A High-Level Networking Event on “Pax Japonica” to be held in London, UK.


I proudly announce I’ll hold a high-level event on November 24, 2017 with Mr. Jonathan Geldart in London, UK, where I’ll explain the detail on my newly published book entitled “Pax Japonica. The Resurrection of Japan”. Check it out by clicking the event’s URL. Join us.


Nobody Knows Where to Go (at Least until Now).


Recently, I couldn’t really manage to make a spare time to write down my thoughts and ideas in this weblog. Due to various obligations I have one by one, I’ve been extremely busy till this weekend. To be honest, I’ve been intentionally doing so, while every both talented and well informed analyst is quite aware something significant will take place not in this October but the forthcoming November in the global community.
Well, what’s next? Do you want to get to know it? The Euro is about to collapse vis-à-vis other hard currencies such as JPY and USA dramatically. The question is what issue will be raised as the decisive cause for the collapse by western mass media. Maybe, it’ll be blown up at first in Spain: The local parliament in Catalonia just declared its independence despite of the central government’s effort to control the whole situation. This could lead us to “Guerra Civil Española Version 2.0”, while the Spanish Royal Family doesn’t have firm authority in the country. Once the movement towards local independence in Catalonia will approach to a victory step by step, other controversial movements seeking independence in Europe will be automatically revitalized and, if needed, could be escalated to physical civil wars. Europe will get back to the past when nobody could imagine peaceful integrations among nations. It’s not Euro as such but Europe as unity that matters.
By the way… One of my close friends, who’s just come back from long stay in Monaco for several years, kindly showed my English book newly released from both UK and US, “Pax Japonica. The Resurrection of Japan”, to a prominent lady, who’s well known as a successful private banker and just paid a short visit to Tokyo. According to his words, the lady spontaneously muttered, “He’s insider”, when she read several pages of my book. Yes, you’re right, my lady. Almost all the ordinary readers tend to regard this work just as a book of boring conspiracy theory. Only those who are also “insiders” are capable of recognizing what I really meant to say by releasing such a controversial book to the global community.
From the viewpoint of an “insider” in this regard, I’ve been extremely interested in the following question: What does truly back the value of JPY? As you fully know, JPY are repeatedly soaring vis-à-vis other major currencies such as USD, even though the Japanese economy continues to suffer from a variety of difficulties and issues. Why does the “market” pick it up as a “safe haven” in spite of that?
Being asked so, one of my elder mentors, who’s totally hidden from the public but well known as the best practitioners of Old Shintoism, once answered to me: “A huge amount of off-balance-sheet assets are buried not outside but inside Japan. The point is only those who are well trained can see where they are. Can you understand what I mean to say?”
Honestly, I couldn’t fully grasp what he meant to say at that time. However, I gradually feel what the reality is behind the door of the genuine Japanese modern history. After the total defeat in the WWII in August, 1945, the Japan’s Imperial House made a decision to become alliance with the US leadership for 100 years. The Alliance is based on the simple rule that Japan is obliged to provide US with liquidities as much as the latter requests. The Japan-US alliance is indeed not a military but financial alliance, that has to be fully backed by physical assets. They must be held by the Imperial House but not known in the public until the day when the next era of Japanese full sovereignty gets started by those who are “insiders” of this story. At least until the day, nobody knows where to go for finding out the assets. Again, only “insiders” become capable of getting back the assets from hidden places and show them to the global community, as the irreversible evidence towards the era of “Pax Japonica”.
Now, you may wonder who are the insiders, and when is the X-Day? Well, let’s see. By the early summer of the next year, you’d feel they’d be coming. Stay tuned.

Analyzing “気(Ki)” in the North.


For several weeks, I was terribly busy with rather domestic issues and jobs, which hindered me from updating my official weblog written in English. People continuously asked me to release our institute’s analysis on the current and future geopolitical risks around DPRK, which now seem to be calm down tentatively. And as our institute correctly predicted, the Japanese stock market got started soaring recently. This trend will continue at least till the beginning of the forthcoming November.
Now, you may wonder: “What the hell happened on September 25?” In a previous article I released through this weblog, I once mentioned that September 25, 2017 would be the X-Day in terms of breakout of the Second Korean War. Well, as all of you are quite aware, any war didn’t break out on that day. At least in a physical meaning. Why physical? Because Pyongyang officially referred to the public that US President Trump’s harsh words turned out to be a declaration of war against the country. That is to say, in a rhetorical meaning, the Second Korean War began on September 25, as our institute pointed out. Even though USG publicly made efforts for denial, you should make sure the Government of DPRK always pay great attention to legal effect of what it has done. By saying that D. Trump declared a war against the country as the US President, everything DPRK will do from September 25 should be, according to its perception and interpretation, justified as self-defense. In this regard, we’re already living in an irreversible era of the Second Korean War. Don’t misunderstand it.

Anyway…What I’m enthusiastically checking on the globe is not events and incidents on the surface of the global community, but “気(Ki)”  in each places on the globe. This means, in other words, invisible atmosphere which both your conscious and unconscious are originally capable of feeling. The Old-Shintoism (古神道), which has been traditionally fundamental factor of “being Japanese” since the ancient time, regards this “気(Ki)”  as the most important part of our daily life. According to its Arcanum, we have to find out a place full of the best “気(Ki)” only which can revitalize your human brain and body by refilling serotonin.

The question is how to judge whether a certain place is optimized with “気(Ki)”. In order to get acquainted with the Arcanum in this regard, you shall practice every day in terms of both time and space. Only by doing so, you physically and subjectively recognize what it is and become capable of sensing the right place with “気(Ki)”. With accelerated stimulation of serotonin, you can always feel better than others, which automatically promises you to be successful and winner in every single game in the life. Thus, from the ancient time all over the world, what the leadership concentrates on is exactly what I described right now. To reign and govern, every leader needs to know the right place to be settled down. Otherwise, he/she immediately loses the physical origin of revitalization in his/her body, which, in the worst case, would lead to the collapse of his/her country.

This autumn, I’ve been travelling around from Paris, Moscow and Helsinki, while checking the right place in the above shown meaning thoroughly. For my surprise, Moscow is much better than even Paris in this regard, and far better than the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Of course, Helsinki keeps the top priority by making all the people visiting there relax, as I’m feeling right now. If you’re still doubtful, why don’t you make the same round trip as I’ve been making? If you’ll do so, you’ll agree with me completely conditioned that your brain and body were destructed by modern technologies in advance.

Make sure the future fact it’s the global competition to acquire the right place in this meaning as much as possible that will break out after the end of the forthcoming Second Korean War. Because the global leadership is about to fight against each other to own the right place with full of “気(Ki)”, the world order will be completely changed. Not finance or digital technology matters at this juncture. It’s rather “気(Ki)” that really matters. Once you stand in the center of Moscow, you just understand while Vladimir Putin succeeds to build up the Russian Empire again. Stay tuned.


The US-DPRK War “Declared”./米朝戦争、遂に「宣戦布告」


On September 25, 2017, Ri Yong-ho, Foreign Minister of DPRK, accused US of having declared a “war” just before his departure from NY to Pyongyang.
Eventually, the Second Korean War has just begun. Physical military attacks will soon follow, which will completely change the previous world order.
As I correctly predicted. Be carefully prepared and stay tuned.

2017年9月26日 東京・丸の内にて
(In Marunouchi/Tokyo, on September 26, 2017)
原田 武夫記す
(Takeo HARADA, CEO and Representative, Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc.)

The War is Coming for Building Up the Trans-Japanese Sea Economic Zone.


If you belong to foreign readership, you might not know what disciplines the Japanese mass media have been forced to follow since the occupation period after the WWII. During the period, the Japanese mass media were harshly accused of having committed themselves to the aggressive war. The Americans armed forces entitled to identify themselves as GHQ taught them what the (American) democracy was, and how they should behave just to keep on playing the game of democracy. According to the disciplines the American gave them, the Japanese mass media may not predict the future to the public. Instead, they have to stick to analyze only both what was done in the past and current status of the targeted phenomena. For them, telling things in the future is a kind of conspiracy and can’t be done in the name of mass media. The reason is quite obvious: Democracy can work, conditioned that results of each elections are not pre-fixed. The American occupation authority strategically took a carrot-and-stick measure against the Japanese mass media, which had been even hostile to the former in the very beginning of the occupation period. In the course of time, the latter eventually understood what they should do and enthusiastically got adapted with the new reality.
The point is the Japanese mass media can’t recognize such a period is about to come to an end: Recently, I was invited by one of them to deliver a public speech on the new world order. As you know, my institute professionally dedicates itself to both quantitative and qualitative analysis for making future strategic scenarios particularly for the Japanese economic and political leadership. From the view of our institute, the X-Day was evident, so that I proudly announced the following without any hesitation based on our analysis: Be prepared for the breakout of the Second Korean War. Once something significant such as launch of a ballistic missile will take place again on September 15, 2017, we can’t avoid the escalation of the whole situation and will be forced to face the preemptive attack by the US Armed Forces on September 25.
Even though all the audience carefully listened to my speech with great interest, the organizer, one of the Japanese mass media, called my press secretary, who accompanied me as usual, on retour to Tokyo. To be honest, we couldn’t understand what the person in charge meant to say, but could imagine what the guy wanted to complain: Don’t tell such a conspiracy theory any more. All we need in such an official occasion is just analysis of the current situation and the past. Don’t make a prediction.
While listing to my press secretary’s reporting, I just felt the Japanese postwar mass media reach the end of their mission since the WWII. Japan, my country which had proudly showed its brave navy and army till the end of the WWII, doesn’t do anything, although the North Koreans obviously violate the international laws by launching a series of ballistic missiles over the its territory. All we, the Japanese, need is, first, what is about to happen, and second what shall be done accordingly. To do so correctly, we Japanese urgently need future scenarios we rely on. For this purpose, the way of both sound and reliable intelligence other than entertainment of pseudo-intelligence some Japanese authors and ex-diplomats propagate is indispensable for the Japanese society. Since the Japanese mass media were once forced not to include such a way of thinking but are now lazy enough, the Japanese public become more and more reluctant to pay attention to what they inform.
Anyway, our institute is totally independent and shall be maintain without any specific financial contribution other than other so-called think tanks in Japan, which are actually dependent on either the Government of Japan or financial institutions. Again, from our view, all the stories around DPRK is moving forward exactly according to the pre-fixed scenario the global leadership agreed on: DPRK will automatically vanish just after the short-term preemptive attack by the US Armed Forces. Based on that a new governing authority will be built up, which will cover all the Korean Peninsula, that is to say, both the North and South. In Seoul, a new Asian type of UN will be established, which forms the trans-Japanese sea economic zone by involving all the countries which belong to the region: Japan, China, Russia and Korea. As the last resort of global investors, the economic zone will soon get started with flourishing abruptly. Because this dramatic change will be totally financed by the off-balance sheet assets which are closely related to the Japanese Imperial Family, this is exactly one of the future realities called Pax Japonica.
Now, you may have eventually understood what will take place from September 25. The breakout of the (very, very short-term) Second Korean War will be just the beginning of the transition period to the era of the trans-Japanese sea economic zone fully backed by Pax Japonica. Don’t believe anyone who can’t see and tell it to you right now. All you need is just a sold future scenario our think tank professionally makes public for the sake of our common future.

Nothing But Genuine Japanese Nature.


This week, I took a short summer vacation and made a very, very short trip to the GOTO islands in Nagasaki, the southern part of Japan. Every Japanese pupil learns there are the islands on the map of the Japanese territory, however, almost nobody but experienced tourists visit there. The GOTO islands are located far away from the main part of the Nagasaki Prefecture. A 90-minitues trip by speedboat.

Meanwhile, the global financial market has been changing itself, again, dramatically. As I correctly predicted, August 4, the last Friday, was the decisive day of a “sea change”. In Japan, the REIT market got started with new challenge to go upward. Besides that, cryptocurrencies such as “Bitcoin” is soaring over the weekend. Conditioned that D. Trump would NOT eventually make up his mind to order (preemptive) military attacks against DPRK in the first or second week of the forthcoming September, the upward trend in the global financial market will go on approximately until the end of October. That’ll be a great event, I think on one hand.

But on the other hand, I just become aware of the fact that all these things are really NOTHING and that we should get back rather to factors much more essential to our life. The beauty of the nature I happened to enjoy in the GOTO islands made me awake in this regard. When you become rich in the Japanese society, you’re privileged to pay long stays, for example, in Hawaii and even to buy a villa on the Hawaiian beach. There, you can immediately recognize how beautiful and “natural” indeed is the local ocean, while it never smells other than the seawater of the industrially polluted Tokyo Bay. To keep on enjoying the Hawaiian nature, you have to continue to work extremely hard, so that the current system of the western-dominated civilization is continuously to expand. Both the digital economy and the financial capitalism are just part of it.

It’s the accelerated industrialization with the western origin that has heavily polluted the beautiful nature on the globe. Particularly, the one in Japan was totally destructed since the end of the WWII. In the Japanese modernization, the human quality life has been in inverse proportion to nature conservation. When we recognized the urgent need of environmental protection, the beauty of the nature was so completely destructed that it won’t restored as it was since the ancient time.

The seawater in the GOTO islands never smells and the sea breeze there made me just become aware of what the nature is. We usually believe that we are the “Creator” of everything on the earth. But the fact is we are “Destructors” who are arrogant enough to forget how to live a balanced life in proportion to the nature’s beauty. Maybe, the best way for us, all the human beings, could be doing nothing at all against the environment. Instead, we should work on adapting ourselves to the nature’s rules so as to become a part of it again.

Well, that’s what I thought of in the beautiful GOTO islands. The short summer vacation will soon come to an end and the struggle for the new period “Pax Japonica” will resumed within hours. Nevertheless, I won’t forget the feeling I’ve got in the islands, which are far away from the capital of Japan.


Failed Nation, Failed Diplomacy.


Once again, DPRK just launched a ballistic missile to threaten not Japan as such but the Trump administration in the States. Once upon a time, even DPRK tended to argue she never launched a “missile” but just tested a rocket launch for scientific research. The time has dramatically changed recently and the North officially announces the “strategic success” of ballistic missile launch. Long-range ballistic missiles made by DPRK are said to be able to directly reach the US territory. When the event had happened 100 years ago, it were a sufficient reason for US to declare a “defense war” against Pyongyang. However, even D. Trump still hesitates to do so. Instead, the US President fired his closest political and military staffs and continues his lonely war of words against Kim Jong-un. The time has been passing.

The reason why D. Trump should declare a “war” in the Korean Peninsula and can’t do so yet is clear: In lack of sufficient official budget, the US administration can’t plan any war to win. For deployment of warships, submarines, fighters and bombers, and rapid mobilizations of all the US soldiers, D. Trump urgently needs enough budget which he unfortunately doesn’t have. Why? The American democracy doesn’t allow him to do so. His any attempts to break its tradition has failed so far. A series of his presidential executive orders were refused by US courts. Only the room left for D. Trump is twitter, where he’s just sued by some users for inappropriate tweets.

As far as I analyzed, the Trump administration invited his Chinese counterpart to jointly declare a “legitimate” war against DPRK to establish a new order in the Far East. However, the Xi administration is clever enough to understand it could be politically endangered if it would rely on D. Trump, who’s obviously not backed by the nation under the above-mentioned circumstances. This is exactly why PRC suddenly changed its friendly approach to D. Trump and de facto refuses to join his original plan to fight against Kim Jong-un.

The only way out for D. Trump is ironically to ask his enemy, Kim Jong-un, to take much harder measures against his citizens: Once all the three US citizens, who still remains captured in Kim Jong-un’s hands, will be sent back to the states in a coma like the US student, Otto Warmbier, D. Trump will be authorized by the US public opinion to declare a “defense war” unilaterally against DPRK. Mere ballistic missile launches to the EEZ of Japan, one of the closest US ally, can’t persuade the people on the street in the states to get rid of their love for peace. Someone must be sacrificed, after all the diplomatic means turn out to be both ineffective and useless.

To warp up, I would say, whether the leadership of budgetary failed nation led by D. Trump would succeed to militarily attack Pyongyang or not really matters. If D. Trump would do so, the conventional “nation state” system would manage to survive. In this case, any “legitimate” wars always follow diplomacy, which is done only for gaining a time to convince the public of joining the wars against enemies. In the modern nation state system, diplomacy is just a tool for either opening up a one-way to military attack or ending war, even though the diplomacy as such pretends as if it aims only at (re-)establishing peaceful order. The historical fact is nations states always need wars to rebalance supply and demand gaps, while their diplomacy is totally dependent on such a tendency of nations states. If D. Trump will fail to declare the Second Korean War as soon as possible, the US as a nation state will immediately turn out to be failed. The traditional diplomacy will also end there.

I’d say, only about 40 days are left for D. Trump’s final attempt to attack Pyongyang unilaterally. Other things being equal, September 8 of this year will be the next target date. Well, let’s see whether his possible failure to follow the conventional rules of nation state will eventually open the door to the next world order. Stay tuned.


How Happy You are.


Basically, I’m very negative when it comes to both “digitalization” and “internet”. They do not create genuine added values at all. Instead, they just make us virtually meet those who can’t meet us without digital devices. All the IT-companies such as Uber and Airbnb follow the same business model. They enable us to dramatically expand our own human network, which can be sometimes monetized. However, again, the end of this story must come soon, since the number of the world’s population is limited, and the digitalization is being drastically accelerated towards the singularity. Once the moment of truth will have come, this business model will immediately come to an end and can never be revitalized again. Meanwhile, almost everyone tries to do the same business, so that it’s commoditized in an accelerated manner. In short, digitalization as such doesn’t matter. It’s all the human beings that will decide the world’s destiny.

Regardless of this fact, I sometimes enjoy “synchronicity”, which sometimes emerges thanks to the digitalized world in my life and makes my mind overflowing. An encounter in the internet I personally experienced recently is one of the typical examples for such phenomena.

Anja (*pseudonym) mistakenly clicked my wall on LinkedIn (in English version) and sent me a “request” to be added in my friends’ list. Because she lives in the southern part of Germany (Bayern) and works as music teacher in a school, I spontaneously accepted the request and responded to her with a short message, even in German. She was extremely shocked to find my message, because she was aware of her mistouch and actually didn’t want to become “my digital friend”. Furthermore, she was positively surprised by my message written in not English but German, so that she replied. That was the very beginning of our conversation online.

Anja kindly explained why she’s now living with her husband and children in Bayern, although her mother tongue is not German but Russian. “Well, Takeo, to be honest, I’m Russian emigrant with my husband, who is ‘Spaetaussiedler’”, she told me. Having written the phrase, she gradually got started with telling me the long story of her journey so far.

She and her husband (to be) grew up in a tiny city in the eastern part of Kasachstan, very near the border to China. When she was 14 years old, she fell love with him and decided to get married with him. However, the collapse of the then Soviet Union abruptly hindered them from doing so easily. The local people, who had been very kind to the Russian citizens, declared the independence of the state of Kasachstan, while she and her families felt threatened because of their Russian ethnicity. Her husband (to be) made a decision to emigrate to Germany because of his German origin. Thanks to Helmut Kohl’s strategic diplomacy, all those who had German origin in the former Soviet Union were entitled to get German passport without any difficulties.

Anja felt extremely troubled. Of course, she joined him to get married in the new promised land, “Germany”, on the one hand. But on the other hand, her parents obviously opposed to her wish, based on the fact her grandfathers and -mothers died in the Great Patriotic War against Nazi-Germany. Anja, a young lady who really wanted to study Psychology, was forced to leave their lovely parents and live her entirely new life in Augusburg, Germany. That was just the very beginning of her hardship.

Without money and sufficient German language skill, she didn’t know whether her decision was correct or not. All most all the day, she either worked or learned to become music teacher while giving up her dream to study psychology. She couldn’t help feeling loneliness overwhelmingly, since she and her husband (to be ) couldn’t afford to live together in lack of money.

“But in this period of my life, I’ve got a lot of foreign residents in Germany, who also struggled to survive and could share my feeling as friends”, Anja wrote. Now, her surroundings seem to be very stabilized and secured, and she enjoys her own both private and professional life. “How about you, Takeo? Tell me a little bit about your own life”, she’s asking.

Having written Anja’s story, I spontaneously contemplated what “happiness” means for our life. At least, as for me and other Japanese people, we have never experienced such a hardship as Anja was forced to overcome, thanks to the stabilized society and national wealth of our country. Nevertheless, who knows whether our own country would repeat the historical mistakes we did before the end of the WWII and automatically face the same hardship Anja experienced after the collapse of the former Soviet Union?

Now, you may wonder how happy you are. At least in this regard, the digitalized world is meaningful from my viewpoint. The encounter with new foreign friends in the internet sometimes makes us deeply think about fundamental issues in our life such as happiness, dream and solidarity. Well, how about you? How happy are you?

The B Side of USA.


Democracy is based on mutual trust among those who take part in the game. Whoever doesn’t know what “mutual trust “actually means, shall not be entitled to get involved. Obviously. Donald Trump is the one who is to be excluded from the game in this regard.

The Asahi Shimbun, one of the leading newspapers in Japan, reports today’s morning, D. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, took the seat in the G20 Summit meeting in Hamburg, while her father had to go out just for a while. According to the conventional rule in the “G” Summit meeting (G7/8 and 20), the leaders are “personally” supported by Sherpas and Subsherpas, who are both top and talented bureaucrats with sufficient knowledge and experiences. Whenever the leaders can’t attend the Summit meeting, it’s only their Sherpas who are allowed to even physically serve as a proxy of the bosses. However, Ivanka Kushner (former Trump), isn’t obviously not D. Trump’s “Sherpa”, but mere “unpaid Assistant to the President”. By making her take his own seat, the US President made one more new “legend” in the world history.

Having said that, I’m already excited to see how the US public opinion will react on this affair in terms of the global governance. Even this single issue clearly shows how Donald Trump thinks about conventional rules of politics and democracy. He prefers “nepotism” to democracy, because he can believe only his own family members. No one but his daughter may serve as his proxy, since D. Trump can’t help feeling continuous anxiety vis-à-vis all the non-relatives.

Facing such a silent death of the American democracy, the Japanese mass media harshly criticizes the misconducts of Donald Trump and urge USG to revise the failed politics under his political and economic leadership. Nevertheless, some prominent global strategists such as Isao Kubota, President of the Nishi-Nippon City Bank, do not agree with the criticism and remind the Japanese public of the “B Side” of the American political tradition. For example, Isao Kubota referred to this point in his article published in “Kinyu Zaisei Business(金融財政ビジネス)“ as follows:

“It’s remarkable that a built-in mechanism to let the country go to the right direction works in spite of such a leadership as Donald Trump in US. While seeing a series of turbulence on the surface of US, I’m now rather feeling the traditional “toughness” in the US politics, which can be never found in any other developed countries.” (Tentatively translated by the author)

Taking various examples of what the D. Trump’s administration has done so far (the Russian gate and the controversial border control against the Islam etc.), we always recognize there must be the “B Side” of the country, which succeeds to correct the wrong directions of the presidency.

In my own word, it’s the fundamental human network called the “Kokutai(国体)” that governs all the countries in the last moment, while the democratically elected leadership, the “Seitai(政体)“ is always the pseudo-mechanism which usually believe to work. However, once the latter fails to govern, the former is automatically turned on to do the right things.

From my viewpoint, it also the case for my country, Japan, and it’s the high time for the Japanese “Kokutai(国体)” to do the right thing: Tomorrow (July 10, 2017), a special session of the Japanese Diet is to be held to intensively discuss how seriously the anti-democratic nepotism of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his clan harm the sound development of the Japanese society. It must be the final call for Shinzo Abe to resign and we’ll welcome the new political leadership in Japan.

Let’s see whether the “B Side” also works here in Japan successfully as it has done in the States. Sometimes, songs on the “B Side” become much popular than ones on another side. Within a couple of days, we, the Japanese, seriously feel who truly controls the country as the “Kokutai(国体)“ in depth. Stay tuned.

Eventually Released: “Pax Japonica”, My New Book.


Hereby, I proudly announce my first book written in English is just published at first in London, UK. The title is, as I mentioned beforehand, “Pax Japonica. The Resurrection of Japan”.

Having heard that, you may now wonder what this exactly means. Facing the realities in various sectors in Japan, she seems to never reach such a historical stage as “Pax Japonica”. The Japanese politics remain extremely troubled, while the economy hasn’t fundamentally recovered since 1990 at all. Regardless of the surprising fact that the Japanese economy is (still) the third largest one in the world, almost all the Japanese don’t know any more what their traditional “pride” is. Instead of that, their younger generations particularly tend to rather on the “here and now” and become introvert in an accelerated manner. Why “Pax Japonica” now?

In order to answer this legitimate question you may have, you have to knock the door to the classified parallel world which has been actually backing the realities we can see with our own eyes. The point is it’s the so-called “off-balance sheet assets” that really matters in this regard. And all the off-balance sheet assets fundamental classes in countries and regions such as kings, queens and their family members, have traditionally merged with each other and are now controlled collectively. The most remarkable fact we should pay attention is the Japanese Imperial House is given an opportunity to control the system as its “signer”.

With this capacity closely related with tremendous amount of historical off-balance sheet assets, the Japanese Imperial House led by the Emperor of each period is about to generate the new world order. However opaque their decision are, all the essential framework for the future world from now on is either indirectly or directly backed by the secret assets the Japanese Emperor controls for the sake of the whole world.

Just before the morning ringing, it’s usually the darkest outside. The situation where Japan is now located is quite similar to this darkness. Almost everything in the Japanese society collapses and falls continuously, as if that would never stop forever. Nevertheless, moment of the truth will sooner or later, while the situation around Japan will change itself dramatically from a certain point and move forward to the “Pax Japonica”. The rest of the world will be unconsciously involved into this process.

To effectively evoke the atmosphere of the morning ringing in the very near future, I published the above-shown new book even in English. So that all the humankind will realize how our common future will be shaped, wherever they are. Take a look at my new book and don’t miss the opportunity to get involved in the genesis of the new world order.