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Who did shoot down Germanwings Flight 9525?

germanwings_route On March 24, Germanwings Flight 9525 fell down in Southern French Alps. Soon after this had been reported on the globe, Both of French and German authorities began to claim the co-pilot simply suffered from a mental disease and was not capable of piloting the aircraft. Basta.

Well, my dear readers, do you really believe such an explanation? I’ve been myself wondering whether the authorities try hard to hide the truth. Why? Obviously, there are some circumstantial evidences which make us fully doubt the explanation, as follows:

We still don’t know who were on board of Flight 9525. A series of governments confirmed their nationals were on board, nevertheless, the list of passengers which Germanwings released doesn’t correspond with the former.

Just before the accident, another airbus flight of Lufthansa, the mother company of Germanwings, was about to fall down due to malfunction of computer system. At the very last stage of the incident, the pilot decided to turn it off and successfully saved the flight. However, some significant questions still remain: Why Lufthansa? Why airbus?

The White House soon ruled out the possibility the flight was attacked by terrorists, while the European authorities just began a fact finding mission on the accident. It’s the aircraft made not by Boeing but Airbus that matters. Why could USG release such a comment, even though, as shown above, the passengers were identified only incompletely.

Ignoring these questions, all the mass media around the world try hard to blame the co-pilot for the tragedy: He is reported to have been mentally ill and wanted to die. Having read this story, the following proverb occurred to me: “Died men tell no tales.”

Well, just imagine what would happen when the automatic pilot had caused the accident. Every single aircraft made by Airbus would be recalled and forced to be repaired. This would cost, of course, a huge amount of money, while the corporate brand would be totally impacted in a negative manner. Nobody would buy its aircraft any more. Now, you could see the competitor would get all the market. The shadow of Boeing…

Apart from a conspiracy theory based on conjecture, I’m quite sure this incident will lead European countries to close their doors to each other. Of course, they will still hold the Schengen agreement, however, applying much more strict rules to flight means airways take much more time and cost. Human mobility will be reduced in the long term, which will be suited for the era of total deflation…

Getting back to the story in terms of “rapid” reaction by the White House, I take this opportunity to show you how highly prepared USG is for unprecedented events: One of my closest senior alliance partners in the intelligence world told me USG was warned already on March 8, 2011 of a massive earthquake in the northern part of Japan, thanks to high technology. THREE DAYS before the East Japan Great Earthquake. Based on the alliance, USG gave the alert to GOJ, which was dominated by DPJ and just ignored the caution. Guess what would have happened if the then Prime Minister Naoto KAN urged the Japanese citizens living in the Tohoku region to be evacuated. Because it’s true, I’m now wondering why USG didn’t give an alert to its European allies to pay attention to Germanwings. Enigma, enigma, enigma…

Welcome Back to 1986/1987 and “Putin Shock” with His Gold-Backed Currency.

160px-Chou_Romanesco Yesterday, I’ve got to Tomamu/Hokkaido, one of the most legendary resort for skiing in Japan. Here, you can enjoy silent morning in woods, while I’m about to anticipate the very near future.

As CEO of a think tank of the Japanese style dedicated to make future risk and strategic scenarios, I’ve forecasted the future since 2005. Every time a lot of things have happened since then, I always have the same feeling again and again: The history of the human being consists of fractals. Things happen one after another, while significant events repeat themselves. What makes the whole things invisible and complicated to be understood, is the fact that ongoing events aren’t quite the same ones we experienced previously. The former phenomena are quite similar to the latter, nevertheless, they aren’t identical with each other. Some leading thinkers were fully aware of this rule and formulated as follows: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

In the course of daily communication with my closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD, one of the most reliable data scientists in the Japanese financial market, it currently occurs to me that the global market is slowly heading to what we experienced from 1986 to 1987. There are three factors which are critical to our future:

-Massive QEs in the States, Europe and Japan will be effective enough to make the stock market soar at least until the early summer or autumn of this year, because Ms. Yellen officially hesitated to hike the interest rate and seems to let it be until June or September of this year. A huge asset bubble is about to take place like one from 1986 to 1987, which a disastrous collapse of the financial market will soon follow.

-Geopolitical tensions in ME is being intensified, but awaits the last “point of no return”, where Israel won’t be able to accept her disgraced status as an abandoned alliance partner of the US due to the brandnew US-Iranian alliance to be established in late June. The so-called “Islamic State” will be causing terrorism one after another, however, it will remain “terrorism” with huge impact to the global community and won’t lead to the total war we’ve frequently had in terms of Israel after the WW II.

-The current turmoil due to accelerated default risk of Greece invites us to a new European order, but only “slowly”. From the very beginning of the whole story, it’s a kind of premeditated crime, and the Greek government is supposed to be backed by the Russian. As soon as the Russian will strategically finish their preparation for the next phase, Moscow will give a signal to Athena, which will dramatically declare come-back of its own currency called “Drachma”. Of course, that will automatically mean the end of “Euro”, one of the ambitious experiments in the history of the human kind.

Now, you may wonder what would happen afterwards and how we should be prepared for the very near future to be totally changed from the current circumstances. Because all the things will be reversed violently, I urge all of you, dear readers, to always go back to the very origin of what’s been happening since 2007. It’s the emerging total deflation on the globe that matters. At the final stage of this story, everything has to adapt itself to this new reality, while a series of phenomena we’ve enjoyed due to massive inflation since the latter half of the 19th century will be sooner or later forgotten.

In terms of currency, every single currency will have to show its value backed by certain things such as precious metals. This is why V. Putin has been massively collecting gold reserve, which other western European countries follow. When the previous worldwide inflation started to explode in early 1970s, US President Nixon suddenly declared, “USD won’t be backed by gold any more from now on.” This time, Putin is supposed to triumphantly declare to the world, “Ruble will be backed by Russian and Kazakh gold reserves.” The States will be simultaneously forced to launch her surprising “QE 5.0” because the above mentioned dramatic crash of the stock market will take place, and USD will lose its dominant status in the currency world. Instead, Ruble plus RMB will replace it and advocate their position as key currencies of the new era. Nevertheless, make sure that this is only the end of the first chapter. The second chapter will follow with much more surprising events. If you love to anticipate the future, take a little bit time to read through “The Apocalypse”. There must be two groups of prophets and saviors. Nobody won’t disagree, if I’ll say, “The first savior is V. Putin.” What about the second one? Stay tuned…

Everything Depends on Me? China Matters Again.


The Japanese market continues to soar. Today’s morning, I found an eMail from one of my clients which complains what I described in the latest strategic and risk scenario (entitled “Brothers”) published by my institute in the last January is extremely exaggerated and not worth believing. He writes, “Hey, you mentioned the world market has got into a fatal crisis since February 10. Nevertheless, the contrary is the case obviously. “

Hmmm…. As long as I know since I have established my think tank, I’m quite aware of the following fact: Whenever Japanese retail investors begin to believe the market will keep rocketing, it indicates the upward trend will come to an end very, very soon. The above mentioned complaint is, in this regard, a kind of early warning signal. Thank you, Mister.

Herewith, I’ll show you instead how the world community has just begun to change drastically. Of course, that affects the global market dramatically. In short, the very beginning of a decisive sea change has just come to invert everything on the globe. Take a little bit time to read through what Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, said to reporters:

– Are the Holy See and China in contact? Are there any updates regarding this?

“Yes, there is contact, there is a willingness for dialogue, a dialogue process which is moving along at a certain pace and will take time and which we hope will bring results. But in terms of what has been published in the news, I would say there is nothing new of note to report. The willingness is there, there is some contact and we hope this can turn into more concrete.”

In addition, UK (led by the City of London) recently declared its willingness to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Then bank was initiated by Beijing, therefore, the Obama administration got angry with this decision.

Now, you may wonder why China matters. It’s not the people who are living in China but her history that actually matters. The reason is quite simple: Whoever lives longer than others, has more opportunity to accumulate hidden assets which is separated from official account of government. The Chinese history consists of a series of dynasties, and each of them has left its hidden assets to successors. Once a part of it will be released to the global market, every single movement in the market will be modified. That will totally change the world history.

As far as I’ve got to know through clandestine channels, those who are entitled to control this historical asset, keep trying cashout from where their ancestors deposited the fund overseas. While property custodians, who are mainly Jewish, refuse to do so and claim their ownership of the asset, successors of Chinese dynasties decide to pick out an agent of neutral ethnicity who can activate as proxy the whole process of cashout. When the process will be started, the price of crude oil will soar sharply to let the fund make innumerable profit.

Again, all the process will be stopped, unless an appropriate agent with neutral ethnicity between (noble) Chinese and Jewish won’t be found. And that’s why I became aware of this story. How amazing it is, when you are the one who will be chosen and automatically imagine “Everything depends on me.” The final decision will be made very soon, and a concrete action will follow immediately. Stay tuned.

How to Cook Global Agenda? “Bellum omnium contra omnes”


Enjoying an unforgettable view of Bosporus, I’m writing this short column in Istanbul. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to actively participate in the kickoff meeting of B20 task force on SMEs and entrepreneurship, which was held in the TOBB plaza here in Istanbul.

When I was a Japanese diplomat, I was always wondering why almost all the schedules in the global community was predetermined and dictated to the Government of Japan. Dates and venues of important events in diplomacy were in principle decided without prior notification to Japan. The westerners decided, and Japan followed. While my colleagues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs never seemed to ask themselves why that was just so, I wasn’t basically persuaded to follow such an unspoken rule of the modern world.

This is closely related to why I just quitted my job in the ministry. I really wanted to jump into situations and circumstances where I can make my own decision to push forward the world community and Japan. It was simply obvious that I couldn’t do so in the capacity of government official. Therefore, I said good-bye to the MOFA and my colleagues, and sought where I could make my dream come true.

It was a fortuity that I found the official website of B20 chaired by Turkey in this year. Without any hesitation, I applied for the membership of B20 task force. The Turkish secretariat responded spontaneously and admitted my participation. That’s why I came here to see my new colleagues from the global community.

Yesterday’s discussion we had in the kickoff meeting was extremely inspiring. As the chair of B20, Turkey obviously made efforts to set global standards in certain fields by herself. Because the global business community in general was dominated by big and prominent western companies such as GE and Intel, Turkey aims at SMEs and entrepreneurship. It’s really strategic and convincing to the global community, while everybody on the globe knows the world economy totally depends on steady growth of SMEs and entrepreneurship. In short, not big companies without potential to grow up but innovative SMEs matters to save the world in the age of accelerating volatilities.

The rule of discussion in the task force is quite simple: Whoever speaks out, is to be taken note of. When you don’t dare to do so, you are recognized as nobody. “Bellum omnium contra omnes”: That’s it.

The framework of the discussion itself was prepared by guys from Accenture as knowledge partner of this task force. At the very last stage of the meeting, I had an opportunity to point out what we missed in accordance with the framework. My own voice to the global community was registered.


Almost one third of recommendations delivered by B20 is always to be accepted by G20 and becomes the global agenda. Discussing in B20 actively is therefore directly related to setting the global agenda. Having struggled for more than 10 years, I finally reached the stage to create the world history together with colleagues from all over the world.

Our discussion will be going on, and we’ll get together again in April in Washington D. C. As a global citizen based in Japan, I’ll of course attend the meetings ahead actively for the better future.