Can You Help Me??

While the financial market began to go up and down vehemently just after March 11,  I’m now feeling relaxed and listening to my favorite “Pavane pour une Infante Defunte”. It’s partly because I anticipated, as I wrote in the previous post, exactly what would occur in the market and have been well prepared psychologically. Beyond that,  there are two reasons why I can calm myself despite of accelerating volatilities in both the market and society as a whole.

As I had also shown before, I’ve been committing myself to foster a Japanese venture, which tries to detoxify tritiated water. Even though my column on this issue was thundered against, I’ve never given up. Finally, I’ve got a message from the leadership of this venture and found out its operating test undertaken by an eminent laboratory of a certain national university in Japan turned out to be very successful. The team of this laboratory verified the high technology, which was developed by this venture, is truely capable of dissociating hydrogen from deuterium oxide. Technologically saying, that means this technology is theoretically able to do the same thing  vis-à-vis tritiated water and detoxify it, which was never known before in the academia. The point is Japan has finally got a crucial breakthrough to overcome all the difficulties caused by the odious tritiated water in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.


In addition, I had an encounter with an expert I really wanted to meet.  At the dawn of the age of the “Japan’s bubble”, I’m now trying hard to find a science-based reason for future role of the Japanese to lead the whole world.  Of course, that is closely related to the “Pax Japonica”, which has very slowly begun to emerge.

My current research focuses on contemporary brain science and seeks to find those scientists who are trying to justify the revolutionary theory developed by Dr. Tadanobu TSUNODA scientifically. Basically, Dr. Tadanobu TSUNODA argued as follows:

– Those who learned the Japanese language as their mother tongue before they had become 10 years old, uses only left brain for linguistic communication. Furthermore,  they “hear” Japanese traditional music also in left brain, while western music comes into right brain.

– The scene around the ordinary caucasians is totally different: They use both left and right brains to understand languages. Although the Japanese people in the above mentioned mean keep their right brain almost “vacant”, the caucasian make use of  the full capacity of the brains.

– The point is not genes but the Japanese languase as such makes the things different. You can even give this kind of “left-concentrated” brain to the caucasians, while they learn Japanese in their early childhood.


After this theory caused enthusiasm in the Japanese society in 1980s, it was harshly criticized. It is said that Karel van Wolferen, Dutch famous author, has written “his testing methods are highly suspect. My impression, based on an account by one of his foreign guinea-pigs, is that auto-suggestion plays an important role. Yet his books sell well in Japan…” Many authoritative journalists without sufficient scientific knowledge followed this criticism. And the theory was forced to vanish into the night of the human history.


However…The “TSUNODA theory” is back now: This week, I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Koichi TSUNODA, the eldest son of Dr. Tadanobu TSUNODA, who is also well-known doctor in the Department of Artificial Organs and Medical Device Creation of the Tokyo Medical Center. During the encounter, Dr. Koichi TSUNODA explained to me that he finally succeeded to prove the authenticity of his father’s theory thanks to the high technology developed by HITACHI. Headband equipped with this technology can show changes of blood flow in frontal lobe without forcing the testee to pose artificially, which is usually the case for fMRI. He underlined, “Mr. Harada, you know, not genes but the Japanese language play the decisive role. My farther, Tadanobu, is right.”

Dr. Koichi TSUNODA now tries to publish his article on this experiment in western authentic journals of science like the “Nature”. He calls for kind assistance of those who have influence on the western-dominated academia. If you can help him, please contact me via the internet. I’ll convey your message to him.

 I firmly believe the comeback of this “TSUNODA theory” will soon give great shock to both the academia and society, while every Japanese experts and government officials rush for replacing Japanese with English even in elementary schools!!


My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD” sent me the results of his statistical analytics on the Nikkei 225 index the day before yesterday as shown below:

20140313    -1    15093.51    over 263.12
20140314    -1    15001.81    over 185.83
*20140317    1    14778.92    over -37.06
20140318    -1    14854.67    under 38.69
20140319    -1    15054.39    over 238.41
20140320    -1    15345.15    over 529.17
20140324    -1    15538.94    over 722.96
20140325    -1    15318.32    over 502.34
20140326    -1    15463.04    over 647.06
*20140327    -1    14908.37    over 92.39
20140328    -1    14892.15    over 76.17
20140331    -1    14892.51    over 76.53
20140401    -1    14892.07    over 76.09

Hmmm…The market will obviously continue to go up and down till the end of March.  All we need is patience and hope for future. For that, I’ll show you brandnew development of Japanese innovations further on this weblog. Stay tuned…



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