All about the Truth of Greenland

Every day, plenty of people reach the official website of my think tank, “IISIA”, in Japanese. Thanks to Google Analytics, my colleagues and I always check big data to be collected through the site and adapt ourselves to emerging trends on internet.

This week, one specific key word drew attention during the work. That was “Greenland”: Many readers obviously reached the IISIA’s website with great interest in this country’s name by search engines.

Why “Greenland” now?? The answer is quite simple: The latest issue of the IISIA’s Monthly Report (Sorry, written only in Japanese recently) focuses on this country and its huge potential in the crude oil market.


Greenland is still an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. I say, “Still”, because this country will soon declare its independence. In addition to that, we have a very reason why we should now pay attention to it. That is closely related to Japan’s bubble economy I’ve been describing in previous columns on this weblog.

Recalling the Heisei Bubble in late 1980’s in Japan, we can easily find three decisive causes which led Japan to this historical bubble economy: “capital flights from the world to Japan”, “massive appreciation of JPY” and “finding of a new giant oil field”.

Now, let’s apply these three factors to the current situation of Japan. That can be described as follows:

– Official statistics of the Japanese Ministry of Finance clearly shows foreign investors have been continuing to accumulate Japanese stocks as their assets. Almost 60 percent of Japanese stocks sold in the market is now hold by them. During the last one month, it’s been the Nikkei 225 index that rose most among the major indices in US, UK and Japan (shown below). This means the irreversible capital flight to Japan is continuing.


– In terms of the exchange rate of JPY, the moment of the truth didn’t come yet. However, we shouldn’t forget major European countries secretly begun to leave the previous hegemony of US recently. For example, the French have obviously no more interest to maintain the era of US dollar, while their economic leadership slowly prefer EURO to USD as trade currency in oil market. Furthermore, Germany tries to withdraw from historical collaboration with US intelligence agencies, while she suddenly expelled the local station chief of CIA from Berlin. This is awfully unbelievable because Bundesnachrichtendiest, the German intelligence agency, was established as a holdover from the Nazionalsozialismus, thanks to approval of USG. In sum, this trend of European flight from the US hegemony will soon lead to depreciation of USD, which will then automatically cause massive appreciation of JPY as the ultimate safe haven automatically. I would say the moment of the truth in this regard would come in the forthcoming September.

– Last but not least, the brandnew oil field to be found in the world. Despite several official announcements released recently, almost all of us isn’t aware of the fact that Japan created a company called “GreenPex” to explore the oil field in Greenland and got successfully awarded two licences of exploration jointly with Chevron and Shell in December, 2013.

Please make sure that this exploration is being undertaken by Japan “jointly” with US and UK. Whenever the Japanese stock market is about to rocket, the oil price must be falling, for example, due to successful finding of new giant oil fields. One of them can be found in Greenland, while this success of exploration can be controlled “jointly” by JPN, US and UK.

Well, dear readers, don’t you feel something when you watch the following two videos on flags of Greenland and Japan? This feeling tells you exactly that the history is not sequence of accidents as described usually, but results of strategies pursued by those who know the arcanum of the earth.







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