At the Dawn of “Rushing into Japan”


First of all, thank you very much for kind responses my friends and colleagues gave me to the last post “On the Adaptive Unconscious and Our “Unthinkable” Future” from all over the world.  For me in Japan, it’s really remarkable to find all of them agree on my forecast which anticipates a mid-November crisis in the world community. Beyond the borders of nation states, we surely have a common sensitivity on crisis among the human kind. To become aware of existence of such a common feeling is one of the main aims of this English weblog. Through this way, I want to contribute to let the human community go forward to a positive and meaningful direction.

As I pointed out frequently in previous posts, Japan will emerge again as the very motor of the next age in the midst of the forthcoming, world-wide crisis. Apart from relevant open sources, world-class leaders and influential people are now rushing into “the Empire of Rising Sun”. Folks from D.C. or the City of London and so on. At least around me, so many distinguished foreign guests are trying to be somehow connected to Japan, which is normally disregarded and totally isolated.  I’m quite sure the above mentioned “common feeling of the human kind” tells them, “Now, the time for Japan is coming again.” But this time, the movement is irreversible. Why?  To get the correct answer to this question, you must know af first what it is:

Imperial_Seal_of_Japan_svgDo you know what it is? This is the seal of the Japanese Imperial House. Of course, you know that, if you, dear readers, are the Japanese. Still, I wonder whether you know what it really means? A kind of flower. Oh, yes, you’re right. However, this seal has a little bit deeper meaning. Do you know that?

The point is the circle is divided into 16 parts. That means, each part has 22 minutes 50 degrees. This is the entrance of the whole arcanum this seal implies. It is related to historical and periodic (=every 1611 years) transition of centres of civilazation.

Historical Transition of Centres of Civilizaition

This map clearly shows what I mean (Sorry, only in Japanese!). According to this arcanum, there are two different directions for this civilization’s transition. One is towards the East, and another is towards the West. The whole story began in Sumer about 6400 years ago and then, the eastbound circulation started. When a eastbound movement has been completed, the next westbound one begins, which originally started from Indus. Till 1995, the age of London continued for 1611 years. After that, the latest eastbound circulation was slowly activated towards Japan. This is the very reason why both money and folks are now rushing into Japan. This movement will be completed by reaching 135 degrees of east longitude.

You might still why Japan must be selected, I suppose. On the line of 135 degrees of east longitude, you can find, for example, Indonesia and Australia. However, I can hardly imagine they could be the next centre of human civilization. Or, am I totally wrong?

Furthermore, you might say, “Why do we forget “Pax Americana”?” You’re right so far as you don’t know the American financial capitalism relies totally on the will of the City of London. Actually, NY is a kind of its puppet, I must say. To ease the poor Americans, let’s say, the age of London, in which the so-called “Anglo-Saxon” society including the US was dominant, came to end in 1995.


Please don’t forget this arcanum seems to be closely related to periodic changes of magnetic lines arounds the earth. That could be also relevant to polar shifts of the sun, while even the modern science can’t explain exactly what it is.

Last but not least, my closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD” sent me the following statistical analysis of the Nikkei 225 index yesterday:

20131101    -1    14796.66    over 468.72
20131105    -1    14989.85    over 788.28
20131106    -1    14997.54    over 795.97
20131107    -1    14639.82    over 438.25
20131108    -1    14692.73    over 491.16
*20131111    -1    14288.95    over 87.38
20131112    -1    14551.43    over 349.86
20131113    -1    14473.58    over 272.01
20131114    -1    14661.55    over 459.98
20131115    -1    14453.67    over 252.1
20131118    -1    14315.17    over 113.6
20131119    -1    14314.48    over 112.91
20131120    -1    14313.2    over 111.63

As you read, the scenario hasn’t been changed from the previous one. The crisis, which I pointed out, will break out between 11 and 13 November. After that, everyone will become aware of the era of Japan will begin, which has already begun in 1995, in fact.


Until then, why don’t we take a seat and be relaxed to see Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Mirror”, which gives you a mixed feeling between the past and future.

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