Religious Cult and Japanese Politics.

When I quitted my job in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, some Japanese leading political parties invited me to run for an election of the Diet. Since I was extremely interested in the political phenomena in Japan and the global community, it was awfully hard for me at that time to eventually reject the offer. You may wonder why I refused to join one of these political parties, which could have supported me to become a member of the Japanese Diet. Well, the reason is actually quite simple.

One of the then best friends of mine, whose father had been a member of the Diet and Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) as well, suggested I had to join one of the major “religious cults” in Japan, if I really wanted to get a seat in the Diet. Because my way of thinking has been quite “rational” enough not to rely on these religious cults, I could fully understand what she meant to say, and finally refused the aforementioned offers both the LDP and Democratic Party made to me.

After more than 17 years, my decision turned out to be correct, while Japanese mass media have been reporting almost everyday how harmful both direct and indirect connections with these Japanese religious cults are, particularly, the Moon sect. I personally feel such a trend of the Japanese mass media is quite ridiculous and partisan, since almost everyone in the domestic political scene is quite aware the Moon sect, one of the major cults originated in South Korea, has been quite influential particularly to the leadership of the Japanese LDP such as Shinzo Abe.

The above mentioned friend of mine, of whom the father was elected in the Kagoshima prefecture, additionally told me the following information of significance to correctly understand the realities of the Japanese domestic politics:

“If you really wanna be elected from the LDP, you have to join the Moon sect and collaborate with the cult so closely. Because the religious organization was founded and still strictly controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency of USG.”

Even though the Japanese mass media used to harshly criticize the de facto violation of the constitutional rule in terms of the principle of separation between religion and politics, they never touch upon the fact who really stands behind the door of the South Korean cult since the WWII. As I reported beforehand, the assassination of the former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, was executed by both US-American and British intelligence units operating here in Japan , under an instruction by the “born-leadership” of both Japan and European kingdoms. However, the completion of the assassination is not the end of the whole story, as we observe currently. It has the second chapter regarding the constitutional principle, which seems to be inviolable, which is in fact trampled on in the postwar era of the Japanese history. Anyway, without enthusiastic support of Japanese religious cults, even the LDP may have lots of difficulties to win the next election. Based on such a political reality, we can assume the USG has already made up its mind to completely change the Japanese political system. But the ultimate question is who instructed them to do so. At this juncture, let us remember even the CIA is operating in Japan in accordance with the agreement between USG and the Japanese Emperor of Japan. Stay alarmed.

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