The Ultimate Question: Who Owns the World??


While I took a walk in HK without any specific reasons a few days ago, I just concentrated on thinking about one simple question: “Who owns the world??” I’m fully aware of such a question is so stupid that nobody usually takes it into account seriously. However, I’ve not been able to asking myself this question since I was invited this time to HK for a surreal reason.

“IF” the world is owned by someone specific, it can be theoretically controlled at the very last stage of a series of theater of the absurd we’ve seen since the beginning of the current financial meltdown in 2007/8. Capers around the world will be stopped, and the world order will be settled down thanks to such a power. But now, the point is how to prove the existence of such an ultimate controller of the world.

In HK, a wise person totally unknown to the public gave me an advice in this regard, which I really, really appreciate. This person just instructed me to draw the following question into attention: “Every single state including even the United States, the biggest one, has been accumulating a huge among of its national debt. Everybody knows this national debt is issued by a certain state, while that is owned by either its own people or other states. Let’s go back to the origin of the whole story. Who could decide to own debt issued by the first nation state, even though he/she stood outside it? There had to be someone who could play this role. It’s the guy who owns the world.”

When you try to find, for example, who possesses a certain company, you always check its list of equity holders. You may then find “Jewish” private persons’ or companies’ names normally, and conclude they own the company. Because it’s not legally obliged to disclose debt structure, its true system of controlling interest isn’t exposed publicly. In short, it’s not equity but debt which is historically of decisive importance in the world history. Such a single truth is never been told in US CPA course.

The above mentioned wise person further pointed out I should take a look at the chart of stock price of the HSBC holdings.


Recently, the government of PRC tried to finally find out who owns the bank, while it began to buy massively to purchase its equity in the market. The real and ultimate owner of this bank is said to have successfully defended its historical position by selling its portion once drastically in the stock market to let the price fall down. While the PRC government had been shocked to have a huge amount of loss and made a fatal decision to evade further battle, the owner then bought back the stock massively and won back.

Official statistics clearly shows the Chinese mainland’s government owns as a single state the largest portion of US national debt and theoretically control its government’s direction, even though PRC and US always pretend to skirmish with each other. However, the truth is there stands someone as the ultimate controller of the world even above these biggest countries. You should forget every Jewish name known usually in this context, because they have been just playing the role of servant of the ultimate controller and forced to be exposed and attacked by others.

Fianally, I understood in HK the very problem we should hurry up to solve for saving the world. The hard core of Japanese traditional authority seems to swerve from the course of this ultimate controller. Whether this is intentionally done or not is the question, in which I’ve been involved since this visit to HK a few days ago. Now that I came so close to the ultimate fact of the world history, I sincerely hope I would be allowed to tell it in detail to you, dear readers, someday. Stay tuned…

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