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Genuine Patriotism and Japan’s Future.


This week, I enjoyed a luncheon in Tokio with one of my best friends from Italy. They are a married couple, while the wife has been an old friend of my own wife. They got to know each other during intensively studying German language in Berlin. Later, the wife, who’s a tough Japanese business woman with splendid language skills, met an intellectual guy from a northern part of Italy and got married. Beyond borders, our wives have been succeeding to maintain their friendship, which sometimes makes us get together with this “Italiano-Japanese” couple in Tokio.

Every time I meet the man, who’s professionally translates prominent books in English to Italian, I’m deeply struck by his way of genuine European thinking and sound intelligence of continental and traditional citizen. Even though the Anglo-American financial capitalism has been making the European society terribly confused as it is the case for the rest of the world, he always stick to something genuine European, which the Europeans traditionally inherit. According his words, it’s “nation” that matters in the continental Europe. In spite of practical nature of European integration, Europe is divided in a series of nations, and each one of nations maintains its own language and tradition, he says. This is exactly what the American people don’ t have, and they pretend as if there weren’t such a kind of “nation”. Instead of that, they love to make everything mess thanks to both financial and political powers.

“Do you know, that’s why Putin is popular in Europe right now”, my Italian friend says.

Putin, Russian “authoritarian” President, keeps, of course, his great interest to get involved in world affairs and intervenes into other countries issues such as ones in Syria. However, he’s doing this only based on his firm recognition as a president of Russian nation. He refers to neither “globalism” nor “universalism” and always gets back to his own nation’s interest. As a realistic strategist, Putin spontaneously understands what’s hidden behind these flowery words: We’re forced to go beyond borders and integrate ourselves because of the very interest of those who can traditionally make the most profit of these “global “ trends. The answer is quite obvious. The Jewish people, who have lost their own nation in the traditional meaning for long time. Let’s forget the state of “Israel”, which is just an artificial country.

“I recommend you, don’t let so many foreigners into the Japanese borders. Of course, they’re welcome as long as they’re just tourists. But the thing is totally different when they try to settle down in Japan. They never adapt themselves fully to both Japanese traditions and customs I really love. Look at Europe, where the society has become totally mess due to so-called “Syrian refugees”, who actually aren’t “refugees”. Keep Japan only to your nation, Japanese nation.”

Spontaneously, I agreed with him. The history clearly shows Japan succeeds to flourish whenever she seeks her “open and closing” strategy vis-à-vis outsiders. That means, everything positive and meaningful is always welcome, while nothing harmful to the nations may not be accepted.

Well, this is the genuine patriotism we should immediately recall right now. And in this regard, we Japanese unite ourselves with European friends, who are also “patriots” and keeps their tradition of “humanism”. The Italian sound and prosperous citizens, or “Buergertum” in German language, are a part of these friends, with whom we Japanese should expand friendship. All through the luncheon with my best friends from Italy, I reassured myself with this belief.


New Manifest for My Company’s Future.


Getting up so early in the morning on weekend and sitting in front of my PC in dining room, I always think about one thing: Am I doing correctly? Am I really approaching what I’m aiming at as CEO? Aren’t there anything I didn’t mistakenly pick up? It’s terribly hard for me to find a room during daylight to think about these things without being interrupted. Only a little bit time in the morning at the dawn of days gives me opportunities to do so.

To be honest, I’m continuously concerned with one thing: Quo vadis in terms of where my company should go. Of course, we successfully distribute our reports on global macro and geopolitical risks even through the prominent news agency, Thomson Reuters, even to foreign customers. We’re very proud of that, because our institute, IISIA, is the only company which is, as a totally independent think tank in Japan, allowed to do so. Beyond that, both our salesforce and marketing team are capable enough to make our institute so influential in the Japanese HRM market within a few years. In this regard, we’ve welcomed a series of Japanese corporate clients and help them to grow with their talented workforce. We’re also extremely proud of what we’ve successfully done so far.

Nevertheless, from my viewpoint, something significant is failed. This doesn’t mean that our institute as a private company registered in Japan falls short of money. What I want to say is something different. I’m now trying to figure out what it is. Of course, we’ll further work on our financial success and reputation. It’s something to be added to them that actually matters.

Maybe, Peter Drucker, a legendary scholar on corporate management, suffered from the quite same frustration as I’m now facing. The reality in both Austria and Germany in 1930s didn’t reflect his firm belief in Christianity: “The God’s will reveals in the world history”. Instead of that, the Nazism led the people to barbarism per se. He was forced to escape from Europe and flee to the States where he could finally find out what he really wanted: “The God’s will reveals in companies due to excellent leadership and management”. He enthusiastically tried to understand general principles, which automatically let companies be successful in this regard.

Having said that, I’m feeling our institute should to slightly change its direction to reach its own goal. Thanks to our own scenario making on global macro, which is, as I described beforehand, well known in the market, our institute is fully aware of how the global community and Japan will look like in the very near future. However, what we imagine isn’t automatically the reality. However splendid our imagination is, it just stays as imagination. What we need is our actions to make it happen in the reality.

Herewith, I declare to get started to be actively involved in Japanese venture capitals’ world. To realize “Pax Japonica”, it’s not governmental acts but private companies’ power that’s urgently needed. Only entrepreneurs are capable of giving the people jobs, so that they can survive and enjoy their lives. For this purpose, we Japanese need both excellent and public spirited entrepreneurs with splendid leadership and management skills, whom our institute have to support both financially and strategically. To reach this goal, our institute is obliged to become “venture capitalist” by itself from now on.

A new manifest for the new future. The institute’s process to be reborn has just got started. Stay tuned.


As if Nothing Had Happened.


Five years have passed, since we Japanese faced the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 in 2011. To overcome a series of difficulties the Japanese society has been experienced, a lot of political measures have been taken since then. And, of course, some of them have been succeeding to help local victims to get back to their normalcy.

However, from my viewpoint, the following two significant elements still fail to draw public attention:

Final disposition of tritiated water drained off by the TEPCO’s First Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima urgently needs technological giant leap. The GOJ obviously fails to accomplish it. Instead of doing so, the Japanese political leadership and TEPCO have been trying to hide the reality from the public, and prioritize diversionary tactics such as establishing a strategic meeting by experts for new energy in Fukushima. As if nothing had happened. We should not count on both political and economic powers at this level. What we need is the authority which is capable of understanding what to do and override these common powers to get a significant breakthrough. To this direction, we have to further work on. Without succeeding final disposition of the tritiated water, Japan just loses credibility in the global community. It’s nation’s credibility that matters.

Beyond that, we should concentrate on boosting local economy in the TOHOKU region by helping the local enterprises and entrepreneurs to expand their business. Only by doing so, we can stabilize both the local economy and society, and give particularly young generations hope and future. Instead of a numerous amount of governmental subsidies, what we promote is fostering local business and entrepreneurship aiming at brilliant innovations for the better world. In this mean, we need to build up transregional innovation ecosystem, which successfully leads them to breakthrough even in a global scale. Based on my global experiences, I personally try to connect them to global scheme such as World SME Forum established by B20, which will promise ambitious local business leaders and entrepreneurs to get both prestige and profit on the globe.

In short, we have to immediately stop to pretend, as if nothing had happened since March 11, 2011. It’s to look the question in the face and innovations that matter. Unless we’ll ungently pay appropriate attention to this, we Japanese will reach a disastrous of our own civilization. Don’t miss the last opportunity.


At the Dawn of Birth of a New Member of Japanese Diet.


Taking a look at walls my former colleague, Ms. Rui MATSUKAWA, who’s just trying to be elected as a member of Japanese Upper House from Osaka, I remember what happened to me in the spring of 2005. At that time, I voluntarily left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and decided to become independent. Both LDP and DJP, the two biggest political parties in Japan, approached to me by saying; “Why don’t you become a member of Japanese Diet?”

To be honest, I wanted to become Japanese Prime minister. From the very beginning of the whole story, I spontaneously felt I should become one. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to run for elections to become a mere member of Diet. For me, it didn’t make any sense, since it was absolutely clear what I wanted to do. That is exactly why I didn’t accepted the above shown offers. The one came from Mr. Ichiro OZAWA, while another from Mr. Shinzo ABE, the current Prime minister of Japan.

Instead of getting involved in Japanese political scenes, I’ve been trying to find out the true reason why I honestly want to become Japanese PM, and what I should do to reach the goal I really want to reach from the bottom of my heart.

“Desire for power” doesn’t mean anything for me. Furthermore, philanthropic spirit brings me nothing. These are normally two reasons for those who make their minds to run for elections. Something both totally different and much more significant motivates me.

What I want to accomplish is only one thing: To make “Pax Japonica” happen. I can’t remember any more, but I’ve been feeling so from around 2003. Getting rid of the previous framework called “Japan-US alliance”, Japan will declare her genuine sovereignty. In addition, not the States but she will give tones to the global rules which not worldly but only Japanese imperial power is capable of following to rule the country. It’s a kind of “arcana” which has been slowly revealing to me since my own “declaration of independence”, that actually matter. They are verbally taught only to those who are chosen by synchronicity. From a certain time, the synchronicity led me to assist the man in the imperial court, who’s designated to lead our nation in this regard. It’s not made public at all, however, it’s just so. Additionally, another designated successor of East Asian power picks me up and makes me play a role for pushing the global community into the next era.

By not being elected in any elections, but only practicing the arcana faithfully day by day, I’ll reach my goal I just described. When the world will soon get into the phase of total change, I’ll be called by these authorities to play a significant role for enabling “Pax Japonica”, which should have been allocated to Japanese PM. Well, I’m fully aware that this is a “mission impossible”. Because it obviously seems impossible, it’s worth completing, I firmly believe. I have to concentrating on preparation for the moment of truth. That’s my life.