan


In order to identify someone else who you are, you always have something to be shown. Whether it is an ID card or an officially registered fingerprint, that doesn’t matter. The important thing is rather that just “claiming verbally who you are “ isn’t enough to identify who you are. You can’t disagree on such a simple rule.

However, when it comes to identification of throne holder, it becomes suddenly complicated. Normally, we believe it’s obvious who King or Queen is. Nevertheless, their faces as such shown and known publicly aren’t enough to make sure they are entitled to hold the throne. To show the entitlement, King and Queen have to hold some symbols and tools which they succeeded from predecessors. A royal crown is just one example in this regard.

This is also the case for the Japanese Imperial House. To proclaim you’re the Emperor of Japan, you automatically have to prove you own three Sacred Treasures: Mirror, Sword and Jewels. Yes, this is the common sense in the Japanese society. Nobody doubts this story’s authenticity.

BUT, are you really sure that ONLY these three treasures are what you need to be identified as the Japanese Emperor? Is there anything else to be added to the list? Of course, nobody is de facto allowed to discuss such a “stupid” matter in mass media. However, “We doubt, therefore we are”, wise men say. Shall we start to rethink what the truth shows us?

A mentor of mine, who’s deepen his experience and thoughts to this direction, told me the ultimate truth recently: There IS the fourth treasure which is indispensable to identify you to be the genuine Japanese Emperor. It’s a tea scoop made by fragrant wood originally possessed in SHOSOUIN(正倉院)in Nara. Without showing you have this fourth treasure added to other three, you can’t prove to be the authenticity of the successor of the Japanese Imperial House.

Now, you may wonder who actually possesses this fourth one. Don’t hesitate call the Imperial Household Agency to ask the question, if your own identification needs to be deleted in official documents of Japanese authority. Anyway, the truth is truth, which nobody can’t deny. Please be always reminded of this simple fact, which is never explained to you in the Japanese public. When you’ll succeed to find out the possessor of the fourth one, you’ll immediately get into the publicly unknown “parallel world” of Japan.