The next “X-Day” and untold secrecy of Kyoto



While Switzerland surprised all the investors by the de facto strategic appreciation of Swiss Franc, I myself came to Kyoto, the most beautiful historical city in Japan without any flurry in my mind. Why?? Because I’ve been aware of the “X-Day” will come on around January 21 in 2015, and both physically and psychologically prepared well for it. Again, what was caused by the Swiss bankers is not the end of the whole story. It’s just the first measure of a prelude to the above mentioned “X-Day”, January 21, 2015. This time, it’s a “Black Wednesday” that we will face. Please make sure at first.



Of course, there is a certain reason why I now visit Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan. Thanks to massive depreciation of JPY, lots of foreigners come to Kyoto from all over the world. Nevertheless, I’m wondering whether you, dear friends and readers in foreign countries, know when you should and shouldn’t come here.


One of my “masters” (=advanced teachers they inform younger leaders of a series of truth only orally) living in Kyoto told me the following rule only the residents of historical families in this city know: In the ancient time, all the habitants in Kyoto were those who originally came from Izumo. This ethnic group loved to live peacefully without causing any volatilities artificially to boost its economy. However, once another group came, the scene was dramatically changed and reversed. This group, which is later related to the Ise Shrine later, conquered the former one, peace-loving people, and their tragedy began. From that time, they were totally disgraced and discriminated in the Japanese society, while they have been obliged secretly to support the Japanese Imperial family. Some of them were brutally contained in the eastern districts of Kyoto, which the ruling group has been calling “the other world (あの世)”. While some of peace-loving people from IZUMO fled and run away even to Suwa in Nagano, where they established their other capital around the “Suwa-Taisha” Shrine and allowed to hold a traditional festival quite similar to the famous “AOI” and “GION” festivals (葵祭・祇園祭) in Kyoto. By the way, the capital’s name “SUWA (諏訪)” sounds a little bit “SWISS”, while the both regions are locations of world-class wrist watch producers.



Anyway… Because the City “KYOTO” is historically connected to such a genocide among tribes, connoisseurs never visit when they don’t want to lose their lucks. Only when they are feeling unlucky and want to restart everything, they love to come to reset here. Unless we’re aware of this unwritten rule, our life and vitality are just absorbed in still remaining power of lost lives in this city…



Last but not least, the master pointed out how important the marriage of Her Imperial Highness Noriko and Mr. Kunimaro SENKE, deputy representative of the IZUMO Shrine is. According to interpretation of those who are living in traditional families in Kyoto, this is the very signal of what’s just started here in Japan: A scene change from “Giving up territory (国譲り)“ to “Getting back the territory (国戻し) “. That means, Japan is now set to get back to the time when the peace-loving IZUMO tribe ruled the society: Without any artificial volatility, and with full joy of life. Just say good-bye to the volatility-dominated society led by the western civilization, which obviously faces its deadlock recently.


In this regard, the “X-Day” on January 21, 2015, is just the beginning of the story. It’s not just economy but the world history as such that matters. Welcome to the time of “PAX JAPONICA”! Stay tuned…

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