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The number of COVID-19 patients is dramatically increasing all over the world. Even though medial scientists are jointly making best efforts to find final solutions of this disease, it obviously takes much longer time than expected before. Everybody knows we’re facing the fatal pandemic, however, there is no ultimate solution so far. Yes, at least “SO FAR”.
Recently, a gentleman kindly paid a short visit to my office in Tokyo. The gentleman with Japanese nationality (hereafter “Mr. X”) is actually well known as “the man behind door” in politics, finance and bureaucracy of Japan. He was once banker of one of the prominent Japanese banks, while he got involved in the world of intelligence. Even Her Majesty Elizabeth II knows his name as one of the top agents on behalf of Japan’s national interest. After suspension of communication, he and I agreed to resume our conversation in terms of issues shaking the entire global community. And this time, he abruptly brought a completely new issue onto the discussion table with me.

“I’m quite sure you’re familiar with the name of “Mr. Motoaki SAITO”, aren’t you?”, he began to tell. Of course, I know the name, but not the person as such. Despite come contacts and routs to the current Japanese political leadership, I’m intentionally keeping certain distance from politicians and bureaucrats on the top level here in Japan. As CEO of my own institute dealing with making future scenarios for Japan and the rest of the world, the golden rule of the profession I shall follow is to get not too much closer to one specific issue and issue. From my viewpoint, all the things, events and issues are equal to be analyzed and projected on the future. Normally, I don’t stick to a single issue or person who appears and disappears on screen of my PC.
But this time is different. This guy, Mr. Motoaki SAITO, will be our savior jointly with his team of Japanese legendary IT engineers, who have continuously collaborated for more than 25 years in Tokyo. First, look at the short video below.

To find out the final solution of diseases caused by COVID-19 and other new types of virus, we’re urged to develop NGS technology (=next generation sequence technology). After Illumina in US had dominated more than half of the relevant market related to Human Genome, a Chinese company called “MGI” succeeded to become superior to Illumina in October 2019 with its new product “T7”. Nevertheless, it’s still insufficient to completely analyze Human Genome, as all the experts in the world are fully aware. All we need is simply the high-speed processor, which successfully works unprecedented times faster than previous competitors.
In Japan, my mother country, we have the final solution in this regard. This guy, Motoaki SAITO and his team has been developing ultra-high speed processor in “PEZY Computing” and analyzing technology of Human Genome in “Infinite Curation”, which will eventually enable us analyze Human Genome completely and fast enough to combat the pandemic due to COVID-19, and thus  lead us to the new world without any diseases, from which we’re forced to suffer. On behalf of the humankind’s interest, Mr. X had decided to financially and politically support Mr. SAITO’s team and its tough negotiations with top runners in the market such as MGI in PRC. “Because of our common future and interest in the current and future global community, I feel urged to give needed assistance to realize this project with the brilliant high-technology made in Japan”, Mr. X said. That was entirely persuasive to my heart, as our institute’s seeking the way to “Pax Japonica”, a completely change of the global community based on experience and knowledge of the Japanese for the sake of all the human beings.


The problem is, to be honest, neither money nor technology. The point is typical but trivial jealousy in the Japanese society, because of which our poor serial entrepreneur with the title of DMSc, Motoaki SAITO, was politically prosecuted and will be soon sentenced in the Tokyo District Court. Actually, I don’t care the detail of such a political matter, since he apparently doesn’t have any political sense not to get too much closer to politics. And as far as I know, some parts of Japanese intelligence world around Prime Minister Shinzo ABE seems to have something to do with this event.
Having said that, I’m quite confident that WE urgently need this technology developed by SAITO’s team, which enables us to use the world-best processing capability (20.0 THLOPS (64 bit)). This is, of course, much better and faster as well than Eron Musk’s project. For example, only 2 percent of DNA in human body is activated and “not sleeping”, while the rest is “sleeping”, and the latter’s function wasn’t discovered yet. With the team of SAITO’s PEZY-Computing technology, experts close to the project are already informed the incredible fact that this “sleeping” DNA in human body will be activated only if human bodies are technologically “connected to each other (connectome)”, to see and go beyond even the universe. “At the final stage of this development, we’re about to see the goal of the existence of the human beings, or “the God”, I suppose”, Mr. X told me with shinning smile.
All I need is your kind assistance and support to this project. I mean, not financial but public one. I’d highly appreciate if  you and your (public/official) organization would kindly give Mr. SAITO’s team some opportunities to deliver public speeches regarding the potentiality of this unprecedented IT technology for the global common goods towards the future. If possible, we wanna collect your and audience’s signatures for petition. Thanks to your collective support in the public, we can collectively make use of this technology made in Japan to effectively combat against the on-going devastating pandemics, such as COVID-19 and others. Please, please help me! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any good ideas and proposals. Look forward to hearing from you by return.

USD, Gold and Xi Jinping.

Taking thoroughly into account all the remarkable changes and trends in the global financial market, my institute, IISIA, tries to update its future scenario everyday. At this juncture, there are three elements of significance in this regard: USD, gold (AU) and Xi Jinping’s state visit to Japan.
USD and gold (AU) are soaring while other currencies and financial products are depreciated heavily. Major mass media such as Nikkei Shimbun (Japan) argues that investors are seeking to put their money into “safe haven”, as which USD and gold (AU) are always regarded. From my viewpoint, however, this is a typical non-substantial statement mass media often release to the public. There are obviously other important reasons for the dramatic “sea change” in the financial market.
Let’s take the example of “USD” at first: US has only two “alliance partners” in the world, on which the country’s fate actually relies. That’s Israel and Japan. With the former, US can put all its military high-technology to real battlefields (mainly in Middle East), where they can check the technology’s effectiveness. Thus, US-Israel alliance is characterized rather as military one. As for Japan, US has been establishing another “financial” type of alliance since the end of WWII, even though the ordinary Japanese people think it to be military security alliance.
Just before a financial crisis, US used to massively transfer its money via FRB and Bank of Japan to special account in one of the designated megabanks in Japan. For example, just before the Christmas in 2007, US transferred 70 trillion USD to the Japanese special account. The reason why was quite simple. Since the US leadership “behind the door” were fully aware of the forthcoming financial disaster from autumn of 2008 in advance, it just took a preemptive measure by using the “special account “ in Tokyo, as it had repeatedly done beforehand since the end of WWII. After saving the money on this way, the US-American leadership “behind the door” got it back safely and uses it afterwards. This is the real story of US-Japan alliance.
As it might have occurred to you while reading the above-shown explanation, massive transfer of USD thorough central banks’ channel affects exchange rate between USD and Japan almost simultaneously. If US transfers it to Japan “behind the door”, JPY is extremely appreciated as we’ve seen after 2008. It’s the case vice versa, therefore, the current abrupt appreciation of USD against JPY shall be understood in this context. This is, from my understanding, obviously a typical EWS (=early warning signal) given in advance that something significant will take place in Japan in the very near future. And compared with such a drastic development in Japan, US will be treated as “safe haven”, at least , for a while.

Move to the second example “gold (AU)”: All the major central banks made and revised (*Please carefully check the below) their “cartel” in gold (AU) market called“Washington Agreement on Gold”, which expressively limits sales volume of gold reserve by attending central banks. Nevertheless, to be honest, it’s just a diversion, and central bankers have their secret “way out” to sell their gold reserves indirectly to the market. The name is “BIS gold swap”, which is even officially reported from the secretariat of “the central bank of central bankers”. In this scheme, central bankers are entitled to borrow money from BIS, while being obliged to collateralize on their gold reserves. Intentionally, central bankers never keep their written promise to give back the money after due date of payment, and BIS is both legally and automatically entitled to purchase the gold (AU) given by central bankers (borrowers) as collateral.
Historically viewing, whenever BIS gold swap has been done, the gold (AU) market tended to go up in advance. You know why? Here you’re with the golden principle for AU seller, “Higher price, better sale”. Gold (AU) market is obviously manipulated in accordance with central bankers’ request, who have to collect cash as much as possible before shock waves, or even unprecedented negative changes in the global financial market. Now that gold (AU) price is being enough appreciated right now, we may expect something significant to happen in the very near future as well.

And don’t forget the fact central bankers did neither extend the previous agreement from 2014 nor make a new one, at least so far. This means they can well their gold reserves as much as they wish. Can you see their real intention?

Last but not the least, Xi Jinping’s visit to Japan. As far as I know, the CCP leadership will discuss on 24 February whether the President should go to Japan as state guest to be welcomed by His Majesty Emperor of Japan. My institute is well informed through confidential channels of the realities in terms of COVID-19 in mainland of China. However “bad” the realities are in this regard, a green light for this state visit obviously gives various important implications and effects to PRC and other parts of the global community. Once the green light will be shown, the CCP leadership will try to make most efforts regardless of disastrous realities to pretend as if the situation would become better and better. Major investors will take advantage of this “man-made” change of trends to make the market go up or even “rocket” at least in short term. They know the situation will become much worse afterwards, and try to make profit in advance as much as they can. That’s it.
In short, “There is no way to go, but we shall go forward”. And that’s exactly why our institute has been enthusiastically appeals to the global community for the significance of “information literary”, a human skill to make our own future scenarios based on various information and data freely acquired in the internet. Do you eventually understand how significant my institute’s mission is for the entire human beings?

Pandemic and Divided Imperial Household in Japan.

As I pointed out previously, the turmoil due to pandemic from Wuhan/PRC just reached Tokyo, the capital of Japan. From yesterday evening, Japanese mass media repeatedly report a branch of NTT Data, one of the largest, quasi-state owned IT companies in Japan, in Mita/Tokyo was closed because one of the employees was recognized as patient of Wuhan virus. Tokyo eventually became a “hotspot” of this new disease and caused abruptly panic-like reactions in the Japanese business economy.

The so-called “Rush Hour” in commuters of Tokyo is well known. In Tokyo, Japanese salarymen and -women are forced to ride on them for at least 20-30 minutes (or even much longer. In the worst case, a few hours!) without being seated. This is an old but new type of “Konzentrationslager” in Japan, even though the ordinary people on the street of Japan never regard them as such. Being awfully frustrated, the middle class in Tokyo used to just go out and come back to home without any complaints to GOJ’s infrastructure policy. Now that the first infection case was officially announced as shown above, they become extremely aware of the risk of pandemic. Well, I’m wondering whether you’re still seeking the possibility to hold the forthcoming Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo? (Obviously, IOC and WHO having been intensively discussing this matter, although WHO denies it advised IOC not to postpone or cancel the Olympic Games.)

Furthermore, we have to think even about the worst case in Tokyo, when the Chinese epidemie will provoke a highly political discussion whether the Japanese Imperial Palace shall be relocated to somewhere else “tentatively”. Of course, Their Imperial Majaesties Emperor and Empress of Japan can’t de facto move away from Tokyo, where almost all the political and diplomatic events take place. It’s Their Majesties’ duty to show up in front of the ordinary Japanese citizens suffering from catastrophic events such as great earthquakes and tsunamis. However, this rule isn’t necessarily applied to other members of the Imperial Household, who are also partly de facto symbolizing the unity of the Japanese nation, but NOT the Emperor as such right now.
AKIHITO, the former Emperor of Japan and his second son, His Imperial Highness Prince AKISHINO, need not to follow the rule and move to where they wish to stay and live, at least, theoretically. Now, imagine they and their families will soon move to the ancient and traditional capital of Japan, Kyoto, where the rather authentic Imperial Palace is located. According to my deep throat in this field, the Imperial Palace in Kyoto is recently renovated with ultramodern bulletproof glasses. Taking into account the fact that the former Emperor AKIHITO is still quite popular and well respected in the Japanese society, this will be a great headache to those who are supportive to the current Emperor and Empress closely related the British and Dutch Royal Families.

Welcome back to the second era of divided Imperial Household in Japan. The Japanese once experienced a period of the Northern and Southern Courts from 1336 to 1392, when the brave and legendary Emperor GODAIGO attempted the restoration of direct governance by Emperors. The situation is now completely different from the period, however, I’m quite confident we’re about to face another period of the divided Imperial Household. This time, it’ll be called “the period of the Eastern and Western Dynasties” due to various possible affairs such as the spread of catastrophic pandemic such as the current one. Keep eyes on Kyoto where a secret strategy will be soon realized. Stay tuned.

Outbreak of “TOKYO Virus” and Le Chatelier’s Principle

Expansion of the coronavirus from Wuhan never stops. As we all expected, the number of patients is steadily increasingly, and nobody knows when it’ll be fully controlled. And yesterday, the entire global community was shocked by wires reporting two gentlemen from Japan and US were dead due to this coronavirus in Chinese local hospitals. This shows us that “this time is different”, because another case of SARS didn’t cause such a shock wave to other nations than the Chinese.
From my viewpoint, the western type of democracy and liberalism just harm the technical control of the disease control, as we see in the dramatic situation in Japan. Japan, my mother country, proudly proclaimed she will hold the forthcoming Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo (and other local cities) in 2020. Nevertheless, all the incidents related to this pandemic taking place in Japan clearly show the Government of Japan is totally unprepared for unprecedented events such as pandemic so far. It doesn’t have planned any appropriate risk management in this regard and know how to react, while Prime Minister Shinzo ABE even announced even all the Chinese tourists are in principle welcome to Japan. He only prioritizes economic profit and interest he’ll be able to get from the Olympic Games, on which he can theoretically expand his own political power in the local democracy. That’s just crazy and unbelievable as well.

The Japanese economy still suffering from the collapse of its bubble phase after 1990 has been making huge profit from massive tourism of Chinese (rich but ordinary) people even to local cities in the country. They used to pay very short visits to Japan by mega-cruise ships we often see in ports of West-Japan (particularly in Kyushu-region). But now, all the poor Chinese tourists on board of mega-cruise ships bound for Japan were stopped because of quarantine, and it dramatically turned out that tens of the passengers were infected with Wuhan Virus. Since GOJ has, as mentioned above, no single systematic plan for biohazard in such a scale, the passengers are being forced just to wait on board, which can be described as if it were a new type of “death camp”.
From around 2010, my institute, Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA), publicly announced a message in its forecast that the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo/2020. Even in such an unprecedented situation we’re facing, some people still tend to criticize that the IISIA is spreading a “conspiracy theory” without any proof. Well, at this stage, I’m honestly asking myself, “Guys, are you crazy as well?”. Unless WHO, an arm of United Nations, will make it public to withdraw its classification of the coronavirus as “emergency to the entire world”, the Olympic Games must be cancelled in accordance with relevant regulations of IOC. Having said that, I’m proud of the authenticity of my own institute’s future scenario in this regard. With original sense and firm wisdom towards our common future, the institute will continue to anticipate the very near future of the global community suffering from various unknown risks one after another.

Of course, the ABE administration in Japan will try very hard to make the Olympic Games happen by giving huge pressures to organizations and entities related to this matter. I’m already quite sure GOJ will be instructed by Shinzo ABE to do the politics, and lead WHO to rethink in terms of the declaration of emergency with Japanese style of soft power in the postwar era, called “money”. While Shinzo ABE will succeed to do so, the Wuhan Virus will be treated very soon as if nothing had happened. But this is the real beginning of the end story. Even before mass media reported the outbreak of pandemic in Wuhan, numerous tourists from the region visited Japan since the last autumn, when the virus is actually suspected to have caused the disease for the first time. And the coronavirus is famous for its gradual transformation all the top scientists can never fully catch up with. Despite a public announcement of the pandemic eradication by WHO, the transformation will never stop particularly in Japan, where the tourism for the Olympic Games will be flourishing again with a huge number of foreign tourists including the Chinese. At the last stage, a new type of virus in Tokyo would be discovered in May or June of this year, and the second wave of pandemic’s outbreak from the Japanese metropole will become disastrous for both the Olympic Games and the future prospect of Japan’s society and economy.
Now, you might be wondering whether we still need to discuss “Pax Japonica” in this regard. My answer is “YES”. According to Le Chaterlier’s Principle, Japan has to be suppressed before she will find a way for breakthrough of not only herself but also other parts of the globe, which will face the same issues, problems and risks one after another. Don’t forget the established principle of the human civilization and keep eyes on what’s being taking place in Japan, which will surely give you lots of hints and ideas to reach the next stage of our common global society. Stay tuned.