Israel and Ctyprocurrency in Japan.


After having soared dramatically, Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, suddenly fell yesterday night. We can easily imagine a lot of Japanese retail investors got anxious and couldn’t sleep well. Now that the first scene of the cryptocurrency theater seems to have come to an end, I do recommend that you should wait a little bit to join the market again. Until when? Well, I would say, until the abrupt breakout of the second Korean war in the middle of the forthcoming July.

Having said that, I do not exclude cryptocurrencies will rocket again in the short term. As long as I’ve been informed of the latest results of quantitative analysis on the global market, their prices will rather go up again meanwhile, as they did in the latter half of the last April. However, based on the current development around the cryptocurrencies in Japan, I remember the following aphorism the ancient Chinese wise men wrote: “ Better be the head of a pike than the tail of a sturgeon.”

What we’re urgently urged to pay attention to is the intention of someone who continuously stimulates the Japanese public and leads the Japanese ordinary people to join the cryptocurrency theater. From my viewpoint, the highest time when you had to get in to the cryptocurrency market was April in the last year, 2016. After the Chinese retail investors sought a safe haven in Bitcoin since then, its price accelerated to rise up. Compared with its price in April 2016, it became tripled in the very beginning of this year. That was really the initial “honey” phase you can enjoy in terms of emerging new products in the financial market.

It’s the Japanese big companies that abruptly begin to make the local retail consumers and investors pay much more attention to cryptocurrencies. Particularly, the megabanks in Japan have been competing with each other to bring their own cryptocurrencies to the market and will launch them one after another in the autumn of this year. The point is they do not develop the core technologies they essentially need for their cryptocurrencies by themselves, but totally rely on their Israeli partners. The Japanese megabanks have been dispatching their huge delegations to Tel Aviv repeatedly, so that they agreed on win-win collaborations with the Israelis. The Israelis kindly accept the request from the Japanese friends in the market, and don’t hesitate to disclose high technologies they confidentially developed to the Japanese megabanks.

At this juncture, all we need is to carefully think about the strategy the Israelis are seeking vis-à-vis the Japanese. The leadership of the Jewish state consists of the Ashkenazim, whose traditional strategy to survive in the world history is “mounting”. They carefully pick up those who are rich but not aware of such a selected position in the world, and secretly approach to them by offering something the latter want. Once the latter entirely accepts the offer, the Trojan horse of the Ashkenazim is being switched on. Eventually, it completely destroys the targeted state. What’s left after the operation is the completely different state we did see until recently. In the targeted state, its leadership is dominated by the Ashkenazim, who immigrate from the previous Jewish region. While the “original” local people lose their own sovereignty and are governed by the new leadership of the Ashkenazim. We can see this type of successful stories of the Ashkenazim strategy, for example, in Russia, Canada and Israel.

Now, Japan, my nation, is obviously locked on. All the leaders never seem to fear of such a “mouting” strategy of the Ashkenazim, who will soon be forced to endure “diaspora” from Israel due to the total war in the middle east by 2020. Whether Japan can remain genuinely “Japanese” or not, totally depends on the possibility the Japanese will fully become aware of this creeping crisis. Be careful of the cryptocurrencies, even if they are to be introduced by the Japanese esteemed companies. The enemies always stand behind the door. Stay tuned.

Julian’s New Mission.

Julian Assange

Yesterday, the Swedish prosecutors dropped Julian Assange rape investigation, which forced him to seek a safe haven in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, UK. Finally, Julian Assange, the self-proclaimed leader of “Wikileaks” triumphs. Now that the prosecution in this regard won’t be realized, he’ll immediately get out of the embassy and re-activate his fight against “injustice” in the global world. In short, the second round of “Wikileaks” has just started.

As I once wrote in my book on the dramatic disclosure of US diplomatic cables by Wikileaks in Japanese language, we should focus on the totally classified intention of someone who’s been both financially and physically supporting all the activities of the Wikileaks. Since the online entity got started with releasing the cables obtained from Chelsea Manning to the public on November 28, 2010, the previous world order has been continuously shaken and urged to change. All the conventional authorities have lost their powers step by step, whereas nobody knows yet what alternative will eventually emerge to save the world. Edward Snowden followed Wikileak’s revolutionary attempt. Thanks to their endeavor, all of us know the governmental authorities always hide something significant from the public eye.

What I mean to say here by is quite simple as follows: In the early summer of 2010, the most credible and closest source to me in US Sephardic elites informed me in advance something terrible would take place very soon, which would kick off the total revision of the world order. “Tell me, what do you exactly mean?”, I asked while staying in a room of St. Regis in Osaka. “Sorry, but I may not tell it to you, Takeo, at this juncture. However, believe me and don’t forget we’re now heading to a terrible age”, she replied. After five months, the Wikileaks officially declared its fight against USG.

Based on this personal but essential experience which only “synchronicity” enabled me to have, I firmly believe Julian Assange is given a new mission right now by being released from the fear of prosecution. Because he’s well punished so far, he can’t help obeying such a command from someone behind the door. Besides the latest campaign on “Vault 7” to leak confidential documents of CIA on its secret advanced hacking program, the Wikileaks must have “obtained” other classified documents and will release them to the public once for all, so that the world order will be so transformed that all the human kind will eventually reach the next phase.

As I repeatedly announce recently in public events here in Japan, summer in this year won’t be the same we had until the last year. The summer ahead will be so “hot” both physically and politico-economically, that we won’t forget it. Well, let’s see Julian’s new mission. He’ll soon show us the next door to the future, which will never be the same our wishful thinking used to tell us. Stay tuned.

The End of Digitalization.


More than 100 countries on the globe were reportedly attacked by a ransomware, which is closely related to the US National Security Agency. In UK, the NHS suffered from the attack and totally paralyzed. As for my country, HITACHI, one of the leading company from Japan, was heavily affected by this affair in terms of its factory located in UK. In short, the internet abruptly turned out to be a digitalized WMD.

Facing the globalized disaster, some experts may urge us to accelerate the development of a new technology called “blockchain”. However, this can be never an ultimate “solution” for the current digital disaster in the age of “IoT” and “Industrie 4.0”, since even “blockchain” basically needs the same network as the conventional one the internet has been utilizing.

Even though the ransomware seems to be quite hazardous, this is only the very beginning of the whole story: The digital network our globalized society totally depends on is essentially supported by just four “servers”, while one of them is located in the Shonan Fujisawa Campus of Keio University in Kanagawa prefecture. If someone intentionally switches off all these four servers in the same time, the internet as such is blacked out. No one can will make use of the internet anymore, and the whole human society and economy will be also blacked out.

Again, experts of the internet will argue such an incident will never take place. Well, guys, how about the above-shown ransomware? It clearly shows us that there is nothing impossible in the age of the total digitalization. How should we exclude the possibility “terrorists” equipped with highly developed digital weapons will target the four key servers?

Again, this is just the very beginning of the whole story we’ll face step by step until 2020. Only those who have been carefully following what Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and Edward Snowden allegedly have leaked to the public, are able to understand how vulnerable the world has become due to the accelerated digitalization. I suppose the newly released media “Wikitribune” will tell us much more, while its editors team sent me the following message on May 12, just before the incident:


Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Wikitribune.

We are so excited about this project and will be in touch over the following weeks with ways in which you can be involved.

Many thanks

Wikitribune Team”

To wrap up, I would say, “Be prepared in advance for the total shut down of the digitalized network. Don’t forget to buy a shortwave radio, which is almost forgotten but can deliver essential information on global affairs even without being digitally “get connected””. Stay tuned.

At the Dawn of the Second Korean War.


Because Mike Pence, US Vice President, recently failed to pay a “surprise” visit to Pyongyang for the final “diplomatic” negotiation with Kim Jong-un, USG obviously made up its mind to step forward to its “PLAN B”: The second Korean War. Kim Jong-un isn’t well-educated so that he couldn’t understand why Mike Pence visited the Far East this time. It’s not D. Trump but the US Vice President who’s actually entitled to say the last word in terms of the off-balance-sheet assets to change the world order. Kim Jong-un should take advantage of Pence’s recent visit to the Far Ears and invite him to Pyongyang for the final negotiation. However, the poor pseudo-dictator didn’t know what to do in this context and never changed his “bad” behavior. By the time of the Pence’s visit to the Far East including Japan, my institute supported the analysis that the accelerated tension in the Korean Peninsula would be abruptly swept up thanks to the above-mentioned “surprise” visit of Mike Pence to DPRK. Because he failed to do so, it’s rather the high time for US Armed Forces to attack the pseudo-dictatorship, I think.

Having said that, the question is not “Whether the second Korean War will be break out or not”, but “When will the war break out” and “How should we prepare for the war”. What do you think? Let me tell you my personal opinion as a professional analyst of both global-macro and geopolitical risks briefly as follows:

On the first question of “timing”: We should always stick to the reality that a war can be done only if enough money is prepared. If you don’t have enough money, you can never declare a war to enemies, since you have to pay money to both soldiers and buy a series of weapons. The “allied forces” headed by USG will take the current opportunity to make a war against Pyongyang happen, because they can’t help doing so due to the lasting difficulties in the world economy since 2008. They urgently move on to a new war economy, so that enormous demands will be raised to save the global economy. For this purpose, someone must be sacrificed. It’s the poor North Koreans who are to be selected to play this role. Anyway, as soon as US will succeed to raise enough money, its armed forces suddenly begin a “Blitzkrieg” vis-à-vis Kim Jong-un to show him the fact “This time is completely different from previous games”. The moment of the truth in this context will come between now and the first half of July 2017, my “adaptive unconscious” tells to myself.

On the second question of preparation for the coming war in the Korean Peninsula, some significant factors have to be taken into account: It all depends on another question “How long will the battle be done this time”. If the “allied forces” led by USG will succeed to completely gain supremacy over Pyongyang within a week, what we should prepare as ordinary citizens particularly in Japan is only buying gold bars and selling it once for all, as soon as the gold price is to soar during the war ahead. In this scenario, you don’t need to be concerned about potential involvement in warfare, since all the military high-technologies of US, Russia and PRC will be utilized this time to totally destroy the old-fashioned weapons produced by Kim Jong-un. In short, “Take a little time in advance, and buy gold bars as much as you can”.

Even based on all the things I touched upon so far, I don’t mean to say any single chance will be left for poor Kim Jong-un to achieve a partial victory during the coming war. If we could successfully launch a series of ballistic missiles simultaneously, even US Armed Forces wouldn’t be able to attack all of them. If the war as such will be done as a kind of “covert actions” of US intelligence agencies, some of the ballistic missiles would be controlled by the US side and attack one of its armed forces’ camps located in Japan, for example, in ZAMA, Kanakagawa Prefecture. Even by launching just one ballistic missile without an effective warhead in this way, Japan will be totally shocked and wake up both politically and militarily after having “slept” more than 70 years since the defeat in the WWII. The real and new game towards “Pax Japonica” proclaimed by me will finally get started.

To wrap up: Don’t book flight tickets and reserve rooms in hotels for your summer vacation 2017, before the second Korean War will suddenly and eventually break out. Stay tuned.

10th Anniversary and More.


Yesterday, I proudly celebrated the 10th anniversary of my think tank, “Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA)”, with my closest clients and staffs in Tokyo. More than 80 guests got together and kindly listened to the speech I delivered in terms of our past and future.

In April 2007, two years after I had jumped out of the diplomatic career, I got started with my entrepreneurship as CEO of my own think tank. The first headquarter was located in not the city center of Tokyo but the suburb called “Kunitachi”, where I live. Only with 4 colleagues, whom I succeeded to hire with tremendous difficulties, I built up my first company.

In this very early stage, I simply knew nothing about how to run a company “appropriately”. It’s rather my honest feeling that motivated me to establish the company: While having served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I gradually got to know who controlled the global community. Besides that, I could never understand why other ordinary Japanese couldn’t pay attention to that and simply believed that today is just an extension of yesterday, and that tomorrow will be another extension of today. Somehow, I strongly felt the world order would be changed dramatically by the period between 2018 and 2020. Of course, I couldn’t explain why, however, I began to try to find out an “appropriate “ narrative of what I had felt.

In the very early stage, neither I nor my staffs exactly understood what products we delivered to customers and clients. Instead, I kept on writing reports and tried hard to express what I felt while facing realities in the global community.

As one of Japanese “micro-multi”, i.e., a tiny company with a series of stakeholders (not only clients) in the whole world, my company made tremendous efforts to survive for the past 10 years. For me, the short history of the “IISIA” is a copy of my own “Bildingsroman”, which thoroughly recorded how I’ve been growing up as a young business leader. In the course of time, I’ve become conscious of what I was born to do in my second professional stage.

A simple phrase my closest friend living in Kobe I heard in around 2003, entirely changed my life and made me aware of my destiny: “By 2020, the world order will be changed completely. Japan could lead the global community after that. If she would fail to do so, she would rather collapse and be disgraced.” Since then, my think tank and I have been working only on this issue, “Pax Japonica”, either consciously or unconsciously. Towards the moment of truth, what should the Japanese as the nation living on the selected soil initiate for the sake of the entire global community? That’s exactly what the IISIA was born to continuously ask itself and to seek the final solution. Based on the advanced research of “information literacy” in the age of total digitalization, we, the members of IISIA dedicate ourselves for the better world.


US Vice President’s unannounced visit to Pyongyang.


As I correctly predicted, nothing terrible has happened so far: All the mass media particularly in Japan reported a war is coming, which turned out to be a “fake report”. Pyongyang neither did a new “nuclear test” nor launched a ballistic missile to the Pacific.

Instead, the Washington Post just leaked the Trump administration had decided to urge Kim Jong-un to rather diplomatically negotiate on the issues of both ballistic missile and nuclear weapon under the condition that USG doesn’t want a regime change in Pyongyang. From the viewpoint of a former Japanese career diplomat in charge of DPRK issues, it clearly shows us the fact that USG is now willing to talk with Kim Jong-un. I suspect a surprise announcement will be jointly done by Washington D.C. and Pyongyang within a couple of days to kick off an intensive dialogue towards their common future.

To make it happen, not Trump but Pence has to show up on the arena. US President Trump just follows instructions given by those who really own the country. As far as I’ve been confidentially informed, it’s US Vice President Pence who matters. He’s the very key man who’s empowered to make decisions on off-balance-sheet assets of the United States.

Whether the real ownership of the country is serous or not will be definitely shown by an event to be done within a couple of days: If US Vice President Pence would skip his plan to make a short visit to Japan for the first round of the economic dialogue with Japan and pay an unannounced visit to Pyongyang instead. If so, the world order would be dramatically changed like a surprise visit paid by Jimmy Carter to the capital of DPRK in 1994. To enable him to do so effectively, US intelligence agencies seem to make tremendous efforts to guide foreign mass media especially in Japan, so that the people on the street in the neighbor countries of Pyongyang simply believe a war is coming.

We would soon face an unbelievable reality in the Far East. The US-DPRK alliance would be established, which would lead us to make another one between Japan and US completely obsolete. Based on that, Japan would be forced to decide whether she would protect herself only by her own means or seek other alliance partners. An American source recently suggested that Japan should build up a new system of collective security with her junior partners in the neighborhood without US.

To wrap up, I’d say Pence would shake hands with Kim Jong-un on around 18 and 19 April. Stay tuned.

Trump’s Next D-Day.


For more than one month, my institute has been announced the following to its clients through daily and weekly reports: “Be prepared for breakout of the next war. From around 7 April, 2017, major commodity prices will rocket due to the war to be conducted by the Trump administration”.

And…on 7 April, the US Navy unilaterally attacked the Assad regime in Syria by launching 59 missiles. Simultaneously, the prices of commodities, particularly gold, has begun to soar. As its CEO, I’m very proud of the fact our institute succeeded to make a legend in the world of analysis on the global market and affairs.

Of course, I did listen to my “adaptive unconscious” carefully, to find out exactly when the global community would change itself. In addition to that, it’s my own institute’s original methodology that helped me to point out the D-Day in advance. Let me explain how I figured out as follows:

-The results of quantitative analysis done by my closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD, repeatedly told me that something significant would happen on 7 April, 2017, which would lead us to face the next stage of accelerated total inflation in the global market. Since his analysis has been remaining as it was made for almost one month, I could firmly believe the related confidential information might have been leaked by a part of US governmental leadership.

-Because Mr. HKD correctly pointed out that attention should be drawn to not stocks but commodities this time, I concentrated on current geopolitical risks which could trigger the next war. There were indeed two factors in the global community, which could provoke the Trump administration: the Middle East and DPRK.

-In terms of the Middle East, I suspected USG’s effort for the regional peace could turn out to be fake eventually. Looking back to the US history, USG always pretended to contribute to the peace just before declaring a war against to the same target. As soon as it was intentionally leaked to mass media that the Trump administration prepared for the next peace conference in ME, I almost concluded that was exactly a declaration of the new war in advance. And Syria was sacrificed again chemically, while Russia denied that the Assad regime allegedly made use of the WMD.

-As for North Korea, US President D. Trump finally announced his administration would “do the right things” even unilaterally if Kim Jong-Un would further behave inappropriately. An preemptive attack could be done by the US Armed Forces, although there should have been something much more convincing which could justify a unilateral and military attack vis-à-vis Pyongyang. Based on DPRK’s numbers station, a Japanese professional analyst predicted a war in the Korean Peninsula could get started on 9 April.

-Contradictory to USG’s announcement, the US Armed Forces is never capable of conducting a two-front war recently. USG has to choose “Either-Or”, that is to say, either the Middle East or DPRK had to be chosen and sacrificed, which could, of course, enormously affect the global community and its market as a whole.

Don’t blame for the fact that D. Trump personally said “NO” against a war in Syria during his presidential campaign in the last year. In this context, his personal belief doesn’t matter at all. Once he’s got a win in the election, he’s been forced to automatically adapt to the “global agenda”, which is being generated and ordered by inner circles of born leaders. They are indeed connected beyond borders and collectively make decisions on what the global community has to do step by step. And their orders called the “global agenda” are disseminated to the “elected” leaders including D. Trump through various channels. The “elected” leaders can help doing the “homework”. Otherwise, something both terrible and horrible would happen in their personal life.

Well, guys, now that you completely understand how my institute’s analysis works, you must be extremely eager to know what will be the next. According to the above-shown quantitative analysis, the next “D-Day” is already fixed on 19 April in advance, which will affect the Japanese market rather positively regardless of abrupt volatilities to be seen then. Do you wanna get to know much more and be a winner? Leave a message to me as your comment, and I’ll tell you much more about the future. Don’t miss it.

You and Your Wife. Episode 2


Since I released the last column entitled “You and Your Wife” and described what problem the on-going political scandal around the House of ABE exposes, a lot of both Japanese and foreign readers kindly pay great attention to it. Astonishingly, the latter even began to discuss whether we should pick up the issue on the indirect involvement of Ms. Akie ABE, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo ABE’s wife, in the distorted purchase of a former state real property by the private school called “MORITOMO GAKUEN“ located in Osaka. Some foreign readers argued it’s not appropriate to highlight such a “private” instead of political achievements of the ABE administration so far. Unfortunately, I don’t personally support such a pseudo-argument, while I’m fully aware of a significant fact in the Japanese modern history that obviously stands behind the shining couple “Shinzo and Akie ABE”.
In 1955, young mothers in Japan totally shocked to hear a series of babies suddenly died for an unknown reason particularly in the western part of the country. This was exactly the very beginning of the tragedy called “Morinaga Arsenic Baby Formula Affair”. For almost 15 years, the esteemed group company “MORINAGA” never accepted the accusation that its baby formula produced in a plant in the Tokushima Prefecture mistakenly included arsenic, which is extremely hazardous and harmful to human health. All through the 1960s, MORINAGA’s products were publicly criticized, and consumers’ protest organizations harshly appealed to the Japanese public opinion that the Japanese consumers shouldn’t buy the company group’s products.
From my viewpoint, it seems ridiculous that the Japanese mass media don’t even touch upon this historical fact in the context of the current political scandal around “MORITOMO GAKUEN”. The First Lady of Japan, Akie ABE was born as a daughter in the Family of MATSUZAKI, one of the legendary owner families in the Morinaga Group Company. As she got married with Shinzo ABE in 1987, the “Morinaga Arsenic Baby Formula Affair” was never forgotten in the Japanese society. It’s quite obvious that the marriage itself was partly based on political motivation of the group company, which was continuously criticized due to a social crime against its consumers. The group company “MORINAGA” continuously needed unbroken ties with the political establishment, while the Family of ABE, a part of the Japanese political legend in the context of post-war conservatism, urgently needed a huge amount of money to acquire the position of the Japanese Prime Minister.
Even though the majority of the Japanese nation seems not to remember the affairs anymore, the victims’ organization “HIKARI-NO-KAI” still keeps on fighting against social discrimination and appropriate compensation. In this mean, the “Morinaga Arsenic Baby Formula Affair” never dies forever.
To avoid any misunderstanding in the readership, I’d like to take this opportunity to underline I personally know Akie ABE and highly respect her as a new type of social activists for the better world. Having said that, I assume that her enthusiastic attitudes in social activities is closely related with her memory of the shadow history of the above-shown affair. It seems that she’s been trying to compensate for social justice by walking around in the country. If she really does so and wants to keep on doing so, it’s high time for her to officially show up in the Japanese Diet to tell the truth in terms of the “MORITOMO GAKUEN” to the public. It’s not her husband’s ambition but her own family legacy that now matters. As one of the great fans of the First Lady, I want to urge her to accept my recommendation immediately. Unless she won’t change her position, we’ll soon be reminded of the following proverb: The history always repeats itself. For the first time, as a tragedy. But as a comedy for the second time. Stay tuned.

You and Your Wife.


In Japan, being someone’s wife legally gives you something profitable. For example, you don’t need to pay any tax, all the children declare not to inherit your husband’s legacy for the sake of you as his wife. An old Japanese idiom says “内助の功”, which simply means “wife’s achievement to support her husband’s work outside the house”. The fathers of the Japanese civil law paid attentions to this and enhance such a custom by even adapting the original western civil law texts to it. In this regard, you as the husband may not argue that you’re not responsible for what your wife has done, because both you and your wife take advantage of this typical Japanese legal and social system.

To understand what’s happening right now in the House of Shinzo ABE correctly, you have to take this into account. The point is how deeply Akie ABE, the first lady of the Japanese Prime Minister, is involved in the affair of the ultraconservative elementary school to be established called “森友学園” in Japan. The founder of the elementary school, Mr. Yasunori KAGOIKE, is said to have been politically preferred when he succeeded to acquire the real estate for the school, which had originally belonged to the Government of Japan. The House of ABE is being blamed because it reportedly affected the deal either directly or indirectly.

We can’t deny the one thing: The first lady, Akie ABE, is personally committed to the elementary school and enthusiastically supported it. She even accepted to become its honorary president, which was publicly announced in the school’s official website. Mr. Yasunori KAGOIKE leaked that she “personally” made a financial contribution in amount of 1 million JPY to the school and handed over the money to him privately without any receipt. Her husband, Shinzo ABE, had firmly denied neither he himself nor his wife did have something to do with the illegally preferred deal of the real estate. Nevertheless, the moment of the truth will come, when the donation will be proven to have been done by Akie ABE. The Japanese Diet officially resolved that he should be summoned as a sworn witness before the Diet. He’ll show up on March 23 in the Diet.

Besides the above-shown Japanese idiom, I personally imagine what actually happened between Mr. KAGOIKE and the House of ABE on the critical date in 2015. Thanks to a person who stands closely to the first lady, she kindly invited me on January 2, 2015 to the suite room of the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi, Tokyo, where she and her husband, the Japanese Prime Minister, privately enjoyed a short vacation. I asked her to do so, because I wanted to make a presentation on a brilliant Japanese high technology for combatting the tritiated water in Fukushima to Shinzo ABE face to face. Even though he personally showed great interest in the technology, nothing happened after that. However, I can still imagine what the first lady wrote to me at that time:

“The Prime Minister has just won the general election, while I had contributed to the victory much more than before. Therefore, maybe, he’ll accept my request smoothly.”

I suspect the quite same thing happened to the MORITOMO-GAKUEN affair. Shinzo ABE finally accepted her wife’s request and met Mr. Yasunori KAGOIKE, regardless of the fact that he wasn’t committed to the ultraconservative school. The reason why he did so was quite simple: His wife, Akie ABE, the first lady, enthusiastically committed herself to the philosophy of the school. Because he couldn’t help recognizing her contribution to his victory in the previous general election, he gave a small present to her by holding a short meeting with Mr. Yasunori KAGOIKE in Osaka, I suppose, as they really did vis-à-vis to me in Roppongi, which was never recorded officially.

But again, in Japan, the rule of the household’s integrality can’t be denied both politically and legally. Well, dear Prime Minister, it’s the high time for you to resign right now, as I repeatedly recommended you to do so in this column. Unless you won’t follow my recommendation, something much more disastrous will happen and destroy all the political legacies of the House of ABE. Take care and call me if you need any essential advices from me.

It’s Show Time for Pax Japonica.


This week, my colleague in charge kindly found out my first book written in English and to be released in June from UK (and in August from US) is just listed on To be honest, I was astonished because I’ve been still working on revision of the book’s text with my publisher!

The Publisher, Lid Publishing, announced on the what content my new book includes as follows:

Japan, the world s third largest economy and its largest creditor nation, has been in crisis for more than two decades. Its economy has been depressed or in recession in much of that period, its banking sector in a critical state, and its public sector burdened by recurring fiscal deficits and mounting debt. Today, the hegemonic role in global trade and financial markets has been assumed by the USA and China. Yet, this book argues that a possible future Pax Japonica one in which Japan will overcome its paralyzing debt and once again play a leading role in global finance can become a reality. Leading international strategist Takeo Harada provides new and astounding insight into Japan s hidden role as designated controller of large often secret funds kept for the purpose of rescuing humankind from ultimate disasters. For this reason, Japan s role in the global economy can never be under-estimated and remains critical to its progress.

Wow! Fantastic! Check it out and don’t forget to make a reservation online (Since the book will be published in the early summer as I mentioned above.).

In the course of time, one my elder mentors in the INTEL world suggested I should gradually close my mouth and rigorously categorize the readership and clients according to their significance to my project “Pax Japonica”. The audience in general should be provided only with general information, while those who makes non-disclosure agreements in written forms may access to classified information(機密)I have. And only for the few selected people (particularly here in Japan), the strictly confidential intelligence (厳密)is reserved. Well, the time when I’ll have to totally shut up to the public will come soon, I suppose.

In this mean, the above-shown book entitled “Pax Japonica” could be my last book in the world. Again, don’t forget to reserve it on the