My New Book to Be Released: Why Neo-Japanesque Now?

My New Book: "Japan Moves the World History"

As I got up early in this morning (at around 4:30 am!), I finally found the AMAZON had just begun to sell my new book online. Sorry, my dearest foreign friends who can’t unfortunately understand Japanese, but this book will be published only in Japanese for the time being.

This book is entitled “Japan Moves the World History”. As you might spontaneously recognize, the illustration on cover page is drawn à la Japanesque (Courtesy of Ms. Rin Nadeshico).

Why “Neo-Japanesque” now?? Because I’m quite aware of the time sequence in the near future that will at last let Japan move the world history, while the current civilization led by Europe and US will fatally collapse within 5 years. However, I won’t say Japan will dominate the world without innovating itself drastically. To accomplish that, all the Japanese urgently need the moment of the truth when all of them can awake for the sake of their destiny.

My adaptive unconscious suggests both “the Japanese language” and “music” will play big roles at such a stage of the world history. As I explained on this English weblog previously, the ordinary Japanese have quite different brain structure and function from ones of other ethnics thanks to long vowels. Scientifically saying, not the genes but the Japanese language decides the uniqueness of the Japanese society: peaceful, harmonized, comprehensive and ecological. These are very characters which the current world community lack of.

From now on, not to speak out but to actively listen to others’ words is of importance to reconstruct the human society. Not to push out but to draw into is the strategy needed. Just Pay much more attention to the power of auditory sense. Music with Japanese lyrics will clearly attract other nations and let them understand what “Pax Japonica” really means.

A friend online asked me to write much more than usual on this English weblog, while he/she agrees with what I’ve written here. Next time, I’ll try to write a little bit more, but this time, I have to finish now to take a train to USA, where I’ll pray for peaceful transition of the world history to rightness in the USA Jingu in Oita/Japan.



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