On Brexit: What’s next?


The British people said “YES” to their BREXIT. Afterwards, all the investors in the global market were extremely surprised and the financial markets collapsed. USD/JPY rate reached even 99 Yen yesterday, which reminded Japanese business leaders of nightmare they had from 2009 to 2012. Well, this is the new reality and even the gate to the new era.

The fact all the investors were totally surprised by this “grass-root type of democratic decision” by the British people can be herewith pointed out, because my most important alliance partner, Mr. HKD, who dedicates himself to statistical analysis with super-algorithm kindly showed his analysis, which negatively indicated to BREXIT. According to his statistical analysis, not June 23/24, but the end of July could be critical, for which we should be prepared. His statistical analysis is based on objective data of investors’ behavior in the market. Before the result of BREXIT referendum came out, all the investors stack to their “rational” prognosis that BREXIT wouldn’t be realized.

As for me, I’ve been pointed out it’s not BREXIT per se but making volatilities that matters. In addition, accelerated “global cooling” due to current climate change may have motivated the British leadership to hold such a referendum at this critical moment. Of course, the British leaders never opened it to the public, but they obviously indicated they intend to go out of the islands to any other locations where they won’t suffer from “climate cooling”. You can understand almost everything, which happens right now in the global community, with this way of thinking.

I became aware of this British intention, when I attended an international conference in Shanghai in May, 2008. In the conference, significant guys in the financial and academic world enthusiastically discussed the question where the location of the next financial center in Asia should be. The Chatham House led the discussion, while officials from US Treasury were merely allowed to participate in the discussion. Spontaneously, I felt it was the British intention that tried to shape something significant and quite new indeed in Shanghai.

Afterwards, there was a series of realities I’ve been facing in terms of Shanghai. For example, David Marsh, one of the global financial narrative makers and insider of the City of London, frequently visited Shanghai and Beijing before the Shanghai Stock market abruptly collapsed in the last summer. What the government of PRC did afterwards was exactly measures which were recommended by David Marsh and his OMFIF, an influential de facto entity of the City of London.

Last but not the least, the Vatican recently decided to establish diplomatic relationship with PRC, while the Cardinal in Shanghai is selected jointly by them. Thanks to oral history given by a legendary Japanese banker closely related to the House of Rothschild, I knew Panama it the country which was used as safe haven by the Vatican at least in 1980s. And the so-called “Panama papers” revealed. I finally realized what has been done in terms of global money by the Vatican. They may have tried to change the root step by step, so that they can secure their assets and adapt themselves to emerging realities we’ll face.

Combining these facts, I’ve been anticipating in advance BREXIT would come true. Because of accelerated climate change, particularly with cooling weather, the City of London will move to somewhere in or near the southern hemisphere, where they can enjoy warm climate. To make it happen, every measures shall be both officially and unofficially executed. By allowing people on the street to vote in the referendum, they were, in fact, forced to commit themselves to this strategy while believing in a typical noble lie, “You can decide your own future by yourselves.” Of course, MI5’s covert actions may have played effective role in this regard. Remember the assassination of MP Jo Cox.

Well, I actually didn’t know in advance it would be realized at this juncture, however, once BREXIT was decided, the global community will be pushed forward according to the City of London’s strategy furthermore: In some big cities in continental Europe, Islamic terrorist attacks will simultaneously kill a huge number of innocent people. And “global cooling” will hit both Britain and continental Europe , so that the people will finally realize what they should do right now and rush for emigration to other “warm” parts of the world. HSBC, one of the most leading global financial institutions will make a final decision to get back to Shanghai, which will clearly indicate that the global macro is to be reshaped for the new era. The global money will be poured into Tokio via Shanghai, which will then accelerate stagflation dramatically in Japan. The moment of truth in terms of Japan’s default will tick.

Brexit is not the end of the story, but only the beginning of the new world order we have just begun to face. I myself think the next step must be a collapse of the UNITED kingdom by Scotland’s political claim for its independence and remain in EU. The question for the Queen Elizabeth is whether she should resign or move to Canada, where she legally enjoys “personal union”. Stay tuned.



A very short information on what was done in terms of Japanese high technology to detoxify tritiated water in Fukushima. The Japanese Cabinet Research Office is said to control all the things, and it decided to connect QEI with some of Japanese leading heavy electric machinery company, so that an experimental reactor will be built up as soon as possible. To be continued.

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