Kim meets Trump? NEVER EVER.


Since the South Korean envoy surprisingly announced the day before yesterday Trump had agreed to meet Kim Jong-un by the forthcoming May, the world community never stops talking about this issue. “When”, “Where” and “How” will the first summit be made happen, is the very issue they are talking around.
However, I wanna make sure exclusively to you, my dear readers, that it will never made happen. NEVER EVER. According to the deepest throat I’ve been contacting behind the door, it will turn out to be soon a fake promise, and the regime in the North (and South) will be totally shocked and shaken as well so that Kim Jong-un won’t be able to remain at the throne of “Kim-dynasty”.
Well, let’s see and never forget “Truth is stranger than fiction”. Because D. Trump promises and does stick to the “PLAN A”, he’ll be completely rewarded and keep his power even beyond the mid-term election of the Congress. Finally, he succeeded to persuade his Chinese partner, Xi Jinpin, how valuable and desireble it is to keep the conventional (historical) flow of global money by all means for the sake of the human beings as a whole. Since it’s the “Kim’s dynasty” that has tried to blocked the flow from 1980s, the regime has to be destructed at all and replaced by another, which can go along with the RULE.
Again, Donald never meets Jong-un. NEVER EVER. Instead, the former has just made up his mind to give the final command to do the righ thing. Stay alarmed.


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