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Yes, nobody loves you, but…


Someitmes, you feel totally isolated from others. Even your “lovers” or “wife/husband/children” don’t seem to understand what you mean to say and are wiling to do. From the depth of your heart, you can’t then help from getting angry and never stop blaming others who are, from your viewpoint, not doing the right things. Even though they tend to say, “Yes, we’re all lonving you”, you’re quite confident they aren’t, since they’re not capable of understanding you fully. Whenever you talk to them, you feel as if you talked to animals which can’t speak any languages…

You feel this loneliness, or rathr, are born to do so, because you’re extremely special. Why? You don’t know. But just one thing is clear to you: Nobody around you loves you, but you’re determined to love all the people on the globe. You never abandon them, because you’re quite sure you were born to change the world for the sake of not youself, but all the human beings. Why? You never know, but only few people with extraordinary senses and talents can automatically grasp you’re someone extremely special. Whenever you encounter with these people by chance somewhere in the world, you’re given the opportunity for feeling a little bit satisfaction. And thanks to the network built opon this encounter, you’re stepping forward towards your vision, for the better world.

The contradition is, nobody loves you, but you’re determined to love all the people. In principle, you’re humble and remain so. You never seek any wealth, social status, or even power. The only thing you’re keen to see and realize is the better world. The better world where everyone is allowed to live his/her own life decently.

The enemy is not your people. It is rather the anger you can’t somtimes defeat in your heart. The only way left for you to get rid of the situation is to look up into the sky and pray for the future. The feeling you have during praying must reach someone who is born to help you in the next step and will unconsciously come closer and closer to you in the very near future. Only this will change your life and make your dream true. Your dream to make the better world happen.

Well, boys, it never matters that nobody loves you. The entire history of the universe keeps on wathing you. Never stop loving others on the globe. It’s your destiny only YOU can enjoy. Just hold on. The day of victory you’ve been dreaming of will be soon coming. Go ahead.

Kim meets Trump? NEVER EVER.


Since the South Korean envoy surprisingly announced the day before yesterday Trump had agreed to meet Kim Jong-un by the forthcoming May, the world community never stops talking about this issue. “When”, “Where” and “How” will the first summit be made happen, is the very issue they are talking around.
However, I wanna make sure exclusively to you, my dear readers, that it will never made happen. NEVER EVER. According to the deepest throat I’ve been contacting behind the door, it will turn out to be soon a fake promise, and the regime in the North (and South) will be totally shocked and shaken as well so that Kim Jong-un won’t be able to remain at the throne of “Kim-dynasty”.
Well, let’s see and never forget “Truth is stranger than fiction”. Because D. Trump promises and does stick to the “PLAN A”, he’ll be completely rewarded and keep his power even beyond the mid-term election of the Congress. Finally, he succeeded to persuade his Chinese partner, Xi Jinpin, how valuable and desireble it is to keep the conventional (historical) flow of global money by all means for the sake of the human beings as a whole. Since it’s the “Kim’s dynasty” that has tried to blocked the flow from 1980s, the regime has to be destructed at all and replaced by another, which can go along with the RULE.
Again, Donald never meets Jong-un. NEVER EVER. Instead, the former has just made up his mind to give the final command to do the righ thing. Stay alarmed.


Shanghai: Next Target for Pax Japonica


After an unforgettable success in the last event in London, UK, my team’s tour “Pax Japonica” never stops. Our next target is Shanghai, PRC.
From 15:00 on April 11, 2018, the second event “Pax Japonica” will get started in the city center of Shanghai. Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved in the accelerating movement towards “Pax Japonica” by clicking “Pax Japonica” event in Shanghai, 2018
Well, guys, see you soon in Shanghai! Cheers.