Legitimacy beyond Legality.


We normally believe there are things around us, which have been existing as they are. We pretend as if we had forgotten there must have been the critical moment when these things were “created”. Instead of arguing on this decisive moment enthusiastically, we’re used to focus only on situations where these “created “things exist. Within this framework, we’ve been living and firmly believe nothing will happen which will lead us to a dramatic change of the world as it is (at least) so far.
However, the time is now approaching to us when all of us will be forced to change this kind of conventional perspective and viewpoint drastically. In the next period, we’ll face the next crucial moment of “creation” per se, when nothing but knowledge and expertise on “creation” from scratch matter. Facing such an abrupt change of the surroundings, almost all the predominated “frameworks” will never work. This is exactly the very challenge we, all the human beings, are to tackle in the course of time till the end of this year.
Having said that, I’m now wondering what’s “legality”. As far as the conventional frameworks do work, we can and shall rely only on “legality”, which allows us to do something according to laws. But how about the period of total creation? For the God, for example, there is no prefixed law, since the God is the very person whose words make laws and rules. From my viewpoint, we, the human being will sooner or later face work on total creation due to abrupt changes of the surroundings, as the God did (and has been doing since then).
In such a situation, there is only one thing we should keep on paying attention to. That’s not legality but “legitimacy” which has to be backed by “values” we intuitively prioritize. Human intuition works, conditioned that we, the human beings make utmost efforts to adapt ourselves to the surroundings as the practitioners of the Japanese old Shintoism (古神道) and esoteric Buddhism do.
Whatever you call it, the moment of truth in this regard is approaching even in an accelerated manner. Whether you’re now sensing it or not, really matters. What do you feel??
The Basic Law of the Federal Democratic Germany
Art. 20 (4) says:
All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available.

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