Good-bye, Tritiated Water in Fukushima!

As I always anticipated in previous posts, we just reach the final stage of the first chapter of the Japan Bubble. It is clearly indicated, while the TOPIX, which almost all the Japanese institutional investors regard as the most important benchmark measuring the Japanese stock market, slowly begins to rise since December 26. 2014 is the year of the Japan Bubble. Nobody can deny this fact any more.


When I discuss so, you may still wonder “How about Fukushima?” Just after the Great Earthquake in East Japan on March 11, 2011, the first nuclear reactor in Fukushima of the TEPCO (“Fukushima Dai’ichi”) was disordered and began to diffuse various radioactive substances. The most tragic scenario seems to have been avoided so far. But still, Japan is faced with some unavoidable issues related to this incident. While cesium and strontium are to technically be filtrated, the most complicated task is how to treat tritiated water. Every moment, the power plant discharges it massively. Actually, about 400 litre per day! However, conventional technologies can’t filtrate it perfectly. Even the most famous experts in the Japanese academia don’t hesitate to argue that this tritiated water should be discharged to the Pacific Ocean as soon as possible. Based on that, I can understand your feeling if you would say, “OK, the Japan Bubble has come, as you predicted. But how do you treat the “Fukushima Dai’ichi”?”

In this context, don’t miss the critical date “January 14, 2014”. A Japanese venture located in the Kanagawa Prefecture will try to test its high technology with experts of one of the most prestigious national university in Japan. If it will be conducted successfully, the nuclear history will be drastically changed. Because this technology can, if succeeded, disnature tritiated water into hydrogen gas! That means automatically, the issue “Fukushima Dai’ichi” will be almost solved. Of course, the decommission procedure of the nuclear plant as a whole will be accelerated.

I’ve been personally given lateral assistance to this venture for 3 years. When I visited the factory for the first time, every major companies in Japan disregarded the existence of such a high technology. Not only in business, but also in academia, Japanese elites pretended as if this advanced technology were faked.

But now, even the Prime Minister’s Office shows its deep interest in it. Under political pressure from the highest level, the Japanese academia begins to support its development step by step. The moment of the truth will come, as I wrote above, on January 14 in the next year.

Now, you see Japan is a nation with hidden high technologies. One of the most significant objects my think tank “IISIA” pursues is to let them reveal to the public and to cause the world shift thereby. If tritiated water will be converted to hydrogen gas successfully, the once abandoned region in Fukushima will be a center of electricity powered by the latter. This will surely lead to dramatic shuffle of industry’s location worldwide.

Again, 2014 is the year of the Japan Bubble, which will never go. Don’t miss the rush for Japan. And…I wish you all the readers a happy and prosperous year.

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