Once the City Moves, It Shakes the Entire World.


Recently, our institute is checking feasibility of the project to penetrate into PRC market, while posting some self-made short movies with Chinese subtitles to popular video sharing site such as “Bilibili”. Even though my staffs in charge enthusiastically work on it, initial reactions of the audience in Chinese mainland were awfully negative. They can’t simply understand our institute is a think tank on commercial base, and doubt our authenticity. One of them even commented by asking himself, “Are you really a think tank?”.
For the ordinary Chinese, it must be just difficult to understand a private company is totally independent and does private business, since all the traditional “think tanks” in PRC are entirely state-owned without freedom of speech.
Having said that, I’m extremely afraid you’re also wondering who we are and what our institute has achieved so far as a professional think tank dedicated to make future risk/strategic scenarios. Here you are with the following PV of our institute with English subtitles. Please check it. (For Chinese friends and colleagues, please wait a little bit more by we’ll finish translation of the same PV into Chinese. Stay tuned).

Just a brief comment to current situations of the global market and geopolitical risks. Because almost all the parts of the global community are connected with each other by financial capitalism, of which the City of London the very core is, the entire world will be inevitably shaken from the first half of forthcoming February this year. As soon as Boris Johnson will succeed to officially declare the beginning of BREXIT on 31 January, nobody can’t stop the City of London to relocate itself to other appropriate places. But the question is “WHERE”. According to our institute’s future scenario to be published very soon, one of the best candidates in this regard is TOKYO, the capital of Japan. In short, “Good-bye, London. Hello , Tokyo”. Maybe, you don’t feel you fully agree with me right now. Nevertheless, please check out media reports a few years ago, which say TOKYO signed an official MoU with the City of London to deepen their mutual cooperation. Together with another big candidate “SHANGHAI”, East Asia is about to its new face as the new center of global finance. Don’t miss it. If you have any questions and comments, don’t hesitate to send them to me. In advance, I highly appreciate it.

Invisible “Weltuhr” and Breeze of Hanoi.


To begin, I just wanna make sure there is an invisible “Weltuhr (world-clock)” in the global community, which keeps on ticking. What our institutes researches and visualizes is this invisible “Weltuhr”, which is unconsciously shared but not explained as such to the public by western global leaders.
For example, when you watch what’s happening between US and Iran, it’s extremely clear these two powers obviously hesitate to kick off a total war while declaring it in accordance with conventional international law. Officially, Donald Trump announced self-restraint just after Iran’s retaliation by massive missile attacks. Simultaneously, Iran conveyed her message to not US but Japan, saying her retaliation against US was done enough, and never intends to do much more necessarily.
Well, don’t get confused right now. We need to stick to imagine the invisible “Weltuhr” and easily find out the date of the global community’s next step was already declared when Boris Johnson’s government in UK fixed the ultimate date of BREXIT in the end of this month (January, 2020), as soon as his party won the previous general election in December, 2019. Having viewed the election’s results, our institute analyzed for its clients the decisive “sea change” of global community/market will take place from February, 2020, and warned them to get prepared for that. And now, you see we’re correct. Everybody feels something significant will happen very soon, but never happens right NOW. And I’m wondering whether you can hear together with me the invisible “Weltuhr” is ticking and ticking.
Just make the whole story simple. Donald Trump isn’t financially capable of starting a war of full scale, while USG has accumulated its sovereign debt overwhelmingly. Someone else has to pay for the sake of USG, whenever a war was officially declared and executed. Who will get involved in this regard?
That’s exactly why Japan is asked to dispatch her destroyers to Middle East, while Prime Minister Shinzo ABE will be welcomed as official guest in mid-January in the same region. Someone in charge of accounting and payment as well shall be feel “sense of participation”. To understand what I mean to say herewith, just imagine what happened after the Gulf war, when Japan was forced to pay all the bill of US military forces due to the war. Again, don’t forget to keep watching the invisible “Weltuhr” ticking towards the very beginning of February, 2020, and get fully prepared for whatever will take place at that moment.

Last but not the least, this week, I was given an opportunity to pay a visit to Vietnam for the first time in my life. While our institute succeeded to sign an official agreement for cooperation with Fulbright University in Vietnam, the first ever private prominent university in Saigon, regardless of all the mess we faced on the street of the city, I really enjoyed together with my staff in charge “Breeze of Hanoi”. As practitioner of Japanese traditional but secret “old-Shintoism”, I used to check how I spontaneously feel (extremely good or awfully bad) whenever I reach a new destination in- and outside Japan. In not only Asia but all the other nations including US and Europe, there is always a district or place in every country, where the local power is located, while I also feel very, very good there. Take an example of Beijing in PRC. Despite heavy air pollution in the entire city, the breeze you can feel on an “Imperial Sacrificial Altar” in Temple of Heaven is totally different from the air and climate around there. It’s also the case of governmental district in Hanoi, Vietnam, where you can enjoy beautiful streets with various old buildings of the local governmental bodies in French colonial style. As soon as I arrived there, it spontaneously occurred to me why western powers such as France and US made extreme effort to invade and occupy the country and the city of Hanoi.


In addition, I automatically understood why the people of Vietnam could win the war against the largest power of the world. “Well, we Vietnamese are open by nature and always look forward”, all the intellectuals we met this time in Vietnam said. Their outstanding self-confidence is obviously being natured by this extremely refreshing “Breeze of Hanoi”. On board back to Tokyo, Japan, I couldn’t help from thinking about irreversible devastation of the Japanese in this regard. This is, from my viewpoint, the very beginning of the way to “Pax Japonica”, which will be soon kicked off with collapse of the Japanese governmental bodies both financially and physically. Stay tuned.


Ghosn and Iran/US: Implications for Pax Japonica.

To my surprise, many of my foreign friends, who kindly checked out my latest post, were extremely supportive to Carlos Ghosn’s illegal adventure to escape from Japanese jurisdiction. Well, “freedom of speech” is guaranteed even here in Japan, and everybody may think of what he/she wanna. However, I herewith wanna make clear the following one thing: Japan has been a country of “safe haven” at least so far particularly for foreigners, who were capable of behaving as “Gaijin(外人, etranger)” and taking advantage of being so. There are plenty of illegal immigrants in Japan, who are de facto allowed to stay here. Take an example of City of Kawaguchi, or “WARABISTAN”, where you can encounter with so many Kurds and other immigrants from Middle East. Nobody knows how many percent of these people followed relevant regulations while entering the Japanese border.

Well, Ghosn was not an immigrant but invited as CEO of NISSAN, the second largest automaker in Japan. Nevertheless, according to the golden rule since the Roman Empire, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, he should have (at least) pretended as if he respected the local rules and customs including low level of local wage. If I were he, I had never demanded high salary as he earned previously. Instead, I try very hard to make the people praise and respect me and eventually say, “Let’s build up a memorial foundation as our sincere gratitude for his extraordinary achievement”. The “memorial foundation” should be located and registered in Kyoto, where you can find out lots of joint loop holes for Japanese and French establishment to “wash the money”. If you can’t understand what I mean to say by saying that, ask Jacques Chirac, former President of France, why he repeatedly visited Kyoto. Having said that, from my viewpoint, Ghosn is never worthy of sympathy because of his obvious ignorance on the very deep root of the Japanese.

As I correctly pointed out beforehand (in my Japanese posts), a former member of US army intelligence unit was allegedly involved in this Ghosn’s “gone affair”. Based on Japan-US alliance, US may override Japanese jurisdiction, if needed. Ghosn & associates must have abused this loop hole of Japanese regulation. Well, this is very, very bad and violation of the post-war structure in Japan, which US made extreme efforts to maintain so far.

While Japanese mass media mainly focus on Ghosn’s “gone affair” every day, global mass media report the escalation of Iran/US military conflict step by step. Khamenei and Trump enthusiastically keep on their “war of words” while commanding their own military forces to fight against each other but only in a limited scale. The former even publicly announced, “This is a declaration of war from US”. Now, you may wonder why a genuine “war” hasn’t broken out yet regardless of these circumstances.
From the viewpoint of our institute, it’s not the war as physical clash of military forces but two other elements that are prioritized here by global leadership. The one is closely related with the imminent climax of the (lasting) financial crisis since 2008. Western experts used to comment, “We already recovered from the financial crisis in 2008”. No, this is not correct. Think about the continuous quantitative easing central bankers still pursue all over the world. If the crisis had come to an end, how come they’re still pouring so much money to the market?
To do so, they are steadily forced to prepare their own money. Just by printing money? NO. Their money has to be backed by credible assets such as gold bars (AU). In short, to keep on executing QEs, central bankers frequently sell their AU asset to the market, which is however limited according to the so-called Washington Agreement. How can they be de facto released from such a strict rule of international community?
In the financial world, when there is a rule, there must be a loop hole. In this case of Washington Agreement, BIS gets involved to save the poor central bankers. BIS gathers a part of AU assets from central banks and lend money to them, while selling it to the market discretely on behalf of central bankers. And the point is, whenever they tend to do so, geopolitical risks are to be highlighted which triggers off skyrocket of gold market. In this situation, we don’t need a comprehensive clash of military forces as genuine war. What we need is only a small clash of armed forces and “war of words” through social media as well. That’s exactly what we are facing right now in the name of Iran/US conflict in Middle East. Currently, the global gold market soars. Well, now, you can grasp what the global leadership actually wants to do.


Furthermore, we should pay attention to the fact the Ghosn’s “gone affair” simultaneously happens with this Iran/US conflict. Due to these two events, Japan inevitably gets involved in Middle East affairs step by step. Founders’ families of Japanese prominent big manufacturers have in fact very close personal relationship with Royal Families in this region, and the former even used to deposit their huge assets to the latter’s account in safe havens. This is, of course, very, very bad for leaders of other wester nations, and the structure should be destroyed, they think. As I previously touched upon, all the global leaders with sufficient level are quite aware that not their nations but Japan will lead the forthcoming total change of the world in the name of “Pax Japonica”. To accelerate all the relevant process, they just give more and more pressure to the Japanese, so that something totally new and innovative will abruptly emerge from Japan. Besides that, they make defense against the possibility that Japan will expand “Pax Japonica” only at their own will without any consent of other nations.
Moment of the truth will come when the first destroyer of Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) will reach the sea near Middle East in the beginning of February 2020.

Don’t forget to watch all these incidents and events holistically. Only by doing so, you may anticipate the very near future and acquire “wisdom” in the meaning of Kabbalah. Stay tuned.

Carlos Ghosn and Tochter aus Elysium.

Former Nissan Motor Chariman Carlos Ghosn leaves the Tokyo Detention House

Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of NISSAN, the second largest automobile manufacturer in Japan, has “gone”. According to media reports particularly from Lebanon, he forfeited bail and illegally escaped from Japanese jurisdiction. Being inspired by this unpredendeted event and challenge for the Japanese, I’m kicking off the second round of my essays in English you’re now finding out and kindly reading.

Previously, I’ve given a series of opportunities to show up and even speak out to the audience in global conferences and meetings of prominent thinkers all over the world. Recently, my institute joined a caucus of world-class think tanks organized by University of Pennsylvania and actively participated in its several meetings, e.g., in Bangkok and Rio de Janeiro. Nevertheless, the experiences I could gather there are unfortunately rather disappointing, since nobody talked aboud the “hardcore” of issues we, all the human beings, are about to face in the very, very near future.

This is exactly why I now begin to write this short essay to you, members of global community,  while stopping my popular video essays to the Japanese audience. The issue and its “hardcore” I herewith wanna point out are never limited to the Japanese. And for me, the one thing is extremely clear: It will be Japan that will be forced to overcome this unprecendented hardship at first in the human society, even though they will be just “forced” to do so by the surroundings and foreign powers. The Japanese won’t be able to initiate this process to reshape the development of the human beings by themselves. Never ever.  Being extraordinarily pressured by the outside, something most significnat will turn out to change the mindset of the Japanese society totally and irreversibly. As you might feel at this juncture, this will be the very beginning of my thesis, “Pax Japaponica”, the human era when “Being-Japanese” will be followed by other nations without any exceptions.

From my viewpoint, the case “Ghosn has gone.” just verifies my theory once more. This affair abruptly gives extreme pressure upon the Japanese in the following two ways: Obviously, Ghosn could flee by relying on a overwhelming power which even the Government of Japan may not oppose to. From now on, the poor Japanese have to discuss the old but inevitable question, “Do we, the Japanese, really have our own sovereignty?”Taking another example of Guantanamo, we soon understand Japanese (local) airports are being used by US intelligence agencies beyond Japanese regulations. Why not for Carlos Ghosn, savior of NISSAN?? The second question the Japanese have to tackle is closely related to both the local stock market and national economy as a whole. C. Ghosn, of whom nobody can’t force to shut the mouth, is about to attack the “premodernity” of the Japanese political and judicial systems. That is, of course, very, very bad for Japanese prominent listed companies, because corporate governance in every single one of them will be thoroughly checked again by investors. “Every man hits his faults”, they say. All the investigations even backed by both mass and social media will lead us to find out its the Japanese way of everything in the post-war era since 1952 that has harmed the Japanese not to follow the western type of “rule of law”.

Being highly pressured by foreign powers, we, the Japanese, are about to ask ourselves what to do next. In this serial essay, I wanna try to figure it out and show you step by step (every week) how to proceed. However, before getting into details of the discussion, I simply wanna make clear one thing. The Japanese already know the “answer” both instinctively and unconsciously, while they love to listen to (or even sing by themselves) the 4th movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th symphony.

Seid umschlungen, Millionen!
Diesen Kuß der ganzen Welt!
Brüder, überm Sternenzelt
Muß ein lieber Vater wohnen.
Ihr stürzt nieder, Millionen?
Ahnest du den Schöpfer, Welt?
Such’ ihn überm Sternenzelt!
Über Sternen muß er wohnen.

Seid umschlungen, Millionen!
Diesen Kuß der ganzen Welt!
Brüder, überm Sternenzelt
Muß ein lieber Vater wohnen.
Seid umschlungen,
Diesen Kuß der ganzen Welt!
Freude, schöner Götterfunken
Tochter aus Elysium,
Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Götterfunken.

Extreme pressure given opon the Japanese will soon lead them to find out where both “ultimate creator (Schöpfer)” and “dauther Elysion” live and can be reached. This time, the Japanese, the selected nation,  will solve this question by understanding their traditional code written by Katakana (カタカナ) word by word and their traditional but historically erased deity called Seoritsu-hime (瀬織津姫). Yes, “Tochter aus Elysium” is Seoritsu-hime who can bind this world and the “other” world (even beyond the astrophysical “universe”.

Stay tuned and see you next week.


My Initiative “UN 2.0.” in Rio.


It was a great honor for me to be invited to Global Think Tank Summit 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, while I attended as a panelist to a break-out session entitled “The Climate Change Emergency”. In my remarks, I again touched upon my initiative to realize “United Nations Version 2. 0.”. Please check it in my video on YouTube, and share it with your own comments. Thanks for your kind support.


Japan Is about to Default.

On 10 November 2019, I was given a great opportunity to actively participate in this year’s Asia Pacific Think Tank Summit in Bangkok, which was co-organized by UNESCAP and University of Pennsylvania. Again, I pointed out the acute possibility Japan is about to default in the very, very near future, which will trigger total change of the human society as a whole.

Next month, TTCSP of University of Pennsylvania will hold a much larger summit of think tank gathering in Rio de Janeiro, where I’ll be invited as well. My institute activity to make the people understand how to prepare for the age of “Passover” both physically and psychologically never stops. Stay tuned.

Climate change never stops despite political turmoil.

Today, I was invited to moderate a session of Global Green Growth Week in Seoul, ROK. Because of the current political turmoil between Japan, my mother country, and Korea, our neighbor, I accepted the invitation with great pleasure and tried to make further contribution to realize the better world for all. Climate change never stops due to human conflicts at all.

We, IIISIA, are firmly committed to actively paricipate in such effective effort of global scale as this GGGI’s event, and will go, wherever we’re asked to contribute. Stay tuned.

Dancing Shanghai and Japan’s Future.


If you are a very enthusiastic reader of my works which I sincerely expect you to be, you’re already aware I’ve rarely write down columns here these days. There are several reasons. First, I just don’t have any time to give thoughts and ideas by writing here. Second, regardless of my repeated warnings, there are indeed some Japanese readers who illegally translate and copy what I wrote down here. Again, this IS my work and can’t be translated and copied without my written permission. Particularly to those who enthusiastically but illegally copy my writings, this is the last warning you may never skip (I know your names. An English teacher and his staffs.).

This time, I’m writing to you, dear readers, because I gradually become aware it’s not the Japanese ordinary people but the upper-class in the global community except for my own country, Japan, such as successful overseas Chinese family members that must be targeted by this official weblog. From time to time, I’m invited to significant events abroad and given opportunities to speak about forthcoming common future of the global community. Every time when I do so, there is always a part of audience there, which belongs to the above-mentioned social class and kindly and passionately pays great attention to my speech. Thus, I make up my mind to write down my thoughts and impressions here again so that these people all over the world can reach me and my forecasting in the internet.

The day before yesterday, a prominent and extremely successful overseas Chinese business person kindly invited my chief secretary and me to an amazing party in Shanghai. At a glance, I found it to be a party of American style: Everybody got together, and enjoyed him/herself, while he/she is intentionally invited from various fields. While having enjoyed dancing with R&B and even “Auld lang syne” from Scotland, he kindly introduced us, “VIPs from Japan”, to all the other guests, who are both successful and ambitious young entrepreneurs and business persons in Shanghai. The party itself was not only pleasant but insightful for me and my chief secretary, who had worked there for six years before joining my office in Tokyo. Remembering the old sweet days in Shanghai, she told me, “Yeah, this is exactly what I’m missing in Tokyo. This atmosphere, I mean”. When young Japanese guys and girls get together in a party, they either are pessimistic enough to talk about how to escape from the declining Japanese society, or enthusiastically hunt husband/wife to be. That’s it, and they never talk about how to collaborate together for success in business. But there, in Shanghai, the situation was completely different. As it’s always the case for the Chinese, they just talked about how to succeed in life and how to cooperate with each other for this goal. I really love to experience such an atmosphere which leads us to our possible future success. The old but most energetic Chinese business gulu, who, as mentioned beforehand, kindly organized the party during our visit to the Bund, said to me, “Let’s repeat it in Tokio. Get together again in Azabu-juban”.

While dancing together, he added one simple question to our conversation: “Japan should (or even has to) join the Chinese policy ‘One-belt, one-road’. Do you know why?” Capitalism is doomed to always expand market. Particularly for countries such as Japan, of which economic growth can be done only by foreign trade, this axiom is inevitable. In the post-war era, Japan has, in fact, pursued this policy, while heavily relying on Japan-US alliance. Once US succeeds to open a foreign market, sometimes even with military power, Japan soon follows and massively sells her products in the market while enjoying intentionally depreciated JPY. Through this way, Japan effectively transfers national wealth of other nations and keep it in domestic economy by all means. Even though the ordinary Japanese firmly believe their economic growth so far was done by their own innovation and energetic marketing and sales, the fact was so. This business model of Japan in the post-war era is vulnerable to the collapse of Japan-US alliance. This is why GOJ and all the Japanese Prime Minisiters just follow instructions and demands from US without any objections.

But now, the time is chaning. The US is repeating the same trade policy vis-a-vis PRC as she once did to Japan. The Americans intended to escalate trade conflicts with PRC and dramatize it as if it were a “trade war”. But the Chinese business gulu, who was dancing with me in Shanghai, smiled and simply said, “I’m confident China will win the ‘trade war'”. According to his understanding, there won’t be surely no winner in this “war” in the short term. However, how about the long-term. The modern history shows the country, People’s Republic of China”, was founded by Chinese communists, after they had been forced to fight against enemies so long time. In the country’s “blood”, unparalleled resilience is incorporated, which the Americans, “the Always-Winners in the modern history”, never know.

While the expectation of PRC’s final win in this “trade war” is higher than we usually think, Japan will be, soonner or later, forced to choose either China or US. When she’ll do so, she’ll have to take into account the simple fact there are so many other suppliers of goods and resources to PRC, while it’s PRC that US’s most important trade partner. As long as USG forbids American companies to freely trade with the Chinese, US economy is weakened in an accelerated manner. That is, of course, really bad for both D. Trump and his successor (maybe from 2021?).

“Japan seems to have no other choice than to formulate a brand-new trade policy based on PRC’s ‘one-belt, one-road'”, my Chinese gulu said. And he never forgot to whisper the following to me: ” As long as the developing countries, which the policy intends to connect itself to, remains their status as such, they can’t help from buying Chinese products. But, once they will succeed to boost their economies thanks to this policy, their people will abruptly change their buying attitude, and buy only Japanese products of good quality. It’s always the case for economic growth and development in the post-war era. Thus, I wanna say to my Japanese friends, ‘Don’t be afraid and hesitate to join us. Your future is prosperous as ours.'”.

Having heard this argument, I spontaneously asked him for his opinion on distorted conditionality for foreign loan by PRC to developing countries. To maintain the “one-belt, one-road” policy, PRC massively gives loans to developing countries, which allow PRC to import their own natural resources and buy Chinese products and services in return. To kick off and accelerate this cycle, PRC obviously violates international standards for conditionality in terms of foreign loan, and US and other western countries get angry more and more. This is very bad for the international established financial regime such as World Bank and International Monetary Fund. To answer my question in this regard, the gulu laughed and shortly said, “Well, what did Japan do to PRC? What PRC is now doing is exactly the same as your country has done so far to PRC and other developing countries”.

Is there really no way-out for Japan other than simply changing its trade (or even alliance) policy and joining the circle of “one-belt, one-road”? I personally don’t think so. Because Japan still has a secret lethal weapon in her hand. What is it?

“You know, Japan will soon default, no matter what the global community will make effort to prevent her from doing so. From the forthcoming autumn, you’ll feel what I now mean to say. And from the early spring of the next year, you’ll directly see what I’m now saying. Be careful”, I told him. Japan’s default will cause a domino effect of sovereign debt crisis all over the world, especially in both US and PRC, and at the last stage of such a crisis, the global community will be forced to rethink and create the new world order which has been never seen in the human history.

“Really? Nobody told me such a future crisis. Are you sure? Show me some evidences”, the gulu said. Evidence? Of course, I can show you some. But the point is not US and PRC, but Japan is the chosen nation which already receives the message from the very near future and either intentionally or unconsciouslly prepares for the forthcoming development of the human civilization. I am a part of the chosen group in Japan, which is allowed to access to the message and detailed secret scenario including very near-future economic and security crisis, pandemic. What I’m permitted here, is just to disclose parts of that only step by step and with my own words (no original scenario and message). And as you already know, those who exactly know what will happen tomorrow, are the persons who may hold the ultimate power.

The future world is not the one based on “one-belt one-road”, but “Pax Japonica” initiated by the words which have been descending primarily to Japan and her chosen people. Stay tuned.

Delivered a Speech in Beijing.


Today,  I was honored to deliver a public speech at 2019 High Level Seminar on World-leading Think Tanks co-organized by Center for China and Globalization and Penn Wharton China Center in Berijing.  Check it out with the above-shown short video and think together with me about future role of think tanks in the age of new globalism.

World Water Council Accepted.


The World Water Council informed its board of governors had just accepted the application of my institute, Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA, Tokyo/Japan), for membership officially. We’re extremely proud to announce it herewith.

The IISIA, of which I’ve been owner and founder since 2007, continuously makes efforts to initiate both productive and future-oriented discussions on global issues such as water management and seeks effective solutions for enabling us to accelerate breakthrough on behalf of next generations. By successfully acquiring the membership of WWC, the institute further pursues its constructive role for the better world.

His Majesty, the Emeperor of Japan, has personally dedicated himself to World Water Forum organized by WWC and frequently attended the fora to substantially contribute to discussions there.