Fatal Battle between True and Bogus Japanese

The card around Ms. Haruko Obokata has been suddenly reversed. After the eminent “Nature” had published an article on her discovery of STAP stem, some researchers all over the world pointed out “odd things” about it. Even though nobody knows yet whether this discovery is a fabrication or not, the Japanese media already begun to attack her relentlessly.

I’m not personally capable of judging its scientific correctness. However, I’d say there must be an eternal fight between iPS cell and STAP stem behind the whole story. It has been quite ridiculous that the Japanese media tended to highlight not her discovery but personal profile as a Japanese “young” “beautiful” researcher without husband yet. Ms. Obokata’s laboratory released even an unprecedented statement to call on the Japanese media not to besiege her by trampling on her privacy. Now that the editors of the “Nature” officially promised to review the above mentioned criticism, the Japanese “yellow” media already started as usual to bash her without conclusive evidence.  I’m awfully afraid of that Ms. Obokata’s future and her discovery will be crossed out in the Japanese public, as if nothing had happened .

Again, I wouldn’t say at this juncture there isn’t any fabrication in the article. The point is rather the typical attitude the Japanese media showed again: Culture of jealousy, which is deeply rooted in the Japanese society. During a speech I delivered yesterday at the Keizai-Club founded by Mr. Tanzan Ishibashi, former Japanese legendary prime minister, I referred to this issue as follows:

“The culture of jealousy is the very reason which has been hindering the advance of numerous innovations in Japan. While the age of possible default of the GOJ  is now approaching, we, all the Japanese, are gradually forced to change this cultural tendency. In this regard, apparent distinction between two types of the Japanese will dramatically emerge. The one is those who will be able to accept and endorse every significant innovation to rescue the Japanese society without any hesitation. Another is those who will never reflect on this harmful culture of jealousy. Instead, they will continue to block everything brandnew to them. I’d call the former “True Japanese” and the latter “Bogus Japanese”. Obviously, these two types of the Japanese are living in this country, although they can’t be distinguished from each other superficially.”

Now, I’d like to ask you, my dearest readers in Japan: “Are you “True Japanese” or “Bogus Japanese”??” I’d simply tell you only little time is left for us, the Japanese, till we can get rid of the default in the near future. For that, every single Japanese must try hard to show his/her openness to accept any innovations for a breakthrough. What we, the Japanese need urgently, is not solo but unison.


My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD”, sent me yesterday the latest result of his statistical anlaysis on the Nikkei 225 index as below:

20140221    1    14519.47    over 70.29
20140224    1    14737.26    under -128.41
20140225    -1    14916.6        under 50.93
20140226    -1    14981.67    over 116
*20140227    1    14760.41    over -105.26
20140228    1    14602.86    under  -262.81
20140303    1    14658.99    under -206.68
*20140304    -1    14968.18    under 102.51
20140305    -1    14898.02    over 32.35
*20140306    1    14624.05    over -241.62
20140307    -1    14933.63    under 67.96
20140310    -1    14933.14    over 67.47
20140311    -1    14932.75    over 67.08

As you might know, the Japanese financial market mainly relies on external risks such as geopolitical ones. As to geopolitics, almost all the risks excluding the de facto civil war in Ukraine have suddenly vanished in this week. Ukraine is too far away from Japan to affect the Japanese stock market directly as the Syrian civil war hasn’t. Looking at risks in the ME, the Saudis apparently began to avoid a head-on collision with the US, as Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the leading personality of Saudi hardliners, was secretly replaced from his capacity as intelligence chief. At least until the end of forthcoming March, in which the next US-Saudi summit will be held, nothing crucial will be broke out. In this mean, my adaptive unconscious tells you the Japanese stock market will continue its recovery for a while and could be reached to an abrupt skyrocket in April. Let’s see.

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