China Crash and Tritiated Water in Fukushima

Yesterday night, my closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD”, mailed me a short message. “S&P is said to plan to downgrade the PRC in the very near future”, he wrote.

Hmmmm…  Spontaneously, I fully agreed with him based on what I saw in Hong Kong. In the last Asian Financial Forum, the former secretary of US treasury, Timothy Geithner, gave a speech on January 14. The audience was totally surprised to be instructed, “NO PHOTO, NO RECORD, NO MEMO. JUST LISTEN”. Furthermore, Geithner was obviously fatigued. Of course, he didn’t refer to the reason why. However, my adaptive unconscious told me this could be somehow related with the US federal debt limit, which will be reached approximately on February 7. I guessed Geithner was dispatched to the PRC to ask his (former) Chinese counterpart to rescues the US federal finance, but in vain.

Nearly on that day, John Kerry, the US state secretary, paid a courtesy call to the Pope Francis. You might know Vatican plays a decisive role in the financial market, as its IOR has established a huge deposit for those who want to hide their money from authorities. My adaptive unconscious suspected Kerry was there because he was, like Geithner, instructed to beg the Pope immediate financial assistance. How important this mission was implied by the fact Kerry announced during this visit Obama would visit Vatican in the near future. Just after this announcement, the White House released the US President, Barack Obama, will be given an audience by the Pope on March 27. That means every turmoil around the US will continue at least till the latter half of March this year…

Getting back to China, nobody knows whether the PRC will truly be downgraded. But the point is such an uncertainty is fully capable to shake the human psychology all over the world for a while. That could cause both upward and downward tendency even in the Japanese stock market. As you can see below, the latest statistical analysis on the Nikkei 225 index undertaken by Mr. “HKD” clearly shows the Tokyo stock market could sharply rise between January 28 and February 7:

20140124    -1    16149.8    over 453.91
20140127    -1    16344.51    over 952.95
*20140128    -1    15689.08    over 297.52
20140129    -1    16118.75    over 727.19
20140130    -1    16026.43    over 634.87
20140131    -1    16002.24    over 610.68
20140203    -1    15870.95    over 479.39
20140204    -1    16050.13    over 658.57
20140205    -1    16070.63    over 679.07
20140206    -1    15897.19    over 505.63
*20140207    -1    15532.79    over 141.23
20140210    -1    15529.4        over 137.84
20140212    -1    15525.78    over 134.22
20140213    -1    15523.4       over 131.84
20140214    -1    15521.35    over 129.79

Last but not least, just a few words on tritiated water emitted by the first Fukushima nuclear reactor. Yesterday, the leadership of the related venture enterprise and I briefed a key person of the Ministry of Finance on what’s going on around its high technology for detoxifying of the tritiated water. He promised to support us in Kasumigaseki, the Japanese bureaucracy, and asked us to update the information as soon as an operation test will be undertaken by a certain, authoritative national university in Japan. On January 30, the next step forward will be made in accordance with instructions of the top leadership of the GOJ.

Because of its significance, I won’t mention this issue in my Japanese media except for really critical dates. Instead, I’ll promise you to continue updating the detail on this English weblog.

Fresh thoughts and initiatives are urgently needed especially in Japan. Until they will emerge, just listen to what a forerunner in this regard has already begun to play as shown below. Enjoy.

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