Slightly Postponed, but the Baseline Scenario still remains.

In previous posts on this weblog, I referred to a possible “mid-November crisis”. Some of my closest friend and colleagues even asked me what it will be and exactly when it will happen. Whenever asked so, I replied as follows:

-The most important thing we never forget is Japan would emerge as the next centre of human civilization after a variety of events would occur one after another in the framework of this crisis. The “Pax Japonica” would begin instead of the previous “Pax Americana”. In this regard, effects of this crisis wouldn’t be limited to the conventional extent we’ve often seen in the financial capitalism.

-Even before the real “sea change” would come, we could easily recognize various early warning signals (EWS) directly or indirectly connected to that. The beginning of normalization of the US-Iranian relationship would be the most remarkable one. That is to say, when this historical procedure in the diplomacy would begin and its substantial results would be announced to the international community, it would clearly indicate preparation of the next step towards the goal “Pax Japonica” would have been completed: The Israeli IDF would finally be given a command to attack Iran. This would lead to the Great Middle East War including the regional powers such as the Saudis. Of course, the war would give negative effects to the whole world tremendously, which would then finally push us into the next phase of human civilization in the course of accelerating deflation.

I promise you, dear readers, I will explain the details of further steps as soon as decisive things will start to move forward invisivly at first. What I want to point out now, is the fact that the second round of nuclear talks among, Iran, the five world powers and Germany couldn’t reach an final agreement except for fixing the date of the third round. Therefore, the critical date was postponed to November 20, while the Israeli PM Netanyahu will try to persuade his Russian counterpart Putin not to let his country declare the war against Iran.

So, my adaptive unconscious says, “Slightly postponed, but the baseline scenario still remains.” Please stay tuned…

Last but not least, my closest alliance partner “HKD” sent me his following statistical analyisis on the Nikkei 225 on the last Friday:

20131108    -1    14698.66    over 470.22
*20131111    -1    14318.7     over 231.9
20131112    -1    14602.89    over 516.09
20131113    -1    14516.89    over 430.09
20131114    -1    14719.52    over 632.72
20131115    -1    14493.96    over 407.16
*20131118    -1    14343.7     over 256.9
20131119    -1    14367.44    over 280.64
20131120    -1    14487.87    over 401.07
20131121    -1    14353.03    over 266.23
*20131122    -1    14193.41    over 106.61
20131125    -1    14191.4    over 104.6
20131126    -1    14189.51    over 102.71
20131127    -1    14187.31    over 100.51

He also commented, “The moment of the truth was slightly postponed.  The day of “November 22″ is suddenly underlined as one of the critical dates for possible dramatic change of the Nikkei 225.”  To sum up, I personally believes we would find ourselves in a totally different situation from the current one, when the period between November 20 and mid-December would have started. Now, my question is: “Do you have the same feeling thanks to your adaptive unconscious??”

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