Why Monarchy Version 2.0. Now?


The day was eventually decided. I mean “the day” when His Imperial Majesty AKIHITO will abdicate. That’ll be the end of April in 2019.

Almost everyone still wonders in Japan, “Why abdication now?”.  Even though the Japanese Emperor quite popular in the Japanese society, His Imperial Majesty abruptly declared his indirect intention to abdicate. Nobody knows what will take place after the forthcoming abdication. However, there is only one thing that is already clear to the public: A sort of dualism will begin to develop even within the Imperial authority after the abdication, as we faced during the Northern and Southern Dynasties in the medieval period in Japan. Of course, the Imeperial household vehemently opposes to such a prediction, but the realty will emerge very soon. Let’s wait a little bit.

How come should this kind of Imperial dualism be needed and realized in Japan? This is the very question we should try to solve at this juncture, although all the mass media keep silence.

In German, they say “In Abwesenheit glaenzen”. That means, someone’s presence is highlighted, because he/she’s never there.  It sounds extremely confusing, but it’s sometimes true in our dailylife. We tend to always think about someone whom we can’t see face to face, because he/she’s not here. I personally think His Imperial Majesty’s attempt to be a good example for that: Because His Imperial Majesty will have abdicated, all of us will be keen to see His Majesty’s early come-back and respect every single word much more carefully than before, which His Imperial Majesty will express one by one to the public. Since His Imperial Majesty won’t be the Emperor any more, the freedom of speech won’t be constitutionally limited either.

This Imperial strategy will totally confuse both the domestic politics and other nations. Everybody expects Primeminsiter Shinzo ABE will manage to remain on the top of the domesitic “political” power for more than several years in Japan. Despite of his accumulated power, nothing innovative and significant for Japan’s future has been done since December of 2012. The ordinary prople on street in Japan are totally disappointed at his failed “ABENOMICS”, while any other political option than Shinzo ABE seems to be left at least for now. In line with discourses on “diversities” in the global community, the Japanese public opinion once tried to prioritize the revival of “Women’s power” in the domestic politics. However, no single female political actor including politicians and journalists (such as the above-shown power elites, Shiori YAMAO and Isoko MOCHIZUKI) obviously seems to be capable enough to give the Japanese society breakthrough from the on-going stagnation. All the means are exhausted…

Looking at the global side of the story, the human civilization led by advanced economies and emerging markets has been facing the fatal deadlock and can’t be move forward at all. “Massive quantitative easing” and “digital economy” are the tools which have been utlized to combat the phenomenon, but fail to rescue the global community so far. Here, all the means are also  exhausted…

At the very last stage of this extremely pessimistic development on the globe, a series of astonishing astoronic incidents are being added. All over the world, small and big meteorites fell one by one, which are making the global public opinion both negative and pessimistic to the future of the human beings. No one can precisely predict what the human beings to attempt to do, while becoming more and more hopeless.

Because we’re now haading to such a period irreversibly, the words of the then Japanese Ex-Emperor will decisively matter to the world, I firmly believe.  As I mentioned beforehand, all the means to combat the current trends seem to be exhausted. Nevertheless, there is indeed only one option left for us: Listen carefully to words to be expressed by the then Japanese Ex-Emperor, who has been profobidden to enjoy the freedom of speech. Based on the huge amount of hidden off-balance sheet assets and long history back to the ancient time, His Imperial Majasty must have the last word which will make the entire world get finally rid of the lasting turmoil.

Now, you don’t grasp yet what I mean to say, I’m afraid. Still, FYI, I’ll give you some more “highly classified” tips to figure it out: A certan big state in South East Asia is secretly prepared for restoration of its kingdom. To accomplish the historical project, the kingdom to be is about to sell a massive amount of physical gold to the market. Besides that, descendants of the former dynasty in Middle East also tries its restoration with financing the project by its historical secret assets, particularly physical gold bars. And the point is, all of them intend to restore the kingdom after the modell of the Japanese constitutional monarchy after the WWII. In sum, “Pax Japonica” has already become “common sense” on the level of kings, queens and emperor, while nobdy on the street hasn’t become aware of the fact.

The next page of the human history will skip democracy but be based on monarchy version 2.0. Stay tuned.




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