We’re still open on alert, but I’m on summer vacation.


Finally, today has come: From today to August 9, I’ll enjoy this year’s summer vacation and leave the office.

However, don’t be disappointed. I’ll keep in touch with you online, wherever I’ll be abroad. Especially because the US and Japanese financial market are secretly about to soar sharply from around August 5, I’ll have to always be prepared to give you explanations through social media such as this official weblog in accordance with future changes in the global market and geopolitics.

Even though it’ll be quite obvious based on statistical analysis that the stock and commodity markets will rocket very soon, almost all the Japanese “analysts” predict the market would rather decline due to summer vacation. Don’t they really know what to say, or do they just pretend as if they don’ know it? I don’t know, but the truth will reveal sooner or later.

Anyway, have a nice weekend and see you maybe in the next week online.

NOTICE: Even during my summer vacation, our institute is per se open. Stay tuned.

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