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After Hong Kong, Singapore is Targeted.

As we all expected, PRC legislature approved Hong Kong security law, to which USG immediately responded by depriving Hong Kong of its special status in trade. The global financial market cautiously fell down, even though any physical clash between US and PRC never took place at this juncture. And today (according to Japanese Standard Time), UK foreign minister, Dominic Raab, surprisingly announced UK is considering to offer “path to UK citizenship” to all the holders of UK pass port in Hong Kong. The situation is dramatically becoming more and more confusing. While nobody expects UK Royal Navy to override the current superiority of PRC People’s Liberation Army in Hong Kong, this kind of public announcement should be regarded as a provocation which is going too far.

Having viewed these escalations, you may now wonder what’s the next in this regard. I believe all the experts merely focus on Hong Kong and comment on its fatal future. However, what we urgently need is rather a “big picture” which includes not only Hong Kong but also other parts of the Chinese-speaking cultural zone, particularly Singapore. To come to the point, it’s Singapore that really matters from my viewpoint. How come?

Get back to Shanghai in May, 2008, just before the global financial crisis with Lehman Brothers being sacrificed. As a only participant from Japan, I was allowed to attend an international conference among US Treasury, Chatham House of UK and China Europe International Business School, where the UK side proudly presented a new brochure of the City of London on “Future of Asian Financial Market”. At a glance, I was totally shocked to recognize the City was planning to totally reshuffle the financial power balance among major cities in East and South East Asian countries such as Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore. To my surprising, the author of this brochure didn’t hesitate to explain both Hong Kong and Singapore will be its superiority in the regional financial structure very soon. Instead, the following two other options would be realized: “Tokyo without the “sense of Tokyo”” and/or “Shanghai combined with Beijing”. Tokyo was said to enjoy its huge potentiality conditioned that the local people in Tokyo would get rid of their traditional introvertness against foreign residents and workers. Shanghai could be highlighted, only if the city would succeed to get connected with the political power of Beijing. And the point is these two alternatives were characterized as “and/or”, That is to say, This plan of the City of London would be realized as accomplishment of the Great JPY/RMB zone, which Japan failed to establish in 1930s.


Don’t forget the simple fact I saw there that US Treasury attended the meeting in Shanghai, which was like “Cairo Conference” in 1943, where UK, US and China decided how to create the new world order after the WWII. In short, losing HK’s special status in trade is just a kick off of such a historical project. As soon as Singapore will collapse for unknown and unprecedented reasons very, very soon, the bird-eyes’ picture will be inevitably presented to the public, I think. The House of Lee, the political tycoon family of Singapore will immediately get back to the Chinese mainland, where a historical domestic turmoil to be separated into four parts (the Spring and Autumn period again!) is about to begin simultaneously. Again, this is just the very beginning of the brand-new game called “Gnostistic Revolution” of the entire world I repeatedly tried to explain to you in previous posts. Stay tuned.

Who Decides Resignation of Japan’s Prime Minister?

In the previous post, I mentioned Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, is about to leave the office due to responsibility for appointing Hiromu Kurokawa as General Attorney, who is publicly criticized to playing Mah-jong for money with his closest journalists. Yesterday, Shinzo Abe appeared in front of journalists and admitted his responsibility in this regard, but didn’t announce his own resignation yet. Some experts thus argued this could be a typical political feint operation against the oppositional high-ranking attorneys, who shall be take responsibility for this matter as the leadership of Ministry of Justice in Japan.


For our institute, it actually doesn’t matter whether Shinzo Abe will resign or stick to the power. For us, the point is which risk will turn out to make the Japanese and global financial markets sharply fall on ca. 27 May, 2020, from which they will rather rocket and recover dramatically all through the first half of the forthcoming June. There are, as I explained beforehand in latest pots partly, three candidates of such risk factors: Resignation of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, domestic and military turmoil in PRC along with Hong Kong and Taiwan, and, last but not the least, abrupt breakout of military conflict(s) in Middle East particularly with Saudi Arabia. Well, let’s wait and see a little bit to check what will take place in the next week, which could potentially lead us to the beginning of the “Gnostistic Revolution” of the entire world.

By the way, do you know who decides when Japanese Prime Minsiters shall resign in the political reality of Japan? Of course, according to the Japanese constitutional law, only PM is entitled to make up his mind to leave the office. Nobody can and may force him/her to do so, at least constitutionally. Nevertheless, until the period of the former PM Jun’ichiro Koizumi, another traditional, de facto constitutional rule of Japan was valid. It says not PM himself but His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Japan reserves the final voice to make such a decision. This was the case indeed, even though any “political intervention” by the Emperor of Japan is constitutionally prohibited in the postwar period. As far as I was informed by those who belong to the historical human network of “Satsuma” (Kagoshima) and are closely connected to affairs inside the Japanese Imperial Household, Jun’ichiro Koizumi made his resignation public in 2006, just after the then Emepror of Japan, Akihito, was said to have whispered to the third person it’s about time Prime Minister Koizumi says good-bye to his office. Despite his high and large remaining popularity, Jun’ichiro Koizumi suddenly announced his final decision in due course.


Now that you’ve got learned this arcanum of the Japanese domestic politics in the post-war period, you may wonder how about the situation we’re currently facing in connection with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe & Co. What does the Emperor of Japan, Naruhito, think about the acute necessity to stabilize the Japanese society in the Post-COVID 19 phase, when the domestic political leadership shall be refreshed for a new era? Why the Emperor and Empress didn’t release any public announcement to ease the pain of the Japanese nation in the midst of the latest COVID-19 crisis? Why doesn’t/can’t His Imperial Majesty follow the above-mentioned de-facto but established rule of the Japanese highest domestic politics to say “NO” to various failed and oligarchic policies of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe?

We Japanese unconsciously assume the very hard core of Japan’s constitutional law, the status and existence of the “Emperor” as such, will be neither changed nor replaced so far. However, the “Gnostistic Revolutoin” covers, by definition, everything on the earth. Having remembered that, we’re about to become aware of what will take place, particularly in the Japanese Imperial Household very, very soon (at latest the year of 2022). Stay tuned.

May 27, 2020: The X-Day of PM S. Abe’s Resignation?

In the latest posts, I highlighted geopolitical risks in East Asia will draw attention in the period between ca. 21 and 27 May, 2020. As a possible cause of such a abrupt development, I mentioned domestic political turmoil in PRC will get into a crucial phase due to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and COVID-19 along with Wang Qishan. However, in the course of time, another remarkable trend of risk is dramatically emerging. It’s rather Japan, my mother country, that matters.

After Attorney General Hiromu Kurokawa, who was suspected of having played mah-jong for money illegally with Japanese journalists, officially announced his resignation today, the inner circle of Japanese politics is now whispering Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will also resign much sooner than expected in the public. According to recent public opinions, support for Shinzo Abe Cabinet is drastically declining. Based on that, I would say he could announce his resignation even on 27 May, 2020, which has been regarded as the next “target date” of sea change in both the global market and other sectors of our societies, in accordance with the latest results of my alliance partner’s quantitative analysis by the most advanced algorhythm. Having said that, my baseline scenario is shown as follows:

*On 27 May, 2020, Shinzo Abe will announce to leave the office publicly.

*On 21 June, 2020, Natsuo Yamaguchi, the current leader of KOMEITO will be elected as the next Japan’s PM (but only “tentatively”), conditioned that Shigeru Ishiba, former Minister for Agriculture and Fishery, will be designated as the Prime Minister after next behind the door.

Of course, I don’t exclude “Chinese” factors in this regard, because various risk factors except for Shinzo Abe’s fate could simultaneously turn out to be realized very soon. In short, something both dramatic and significant will take place in the very near future. Don’t miss it.



Gnosticism and Donald Trump.

Recently, a friend of mine, who is practitioner of “KOTOTAMA” philosophy in US, kindly recommended me to read an article of Washington Post regarding the fate of US President Donald Trump. Following his recommendation, I followed his recommendation with great interest, and fully agree with the article’s analysis.

I’m completely supportive, because our institute already announced its biannual forecasting on global affairs in the last January that clearly mentioned Donald Trump won’t be re-elected in the forthcoming US presidential election. Of course, I was well informed that the majority of experts on US domestic politics didn’t think Trump’s re-election to be doubtful. Nevertheless, our institute has been firmly believing something unbelievable will take place in terms of the US presidential election in this year. Why?

To completely understand what I mean to say herewith, let’s get back to 2016, when Donald Trump was “surprisingly” elected. “Surprising”, because all the major mass media reported almost everyday beforehand that Mrs. Clinton should be elected, while Donald Trump would be complete defeated. However, such a majority’s way of thinking eventually turned out to false, and the era of total destruction in US led by Donald Trump got started.

Now that we recall these sequences as not results of “wishful thinking” but historical facts, we’d better think much deeper of what’s actually going on in the entire global community. In the previous posts, I repeatedly tried to persuade you on “Pax Japonica”, in which the way of Japan’s being will be quasi-automatically copied and spread to the rest of the world. To make it happen, Japan needs to be totally inflated with extremely higher stock prices and interest rate, before she will go bankruptcy approximately in 2024. Having read through these posts, some readers commented by saying “Mr. Takeo Harada’s opinion on the future of Japan is arrogant”. To avoid any misunderstanding, I want to herewith highlight our institute’s forecasting has nothing to do with neither patriotism nor conventional nationalism at all.

Instead, our institute’s future scenario is simply based on the fundamental trends, with which the human society as a whole is moving forward in accordance. And the character of these fundamental trends can be summarized, from our institute’s viewpoint, as “Gnosticistic Revolution”, by which everything on the earth will be upside down. Specifically, all the previous oligarchic structures in the human society will be destructed and destroyed, while new structure and leadership will abruptly emerge and replace the former. In this regard, the hegemonic power of US won’t be excluded, and the so-called “Pax Americana” after the WWII and power of leaders dependent on this conventional US-hegemony in- and outside the State will automatically come to an end. Furthermore, democracy and financial capitalism won’t be saved and totally changed with other better ones. Since Donald Trump is based on the conventional power structure I just mentioned, he is doomed to gloom by nature from now on. But it’s also the case for his political competitor elected within his party according to “traditional” procedure of US domestic politics. In any one of its articles, the US constitution never rules US president shall be elected from either Republicans or Democrats. Just imagine what will happen when the “third” but reliable competitor will successfully challenge Donald Trump.

The “Gnosticistic Revolution” won’t leave the previous status of Japan in the global community as it is. In the course of the “Thucydides Trap” between US and PRC, the moment of truth will come very soon (approximately on 27 May of this year). Once USG will officially decide to cut off its diplomatic (=political and economic) relations with Beijing, all the major countries will be forced to do so as they did due to the brutal crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators at Tinanmen Square in 1989. Because any import of major products such as steel and textiles from PRC will be strictly banned in such a situation, there is ONLY one option and alternative left in the East Asia for the rest of the world. That is Japan (not ROK, which is too small from any aspect compared with Japan), which has been both disgraced and disregarded since the collapse of Heisei Bubble Economy from 1986 to 1990. According to the Le Chatelier’s Principle, which is often applied to studies of macro-economy and quite similar to rules of the “Gnosticistic Revolution”, Japan will abruptly get started with flourishing again as an equilibrium point between the West and East in the midst of the turmoil caused by US and PRC.

Having heard this unprecedented analysis, you must argue that Japan may not seek her own way to “Pax Japonica”, due to Japan-US alliance since 1951. At this stage, you’re kindly requested to remember Donald Trump’s firm belief in terms of this alliance. “Withdrawal from Japan ASAP” is rather his doctrine since his presidential inauguration. Again, this is one of the major parts of the on-going “Gnosticistic Revolution” in the human history we’re facing.

(From Kabutan)

If you still don’t believe me, just keep on checking the stock price of “Nippon Steel Corporation”. Every time a bubble economy starts in Japan, the company’s stock will soar. Why? Sooner or later, you will entirely understand by doing so what I herewith mean to say. Don’t forget that every “bubble economy” will never appear naturally, but rather be “created” by human intentions. You’d better ask yourself which one you are, survivor or loser of the game of the ultra-modern Gostiscism. Stay tuned.

Japan and Freemasonry: Why Pax Japonica Ahead?

Recently, I posted a short essay here, to which various actors in the global community and financial market as well kindly responded. Having read through their insightful comments, I could make sure that a historical consensus towards the new era “Pax Japonica” is being created in the global leadership in an accelerated manner.

Now, you may wonder “Why Pax Japonica ahead?” As far as all of us know, Japanese leadership in both politics and economy is obviously less resilient against various risks such as COVID-19, so that they can’t provide even 2 pieces of masks to each one of the Japanese nationals yet. This is the very reality of the Japanese nation state which once proudly proclaimed as number one country in the world in 1980s. Instead of obtaining their own “official-made” masks from the Government of Japan, the people on the street here are just waiting for 100,000 JPY, which GOJ promised to give them in the Diet. Nevertheless, to be honest, I’m wondering how come such a government as the GOJ, which can’t technically dispatch small masks to its people yet, can pay this extra crisis benefit to them without causing any serious troubles. Based on all these issues we can imagine and are facing right now as well, it might seem to be entirely legitimate to say that “Pax Japonica” will never come. Never ever.

In this juncture, you’re kindly recommended to change your viewpoint, I think. Well, you’re fully right when you regard “Pax Japonica” as a never-ending story as long as you just focus on what’s taking place inside Japan. But the question is whether it’s really the Japanese that are allowed to make self-decisions on their own future. Both legally and practically, the answer is YES. However, you’ll immediately doubt it when you’ll have read the following:

The organizational structure of the “Freemason” is said to be divided into three parts. Each one of them has its own headquarter. The first one is located in London/UK, the second in Philadelphia/US, and last but not the least, the third one in Rome/Italy. Several years ago, I was given an opportunity to read through one of the most significant documents distributed exclusively to the members of the third one in Rome. To my surprise, the paper clearly states as follows:

*The world history always used to change itself from Japan. Everything entirely new always gets started from Japan (Not from other major countries such as US and Europe).

*Japan flourishes dramatically and leads the world thanks to this rule of the earth, conditioned that any powerful “leaders” govern the country. If the “powerful” leaders try to lead the nation, Japan always fails.

*In short, it’s really good for both the whole world and Japan that no “powerful” leaders lead the country of Rising Sun.

Koreshige INUZUKA, Captain of the former Japanese Imeprial Navy
Koreshige INUZUKA, Capitain of the former Japanese Imperial Navy. Famous hunter of western freemasons in Shanghai during WWII.

Now that you read that, you may have grasped automatically what I meant to say when I herewith referred to the fate of Japan’s PM Shinzo ABE. Once he would make up his mind to resign, the world history will step forward together with Japan. Let’s see. In this regard, what will take place in the forthcoming June here in Japan will extremely decisive, I believe. Stay tuned.

Mr. Wang, Now It’s Your Turn!

Our famous “Great Leader” Kim Jong-un, who was once reported to have passed away, abruptly appeared on DPRK’s state media with his beloved younger sister Yo Jong. Their blood tie is, as I correctly pointed out previously, much more stronger than the rumor some western media enthusiastically spread that the big brother would be soon succeeded by Kim Pyong-il, who have been posted as Ambassador of DPRK to a series of Eastern European countries like “der fliegende Holländer”. Well, the rumor just turned out to be false. The next question we have to work on right now is who stood behind the door of this fake story.

The analysis I’m just going to write down may not be acceptable for the major part of my friends and colleagues living in PRC, however, Japan, my mother country, constitutionally guarantees freedom of speech. Thus, I don’t hesitate to herewith express my own analysis in detail on what actually happened and will take place very soon.

As far as our institute, IISIA, has been correctly informed so far, the real “loser” of the game in terms of the alleged “death” of Kim Jong-un, which was, again, officially denied, is Wang Qishan, Vice President of PRC. The story actually got back to 2018,when I heard from my closest business partner in the global financial market based in Singapore that his prominent team was helping the opposition part of the political leadership against Xi Jingpin in PRC to transfer the huge amount of its money from bank accounts of “Zhongnanhai” to private banks located in Panama. While slightly talking about this issue, my business partner, to whom even Li Ka Shing in Hong Kong invested, called Kim Jong-un a “nasty little but fat boy”. I spontaneously felt that the money to be transferred shall be somehow connected with the next step of DPRK.


The point is the Vice President just is said to have tried to suppress upheavals in Hong Kong with a newly developed B-weapon of virus from a western country, however, in vain. Instead, his subordinate “experts” mishandled the virus and spread it particularly in Wuhan city. This is, according to our institute’s deep throat in Chinese ethnic intelligence sources, the actual beginning of all the events and issues related to COVID-19. Now that you just read this analysis, you can immediately grasp why PRC government is now harshly blaming US for the on-going pandemic, while US government is attacking the former for mishandling the new coronavirus. Yes, as you might have thought so, a major pharmaceutical company based in US succeeded to sell the newly developed virus to Wang Qishan’s team, even though it simultaneously handed over the effective vaccine against COVID-19 to the Chinese client. As far as IISIA is well informed, the vaccine does exist already. Nevertheless, the company pretends as if such a vaccine was never successfully developed so far.

As the forthcoming session of National People’s Congress in PRC is approaching right now, Wang Qishan, who has been regarded as a “good friend of US”, is being forced to execute a feint operation so as not to be officially blamed for the misconduct in terms of COVID-19 virus. Of course, it’s inevitable to take the consequences from the pandemic started from the City of Wuhan. However, if something much more significant and acute as well would take place just before the NPC session, which is announced to be held from May 22 after the recent postponement, all the delegates will concentrate on this new event while underestimating the COVID-19 issues.

The feint operation in terms of Kim Jong-un, who’s obviously NOT a good friend of PRC, failed, and the most important person who knows everything about these issues and events is said to have disappeared. Mr. Wang is left alone and has to think about how to be well prepared for any fatal political attacks from Xi Jinping’s team before and during the NPC session. The question is whether Wang Qishan and his colleagues will soon take the next step of “preemptive attack” against the President. Our institute is at this juncture of the opinion the answer is YES. The approaching session of NPC will set the definitive milestone to the next phase of the Chinese history when the People’s Republic will be divided to four parts.


What we shall do right now to get well prepared for the world without PRC. This is the conclusion of the so-called “China Problem”, on which the western world except for Japan have been traditionally working on from the 19th Century. Stay alarmed. According to our institute’s estimate, the global community together with its financial market will face the next “sea change” from May 12 and reach the climax of the trend on 17. Stay tuned.

Dear Great Leader Jong-un and His Beloved Sister.

Recently, western mass media abruptly reported Kim Jong-un, “Great Leader” in DPRK, seems to have fallen into a critical condition after a medical operation, which US President Donald Trump didn’t confirm officially. Media reports from ROK also denied such a possibility and insisted the “Great Leader” safely stays with his high-ranking officials in the suburb of the country.

As you might have been already well informed, I am an expert on DPRK issues since I was given opportunities to serve as Chief Desk Officer for Japan’s diplomacy vis-à-vis DPRK in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo (from 2003 to 2005). Based on experiences I obtained as “insider” of the Japanese diplomatic service, I’ve been further gathering information and intelligence on this matter. While professionally doing so as CEO of my own think tank on global affairs, I sometimes dream of a future scenario of DPRK and the Korean Peninsula as a whole. The following is my own “fictional” version of what would take place there in the very near future:
Kim Yo Jong, a beloved sister of the “Great Leader”, succeeds the highest power of DPRK, after Kim Jong-un disappeared from official occasions for unknown reasons. Of course, western mass media suspect of his death, but nobody could verify the authenticity of such a suspicion. Governments of major countries, particularly US Government, begin to imply their “wishful thinking” that the new leader would change the country’s policy from its traditional isolationism to engagement to the global community, since she is female and should have other way of thinking than her male predecessors.
The point is “something terrible” such as“millennium eruption of Mt. Paektu will happen soon after her inauguration. Rejecting any proposal from other major countries to give human assistance due to the unprecedented natural disaster, Yo Jong’s government will publicly appeal to ROK’s government under the leadership of President Moon Jae-in to combat negative impacts of this historical event together. President Moon Jae-in, who is well known as a de dacto supporter of DPRK in left wing of political scenes in ROK, will accept this offer without any reservations, and the two Korean nations will immediately get started with their collaboration to overcome widespread human suffering caused by the “millennium eruption”.

[¿Ã¸²ÇÈ] ¹® ´ëÅë·É, '±è¿©Á¤ ³ëµ¿´ç Áß¾ÓÀ§ Á¦1ºÎºÎÀåÀÇ ¼³¸í µéÀ¸¸ç'
In the course of time, the people living in the Korean Peninsula will sooner or later it’s quite “natural” that they will unite beyond borders, facing the successful collaboration after the natural disaster between the North and South. Facing such a psychological “Detante” among the ordinary people of the both nations, Kim Yo Jong and her government will make the second offer to hold a “free election” on the future of the Korean Peninsula with the South. There will be no reason for Moon Jae-in and his political colleagues to reject such a offer “for the sake of the entire Korean people”. As a result of the “free election”, which shall be well observed by third countries dispatched by UN, a new federation of the Koreans will be built up both politically and legally, of which the name could be “Koryo Federation”. A Janus-faced federation with both an “free and democratic” entrance (ROK) and “authoritarian and out-law” exit (DPRK).
Now, you may wonder who the winner of this game can be. My answer is definitely the South. The creation of this Korean federation will inevitably lead to a currency reform in the Peninsula. Looking back to the German Unification in 1990, the currencies (“Won”) of both countries shall be equally valued, while DPRK Won will be highly appreciated compared with ROK Won. Those who could succeed to obtain any financial assets in DPRK would immensely get earned from this currency reform, while the ordinary people in the South would be forced to offset all the cost. Having said that, the only “way-out” for the poor South Koreans will be to find out an appropriate third party to pay all the costs for the sake of the entire Korean people. Who shall be sacrificed?


Let’s get back to the reality. Last year, I confidentially contacted Mr. Lee Chol, one of the “prominent” spymasters in Pyongyang and scenario write of all the current diplomatic events including DPRK such as bilateral summits between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, face to face in Dalian (PRC), while the leadership of a South Korean political foundation kindly arranged and attended the meeting. The spymaster, who is recently allowed to appear on a South Korean popular film on espionage thanks to his close friendship with Seoul, explained all the information political leaders of the nation such as Kim Jong-un and Yo Jong gathered in meetings with foreign counterparts, is being gathered to his team and analyzed. Mr. Lee Chol is a “shadow man” for Mr. Park Chol, one of the significant members of the DPRK mission to the White House in 2019. Mr. Lee said without any hesitation, “We thoroughly informed your Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide SUGA (Government of Japan) of everything DPRK expects to make happen”. In addition, he underlined Pyongyang is awfully fed up with the repeated request of USG for denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula. “What we sincerely need is to hold a trilateral summit among DPRK, ROK and Japan”, he insisted.
Another spymaster of ROK, of which a brother was educated even in Kim Il-sun University in Pyongyang, kindly informed me that the North and South had already agreed on a common and fundamental future scenario of the entire Korean Peninsula, at least on the level of intelligence agencies. From my viewpoint, the above-mentioned trilateral summit is included in this future strategic scenario.
Recalling of my own experience that the Japanese Imperial Household regards DRPK as “useless” from the highest viewpoint of Japan’s nation, I tried to persuade Mr. Lee Chol to convey my message that the “Great Leader” and his beloved sister shall be take into account any backlash if they won’t consider reconciliation with the Japanese Imperial Family. Obviously, the scenario writer of DPRK’s diplomacy had never thought of this matter, and I had the impression he correctly understood what I meant to say in this regard.
The history proves that Japan, my own country, is changed, whenever the situation in the Korean Peninsula turns out to be changed fundamentally. It’s the high time to see the history repeats itself, I think. Stay tuned.

Resurrection of Japan as Number One in the Post-Corona Phase. Why?

Even though the public opinion can’t fully catch up, some major countries’ governments officially decided they lift parts of tough regulations against further spread of COVID-19. Their so-called “experts” try to argue their countries have the peak of infection with the virus left behind, however, it’s quite obvious that this “X-Day” was pre-determined among these western major countries. From 16 April, they abruptly got started with discussion about reconstruction of national economies and societies in the Post-Corona phase. The statistics they often mention are, again, not fully persuasive to people on the street, therefore, they proceed but only cautiously to “normality” of their daily life.

In my country, Japan, the situation is completely different. Despite the fact she is one of the biggest neighbor countries for PRC, the very starting point of panic due to COVID-19, Prime Minister Shinzo ABE and his government has just announced a state of emergency for not only some prefectures such as Tokio, but the whole country. The ABE administration is being harshly criticized because of its typical Japanese “Too-Late and Too-Little” measure that it will provide in principle all the Japanese nationals with 100,000 JPY (hopefully very soon). Even though there is (and from my viewpoint: “won’t be”) no “overshooting” in terms of the patients infected with COVID-19 here in Japan, Japanese mass media tend to lead the people to join the discussion on how to enjoy their life “With-Corona (not Post-Corona)”, which I personally ridiculous. Only the stock market in Tokio, which is affected rather by trends of the global market, sharply begins to soar these days in spite of the accelerated man-made stagnation of the economy and society here in Japan.

Getting back to the issue on the “Post-Corona” phase, my institute, IISIA, analyzes at this juncture that Japan will be picked up and highlighted both financially and socially by a process of elimination from now on in the global community. Obviously, nobody and no singly major world-class think tanks (or even “Ian Bremmer” of Eurasia Group) insist such a thesis to the public, nevertheless, leading experienced investors related to the Japanese financial market both secretly and unanimously reach the same conclusion and begin to take appropriate measure to make the highest profits from such an unprecedented trend of the world history. To be honest, they imagine Nikkei 225 index would surpass even 50,000 JPY (without such currency manipulation as GOJ did from 2012) if they’d be lucky enough. Well, this is still a rumor in the market, which can, however, turn out to be proven in the very near future, I firmly believe.

Why will Japan be highlighted in the Post-Corona phase? According to the analysis of IISIA, there are three points we have to pay attention to:

*Abrupt crash of crude oil price, which Japan, a country heavily relying on imported energy resources, takes advantage of, as she successfully did from 1987 to 1990 (“Heisei bubble economy”).

*Quantitative easing of immense scale in- and outside Japan, which Japan takes advantage of, according to the successful model in the late 1980s.

*Process of Elimination works, as Japan can be regarded as “safe haven” with both relatively stabilized public healthcare (extremely low death rate due to COVID-19) and highly developed economies under the “rule of law” compared with US, Europe and China. Other than global mass media, the leadership of WHO is now arguing discretely in the house that the second wave of pandemic with global scale will attack the human beings from 2022 to 2025, conditioned that fundamental change of global public healthcare wouldn’t take place immediately. From now on, it’s not money but our own life that really matters. And thanks to process of elimination tested by the affluent people particularly in PRC, they will rush into Japan’s territory as soon as the border will be opened.

This means, of course, the end of the previous trend of “globalism”. The Post-Corona phase is simultaneously the era of Post-Globalism. In this new era, the countries which have adapted themselves to globalism successfully and profitably as well, will be abandoned and disregarded, while another country is suddenly prioritized, which is rather incapable of swift adaptation to financial capitalism and has incurred ridicule from the rest of the world. That’s exactly Japan that unintentionally succeeded to protect against immense risks caused by globalism such as COVID-19 pandemic.


Having said that, you, dear readers, never agree with me on this matter, I’m afraid. It’s OK, since our institute dedicating itself entirely to making future scenario of Japan and the global community, is quite familiar with such an initial refusal to the future reality it sometimes picks up. Only facts to be realized after our forecasting can persuade you. Let’s see… but don’t forget to buy some shares of Japanese airlines, wings of “Pax Japonica”. Stay tuned.

Japan’s Imperial “Cain and Abel”?

Every time I finish to write down articles posted to this official weblog, I used to inform my friends and colleagues working for world-class think tanks. Thinking of that, I would say, as long as you stick to the surface of political and economic realities in the global community, you can never become aware of the fact not US presidency but Japanese Imperial Household has immense influence to the world order. At this juncture, I believe, however, you can’t understand it and tend to strongly doubt Japan’s Imperial Family holds such a power vis-à-vis the entire world. Well, let’s take a look at the following picture taken on the occasion of US President Barack Obama’s state visit to Japan. Who bowed to whom?


In this regard, a significant incident is taking place in Japan. An incident, which has much immense impact than even COVID-19 virus and its infectious diseases we’ve been suffering from. His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino, younger brother of the current Japanese Emperor (His Imperial Majesty Naruhito), may not hold his own inaugural ceremony to Imperial Heir on 19 April of this year. The reason is, of course, the on-going unprecedented spread of COVID-19, for which Government of Japan recently declared a state of emergency as I mentioned herewith beforehand.

The point is we wouldn’t have any Japanese Emperor in case of unforeseen incident to H. I. M. Emperor Naruhito, as long as the ceremony won’t be officially held. Since the then Emperor Akihito abdicated, such a vacuum of Japan’s Imperial Authority emerged last year. This time, almost the same vacuum will repeat to appear due to the postponed ceremony of Imperial Heir. From my viewpoint, as a circumstantial evidence of this situation’s importance, H. I. M. Emperor Naruhito donated his own “private” money to humanitarian activities to support children infected with COVID-19 in Japan (A preventive measure against any future challenge to his authority?).

The worst scenario could include the possibility the authenticity of His Imperial Majesty’s existence would draw extremely negative attention due to either event or incident which would be take place in the very near future. Once such a negative trend against Japan’s current Emperor’s authority would emerge, this could be spread and shared by social media in the Japanese society at first, and then to the whole world. At the next stage, the people will try to find out another “appropriate” one as the next holder of Japanese Imperial Authority, but for a while, in vain, because H. I. H. Prince Akishino’s inaugural ceremony to Imperial Heir is, as I touched upon above, being suspended. And H. I. M. Emperor Emeritus Akihito is just the former one and may not come back to the throne any more. An unprecedented, historical vacuum of Japan’s Imperial Authority will suddenly appear, potentially, from 19 April, 2020.

Again, this will give an immense impact to all the other parts of the world, including US and Europe, since nations other than Japan heavily rely on good will of Japanese Imperial Household in terms of provision of its own private asset beyond constitutional restriction.

Well, let’s see what will take place due to this embarrassing postponement in Tokyo. I’m terribly concerned about what will trigger historical and decisive turmoil around Japan’s Imperial Household, which could copy the legend of “Cain and Abel” in the Old Testament. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow:Emergency Declaration to Be Released in Japan.


Mr. X, our deep throat in the Japanese INTEL world, just informed me kindly that Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe will eventually make up his mind tomorrow (6 April, 2020 (JST)) to release an emergency declaration against COVID-19. If it’ll be the case, major cities in Japan, particularly Tokyo, will be “locked down” so that the on-going spread of the infectious disease will be effectively stopped.

The point is ONLY Shinzo Abe is both legally and politically entitled to make the ultimate decision. Well, let’s see. Stay tuned.

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