The Next “X-Day”.


Since the North and South in the Korean Peninsula has resumed their “reconciliation process” recently, almost nobody in the world seems to believe any geopolitical incident will take place there. Instead, the situation would get better and better, while DPRK promised to dispatch its team even to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in the forthcoming February, we firmly believe. Even US led by D. Trump agreed with ROK on suspension of their joint military excercise during the Winter Olympic Games.

However, one significant thing should be never forgot, when it comes to an issue of genuine “intelligence”: Shodow men in the intelligence world always love to walk on the street where other ordinary people don’t choose.  Applying this principle to the current situation, we’re now urged to reach the tentative conclusion that February ahead might include the next “X-Day”.

Imagine what would take place one after another, when a severe terrorist attack with WMD would heavily damage the Olympic Games. The people in the South simply stick to “wishful thinking” that the North would never attack PyeongChang during the Winter Olympics, which should be, form their innocent viewpoint as usual, regarded as the festival of the whole Korean nation.  But fot the North, the situation could be completely different. The Olympic Games could be the very best place where the North’s self-proclaimed “nuclear force” would be showed up to the global community effectively.

For US, even a smaill incident of terrorism in PyeongChang would give her a very good reason to militarily attack DPRK, by arguing that would be the most effective “preemptive” attack to save the whole world. Of course, within 72 hours, US would completely succeed to win the battle of the “Korean Peninsula”, which would give desireble impetus to D. Trump for the mid-term election.

Well, guys, stay alarmed. Particularly in East Asia including my country, Japan, accelerated procurment of foods and goods for your own safety is urgently needed. Keep in mind nobody helps you when a severe “nuclear” incident occurs in the neiborhood. In advance, I give you herewith a friednly advice.



Shake It Up, Your Human Bodies!


For the rest of the world, Russia still remains an enigma. Since the collapse of the former Soviet Union, a lot of things happened there. However, almost nothing real has been reported by western mass media, because they still intend to abuse the image of Russia as a secret nation beyond the Iron Curtain. To get to know the reality there, you have to personally go there and communicate with those who were born after around 1985. There young generations are new-born Russians who are not sympathetic with the legacy of the Soviet Union and well understand how to behave vis-a-vis foreigners. They tend not to hide realities in Russia, while their elder friends and parents love to do so based on experiences and customs during the Soviet era.

Additionally, one thing is quite ramarkable from my viewpoint, when I’ve been given several opportunities to visit the country and build up friendship with the local younger generations. Almost all of them are quite frustrated with the political reality in Russia and quite proud of the grwoing civil society they’ve been working on. And the point is this civil society somehow seems to be closely connected rather with not Soviet but genuine Russian traditions which were generated from the blood of the Russian.

One of them is dancing. Russia is, for example, the nation of ballet. In both St. Petersburg and Moscow, you can enjoy traditional and world-class ballet in some theaters. There is indeed a solid tradition of choreography  which can never seen even in the western countries. Historically viewing, Russia originally “improted” ballet in the 17th century from western countries such as France. But the trend was turned over, since Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovski, a legend of Russian classic music, succeeded to the first perfomance of “Swan Lake” in St. Petersburg in 1890. Since then, Russia successfully remains the nation of ballet even during the Soviet era.

Now, you may wonder how about the relationship between the above-mentioned younger generation in Russia and dancing in general. Of course, they never practive “ballet” except for those who are professionally educated to do so. But the “Russian blood” seems to lead them to create a torally brand new type of dancing, which can potentially become a universal lannguage in dancing beyond any borders of ethnics, cultures, ages and gender.

The ultra modern dance I pick up here is called “Dance Body Soft”, which is created by Max Adams and Diana Stark in Moscow. They established one of the first dance schools in Moscow 5 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Well, let’s check out the short video shown above, which is extremely interesting even for those who have never practiced “dancing” beforehand. And read through the short description which Diana kindly wrote to us as a tentative introduction to “Dance Body Soft”:

We are developers and innovators, keen on the advanced technologies and optimization. In the last 20 years we created an innovative methodology of teaching improvisation in modern dance. During this time thousands of students have been trained in over 50 branches, assisting as in our programm improving. This program is not just about dance, but about motor mechanics. It allows anyone to get skills of improvisation to any kind of music in a very short time. This program has no analogues in the world. Our task was to cover as widely as possible the range of all possible movements in a safe mode for the body.
The main problem that we encountered is a truly bad physical condition not only for adults but also for young people. Instead of teaching them to dance, we had to first solve the problem of physical form of students and restoring movability of atrophied muscles. Thus, all these years we have been improving ourselves in the field of enhancement of moving skills, that helped us to work out an effective methodology of teaching.
The program itself is a system, a structure that uses all ranges of moves in safe mode, which is built from simple to complex, from the main to the secondary. It includes all the simplest elements that a person is able to perform physically. It is based on the principles the human body structure. These movements are not relevant to fashion, they are universal, taking roots math, geometry, music structure and basic priciples of physiology. It is the basis for dance of all styles. It’s like a lego: you have building blocks that are compatible and interchangeable. When you know how to combine them, you get as the simplest, so the most complex structures out of them.
For the beginners we offer simple and effective trainings based on cyclical movements, where different body parts move in parallel (at the same time), but not consequentially (one element after another) as usual in other styles. All modern music is based on this same principle of cyclicity. People in one way or another always tend to move in cyclic movements. And we offer all possible loops how it can be done, how to build improvisation on cycles, as well as how to move without binding to cycles, according to algorithms, etc. As each of us learned how to walk, speak, write, in the same way we can lean how to dance. We don’t need talent or gift to improvise to music. And the more pleasant thing that you learn the principles, the techniques, that your muscles won’t forget as biking or swimming.
We claim that developed the optimal tool for enhancing movability, as well as endurance, which corresponds to the formula: maximum dynamics with the minimal energy expenditure. It provides the most balanced dynamic capacity for all the body. It is completely safe and suitable for people of any age. While the training you get the maximum number of neurotransmitters responsible for pleasure due to the optimal aerobic load, and the absence of stress hormones released during strength training.
For further development, we need the support of the scientific community. We want them to make a scientific research, prooving our theory about the optimal tool for developing mobility, which solves the problem of balanced development of the whole body in a safe mode (we do not know if anyone else has set such a task). Thanks to the scientific basis, we will create a new discipline for educational institutions, rehabilitation centers and boarding houses, which can significantly affect the formation and development of society. This will make contribution to professional sports, rehabilitation after trauma, prevention of diseases of the elderly, maintenance of the physical form of adults, the correct formation of the musculoskeletal system in adolescents, not to mention the impact to the dance culture itself, which does not exist today.


How does our program differ from martial arts, which are not inferior to us in the development of movability?

There are three types of load: power, stretching and mobility. Combat sports include three types in complex, our program only studies the 3rd one – movability in aerobic mode and excludes any trauma-dangerous elements, which makes it safe for all ages. This load is necessary for the body, helps maintain its health and vitality. It is universal and will help everyone: children, adults, the elderly. In addition, exercises tied to rhythm, a clear metranome, are more effective from the point of view of the development of mobility. And we shouldn’t underestimate the beneficial effect of music on the psyche of people, it is music that makes grueling workouts a source of pleasure.

How to use:
– educational discipline for schools, universities, dispensaries
– game in augmented reality (AR)
– dance station of a new generation
– concept for dance improvisation for robots

This time, I persionally met Diana and thoroughly asked how it works with “Dance Body Soft”. As far as I’ve understood, “Dance Body Soft” has huge potential to become the universal language of human bodies in the age of digitalized world. Why? From my viewpoint, there are several remarkable points which could push it up to the global culture.

First, it seems to be extremely easy to learn how to dance according to the methodology of “Dance Body Soft”. Because it is completely structured in line with quite natural movement of human bodies, the learners never feel confused and dificulties to dance by themselves.

Secondly, once you succeeded to master “Dance Body Soft”, you can dance whenever and wherever you want to dance. According to Diana’s explanation, it never prioritized sequences of specific body movements which are normally preferred by conventional dancing such as ballet. By adapting yourself to each one of changes in the surroundings, you can easily dance based on “Dance Body Soft”. You can do so, because it’s construted by natural movements of human bodies.

Last but not the least, this kind of multiadaptability of “Dance Body Soft” enables you to dance freely even with AR and VR equippments. Many experts still argue AI is about to override the human beings’ brain and body. However, with this “Dance Body Soft”, that will never happen, since you can dance in any virtual realities but by keeping on dancing with quite natural, biollogically based movements of human bodies. In short, you can remain “human” forever, as long as you’ll shake up your bodies in line with “Dance Body Soft”.

In Moscow, Diana told me their projct’s next step: With a new “easy to set-up” mixer for DJs which they created, they are about to begin marketing offensive from Berlin, where the “university of techno” is established. A new legend in dancing will soon show up from Russia. Why don’t you shake it up together, with the new trend from icy but hot Moscow?

Why Monarchy Version 2.0. Now?


The day was eventually decided. I mean “the day” when His Imperial Majesty AKIHITO will abdicate. That’ll be the end of April in 2019.

Almost everyone still wonders in Japan, “Why abdication now?”.  Even though the Japanese Emperor quite popular in the Japanese society, His Imperial Majesty abruptly declared his indirect intention to abdicate. Nobody knows what will take place after the forthcoming abdication. However, there is only one thing that is already clear to the public: A sort of dualism will begin to develop even within the Imperial authority after the abdication, as we faced during the Northern and Southern Dynasties in the medieval period in Japan. Of course, the Imeperial household vehemently opposes to such a prediction, but the realty will emerge very soon. Let’s wait a little bit.

How come should this kind of Imperial dualism be needed and realized in Japan? This is the very question we should try to solve at this juncture, although all the mass media keep silence.

In German, they say “In Abwesenheit glaenzen”. That means, someone’s presence is highlighted, because he/she’s never there.  It sounds extremely confusing, but it’s sometimes true in our dailylife. We tend to always think about someone whom we can’t see face to face, because he/she’s not here. I personally think His Imperial Majesty’s attempt to be a good example for that: Because His Imperial Majesty will have abdicated, all of us will be keen to see His Majesty’s early come-back and respect every single word much more carefully than before, which His Imperial Majesty will express one by one to the public. Since His Imperial Majesty won’t be the Emperor any more, the freedom of speech won’t be constitutionally limited either.

This Imperial strategy will totally confuse both the domestic politics and other nations. Everybody expects Primeminsiter Shinzo ABE will manage to remain on the top of the domesitic “political” power for more than several years in Japan. Despite of his accumulated power, nothing innovative and significant for Japan’s future has been done since December of 2012. The ordinary prople on street in Japan are totally disappointed at his failed “ABENOMICS”, while any other political option than Shinzo ABE seems to be left at least for now. In line with discourses on “diversities” in the global community, the Japanese public opinion once tried to prioritize the revival of “Women’s power” in the domestic politics. However, no single female political actor including politicians and journalists (such as the above-shown power elites, Shiori YAMAO and Isoko MOCHIZUKI) obviously seems to be capable enough to give the Japanese society breakthrough from the on-going stagnation. All the means are exhausted…

Looking at the global side of the story, the human civilization led by advanced economies and emerging markets has been facing the fatal deadlock and can’t be move forward at all. “Massive quantitative easing” and “digital economy” are the tools which have been utlized to combat the phenomenon, but fail to rescue the global community so far. Here, all the means are also  exhausted…

At the very last stage of this extremely pessimistic development on the globe, a series of astonishing astoronic incidents are being added. All over the world, small and big meteorites fell one by one, which are making the global public opinion both negative and pessimistic to the future of the human beings. No one can precisely predict what the human beings to attempt to do, while becoming more and more hopeless.

Because we’re now haading to such a period irreversibly, the words of the then Japanese Ex-Emperor will decisively matter to the world, I firmly believe.  As I mentioned beforehand, all the means to combat the current trends seem to be exhausted. Nevertheless, there is indeed only one option left for us: Listen carefully to words to be expressed by the then Japanese Ex-Emperor, who has been profobidden to enjoy the freedom of speech. Based on the huge amount of hidden off-balance sheet assets and long history back to the ancient time, His Imperial Majasty must have the last word which will make the entire world get finally rid of the lasting turmoil.

Now, you don’t grasp yet what I mean to say, I’m afraid. Still, FYI, I’ll give you some more “highly classified” tips to figure it out: A certan big state in South East Asia is secretly prepared for restoration of its kingdom. To accomplish the historical project, the kingdom to be is about to sell a massive amount of physical gold to the market. Besides that, descendants of the former dynasty in Middle East also tries its restoration with financing the project by its historical secret assets, particularly physical gold bars. And the point is, all of them intend to restore the kingdom after the modell of the Japanese constitutional monarchy after the WWII. In sum, “Pax Japonica” has already become “common sense” on the level of kings, queens and emperor, while nobdy on the street hasn’t become aware of the fact.

The next page of the human history will skip democracy but be based on monarchy version 2.0. Stay tuned.




Speech on Pax Japonica delivered in London, UK


The day before yesterday (November 24, 2017), I delivered a speech (of course, in English language!) in London, UK, where I was kindly invited by LID Publishing. I really appreciate all those who got together there and listened to my explanation on the inevitable near future when “Pax Japonica” will be realized.

Enjoy the short video and the text of the speech shown below. Please don’t hesitate to invite me to another event where the audience will be keen to know what “Pax Japonica” can be and why it will have to be realized.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to obtain my newly published book “Pax Japonica”, which is now on sale online, for example, through Amazon. com.

Speech on the occasion of the event “How to do business in East Asia: A High-level Networking” on November 24, 2017, in London, UK.

Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nice to meet you. I’m Takeo HARADA. It is a great honor for me to speak about my new book “Pax Japonica” here, exclusively to you.

This is the very first book I wrote completely in English,while I’ve published more than 25 books regarding Japan, global economy, diplomacy, politics, history and even philosophy in both German and Japanese.
Before I’ll go forward into the main topic “Pax Japonica”, let me please introduce myself very briefly: As I mentioned, my name is Takeo HARADA. My first name “Takeo” simply means “brave man” in Japanese. My father named me so, after two legendary Japanese “brave” men. The one is Takeo MIKI, a former Japanese Prime Minister in 1970s. Another one is Lieutenant Commander Takeo HIROSE, who was a very famous spymaster of the Japanese Imperial Navy in the beginning of 20th century in Japan.

I myself began my professional career in the Japanese diplomacy. In 1993, just one year after the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, I joined the diplomatic service.

Why did I make up my mind to become a career diplomat? From 1970s, the so-called “trade war” between Japan and US continued. Since the latter half of 1980s, USG became so offensive, that it officially argued both the Japanese society and its cultural background caused all the troubles in Japan-US economic relationship. In short, Japan, my country, is the origin of evil, they said. As a young student at the University of Tokyo, I spontaneously reacted on such a trend from US.

Since 1986, Japan enjoyed the bubble economy, which was called the HEISEI bubble economy. Facing the bubble in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we, all the Japanese,
were extremely proud of our nation’s economic accomplishments in the postwar era. I also shared this feeling of the then Japanese citizens, and asked myself the following questions:

“Why do the Americans blame us the Japanese so harshly?”

“Why don’t they accept their economic failure instead of accusing us?”

“What does the Japan-US alliance bring to us? Is that really worthy of maintaining?”

During the entrance examination for diplomatic service, Deputy Vice-minister enthusiastically recommended me to join the so-called “American school” in the house. The diplomats belonging to the school are those who were given opportunities to officially study at American best universities such as Harvard and Yale. They are “main stream” and used to occupy the majority of important posts in the ministry. If I had decided to join this “American school”, I were not here today. As a member of the main stream, I could have never doubted the status quo of Japan’s diplomacy and had kept on enjoying a typical career diplomat’s life in Japan.

However, I refused to follow the recommendation. Instead, I selected German language as my professional language.

Why? The reason was quite simple: Germany was also defeated in the WWII. Nevertheless, Germany never lost her prestige in the international community.

Look at Japan. Japan was totally disgraced after the WWII. US tried to completely change all the social systems in Japan. The situation there is quite different from one in Germany. From my viewpoint, we Japanese should learn a lot from German friends
how to protect nation’s independence.

The ministry dispatched me to Berlin in 1994, five years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. There, I had various opportunities to think deeply about several essential issues, such as:

“What is Europe?”

“What is the human history?”

and “What is openness and multiculturism?”

While Germany was slowly getting out of her lasting turmoil and becoming a great state in the European integration, Japan’s lost decades further continued. To rescue the country, the Japanese political and economic leadership accepted total “Americanization” with financial globalism.

When I was finally transferred to the headquarter in Tokyo in 1998, I soon realized Japan completely became another country that I hadn’t known before. The local people simply lost their national pride. All the Japanese mass media loudly spoke about success of the US investment banks and internet ventures. Everything which was conventionally called “Made in Japan” was completely rejected and replaced by globalism and financial capitalism led by US. As a young Japanese diplomat, I felt confused extremely.

This feeling reached the climax, when I saw my boss, Director-General, went down on knees of a very young American director, who visited Tokyo from the Whitehouse, Washington D. C., during their meeting about DPRK. This very young envoy from Washington D. C. quoted some words and phrases of the then US President G. W. Bush.,
and my boss took note his every single word so seriously, as if he were a student.

Something I could not bear occurred to me abruptly. So, I left the front of the Japanese diplomacy afterwards. That was in the spring of 2005.

The reason why I wrote and published my book “Pax Japonica” is I just wanted to answer to my own question, which held me so long time:

“Why is Japan so oppressed?”

“Can we revitalize Japan again?”

“What is the role Japan should play in the future world.”
Before I quitted my job in the ministry, a synchronicity made one thing significant happen in my life. In 2002, I met a female American Jewish-Sephardic elite by accident. During our very intensive exchange of views afterwards, she, Anna, suddenly sent a message which totally changed my life:

“Well, Takeo, to be honest, there are only two options left for Japan’s future. If she’ll be able to manage to get a breakthrough, ‘Pax Japonica’ will be realized. However, if not,
Japan will be the very first country that will totally collapse.”

This is a phrase I quoted in “Preface” of my book. To be honest, I couldn’t simply grasp immediately what she meant to say. She expressively explained the time left for Japan is limited. Only until 2020. I was just embarrassed.

For me, this experience is quite similar to one, which KUKAI, the founder of SHINGON Esoteric Buddhism, faced in the ancient time in Japan. In 1971, I was born in Kagawa Prefecture in West Japan, which was called State of SANUKI in the ancient period. There, in SANUKI, KUKAI was also born in 774. He was a child of genius, so that he was admitted to visit the then state college where high-ranking officials were educated. Soon after he began to study, he immediately recognized that to do so brought him nothing essential. He left the college without any official permission, and walked around in forests and mountains.

One day, he visited Muroto Cape in Shikoku island of West Japan, and met an old Shaman by accident. He gave young KUKAI an advice, which irreversibly changed his entire life:

“Go to Dazaifu, where ships of talented students are to leave for the Chinese Tang Dynasty. Study hard there and grasp the truth of the world.”

KUKAI finally realized his own destiny, and became the founder of SHINGON Esoteric Buddhism, which has been spiritually protecting the Japanese Imperial House.

In my case, the female American Sephardic Elite’s words awoke me to my own destiny, which said:

“Seek the truth of Japan. Grasp it and explain to the whole world, so that the global community will eventually get into the new next era.”

Having recognized that, my new journey has been kicked off. Again, that was in the spring of 2005.

Almost 12 years have passed since then.  I’ve been dedicating my entire life to this question. And this book “Pax Japonica” is the first tentative report of what I’ve found, seen and personally experienced in this regard.

In the course of time, the global community obviously discovered Japan again. Having received my “Pax Japonica” from my office, Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum, for an example, kindly wrote a message to me, which said “Thank you for sending me the book ‘Pax Japonica’. I personally have witnessed closely the resurrection of Japan.”

In addition, the World Economic Forum recently released an article entitled “Is this Japanese concept the secret to a long, happy, meaningful life?” written by Laura Oliver. This short article highlights a concept in Japanese language “IKIGAI” or “reason for being”. The author suggests the readership to ask themselves the following four questions:

-What do you love?
-What are you good at?
-What does the world need from you?
-What can you get paid for?

Imagine, I’m the one typical example of ordinary Japanese citizen. Based on this capacity, I answer to the first question that I love peace and prosperity.

To the second question what I’m good at,  I would say I’m good at being honest and sincere.

What does the world need from me? I do not want to lead the world. But I’m feeling I should make a sufficient contribution to the world community.

Last but not the least, what can I be paid for? I make some products and technologies,
which should make others happier than before. People will pay for that.

“Being-Japanese”, which I try to explain in the book “Pax Japonica”, is so humble. That is totally different from “Being-Western”. I know it quite well, because, as I mentioned beforehand, I’ve been in Germany, particularly Berlin, for four years and got well acquitted with what Europe is. In my brain, there are indeed two channels since then. While speaking to the Japanese, I make use of one “Japanese” channel. During meeting with western people, my brain is automatically turned to another channel to let me behave myself in a western manner.

But this is an exception. The ordinary Japanese know only to live with their own sense and conscious, where the so-called “high context” culture is traditionally built in.

The famous concept of sociology was introduced by Edward T. Hall in his book “Beyond Cultures” in 1976. According to “Wikipedia”, his theory is based on the thesis that “messages exchanged in a high-context culture carry implicit meanings with more information than the actually spoken parts, while in low-context cultures, the messages have a clear meaning, with nothing implied beyond the words used.” In a higher-context culture, the way words are said is more important than the words themselves, so many things are left unsaid, relying on the context of the moment and the culture as a whole to impart meaning. In a lower-context culture, it is very important for the communicator to be explicit in order to be fully understood.

Why are we Jaanese so “desperately” different from you, ladies and gentlemen?

The way the Japanese live and behave themselves are just unique. You can recognize that at a glance. It is obviously separated from the rest of the world. How can “Pax Japonica”, or a period when Japan will generate all the essential principles for the rest of the world, be able to get started?

Let’s start with the question, why the Japanese are so unique. In my book “Pax Japonica”, you can find the reason why. There, I introduce to you the theory of Professor emeritus Tadanobu Tsunoda, which highlights the unique structure and mechanism of those who were born and live in the Japanese-spoken culture. Thanks to unique role of vowels in the Japanese language, the mother tongue Japanese and non-mother Japanese differ in their pattern of brain dominance, for example, when listening to sounds from the natural world – in particular, insect sounds.

The ordinary Japanese are not talented for assertive communication, because they process both logic and emotion in their left brain. To the contrary, the western people physically separate them: Logic in the left, emotion in the right brain. By doing so,
they can smoothly stick to logical thinking and arguing even without emotion.

Ladies and gentlemen, “Being-Japanese” is obviously rooted in this unique “Japanese language brain”. Feeling mixture of logic and emotion steadily, the Japanese are used to communicate with each other by not arguing, but sharing their own “feelings”. In order to acquire this “Japanese language brain”, you have to be nurtured in the environment where the Japanese language is dominant, until the age from 4 to 9. All the essentials in “Being-Japanese” are rooted in this language uniqueness, Professor emeritus Tadanobu Tsunoda explained to the public.

However, the current GOJ makes effort to introduce English lesson to the early stage of elementary schools, by saying, “We’re now living in the age of globalism”.
From my viewpoint, it’s forced suicide of a nation.

Now, you may have understood biological, physical and linguistic uniqueness of “Being-Japanese”. Of course, it’s not enough to prove the thesis that the era of “Pax Japonica” is now approaching. Having heard the concept “Pax Japonica”, you, the British citizens,
immediately remember “Pax Britanica” and the British Empire. Niall Ferguson, one of the Britain’s most renowned historians picked up nine features of “Pax Britanica”, as I quoted in my book:

-The English language

-English forms of land tenure

-Scottish and English banking

-The Common Law


-Team sports

-The limited or “night watchman” state

-Representative assemblies

-The idea of liberty

Let us assume “Pax Japonica” will be built up. What can we regard as its typical features,
As we did in terms of “Pax Britanica”? In my book, I try to find them out.

In the first chapter, I underline the Japanese concept of “KWAI’I”, or loveliness and cuteness. From my viewpoint, such a cultural uniqueness as the concept of “KAWAI’I” is remarkable but not significant enough to make “Pax Japonica” as the next world order happen.

In the second chapter, I pick up technological innovation in Japan. People simply believe
Japan is a state of brilliant technology. The reality disappoints you tremendously. A series of SMEs have indeed developed brilliant technologies such as cold fusion and transmutation one by one. But the Japanese leading industrial companies are used to refuse them and hinder them from being brought to the market. Without relying on domestic innovation, big companies in Japan tend to just ask their US corporate partners to provide them with new technologies and services originally generated in US. This tendency is being accelerated especially after the collapse of the HEISEI bubble economy in 1990. Contrary to the general assumption, Japan is currently a nation of failed innovation.

What about the Japanese constitutional pacifism? As I referred, the ordinary Japanese really love to live with peace and prosperity.The problem is, however, they just take it for granted. Historically viewing, the constitutional pacifism in the postwar era of Japan was a result of the Imperial diplomacy after the total defeat in the WWII. Japan can remain “peaceful”, because it has been physically and lawfully backed by Japan-US alliance since then. What will take place, if this pre-condition will be dramatically changed in the very near future? Of course, every single Japan-expert categorically rules out this kind of potential.

However, according to classified information I obtained and mentioned in my book “Pax Japonica”, there is indeed a secret agreement between the Japanese Imperial House and USG in terms of termination of Japan-US alliance. In 2045, 100 years after the end of WWII, Japan will get back her full sovereignty from US, I mean, both militarily and financially. In this book “Pax Japonica”, I try to describe the detail of this project,
and the future reality around Japan we’ll face within 28 years.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the keywords of this historical projects are: “dramatic climate change” caused by “irregularity of solar activities”, “sovereign debt shock from Japan”, “off-balance sheets assets” and “Emperor of Japan”.

Let me summarize what I wrote in this book “Pax Japonica” in this regard. Recently,
irregularity of solar activities has been scientifically proven. This is not my unique idea. This is causing climate change, particularly global cooling in the northern emisphere in winter. The drastic change of nature gives extremely negative effect to the human immune system, which leads expansion of various epidemics. In cold weather,
the humankind in advanced countries located in the northern hemisphere gradually tend to stay at home and not aggressively do economic activities, which was quite similar to the era called “Little Ice Age” from 16th to 18th century.

Total deflation emerges. Combatting this irreversible natural phenomenon, all the people are being mobilized to do business with digital equipment.The so-called “FANG”, Facebook, Amazon, Netfrix and Google” are therefore encouraged these days.

This is my personal observation. Nevertheless, this global initiative led by Europe and US won’t give us a final solution to save the world community heading to irreversible global climate changes. Massive quantitative easing in advanced economies and even China,
will start total inflation one by one to combat the on-going deflation.

The point is  this inflation will soon turn out to be hyperinflation, by 2020 at the latest, even without remarkable positive effects to rescue the global economy entirely. Well,
US and Europe seem to successfully get rid of the turmoil at the early stage, as we see right now.

But the question remains in my country, Japan. The Bank of Japan still stick to its historical quantitative easing, while the inflation target is never reached so far. In this regard, Japan is the anchor of global economy,  and keeps on easing the financial market.

Someday in the very near future, external factors such as higher prices of commodities, will accelerate domestic inflation in Japan dramatically, so that Japan will inevitably get into hyperinflation. Keep in mind Japan’s sovereign debt is much more than 260 percent of her GDP.That will trigger both Japan’s own default and default domino of other nations including US and China. The moment of truth will come much sooner than we normally expect.

Now, remember the words of Anna, an American Sephardic elite, I mentioned in the beginning of my speech:

“Well, Takeo, to be honest, there are only two options left for Japan’s future. If she’ll be able to manage to get a breakthrough, ‘Pax Japonica’ will be realized. However, if not,
Japan will be the very first country that will totally collapse.”

This sounds like a mission impossible. Is there any way out from such a dramatic disaster you may soon face?

In the last chapter of my book “Pax Japonica”, I say “Yes” to this question.

In the medieval era,  Marco Polo, Venetian merchant and explorer, once called Japan
“Jipang” or a country of gold in his book “Book of the Marvels of the World”.

According to classified information I obtained, Japan is still “Jipang”, while the Japanese Imperial Family holds huge amount of off-balance-sheet assets, and some of its members are newly designated as “signers” of these off-balance-sheet assets shared by Imperial Royal families of all over the world. In context of this traditional off-balance-sheet assets,
not PRC but the human network of descendants of Chinese dynasties from the ancient to modern times matters to the Japan’s Imperial House. The headquarter of this human network was formerly located in Nanjing, and is currently in Yunnan. The human network has been controlling the hugest amount of “off-balance-sheet assets” traditionally, which even the Japanese Imperial House has been relying on historically.

Ladies and gentlemen, you may wonder whether I’m talking about an usual “conspiracy theory” you can find everywhere.

If you think so, you’re urged to read my book “Pax Japonica”. By doing so, you’ll fully become confident of the story I’m now telling is real and significant for the future world. As far as I’m informed, the fact the current Emperor of Japan, AKIHITO, declared his intention for abdication clearly shows the beginning of a new era.

Towards this new era of the world history, a lot of things have to be done. The previous DPRK, for example, has to be swept away, since the new world order will be established
by kicking off the restructure of East Asia. This new trend will include establishing,
particularly the ties between Japan and China as a whole nation.

In Chapter 4 of “Pax Japonica”,  I mention the forthcoming trend in East Asia as follows:

“Once the ties between the Japanese Imperial House and the traditional leadership of the whole Chinese nation can be restored, the former’s attempt to win back Japan’s full sovereignty, and reach the final goal of establishing Pax Japonica will be both financially and politically by the latter, which will override the West.”

Thanks to the generous investment from the historical “off-balance-sheet assets”, all the brilliant technologies of Japanese SMEs, which were once abandoned and forgotten,
will be dramatically vitalized, and applied both domestically and globally. In parallel with accelerated preference of the global community for cultural and social “Being-Japanese”, these technological changes from Japan will revive the whole world, where the “off-balance-sheet assets” will be again massively invested under the command of the Japanese Imperial Family. Of course, all the processes will proceed peacefully.

The final stage of pre-“Pax Japonica” is already beginning, and, of course,
we can’t fully recognize at this stage yet how the new world order called “Pax Japonica” will look like after its completion.

My own role is being in transition: From mere “observer” to well-informed “activist”. Having read through my book, a prominent US private banker murmured to me,
“He’s insider.” Yes, I’m indeed an insider with the mission to build up “Pax Japonica”,
and will further pursue the inevitable possibility to create “Pax Japonica”, where not only the Japanese but also all the other nations and people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Join me to work on it together.

The time left is limited until the point when unprecedented events and accidents will take place one after another on the globe, and all the other means are exhausted from the viewpoint of other nations.

At this final stage, they will eventually turn to the Japanese, and ask them the ultimate question:

“Well, what do you think, our Japanese friends? What should be done to save the whole world?”

The questions I wrote in the epilogue of my book “Pax Japonica”. I sincerely hope,
ladies and gentlemen, all of you will have fully understood what answers the Japanese will give to the questions, by reading my book “Pax Japonica”.

Thank you very much.


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Legitimacy beyond Legality.


We normally believe there are things around us, which have been existing as they are. We pretend as if we had forgotten there must have been the critical moment when these things were “created”. Instead of arguing on this decisive moment enthusiastically, we’re used to focus only on situations where these “created “things exist. Within this framework, we’ve been living and firmly believe nothing will happen which will lead us to a dramatic change of the world as it is (at least) so far.
However, the time is now approaching to us when all of us will be forced to change this kind of conventional perspective and viewpoint drastically. In the next period, we’ll face the next crucial moment of “creation” per se, when nothing but knowledge and expertise on “creation” from scratch matter. Facing such an abrupt change of the surroundings, almost all the predominated “frameworks” will never work. This is exactly the very challenge we, all the human beings, are to tackle in the course of time till the end of this year.
Having said that, I’m now wondering what’s “legality”. As far as the conventional frameworks do work, we can and shall rely only on “legality”, which allows us to do something according to laws. But how about the period of total creation? For the God, for example, there is no prefixed law, since the God is the very person whose words make laws and rules. From my viewpoint, we, the human being will sooner or later face work on total creation due to abrupt changes of the surroundings, as the God did (and has been doing since then).
In such a situation, there is only one thing we should keep on paying attention to. That’s not legality but “legitimacy” which has to be backed by “values” we intuitively prioritize. Human intuition works, conditioned that we, the human beings make utmost efforts to adapt ourselves to the surroundings as the practitioners of the Japanese old Shintoism (古神道) and esoteric Buddhism do.
Whatever you call it, the moment of truth in this regard is approaching even in an accelerated manner. Whether you’re now sensing it or not, really matters. What do you feel??
The Basic Law of the Federal Democratic Germany
Art. 20 (4) says:
All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available.

A High-Level Networking Event on “Pax Japonica” to be held in London, UK.


I proudly announce I’ll hold a high-level event on November 24, 2017 with Mr. Jonathan Geldart in London, UK, where I’ll explain the detail on my newly published book entitled “Pax Japonica. The Resurrection of Japan”. Check it out by clicking the event’s URL. Join us.


Nobody Knows Where to Go (at Least until Now).


Recently, I couldn’t really manage to make a spare time to write down my thoughts and ideas in this weblog. Due to various obligations I have one by one, I’ve been extremely busy till this weekend. To be honest, I’ve been intentionally doing so, while every both talented and well informed analyst is quite aware something significant will take place not in this October but the forthcoming November in the global community.
Well, what’s next? Do you want to get to know it? The Euro is about to collapse vis-à-vis other hard currencies such as JPY and USA dramatically. The question is what issue will be raised as the decisive cause for the collapse by western mass media. Maybe, it’ll be blown up at first in Spain: The local parliament in Catalonia just declared its independence despite of the central government’s effort to control the whole situation. This could lead us to “Guerra Civil Española Version 2.0”, while the Spanish Royal Family doesn’t have firm authority in the country. Once the movement towards local independence in Catalonia will approach to a victory step by step, other controversial movements seeking independence in Europe will be automatically revitalized and, if needed, could be escalated to physical civil wars. Europe will get back to the past when nobody could imagine peaceful integrations among nations. It’s not Euro as such but Europe as unity that matters.
By the way… One of my close friends, who’s just come back from long stay in Monaco for several years, kindly showed my English book newly released from both UK and US, “Pax Japonica. The Resurrection of Japan”, to a prominent lady, who’s well known as a successful private banker and just paid a short visit to Tokyo. According to his words, the lady spontaneously muttered, “He’s insider”, when she read several pages of my book. Yes, you’re right, my lady. Almost all the ordinary readers tend to regard this work just as a book of boring conspiracy theory. Only those who are also “insiders” are capable of recognizing what I really meant to say by releasing such a controversial book to the global community.
From the viewpoint of an “insider” in this regard, I’ve been extremely interested in the following question: What does truly back the value of JPY? As you fully know, JPY are repeatedly soaring vis-à-vis other major currencies such as USD, even though the Japanese economy continues to suffer from a variety of difficulties and issues. Why does the “market” pick it up as a “safe haven” in spite of that?
Being asked so, one of my elder mentors, who’s totally hidden from the public but well known as the best practitioners of Old Shintoism, once answered to me: “A huge amount of off-balance-sheet assets are buried not outside but inside Japan. The point is only those who are well trained can see where they are. Can you understand what I mean to say?”
Honestly, I couldn’t fully grasp what he meant to say at that time. However, I gradually feel what the reality is behind the door of the genuine Japanese modern history. After the total defeat in the WWII in August, 1945, the Japan’s Imperial House made a decision to become alliance with the US leadership for 100 years. The Alliance is based on the simple rule that Japan is obliged to provide US with liquidities as much as the latter requests. The Japan-US alliance is indeed not a military but financial alliance, that has to be fully backed by physical assets. They must be held by the Imperial House but not known in the public until the day when the next era of Japanese full sovereignty gets started by those who are “insiders” of this story. At least until the day, nobody knows where to go for finding out the assets. Again, only “insiders” become capable of getting back the assets from hidden places and show them to the global community, as the irreversible evidence towards the era of “Pax Japonica”.
Now, you may wonder who are the insiders, and when is the X-Day? Well, let’s see. By the early summer of the next year, you’d feel they’d be coming. Stay tuned.

Analyzing “気(Ki)” in the North.


For several weeks, I was terribly busy with rather domestic issues and jobs, which hindered me from updating my official weblog written in English. People continuously asked me to release our institute’s analysis on the current and future geopolitical risks around DPRK, which now seem to be calm down tentatively. And as our institute correctly predicted, the Japanese stock market got started soaring recently. This trend will continue at least till the beginning of the forthcoming November.
Now, you may wonder: “What the hell happened on September 25?” In a previous article I released through this weblog, I once mentioned that September 25, 2017 would be the X-Day in terms of breakout of the Second Korean War. Well, as all of you are quite aware, any war didn’t break out on that day. At least in a physical meaning. Why physical? Because Pyongyang officially referred to the public that US President Trump’s harsh words turned out to be a declaration of war against the country. That is to say, in a rhetorical meaning, the Second Korean War began on September 25, as our institute pointed out. Even though USG publicly made efforts for denial, you should make sure the Government of DPRK always pay great attention to legal effect of what it has done. By saying that D. Trump declared a war against the country as the US President, everything DPRK will do from September 25 should be, according to its perception and interpretation, justified as self-defense. In this regard, we’re already living in an irreversible era of the Second Korean War. Don’t misunderstand it.

Anyway…What I’m enthusiastically checking on the globe is not events and incidents on the surface of the global community, but “気(Ki)”  in each places on the globe. This means, in other words, invisible atmosphere which both your conscious and unconscious are originally capable of feeling. The Old-Shintoism (古神道), which has been traditionally fundamental factor of “being Japanese” since the ancient time, regards this “気(Ki)”  as the most important part of our daily life. According to its Arcanum, we have to find out a place full of the best “気(Ki)” only which can revitalize your human brain and body by refilling serotonin.

The question is how to judge whether a certain place is optimized with “気(Ki)”. In order to get acquainted with the Arcanum in this regard, you shall practice every day in terms of both time and space. Only by doing so, you physically and subjectively recognize what it is and become capable of sensing the right place with “気(Ki)”. With accelerated stimulation of serotonin, you can always feel better than others, which automatically promises you to be successful and winner in every single game in the life. Thus, from the ancient time all over the world, what the leadership concentrates on is exactly what I described right now. To reign and govern, every leader needs to know the right place to be settled down. Otherwise, he/she immediately loses the physical origin of revitalization in his/her body, which, in the worst case, would lead to the collapse of his/her country.

This autumn, I’ve been travelling around from Paris, Moscow and Helsinki, while checking the right place in the above shown meaning thoroughly. For my surprise, Moscow is much better than even Paris in this regard, and far better than the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Of course, Helsinki keeps the top priority by making all the people visiting there relax, as I’m feeling right now. If you’re still doubtful, why don’t you make the same round trip as I’ve been making? If you’ll do so, you’ll agree with me completely conditioned that your brain and body were destructed by modern technologies in advance.

Make sure the future fact it’s the global competition to acquire the right place in this meaning as much as possible that will break out after the end of the forthcoming Second Korean War. Because the global leadership is about to fight against each other to own the right place with full of “気(Ki)”, the world order will be completely changed. Not finance or digital technology matters at this juncture. It’s rather “気(Ki)” that really matters. Once you stand in the center of Moscow, you just understand while Vladimir Putin succeeds to build up the Russian Empire again. Stay tuned.


The US-DPRK War “Declared”./米朝戦争、遂に「宣戦布告」


On September 25, 2017, Ri Yong-ho, Foreign Minister of DPRK, accused US of having declared a “war” just before his departure from NY to Pyongyang.
Eventually, the Second Korean War has just begun. Physical military attacks will soon follow, which will completely change the previous world order.
As I correctly predicted. Be carefully prepared and stay tuned.

2017年9月26日 東京・丸の内にて
(In Marunouchi/Tokyo, on September 26, 2017)
原田 武夫記す
(Takeo HARADA, CEO and Representative, Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc.)

The War is Coming for Building Up the Trans-Japanese Sea Economic Zone.


If you belong to foreign readership, you might not know what disciplines the Japanese mass media have been forced to follow since the occupation period after the WWII. During the period, the Japanese mass media were harshly accused of having committed themselves to the aggressive war. The Americans armed forces entitled to identify themselves as GHQ taught them what the (American) democracy was, and how they should behave just to keep on playing the game of democracy. According to the disciplines the American gave them, the Japanese mass media may not predict the future to the public. Instead, they have to stick to analyze only both what was done in the past and current status of the targeted phenomena. For them, telling things in the future is a kind of conspiracy and can’t be done in the name of mass media. The reason is quite obvious: Democracy can work, conditioned that results of each elections are not pre-fixed. The American occupation authority strategically took a carrot-and-stick measure against the Japanese mass media, which had been even hostile to the former in the very beginning of the occupation period. In the course of time, the latter eventually understood what they should do and enthusiastically got adapted with the new reality.
The point is the Japanese mass media can’t recognize such a period is about to come to an end: Recently, I was invited by one of them to deliver a public speech on the new world order. As you know, my institute professionally dedicates itself to both quantitative and qualitative analysis for making future strategic scenarios particularly for the Japanese economic and political leadership. From the view of our institute, the X-Day was evident, so that I proudly announced the following without any hesitation based on our analysis: Be prepared for the breakout of the Second Korean War. Once something significant such as launch of a ballistic missile will take place again on September 15, 2017, we can’t avoid the escalation of the whole situation and will be forced to face the preemptive attack by the US Armed Forces on September 25.
Even though all the audience carefully listened to my speech with great interest, the organizer, one of the Japanese mass media, called my press secretary, who accompanied me as usual, on retour to Tokyo. To be honest, we couldn’t understand what the person in charge meant to say, but could imagine what the guy wanted to complain: Don’t tell such a conspiracy theory any more. All we need in such an official occasion is just analysis of the current situation and the past. Don’t make a prediction.
While listing to my press secretary’s reporting, I just felt the Japanese postwar mass media reach the end of their mission since the WWII. Japan, my country which had proudly showed its brave navy and army till the end of the WWII, doesn’t do anything, although the North Koreans obviously violate the international laws by launching a series of ballistic missiles over the its territory. All we, the Japanese, need is, first, what is about to happen, and second what shall be done accordingly. To do so correctly, we Japanese urgently need future scenarios we rely on. For this purpose, the way of both sound and reliable intelligence other than entertainment of pseudo-intelligence some Japanese authors and ex-diplomats propagate is indispensable for the Japanese society. Since the Japanese mass media were once forced not to include such a way of thinking but are now lazy enough, the Japanese public become more and more reluctant to pay attention to what they inform.
Anyway, our institute is totally independent and shall be maintain without any specific financial contribution other than other so-called think tanks in Japan, which are actually dependent on either the Government of Japan or financial institutions. Again, from our view, all the stories around DPRK is moving forward exactly according to the pre-fixed scenario the global leadership agreed on: DPRK will automatically vanish just after the short-term preemptive attack by the US Armed Forces. Based on that a new governing authority will be built up, which will cover all the Korean Peninsula, that is to say, both the North and South. In Seoul, a new Asian type of UN will be established, which forms the trans-Japanese sea economic zone by involving all the countries which belong to the region: Japan, China, Russia and Korea. As the last resort of global investors, the economic zone will soon get started with flourishing abruptly. Because this dramatic change will be totally financed by the off-balance sheet assets which are closely related to the Japanese Imperial Family, this is exactly one of the future realities called Pax Japonica.
Now, you may have eventually understood what will take place from September 25. The breakout of the (very, very short-term) Second Korean War will be just the beginning of the transition period to the era of the trans-Japanese sea economic zone fully backed by Pax Japonica. Don’t believe anyone who can’t see and tell it to you right now. All you need is just a sold future scenario our think tank professionally makes public for the sake of our common future.