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One Simple Question on Japanese Captive by ISIL


Yesterday, I reached Fukuoka and am staying in the city. Thanks to colleagues of one of the leading local banks here in Fukuoka, I’m honored to deliver today a speech on what will happen within the five years. More than 250 people are said to get together to anticipate the very near future with me, which I really appreciate. Thinking of what I should talk to the audience today, one very, very simple question occurs to me. It’s regarding Mr. Kenji GOTO, a captive by the so-called “Islamic State (=ISIL)” in ME.

It’s terrorism of a “theatre type”: Every time the ISIL sends a message to the Government of Japan, it makes usage of social media on internet such as “Youtube”. In short videos the ISIL uploads, it criticizes and attacks the GOJ harshly, so that there is only one option for the GOJ to solve the issue. That’s making a unilateral compromise with the Islamic terrorist group, while the GOJ is to be disgraced and loose face in the international community.

Now that Edward Snowden, former contractor of US intelligence agencies including CIA and NSA, leaked every single communication on internet has been tracked by these INTEL people, I’m simply wondering why the USG doesn’t point out to the GOJ exactly where and when the short videos uploaded on American social media. In addition, the USG and its allies excluding Japan are capable of taking photos from spy satellites. Because the resolution of these images are enough qualified to identify who he/she is taken in the photos, GEOINT must be helpful for the ABE administration to decide its position during the negotiation. Nevertheless, the GOJ obviously fails to get such an essential assistance from the western allies. They just expressed their moral support to Japan by making no significant contribution to solve the issue.

I’m now telling you this story based on my personal experience in diplomatic service. At the very last stage of my career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I was in charge of our diplomacy vis-à-vis DPRK, especially in terms of repatriation of Japanese abductees. In order to verify what the North Korean government explained to us in this regard, the GOJ once asked CIA whether it could disclose relevant satellite images taken in 1970s. Colleagues of the US intelligence agency spent long time to make a final “negative” decision. It’s quite the same story we now face in terms of the Japanese captive by ISIL. 

Telling the truth to you, dear readers, there is indeed no reason for governments crucial in this story to help the GOJ. Why? The reason is very simple and clear: It’s these governments that made the ISIL. That’s it. The USG and its western allies massively trained local militants to make the so-called “Syrian Free Army”, while Jordan provided them with maneuvering field. Even the Saudis supported this project. After having established a certain militant group sufficient to control the vast region in Iraq and Syria, they then pretend as if a kind of “blow back” happens and they were also its victims. At this stage, I’d underline this is the very beginning of an undeclared war against Japan by all the other “western allies”. The more the GOJ seeks assistance and support from them, the more disgraced it will be in the international community as an incomplete state without intelligence capacity for self-defense. 

I personally think only one alternative is left to the GOJ in the current situation: Ask either the German or the Russian whether they have communication with the leadership of ISIL to release the captive. Why Russia or Germany? It’s Vladimir Putin that could succeed to make the USG recognize the Assad regime in Syria again as the de facto authoritative regime. The Russian aren’t obviously involved in the above-mentioned multilateral conspiracy, even though they have, of course, enough intelligence capacity to detect where Mr. Kenji GOTO is captured. As for the German, the fact the leading German magazine “Der Spiegel” leaked this conspiracy to the world, clearly shows Angela Merkel was given a prior notification by other western allies but follows its own interest in this context other than common one shared by them. In ME, Merkel’s intelligence hand called “Bundesnachrichtendienst” is also capable of identifying where the Japanese captive is. 

During yesterday’s short talk to the Russian Ambassador in Tokio, I tried to persuade him in this direction. While Russia is to be expelled from the SWIFT (=Society for Worldwide Financial Telecommunication) by the Europeans, she really needs friends in the financial world, who is to mediate between Russia and the Europeans. Without membership of the SWIFT, the Russian financial institutions can’t transfer money to abroad. That automatically means death of the Russian economy. I touched upon this issue and sought whether the Russian side is potentially willing to make a deal with Japan to do a win-win game: While Japan will support Russia in terms of the SWIFT, Russia will do a favor in other fields for the sake of the former. However, the Russian Ambassador is just incapable of understanding such a comprehensive approach and denies the possibility Japan will do something against the will of her western allies, especially the American. Now, I have the feeling there is only a way out for me to enable the whole project: Talk directly to Putin and ask him without hesitation whether he has interest in both this kind of unprecedented deal with the Japanese and making usage of the Tokio market as safe haven of Russian money. As far as I know, the American intelligence community won’t basically oppose to such an initiative as far as the US financial institutions can also take advantage of it.

 Anyway… To evade a disastrous end of the captive story, we the Japanese need a totally new orientation of out tactics and strategy. That’ll lead us to the new era of the world, or “Pax Japonica”.

Emerging New World Order and Innovation from FUKUSHIMA


(Source: Air Photo Service)

Having read my previous post, you may be puzzled to understand what happened on the “X-Day”, around January 21, 2015, which I pointed out, after all. Exclusively for you, dear readers, let me summarize it as follows:

The King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah passed away. Now, it was officially announced, even though we speculated he had died even before the announcement, since his illness had been well known thanks to media reports in the end of the last year. The Saudi King was a “living built-in stabilizer” in ME. In Lack of his presence, the previous order of ME is about to be totally destabilized towards the “New Middle East” which the NATO leaked to the public since 2006.

The US Congress decided to invite Israeli PM Netanyahu to deliver a speech during its session against the will of President Obama. As a preemptive measure, WH already made its intention public not to hold a bilateral summit with Netanyahu in such an occasion. Because the Obama administration made efforts to finish its long-run negotiation with the Iranian by making a series of compromises, the forthcoming visit of Netanyahu will force the US-American public opinion to finally make a fatal decision: “Whether we should accept the Iranian as our old but new friend or not”. Meanwhile, the Iranian strategically signed the agreement with Putin on military cooperation, which allows the Russian to provide the former with S-400, brandnew SAM. In addition, the proxy war between the Iranian Revolutionary Guard plus Hizbollah and the IDF has been escalating in the Golan Heights, which was originally possessed by the House of Rothschild. On the brink of the possible Third World War and anti-Semitism, the Obama Administration will give its final answer to the world community soon.

-Not Nintendo’s famous Mario, but Mario from Rome shocked the global market: The ECB decided to launch its massive QE program from March. By going beyond the “point of return”, the Euro-zone voluntarily proceeded to be collapsed. To rescue the southern Europeans, who never took serious that not the German but they should combat their own financial disaster, the current fiscal soundness in Berlin. If I were Angela Merkel, I would immediately secede from the Euro-zone and form my new one with the Netherlands and Finland by getting back gold reserve from both Paris and NY. After depegging of Swiss Franc from Euro, a number of other currencies are nominated as potential target of similar measures. It’s just the beginning of the US-dollar dominated currency system.

Last but not least, two Japanese citizens were announced to be kidnapped by the Islamic State for ransom. PM Shinzo ABE shortened his schedule to visit ME and was forced to answer to the IS: “To pay or not to pay. That’s the question.” From my viewpoint, the leadership of the global community now focuses on whether Japan would concentrate just on her national interest to save lives of the guys, or go on to set new frameworks to the whole world including ME in spite of sacrificing a part of her own interest. Unless Japan wouldn’t do so, her nationals would be kidnapped and killed one after another by “Islamic terrorist” (= covert actions of western/Islaeli intellicence agencies) not only in ME but all over the world.

Let’s take a look at what quantitative analysts are just saying: My closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD, sent me the latest result of his analysis in terms of the very near future of the Nikkei 225 index as follows:

20150123   1   17409.06   under 80.04

20150126   1   17440.59   under -71.16

20150127   1   17357.64   under -154.11

20150128   1   17150.94   under -360.81

20150129   1   17323.89   under -187.86

20150130   1   17137.55   under -374.2

20150202   1   17239.69   under -272.06

*20150203   1   17510.34   under -1.41

20150204   1   17421.77   under -89.98

20150205   1   17468.29   under -43.46

20150206   -1   17642.26   under 130.51

20150209   -1   17640.93   over 129.18

20150210   -1   17640.41   over 128.66

20150212   -1   17640.02   over 128.27

20150213   -1   17641.15   over 129.4

20150216   -1   17642.29   over 130.54

20150217   -1   17642.63   over 130.88

20150218   -1   17642.87   over 131.12

20150219   -1   17643.46   over 131.71

20150220   -1   17644.96   over 133.21

20150223   -1   17645.52   over 133.77

20150224   -1   17646.86   over 135.11

20150225   -1   17647.75   over 136

20150226   -1   17647.52   over 135.77

He warned not to be bullish until February 3, 2015, when something significant is expected to take place again. The next “X-Day” is already set to emerge…

By the way, the beginning of the forthcoming February is of extreme importance in terms of the biggest country risk in Japan: the tritiated water emitted by the Fukushima Dai’ichi Nuclear Plant. As I touched upon previously, a Japanese company successfully invented an innovative technology for transmutation to detoxify the tritiated water, which was never believed and regarded as possible by experts in academia. The CEO of the venture company mailed me yesterday night by saying he’ll be interviewed officially by the GOJ’s secretariat for decommission of nuclear power plant on February 6. Sooner or later after the interview, the Abe administration will make it public whether Japan will show its innovativeness to successfully tackle the issue of FUKUSHIMA or not.

Anyway… The world history, or “Zeitgeist” in German, has just revealed to change towards the next framework. Are you ready??


I’m just about to relaese my new risk/strategic scenario on global macro entitled “Brothers”. Who are the brothers to bring about the dramatic change of world order to “PAX JAPONICA”? Check it out and anticipate the near future together.

The next “X-Day” and untold secrecy of Kyoto



While Switzerland surprised all the investors by the de facto strategic appreciation of Swiss Franc, I myself came to Kyoto, the most beautiful historical city in Japan without any flurry in my mind. Why?? Because I’ve been aware of the “X-Day” will come on around January 21 in 2015, and both physically and psychologically prepared well for it. Again, what was caused by the Swiss bankers is not the end of the whole story. It’s just the first measure of a prelude to the above mentioned “X-Day”, January 21, 2015. This time, it’s a “Black Wednesday” that we will face. Please make sure at first.



Of course, there is a certain reason why I now visit Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan. Thanks to massive depreciation of JPY, lots of foreigners come to Kyoto from all over the world. Nevertheless, I’m wondering whether you, dear friends and readers in foreign countries, know when you should and shouldn’t come here.


One of my “masters” (=advanced teachers they inform younger leaders of a series of truth only orally) living in Kyoto told me the following rule only the residents of historical families in this city know: In the ancient time, all the habitants in Kyoto were those who originally came from Izumo. This ethnic group loved to live peacefully without causing any volatilities artificially to boost its economy. However, once another group came, the scene was dramatically changed and reversed. This group, which is later related to the Ise Shrine later, conquered the former one, peace-loving people, and their tragedy began. From that time, they were totally disgraced and discriminated in the Japanese society, while they have been obliged secretly to support the Japanese Imperial family. Some of them were brutally contained in the eastern districts of Kyoto, which the ruling group has been calling “the other world (あの世)”. While some of peace-loving people from IZUMO fled and run away even to Suwa in Nagano, where they established their other capital around the “Suwa-Taisha” Shrine and allowed to hold a traditional festival quite similar to the famous “AOI” and “GION” festivals (葵祭・祇園祭) in Kyoto. By the way, the capital’s name “SUWA (諏訪)” sounds a little bit “SWISS”, while the both regions are locations of world-class wrist watch producers.



Anyway… Because the City “KYOTO” is historically connected to such a genocide among tribes, connoisseurs never visit when they don’t want to lose their lucks. Only when they are feeling unlucky and want to restart everything, they love to come to reset here. Unless we’re aware of this unwritten rule, our life and vitality are just absorbed in still remaining power of lost lives in this city…



Last but not least, the master pointed out how important the marriage of Her Imperial Highness Noriko and Mr. Kunimaro SENKE, deputy representative of the IZUMO Shrine is. According to interpretation of those who are living in traditional families in Kyoto, this is the very signal of what’s just started here in Japan: A scene change from “Giving up territory (国譲り)“ to “Getting back the territory (国戻し) “. That means, Japan is now set to get back to the time when the peace-loving IZUMO tribe ruled the society: Without any artificial volatility, and with full joy of life. Just say good-bye to the volatility-dominated society led by the western civilization, which obviously faces its deadlock recently.


In this regard, the “X-Day” on January 21, 2015, is just the beginning of the story. It’s not just economy but the world history as such that matters. Welcome to the time of “PAX JAPONICA”! Stay tuned…

The Destiny of two “J”s.






Frist of all, I wish you, all the readers of this weblog on the globe, a prosperous and peaceful new year ahead. And I really thank you for coming back to my online column and anticipating the future together.

This year, I just kicked off my work even on January 2 in Roppoingi, Tokio. I was given an opportunity to give a person who’s in charge of making essential political decisions for the whole state of Japan a 30-minutes briefing. I just referred to two fundamental changes Japan will face in the very near future: A cutting-edge innovation to overcome the tritiated water emitted from the Fukushima Dai’ichi Nuclear Power Plant, and renewal of the bilateral relationship between Japan and Russia based on strategic acceptance of US. The person who lodged in one of the most luxurious hotels in Tokio, showed great interest to both the stories. I further keep working on them and make the things happen.


To begin this column, I just mentioned this year should be “peaceful” for you, dear readers. However, the year 2015 has begun just as the year of brutality and antagonism. This has been clearly shown in a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, France since January 6. As I’ve been afraid, the so-called Islamic “Jihadists” started offensives in the European continent, which will surely bring about massive retaliation in ME. In addition, you’d better make sure that this is only “the beginning” of the story: The “Jihadists” obviously focus on the whole western world and now try to import their “Jihad” to US. The question is “WHEN” the moment of the truth will abruptly emerge.



At this juncture, my “adaptive unconscious” tells me that “January 21, 2015” will be extremely critical in this regard. According to the latest results of statistical analysis done by my closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD, the majority of both essential and influential institutional investors is now betting on the date as the next “X-Day” of sea change in terms of WTI, NY 30 and Nikkei 225 index. As it’s been often the case, something extremely significant is now leaked from world-wide intelligence agencies, which gives such a direction to these investors.


Of course, you may wonder what will happen on January 15, which will lead a fundamental change of the world community. As far as I know, there are three possibilities as follows:


  • The second wave of nightmare “9. 11” will reveal. Major cities in US will be simultaneously attacked by the “Jihadists”, which will lead to a final decision of US President Obama to declare a total war vis-à-vis the Islamic State (IS). The third world war will begin.
  • The Saudi King, Abdullah, will die. Because nobody among his princes has sufficient powers to both of internal and external powers as Abdullah had, the regime as such will be fatally weakened. While de facto succession struggle will be started, “Jihadists” of the IS will exceed borders to fight against the Saudis.
  • A magnetic storm will reach the earth, especially the northern hemisphere. It’ll be due to continuous irregularity of the solar activities and give huge impacts to the current western-dominated civilization.


I don’t exclude the possibility not just one of them but all of them will be simultaneously realized. The Islamic world as a whole will try to defend itself and point out there is a true “enemy” of the world community, which is said to manipulate everything behind the door. They will simply say, “It’s the Jewish people and their financial capitalism that really matters.”

Therefore, Act II of the war will be regarding the state of Israel. As the proxy of all the Jewish people on the globe, the Israelis will be sacrificed and forced to abandon their territory. Around 2017, the diaspora will repeat itself in such a manner. The poor Israelis will be given the task again to find their safe haven called “Israel”, where they’ll be able to settle down in the local community of “brothers” peacefully.

The location is called “JAPAN”, where the people will find the crucial evidence on what the state really is: On the back of a mirror as symbol of the goddess “AMATERASU” kept in the Ise Shrine, one of the most important shrine in Japan, a sentence in Hebrew is written…


To wrap up, I’d say the following: In the year 2015, the “brothers” will begin to encounter and find out the next part of their lost history. Two “J”s (= Japan and the Jewish people) will be moved to mutual understanding on what they really are. Within 4 to 6 years, everything will be settled down to esbalish “Pax Japonica”, while bloodshed and tentative peace will emerge one after another.


Last but not least, it’s unforgettable for me what one of my admirable “masters” dedicated to extend the genuine Shintoism told me even 5 years ago:Kronos and your own life will synchronize from 2015.” In last November, he added that my life will be totally changed in a positive way from January 20, 2015. Now, the time will come just in 10 days.


Stay tuned…