To Tell the Truth, My Friends…

While almost everyone has been watching what’s going on with the missing flight MH 370 from KL, a short but significant statement was released regarding irreversible change of solar activity: A kill shot from the sun could have hit the earth, when the revolution of the latter around the former had moved nine days earlier than usual.  Even though this information wasn’t disseminated by major media except for Thomson Reuters, it’s of course too remarkable to disregard.

While I’ve been professionally keeping watching at massive expansion of open sources on the internet from 2005, one subtle regularity seems to have emerged gradually in the world events’ calendar. Whenever a disastrous crisis is set to break out, that’ll be always postponed at the final stage allegedly thanks to world-class leaders. However, the true reason for the postponement is always unknown. Let’s take a typical example for this phenomenon: The on-going seven-party talks on the Iranian nuclear armament. Every time a new round of the talks is decided, its date is obviously quite relevant to planetary motion, I think. In the course of the talks, conflictive points among the parties are always highlighted and even exaggerated by mass media. Just before it reaches the critical point, every issue is somehow cleared and the round comes to a dramatic denouement.

Shall all of us thank top diplomats for avoiding Iranian security disaster? I’d say, “NO! We don’t need such a compliment.” What’s shown in the diplomacy, is just stage effects. There must be a hidden scenario shared by the world’s primordial class, which seems to be closely related to both planetary motion and solar activity.

Now you see me as a genuine conspiracy theorist, I’m afraid. Of course, I’m not one. I’d just like to point out an obvious parallel between temporal events on the earth and astronomical phenomena, which is usually too big to recognize.

According to modern brain science, human beings keep anticipating what will happen in the future. For that, they need noematic framework to be revised in accordance with what’s happening in the real world. Once surroundings are changed, human beings try to adapt their noematic framework to them. That can be done artificially, for example, by massive usage of important media. Experts call it “social manipulation”.


Leading Futurologists predict traditional mass media like newspapers will vanish within 25 years. I won’t say they will “vanish” but their influence on human society will become totally limited in the course of time. In this context, the above mentioned “social manipulation” seems to be also on the verge of death.

However, you shouldn’t forget the biggest media all of us sees every day: That’s the heavenly body. Why don’t you think every single planetary motion affects our thought and behaviour?

At least in my country, Japan, the primordial class traditionally concentrates on it. Planetary motion and solar activity have always changed the world history. The primordial class such as imperial and royal families give instructions to their first servants including president, prime minister and CEOs of conglomerates, to form a framework which is compatible with astronomical phenomena. Without explaining the truth, these servants then order their managers to break tasks for work force. Only within this framework, ordinary people live their life.

To sum up, the biggest media in the universe is astronomical phenomenon including solar activity. If you can anticipate its future changes monopolistically and make frameworks for the rest of the world, you’ll be welcomed as the next secular leadership by the world primordial class. In this regard, theocratical race has already begun and slowly enters the final stage. Whom do you think will be chosen as the savior of the world? Stay tuned… (From the beginning, I personally believe the one will be found in Japan.)

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