Yes, we met in Singapore, but…


For me as a former chief desk officer for DPRK issues of the Japanese MOFA, it was extremely astonishing to see journalists and mass media have been concentrating on only “denuclearizaion” of DPRK ahead of the sumitt between Trump and KJU in Singapore. Taking various opportunities such as yesteday’s press conference in the FCCJ in Tokyo/Japan, I underlined “denuclearization” as such can’t be the main issue in the US-DPRK relationship. Instead, we should rather focus on “other issues”, which Trump expressively mentioned during his press event, while this expression implicitly means issues of “illicit activities” done by the Kim-regime so far.

Having read through the joint statement of Trump and KJU, you should make sure at first “nothing new and significant as well” is mentioned there. We’d better ask ourselves why Trump could accept such a statement text which obviously prioritizes interest of the Kim-regime as follows:
As for “denuclearization”, CVID isn’t mentioned at all.
Regarding the “end of the Korean War”, Trump just comitted to effeorts for building up stable peace in the Korean Peninsula. Nothing more.
The POW/MIA issue is picked up, even though USG were used to make appropriate “payment ” to get back their identified remains from Pyongyang.
Of course, no single expression such as “Japanese abductee issues” is referred to.
No date of the next summit is inserted.
Again, you should now wonder why Trump singed such a text which unilaterally prefers interest of the Kim-regime. From my viewpoint, this clearly implies there must be a secret agreement between Trump and KJU, which prioritizes covert national interest in return.
Well, let’s see what’s next. You have to forget at least euphoria you had in the last a few days. Stay tuned.

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