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Lasting Volatilities and Consequences


Based on what I’m currently experiencing both inside and outside my own institute, I firmly believe there are two different human beings in the world. The one is those who are quite aware of their own common mission from the very beginning, and continue to build up the better world. Thanks to synchronicity, they are automatically connected to each other and collaborate together without causing any mutual frictions.

Another is completely different. They don’t understand the mission and stick to the small world surrounding them. Of course, they never become aware of what the global community is heading to, and have no interest in evading its tragedy. They really love to blame for each other and don’t help but block any attempt for innovative leadership.

It’s true that this kind of dichotomy among the human beings is genuinely rooted in the famous “Le Chatelier’s principle”. The world and nature keep equivalence because of antagonism between two different powers. For example, the God exists based on the fact evils live in the same world.

Even though this is exactly the case for the current world affairs, I have the strong feeling that all the negatives have been increasing dramatically these days. Everyone is trapped in on-going total deflation and triumph of Kronos. Volatilities last while nothing significant happens. Nothing, which is significant enough to be capable of changing the world. Instead, the world keeps to be shaken without moving on to the next phase.

In these circumstances, those who don’t share the mission shown above for the better world, just accumulate all the negatives in their mind and continue to battle for meaninglessness. Instead of awaking for the true mission, they remain to live in the world of total banality.

To get a decisive breakthrough in this regard, all we need is risks connected closely to each other will both simultaneously and suddenly turn out to be realities. Historical collapse of stock market plus soaring commodity market. Declaration of the Israeli-Iranian war in addition to a missile crisis of DPRK. Dramatic climate change after a series of great earthquakes and other irregularity of nature. Only when all these phenomena will cover the world, a violent reversal of the human kind will be brought about, and all those who are connected based upon synchronicity and goodness will conquer the majority without mission for the better world.

As far as my adaptive unconscious anticipates, the transition process will be finally started from August 13, 2015 and ended by 2018. Until then, volatilities last and their psychological negative effects increase. The human beings will be obviously divided into the above mentioned two groups and begin to fight against each other everywhere on the globe, even in your office, for example.

SAPERE AUDE. Dedicate yourself to the mission for the better world. Forget your own small world and keep openness to link-minded innovators. From now on, I myself cut off tie on the old world of all the negatives. Words create the world, and only those who make efforts to keep positive mindset will declare their triumph for the future.

Putin’s Russia and Chasm.


Just before departure from St. Petersburg, where I attended this year’s SPIEF, super-mega conference originally produced by Vladmir Putin, I’m about to write down honestly what I felt in Lenexpo.

For me, it was most striking to hear Putin’s message in the plenary session as follows: “I don’t like to hear you’re saying, “Russia is aggressive”. No, we’re just persistent.” It was really a short expression, but reflects exactly what I’m feeling here in St Petersburg.

In Russia, every single social order is inverted as it has always been so in the communism. What “aggression” from the western viewpoint is, is expressed as “persistent effort for peaceful solution.” Here, you have to make use of another language which is quite inverted to the one you’ve learned and practiced in the western world. Despite of a series of Russian attempts for pseud-democracy and capitalism, you can never find any signals of diversity. Russia is Russia, and belongs to the Russian forever. Aliens are welcome as long as they accept the local strict rules. In this regard, Russia has never been changed since the Soviet period, I think.

In the Soviet period, there was still a room for the western allies to criticize this kind of inverted social order. The people on the street, even in big cities such as St. Petersburg, were often forced to suffer from the failure of Soviet economy. Except for “red” elites, they were just extremely poor, nevertheless obliged to claim their nation “CCCP” was economically successful, which was never the case. Well, the Soviet Union was a kind of venture enterprise and needed firm integrity to get started from both political and economic ground zero. To do so, freedom on behalf of diversity was never accepted there.


Recalling this truth of the former “CCCP”, I’m just remembering what I read recently. It was related to “Chasm”, pointed out by Geoffrey Moore. Every venture company is established by its charismatic founder’s strong leadership. To a certain extent, it remains successful. However, it is always lacks of essential and indispensable capacities to go beyond the “Chasm” between early and mainstream markets. What is it?

To effectively draw attentions from pragmatists, or “mainstream”, and persuade them to buy products, the venture’s leadership has to be changed based on its mission and vision. That is to say, the leadership is to be impersonalized and head for diversity of opinions inside the house. At this juncture, the charismatic leader shall step back gradually and try to become from CEO to genuine owner entitled “founder”. As soon as he/she becomes capable of accepting this kind of diversity, the products per se start to increase versatility. That is quite appealing to pragmatists called “mainstream”, who can’t make their mind to buy something “cutting-edge”.


Getting back to Putin’s presentation in SPIEF 2015 I heard yesterday, the same rule can be applied to make his venture project successful. Dear President Putin, don’t stick only to your self-made rules, as charismatic leaders always do so. Think western criticism vis-à-vis his venture to be the crossroad between “leadership transition” and “eternal failure”. Otherwise, Putin will soon face the “Chasm” of his venture called Russia. This is exactly what the western genuine leadership aims at, while western big corporates such as Japanese prominent companies suddenly attempt to rush for the Russian market. The moment of truth will come in 2018, when his presidential term will come to an end according to the current rule. At least for three years ahead, the Russian market is obviously flourishing more and more thanks to Putin’s charismatic leadership. However, never forget “Le Chatelier’s principle” and “Chasm”. Whether Putin will be able to accept “diversity” I mentioned, really matters. Because I’ve just grasped what would happen here in Russia, I feel my mission to anticipate the future is partly completed and believe this time is the last time to come here until the time after the “Chasm”. Good bye and…”До свидания”.

Modern Alchemy and Japan


Yesterday early morning, I got back from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo. In the former, I attended a special meeting of the BOAO forum for Asia in terms of “One Road – One Belt”, and had an opportunity to understand what PRC really wants to accomplish from now on. After establishing the controversial AIIB in the financial world, PRC is about to control energy and resource prices. The nightmare we had around 2010, when PRC began export control of rare earth elements, will return soon. Just imagine what will happen, if such a rigorous export control will be introduced, while a huge amount of money has been poured into the global market as results of US-EU-Japan-Sino joint quantitative easing. What we will soon face is the economic war between PRC and the western world, where strategic inflation will be weaponized.

At this crossroad, the genuine leadership of the overseas Chinese, which is traditionally entitled to say the “last word” even to PRC, asked the very hardcore of the Japanese historical authority, whether it also would join the project or not. Because I myself tried to bridge them, I personally know the whole story. As far as I know, the relationship between them was so close at least till early 1960s that the latter’s request to secretly help Japan financially was accepted by the former. Nevertheless, “this time is different.” The very hardcore of the Japanese traditional authority clearly refused to collaborate with the Chinese friends from the ancient time.

When you, dear readers, observe only what happens in front of the door, you must miss what this refusal really means behind the door. This is exactly what I have been expecting: Dramatic change to “Pax Japonica”. Why?

In order to enable this, Japan has to be relieved from controls by two powers. The one is power of overseas Chinese, and another is US-American power on behalf of the Jewish world. The former gets back to the East Asian tradition, in which all the dynasties have been approved and authorized by the Chinese power. To cut off this tradition automatically causes tremendous troubles to those who are concerned. For me, the signal given by the very hardcore of the Japanese authority is quite simple and obvious: “Relieve me from your control, and let me control the whole world instead.”

As far as the latter Jewish-US story is concerned , the things seem to remain unchanged, at least so far. Since the end of the WWII, US forces (Yes, “forces” literally) Japan to work as alchemist. Whenever US faces economic difficulties, Japan is obliged to rescue her by printing “assets”. Plus, Japan works as safe haven dedicated only to US. Whenever economic turmoil comes closer, the US-American leadership transfers incredible amount of money to the special account of a certain Japanese megabank. As long as Japan is willing to collaborate in such a manner, Japan herself is allowed to allocate a part of the printed assets to her economy, so that it can flourish. This was the result of the repeated deals between General D. McArthur and His Majesty. The US side firmly believes nothing will be changed forever in this system.

To be honest, I strongly doubt it and think this attitude of US-American friends to be awfully naïve. From my viewpoint, what the very hardcore of the Japanese traditional authority just commits itself to do is to unilaterally shorten the period to fulfill the contract with US. Originally, it shall be kept until 2045. However, the Japanese traditional authority has secretly begun to invalidate the promise from now on. Off course, it will never declare to nullify the hidden agreement vis-à-vis US expressis verbis. It just instructed Bank of Japan to suddenly start quantitative easing as a preparation for hyperinflation directly connected with de facto default. Imagine, what will happen if Japan will default? Take a look at the following article:

“Each Government, consistently with the principle that economic stability is essential to international peace and security, will make available to the other and to such other governments as the two Governments signatory to the present Agreement may in each case agree upon, such equipment, materials, services, or other assistance as the Government furnishing such assistance may authorize, in accordance with such detailed arrangements as may be made between them.”

This is an extract from the U.S. and Japan Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement signed on March 8, 1954. Once “economic stability” in Japan will be distorted, Japan won’t be obliged to take measures to assist US. And Japanese economy will be indeed distorted, when Japan will de facto default. Whenever Japan will get into default, US will automatically be forced to default, under condition that those who are deeply involved in the above shown alchemy for the sake of US will be physically erased. At that moment, the final liberation of Japan will be accomplished, and “Pax Japonica” will be launched.

This is exactly why Japan needs her default. All the genuine patriots in Japan shall be fully committed to this secrecy. Stay tuned.

Who Stabs You in the Back?


Having got back from the previous B20 meeting in Paris, I continued to work in an accelerated manner. Since all the things have just begun to metamorphose, there are lots of tasks to be done, at least around myself.

One of the reason why I’m getting much busier than ever, is based on a dramatic change of Japanese politics which can never been seen in the public yet. A connoisseur, who conducts intelligence works closely related to the Japan-US alliance, explained it to me to remind me of the following witticism: “Seize the fortune by the forelock.”

Let me begin to show you briefly what really happens in the Japanese politics. Japan seems to stagnate again due to the leadership of PM Shinzo ABE, who has been trying to reign without any opposition. In spite of the fact that not the majority of the Japanese enjoys the results of his economic policy called “ABENOMICS”, nobody tried to challenge the leadership and just obeyed.

Of course, there is one simple reason for such a phenomenon. If Shinzo ABE were replaced, there were not any other Japanese politicians who might be capable to lead Japan. In lack of either popularity or money, the potential candidates such as Shigeru ISHIBA and Sadakazu TANIGAKI never have opportunities to do so. Skipping these guys in rather old generations, you can find only one future candidate in a much younger generation: Shinjiro KOIZUMI. Even though he can already rely on full commitment of US, he’s still too premature to lead the nation as a whole. This is exactly why Japan begins to stagnate again in spite of the on-going asset bubble. Once the leadership of PM Shinzo ABE seems to be fixed, there emerges a momentum for calling a brandnew leadership.

Based on this current sea change in Nagata-cho, the centre of Japanese politics, the very right hand of PM Shinzo ABE begins to move in a classified way. He has been allegedly regarded as competent politician, however, without any ambition for the power as such. In fact, he has been managing to protect Abe’s leadership by scarifying himself to be exposed to the public. Nevertheless, this guy just changes his political course. By drawing attention of those politicians who belong to the opposition such as the Japan Innovation Party to his ambition, he secretly tries to form his own faction in the Liberal Democratic Party, says the connoisseur.

PM Shinzo ABE is already fully aware of this crafty plan, but doesn’t do anything against that. Why? Because it’s not the power of democracy but the legacy of the Japanese history after the WWII that matters. Only those who are biologically entitled to inherit the legacy, are to be chosen as Japanese PM in order to keep all the promises Japan and US agreed on. Unfortunately, this guy, or the right hand of PM Shinzo Abe, doesn’t stand in the line of this kind of political inheritance, on which Shinzo ABE relies on. Of course, US is against his ambition so far and already begins to combat it. US never allows anyone to stab in the back of Japanese leaders it selected.

In this regard, there is only few possibilities for the guy to win. There is only one opportunity for him to survive, I suppose. What would happen, if the very hard core of the Japanese traditional authority itself wishes a political change to finally depart from promises it once made just after the WWII. If so, all the rules of game would be dramatically changed, and the guy will be automatically allowed to stab in the back of PM Shinzo ABE. The “Realpolitik” has just started in Japan. Stay tuned.