Unsolved Enigma of Number Eleven

When I wake up at around 4:30 am every morning, I always open the window of my library and try to directly feel how the earth and air have changed during the night before. At this “golden time” just before sun rise, every plant halts photosynthesis and finishes to set atmospheric composition, which is decisive for how human beings feel and what they do. As far as I know, this is the traditional method from ancient times in Japan to adapt ourselves to the nature. Because of this habit, I can somehow anticipate from the very beginning of every day whether and how trend of human society will change during daytime after the morning.

This is one of wisdoms the Japanese inherited from their ancestors, although the number of those who practice it has drastically declined, I think. Based on the principle of “yin-yang”, every “way” of the Japanese traditional culture consists of this factor. Let’s take an example of “tea ceremony” : We firmly believe it is traditionally fixed rules of making and drinking tea and have forgot their original meaning. According to the rigorous discipline, practitioners of “tea ceremony” must use water they draw from a well at “the time of tiger”, that is to say, at around 4 o’clock. The point is whether this kind of water really tastes good or not. In order to move forward on the way of tea ceremony, we must continue to wake up at around 4 o’clock and feel directly how the composition of atmosphere has changed. That’s it. As far as I know, any other civilizations haven’t developed such a custom and wisdom to co-exist with the nature.

Getting back to what I originally meant, I would say I’ve slowly begun to feel the irreversible change of the atmospheric composition this week. The air started to smell fragrantly and differently from the last week. This obviously implies a sea change will come in the near future.

Yesterday, I’ve got a message, as usual, from my closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD”, which shows the latest result of his statistical analysis of the Nikkei 225 index as below:

20140228    1    14610.41    under -312.7
20140303    1    14657.84    under -183.23
20140304    -1    14980.85    under 139.78
20140305    -1    14907.26    over 66.19
*20140306    1    14621.04    over -220.03
20140307    -1    14943.66    under 102.59
20140310    -1    14916.18    over 75.11
*20140311    -1    15118.96    over 277.89
20140312    -1    15042.79    over 201.72
20140313    -1    14994.93    over 153.86
20140314    -1    14910.39    over 69.32

During this week’s collaborative analysis with him, we’ve been concentrating on “March 11”. In both the Japanese and US financial markets, influential investors secretly bid on what will happen on this day, “March 11”.

Hearing the day “March 11”, all the Japanese spontaneously remember the disaster caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake at 14:46 on March 11 in 2011. You can easily find this timing is impressed with double “11”. I never forget what one of my female friends, a mezzo-soprano with shaman character, told me just after that: “The number “11” is a enigma in the world history. We must be very careful every time when the day “11” comes, because the number open the world’s door to the future.”


This time, my adaptive unconscious leads me rather to see something positive, which would emerge from “March 11.” Of course, there are still lots of risks, such as the de facto civil war in Ukraine, which could explode at any time.  Being fully aware of futile efforts of the western civilization to artificially dramatize risks and volatilities for combatting the accelerating deflation of the world economy due to the dramatic change of solar activity and climate change (global cooling!),  I now feel a completely different wind of civilization will begin to blow from the Far East, which will give good tidings to all the people in the world. Of course, the financial market will totally affected by it.

Don’t forget the Le Chatelier’s principle I mentioned several times on this weblog. A positive sea change always start after another negative one peaked. In this regard, we’re now facing a still unsolved question on how we should interpret the current situaion especially in Japan: Is this the very bottom and end of the 20 years deflationary spiral caused by the collapse of the Heisei-Bubble?  Should we say this is rather the peak of the ABENOMICS, which is the beginning of the whole story’s end?  While every investor in the market knows the world’s economy relies on the inflationary policy of the GOJ and BOJ, the answer of this unsolved question gives dramatic impacts on our common future. Even though I myself am quite optimistic, I would say nobody can anticipate the message of the Last Judgment on “March 11”.  Keep calm and take care of your mental and physical health to be sensitive to every single message the nature will send to you. That’s all we need to survive in the age of human kind’s destiny.

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