Putin the Great.

Russia has eventually done: She decided to annex almost 14 percent of the Ukrainian territory yesterday, while Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, officially declared to have signed the related document. The global community can’t help from just observing the annexation without directly physically intervention into the matter, which reminds all of us rather of our historical experiences in 1930s.

Even though western mass media seem to concentrate on what’s up next, I’m now remembering what I heard from one of my mentors here in Japan, of whom the grand master was a legendary station master of the Central Intelligence Agency in Tokyo and responsible for the Russian affairs. To begin with the conclusion, this guy is the very “shadow man” who created “Putin the Great”.

When the Wall in Berlin fell, and the Soviet Union was destroyed totally, a young intelligence officer stationed in Dresden, the former East Germany, called “Vladimir Putin”, was brought back to his mother country and posted as the first Vice Mayor of the city of St. Petersburg in 1994. Off the duty, he was extremely fond of practicing “Judo” since his youth, when he suffered from inferiority complex due to being of short stature. In the course of time, a Japanese guy of middle age approached him in the Judo hall in St. Petersburg, where Vladimir Putin used to visit at that time. Since this Japanese man was extremely tough enough to practice Judo quite well, they gradually became good friends while they expressively respected each other.

One day, the first Vice Mayor invited his Japanese friend to his office unofficially. The latter accepted the invitation without any hesitation and visited there. From this day, the entire situation has become a little bit serious, while they spontaneously began to talk even about political issues step by step in their “private” conversations in Putin’s office. To the end, the Japanese spymaster brought a huge amount of “duralmin cases” full of 100 USD banknotes, while he offered all of them to his Russian friend, Vladimir Putin. Putin, who soon forced his poor predecessor to totally resign from the presidency, thanked his Japanese friend very briefly, as nothing had happened there. As you might imagine, this is the money that helped Vladimir Putin to be quickly promoted up to the presidency afterwards. In short, the modern Tzar in Moscow, “Putin the Great”, was created by USG, which should have been a traditional “enemy “ of Russia.

Having said that, it’s the high time for us to think about what grand strategy the western “global leadership” has been pursuing in the modern and contemporary history. It’s the global leadership per se that created “Putin the Great” in 1990s and has tolerated his expansion of power beyond borders of the Russian Federation. Observing the global financial market these days, almost all the investors should be rather “thankful” for Putin’s decisions from time to time which have obviously created “volatilities”. Indirectly, Putin seems to have been provided with his own historical role in the global community to play as “enigma and monster” in Russia by the global leadership. In this regard, what we’re viewing in terms of the Ukrainian war is never a chain of accidents at all. It’s rather a completely manipulated chapter of the world history in accordance with a certain mission of the global leadership. Keep alarmed.

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