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US President Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima and Deception.


My previous post in terms of a possible earthquake in the very near future in ISE/SHIMA region was shared by vast readership in Japan. To evade any misunderstanding, I take this opportunity to underline the following: What I wrote down was just based on my adaptive unconscious associated with results of ultramodern statistical analysis by my alliance partner. Of course, results of statistical analysis is steadily being changed due to latest behavior of investors in the market, while an earthquake hasn’t happened yet in the region. What I wanted to say is just “Stay alarmed.”

We Japanese have to remain alarmed, because US President Obama paid a “historical” visit to Hiroshima yesterday. Generally speaking, Japanese media praised Obama’s decision to visit Hiroshima as US President in active service without any reservation. Particularly the scene, when Obama hugheld an old HIBAKUSHA in his arms, extremely touched the Japanese. Having watched this “historical drama” on TV, they spontaneously begin to talk about “the beginning of new Japan-US alliance”.

As you might know, I’m currently staying in Australia. Yesterday afternoon, I reached Tasmania, which one of my best Australian colleagues based in HK enthusiastically recommended. In my room of the best hotel near the harbor in Hobart, I’m typing now.

Viewing from the third place, I find just disgusting how positively the Japanese public opinion, at least presented by mass media, reacted on Obama’s visit to HIROSHIMA. I myself remember what I experienced in Berlin: The German are clever enough to say, “Die Vergangenheit, die nicht vergeht (The past which never vanishes.)”. What you have done, can’t be changed by any means. When the American really want to regard themselves as the nation of humanity, they shouldn’t have attacked both HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI with atomic bombs. In short, I’d say the following famous phrase in Japanese right now: “謝って済むなら警察は要らない(Police is unnecessary, when you are always forgiven, even though you commit crimes.)“

One thing must be underlined herewith: In order to get rid of its own economic turmoil since 2007/8, USG just decides to release “cold fusion” to the market. DOE and US Navy change their policy so drastically, that the new technology of energy will lead us to an extremely effective renaissance in the energy market. For that, nuclear energy must be abandoned, which USG energetically sold to foreign countries, particularly Japan, by saying, “Atom for Peace”. The tragedy is, we Japanese can’t understand this is a story of not “reconciliation with honesty”, but mere economy. Without making Japan throw away her nuclear facilities, the American energy industry can’t effectively sell its “cold fusion” to the Japanese market. That’s it.

Ah, how desperately miserable we Japanese are!! Obama was elected as US President because of his theatrical capability with intelligence. From now on, even the METI of Japan slowly changes its energy policy. “Good bye” to nuclear, “Hello” to new energy, especially cold fusion.

To be honest, it’s Japanese scientists that matter to USG, since their technologies of cold fusion are without doubt superior to the latter’s. Dr. Tadahiko MIZUNO, one of the leading scientist on cold fusion in Japan is said to have clearly demanded USG to apology for atomic bombs in HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI, when he was recently contacted by top scientists of DOE and US Navy. I think he’s a genuine “last SAMURAI”, who commits himself to do the right thing.

Well, to my Japanese friends: Don’t get forgetful. Be proud of being SAMURAI’s children. Don’t believe Obama’s diversionary action.

If I Were a Seismologic Strategist…


Good morning. This week, I made a four days tour to give lectures in some significant cities in Japan. Kicking off with one on HRM in Tokio, I then encountered with audience from local companies in Osaka. Having enjoyed myself there with my colleagues, I left for Okayama where I met potential colleague for digital marketing. Since there is no direct air flight from Okayama to the TOHOKU region, I then moved to Hiroshima and stayed there one night. Getting up very early in the morning with a fantastic view of the harbor in Higashi-Hiroshima, I flew to Sendai and held bilateral meetings with those who are company executives and want to do something new for the future. Giving them advices on how to move forward really made me lots of fun, and our institute successfully held the second round of locally specialized seminar for CEOs and entrepreneurs in the city. Finally, I rode on a Shinkan-sen to Tokio, where I was given an opportunity to give a lecture on logical thinking to a newly established project team of a Japanese leading company.

Having said that, I have to say herewith; “I’m exhausted.” Of course, my colleagues who have been accompanying me all through the tour also seem to be awfully exhausted. On the way from Hiroshima to Sendai, I felt I caught a cold. Yesterday evening, I finally found a room to visit a hospital near our HQ in Roppongi. Taking an antibiotic the doctor kindly gave me, I’m feeling much better than beforehand in the morning.

Being in a hazy state caused by the cold, two different things occurred to me. I don’t know why, however, let me write down what I’ve been thinking there: First of all, I spontaneously remembered what western astrologers had unanimously said in terms of the period till May 26 of this year. Because of the on-going constellation, either infectious diseases, heavy rain or mega earthquake could cause huge troubles in the human society. Except for me, many colleagues and friends around me simultaneously took a cold. It’s too obvious to be disregarded here in Tokio. Plus, if you interpret “heavy rain” as troubles caused by liquidity, you can easily find some financial scandals suddenly revealed in Japan: Yoichi MASUZOE, Mayor of Tokio, is being harshly criticized because of his financial misbehavior, while the French authority abruptly began to investigate a corruption case directly related to the summer Olympic games to be held in Tokio in 2020. This will lead Japan to give up holding the game, as I’ve been predicting since 2012.

Having said that, why don’t you think of the third opportunity, that is to say, seismologic risks here in Japan. Combining this with the above shown date “May 26”, I can’t help from imagining that a mega earthquake will happen on the day particularly in Ise/Shima, where the G7 summit meeting will take place. All the leaders and their delegations would suffer from the natural disaster. The Japanese ABE administration would be tremendously criticized by the global public opinion because of failed decision to hold the summit meeting in such a seismologic risky area. We, Japanese, would immediately grasp this is the very earthquake we’ve been told for more than 30 years: Big earthquake in the TOKAI region.

Now, you may wonder it’s just my daydream. However, my most important alliance partner, Mr. HKD, indicated based on his statistical analysis that the Japanese financial market could suddenly collapse in the forthcoming period between May 30 and June 8. In addition, we just saw big earthquake took place recently both in Kumamoto and Ibaraki. Why don’t you pick up the center of the Median Tectonic Line (中央構造線) where the next huge one will happen?

Secondly, I think our institute should focus much more on its own productivity. Because of continuous volatilities in both market and society, the economy per se is apparently shrinking. In such a situation, productivity is the key word, since profit in business is also shrinking. Besides consulting and advisory on HRM and global strategy, we should begin with the third polar which would enable us to earn much more and raise productivity in a dramatic manner.

Well, that’s all, guys. Stay away from the TOKAI region and be prepared. Next week, I’ll myself fly to the southern hemisphere: Sydney. Stay tuned.

Summer Olympic Games in Tokio? Never Ever.


There is one thing I can’t understand yet: Due to ongoing dramatic change of solar activities, everything on the globe is being now forced to change itself. Nevertheless, it seems to me that the majority of Japanese public opinion doesn’t understand this simple fact. Well, please watch out “EVERYTHING” is being changed. There’s no exception for that.

This is also the case for Olympic games as one part of the modern world system. What we’ve called “Olympic games” or “Olympiad” will abruptly come to an end and a new system in terms of global competition of sports will get started. Again, from now on, you’d better get rid of “wishful thinking” also in this regard, and keep eyes on the reality.

As usual, the Japanese are too naïve to find out the right way to right things in this context: Instead of adapting themselves to the upcoming new world order, they simply believe the Summer Olympic Games will be held in 2020 in Tokio. From the very beginning of the story, I’ve been pointing out it won’t take place this time in Tokio. Even publicly, I’ve been repeating such an assessment for the Japanese future. While high ranking business leaders in the KANSAI region tend to agree with me based on some local esteemed prophets’ advices, almost nobody living in other regions such as Tokio area goes along with me. As I said beforehand, they just stick to “wishful thinking” by saying that the forthcoming Summer Olympic Games would Japanese national wealth, which won’t be unfortunately be the case.

This week, the sea change suddenly emerged: One after another, western and Japanese mass media sensationally reported suspicion of bribery connected to the Summer Olympiad in Tokio. Those who were members of the Japanese inviting committee allegedly gave a huge amount of money to some juries who were responsible for final decision. If the suspicion will be proven, we Japanese will have to take in to account the worst scenario: Japan will be deprived of her entitlement to hold the game in 2020, because it was given to her illegally. If so, the Olympiad won’t come to Tokio, and now, you may see what will happen to massive infrastructure and real property investment which are being done at this juncture. An economic disaster ahead. That’s it.

To understand the reason why, you have to get back to the origin of modern Olympic games. It’s not ordinary folks but born royal families and aristocracy that matter. Whenever the latter doesn’t want to have the game, it doesn’t take place, although “democracy” loves to have it. At the last stage, the latter’s will is always prioritized. Because the fundamental world order rules so.

To sum up, let me remind you of the following: Tokio won’t be allowed to hold the Summer Olympic Games in 2020. Throw away trivial illusion which was fabricated by ugly politicians and big corporates. A new world order is emerging. Just watch out.


To Tell the Truth: Why Did Putin Get So Angry with Japan.


Getting a call from my friend in NYC and holding a skype meeting with him so early in the morning, today has just begun in my life. According to instructions of Bhutanese royal house, he’s been working on a project in terms of Gross National Happiness (GNP), to which he kindly invited to me. I don’t know yet whether I can make any significant contributions to that, but anyway, I made up my mind to keep in touch with both the project and him. Hopefully, something notable will be generated in due course. When we’ll succeed to get Dubai involved in this project, the whole story will be then extremely serious. Let’s see.

Today’s morning, Japanese mass media proudly announced our PM Shinzo ABE “successfully” held a bilateral meeting with Russian President Putin in Sochi. Nevertheless, I never believe the meeting per se was “successful”, even though it was held for three and half hours including “tete-a-tete”.

To understand what really happened between them this time, a simple fact should be reminded at first: Putin was a member of military intelligence on the ground, so that his way of thinking is still determined by the world of intelligence. For example, he never meets someone significant in the sense of intelligence in official places in Tokio. Instead of that, he usually prefers meeting with those people in the Russian house of trade representative in Takanawa, which is located away from the chancery of the Russian embassy. If you really want to talk to him seriously, go to not Mamiana (embassy) but Takanawa (trade representative). It’s a common sense the genuine intelligence community shares here in Tokio. By saying that, I mean “Don’t believe the words Putin officially announces. Find out his true intension behind the door.”

Thanks to my elder colleagues in the world of intelligence, I’ve been informed that Putin had got extremely angry with Abe’s inconsiderate behavior in the world community. To boost his “ABENOMICS”, PM Abe has been paying a series of visits to foreign countries. This was not the case for his predecessors and is as such not so bad. It’s thoughtlessness that really matters. With provision of economic assistance to counties he visits, he violates economic interest of the Russian federation one by one. The tipping point was actually Abe’s previous visit to Ukraine, where he committed himself to make financial contributions to the country, which is currently hostile to Russia. Therefore, for Putin, reconciliation with Japan is “NEVRE EVER”, conditioned that the Japanese Imperial house, which donated to Putin’s political ambition at the very early stage, will make some more notable concessions for the sake of his nation.

As a counter proposal, the Russian side invites PM Abe to the forthcoming East Economic Forum to be held in September in Vladivostok. That sounds pretty good, however, the political reality will soon show you insoluble difficulties PM Abe will face sooner or later. Based on the second agreement he’ll soon reach with Obama in terms of Syria, Putin will lead military offensive with Iran, Syria and even Hizballah vis-à-vis Israel, while he will pretend as if he would target “Islamic State” in the Golan Height. If the offensive will be started by the forthcoming September, PM Abe will directly get involved in this turmoil, since he’s a “good friend” of Netanyahu, Israeli PM. If he’ll still stick to the typical Japanese style of “neutrality”, Putin will get pretty angry and urge him to “show the flag”. Of course, PM Abe can’t choose the Russian card, while so many Japanese companies, particularly big corporates depend on Israeli technological innovations. So, PM Abe won’t be able to get back our northern territories. That’s all.

Well, what we Japanese urgently need is quite simple: a group of strategists with background of genuine intelligence. Don’t believe anyone who proclaim themselves as professional of intelligence in the public. Because genuine intelligence never shows up, they are just either fake or useless. PM Abe’s failure on Russia obviously indicates such a necessity. Ask me before you’ll go to Vladivostok in September, dear PM. I’ll tell you what you shall immediately do for both of your own and the Japanese nation’s interest.