Are you still against the global cooling?

It was heavily snowy in Japan yesterday. No, actually, not only in Japan but also in eastern North America. You may now see we’re now entering a new era of the history of human kind: “The age of global cooling”.

In my latest book (Sorry! only in Japanese so far) entitled “Rush for Japan”, I anticipated expressis verbis what would happen on the globe as below:

1. Because of dramatic change of solar activity, climate on the earth will also be changed. In advanced countries in the northern hemisphere such as the US and EU countries, it will be even cooled.

2. The “global cooling” in this mean will then lead us to accelerated deflation. Except for Japan where intentional deflation called “collapse of the Heisei Bubble” was introduced 20 years ago, advanced economies can’t stop being trapped in further deflation despite of their efforts to enhance volatilities in the market.

3. Thanks to her unprecedented quantitative easing, Japan will emerge as the last resort, while advanced economies will collapse one after another. Everyone will rely on the sudden artificial bubble in Japan, at least for 2 years.

4. Behind the strategy of historical QE, the traditional mainstay of Japan will pursue gradually to realize its hidden agenda, the Japanese style of default. Without official declaration of default, the GOJ will accomplish de facto trading off its national debt with huge amount of its people’s deposit in private banks.

5. Afterwards, “Pax Japonica” will begin due to Japanese economy’s consolidation, while other advanced countries will deeply be troubled in stagnation.

Now, just ask yourself whether you’re still against the global cooling. Of course, I don’t say the leadership in western countries hasn’t known the above mentioned road map. Now you may see the true reason for several events in the world history, which have puzzled us so far: “Nixon shock”, “Oil shock”, “Normalization of the US with the PRC”, “Perestroika and sudden collapse of wall in Berlin”, and “Extreme bubble till current financial meltdown”. All these events were actually related to each other as reckless struggle of western countries excluding Japan to combat fatal collapse of their civilization. Instead, we’re now slowly facing the restoration of Gnosticism from Japan, which the western civilization officially banned in the First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.

By saying that, I don’t mean every Japanese knows this hidden story and will be guaranteed to survive in the forthcoming turmoil. Only part of it become aware of that and will be well prepared. At the last stage, you will find the “real” and “false” Japanese in five years from now.

“It seems institutional investors has just begun to withdraw from the financial market in fear of negative effects caused by heavy snow”, wrote Mr. “HKD”, my closest alliance partner, while sending me the latest result of his statistical analysis on the Nikkei 225 index as follows:

20140214    -1    15036.97    over 502.23
20140217    -1    15023.04    over 710.01
20140218    -1    14750.91    over 437.88
*20140219    -1    14327.85    over 14.82
20140220    -1    14419.59    over 106.56
20140221    -1    14400.37    over 87.34
20140224    -1    14583.14    over 270.11
20140225    -1    14793        over 479.97
20140226    -1    14859.04    over 546.01
20140227    -1    14577.8        over 264.77
20140228    -1    14379.59    over 66.56
20140303    -1    14377.57    over 64.54
20140304    -1    14375.99    over 62.96

Something significant would happen on February 19. Nobody knows either “upward” or “downward”.  A birfurcated tactic is tentatively recommended.

Anyway, “Pax Japonica” won’t be announced loudly by western type of public diplomacy. It has been penetrating the rest of the world step by step by stimulating your right brain like the short video shown below. Have a good day and enjoy the weekend.

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