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A High-Level Networking Event on “Pax Japonica” to be held in London, UK.


I proudly announce I’ll hold a high-level event on November 24, 2017 with Mr. Jonathan Geldart in London, UK, where I’ll explain the detail on my newly published book entitled “Pax Japonica. The Resurrection of Japan”. Check it out by clicking the event’s URL. Join us.


Nobody Knows Where to Go (at Least until Now).


Recently, I couldn’t really manage to make a spare time to write down my thoughts and ideas in this weblog. Due to various obligations I have one by one, I’ve been extremely busy till this weekend. To be honest, I’ve been intentionally doing so, while every both talented and well informed analyst is quite aware something significant will take place not in this October but the forthcoming November in the global community.
Well, what’s next? Do you want to get to know it? The Euro is about to collapse vis-à-vis other hard currencies such as JPY and USA dramatically. The question is what issue will be raised as the decisive cause for the collapse by western mass media. Maybe, it’ll be blown up at first in Spain: The local parliament in Catalonia just declared its independence despite of the central government’s effort to control the whole situation. This could lead us to “Guerra Civil Española Version 2.0”, while the Spanish Royal Family doesn’t have firm authority in the country. Once the movement towards local independence in Catalonia will approach to a victory step by step, other controversial movements seeking independence in Europe will be automatically revitalized and, if needed, could be escalated to physical civil wars. Europe will get back to the past when nobody could imagine peaceful integrations among nations. It’s not Euro as such but Europe as unity that matters.
By the way… One of my close friends, who’s just come back from long stay in Monaco for several years, kindly showed my English book newly released from both UK and US, “Pax Japonica. The Resurrection of Japan”, to a prominent lady, who’s well known as a successful private banker and just paid a short visit to Tokyo. According to his words, the lady spontaneously muttered, “He’s insider”, when she read several pages of my book. Yes, you’re right, my lady. Almost all the ordinary readers tend to regard this work just as a book of boring conspiracy theory. Only those who are also “insiders” are capable of recognizing what I really meant to say by releasing such a controversial book to the global community.
From the viewpoint of an “insider” in this regard, I’ve been extremely interested in the following question: What does truly back the value of JPY? As you fully know, JPY are repeatedly soaring vis-à-vis other major currencies such as USD, even though the Japanese economy continues to suffer from a variety of difficulties and issues. Why does the “market” pick it up as a “safe haven” in spite of that?
Being asked so, one of my elder mentors, who’s totally hidden from the public but well known as the best practitioners of Old Shintoism, once answered to me: “A huge amount of off-balance-sheet assets are buried not outside but inside Japan. The point is only those who are well trained can see where they are. Can you understand what I mean to say?”
Honestly, I couldn’t fully grasp what he meant to say at that time. However, I gradually feel what the reality is behind the door of the genuine Japanese modern history. After the total defeat in the WWII in August, 1945, the Japan’s Imperial House made a decision to become alliance with the US leadership for 100 years. The Alliance is based on the simple rule that Japan is obliged to provide US with liquidities as much as the latter requests. The Japan-US alliance is indeed not a military but financial alliance, that has to be fully backed by physical assets. They must be held by the Imperial House but not known in the public until the day when the next era of Japanese full sovereignty gets started by those who are “insiders” of this story. At least until the day, nobody knows where to go for finding out the assets. Again, only “insiders” become capable of getting back the assets from hidden places and show them to the global community, as the irreversible evidence towards the era of “Pax Japonica”.
Now, you may wonder who are the insiders, and when is the X-Day? Well, let’s see. By the early summer of the next year, you’d feel they’d be coming. Stay tuned.

Analyzing “気(Ki)” in the North.


For several weeks, I was terribly busy with rather domestic issues and jobs, which hindered me from updating my official weblog written in English. People continuously asked me to release our institute’s analysis on the current and future geopolitical risks around DPRK, which now seem to be calm down tentatively. And as our institute correctly predicted, the Japanese stock market got started soaring recently. This trend will continue at least till the beginning of the forthcoming November.
Now, you may wonder: “What the hell happened on September 25?” In a previous article I released through this weblog, I once mentioned that September 25, 2017 would be the X-Day in terms of breakout of the Second Korean War. Well, as all of you are quite aware, any war didn’t break out on that day. At least in a physical meaning. Why physical? Because Pyongyang officially referred to the public that US President Trump’s harsh words turned out to be a declaration of war against the country. That is to say, in a rhetorical meaning, the Second Korean War began on September 25, as our institute pointed out. Even though USG publicly made efforts for denial, you should make sure the Government of DPRK always pay great attention to legal effect of what it has done. By saying that D. Trump declared a war against the country as the US President, everything DPRK will do from September 25 should be, according to its perception and interpretation, justified as self-defense. In this regard, we’re already living in an irreversible era of the Second Korean War. Don’t misunderstand it.

Anyway…What I’m enthusiastically checking on the globe is not events and incidents on the surface of the global community, but “気(Ki)”  in each places on the globe. This means, in other words, invisible atmosphere which both your conscious and unconscious are originally capable of feeling. The Old-Shintoism (古神道), which has been traditionally fundamental factor of “being Japanese” since the ancient time, regards this “気(Ki)”  as the most important part of our daily life. According to its Arcanum, we have to find out a place full of the best “気(Ki)” only which can revitalize your human brain and body by refilling serotonin.

The question is how to judge whether a certain place is optimized with “気(Ki)”. In order to get acquainted with the Arcanum in this regard, you shall practice every day in terms of both time and space. Only by doing so, you physically and subjectively recognize what it is and become capable of sensing the right place with “気(Ki)”. With accelerated stimulation of serotonin, you can always feel better than others, which automatically promises you to be successful and winner in every single game in the life. Thus, from the ancient time all over the world, what the leadership concentrates on is exactly what I described right now. To reign and govern, every leader needs to know the right place to be settled down. Otherwise, he/she immediately loses the physical origin of revitalization in his/her body, which, in the worst case, would lead to the collapse of his/her country.

This autumn, I’ve been travelling around from Paris, Moscow and Helsinki, while checking the right place in the above shown meaning thoroughly. For my surprise, Moscow is much better than even Paris in this regard, and far better than the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Of course, Helsinki keeps the top priority by making all the people visiting there relax, as I’m feeling right now. If you’re still doubtful, why don’t you make the same round trip as I’ve been making? If you’ll do so, you’ll agree with me completely conditioned that your brain and body were destructed by modern technologies in advance.

Make sure the future fact it’s the global competition to acquire the right place in this meaning as much as possible that will break out after the end of the forthcoming Second Korean War. Because the global leadership is about to fight against each other to own the right place with full of “気(Ki)”, the world order will be completely changed. Not finance or digital technology matters at this juncture. It’s rather “気(Ki)” that really matters. Once you stand in the center of Moscow, you just understand while Vladimir Putin succeeds to build up the Russian Empire again. Stay tuned.