Epilog of ABENOMICS Has Just Begun

SPIEF2014 "Open Data"

Having come back to Tokio, I found the secretariat of SPIEF 2014 had already uploaded the video of what I discussed with other participants during the session entitled “Open Data”. While others still concentrated on how to make open data, I tried to describe why it is urgently needed in the international community. In the era of “irregularity of the solar activity”, “climate change (especially “global cooling” in the northern hemisphere)”, “its negative effect to human immune system” plus “possible total deflation of the world economy”, every state government should open its relevant adta to make global common strategic/risk scenario. Based on that, the human society can overcome such a difficulty beyond description. What my institute tries to do is to make this type of global common strategic/risk scenario, which should be actually distributed to all those who become aware of this distress in the very near future.

Now, I’m wondering why I feel that something is wrong with what I’m seeing in the Japanese society every day. Even though this distress must be quite obvious also to all the Japanese theoretically, they still stick only to their own interests. This is why narratives in the Japanese society are totally isolated from what other nations make.  They are still so naive that they firmly believe without any certain reasons what they have been enjoying so far in the daily life would remain forever.

However, the Japanese are now spurred to awake suddenly. Take a look at the index of TSE Mothers. On May 21, it began to rocket and continues to do so. That inevitably leads to a drastic change of another traditional index in Japan called “Nikkei 225”, which just quickens.

TSE Mothers


Only a part of the Japanese society is fully aware of which direction it’s heading to. It’s the epilog of ABENOMICS, which was launched abruptly in the very end of 2012 (By the way, you can easily understand how narratives in Japan are totally different from others in the rest of the world, when you recognize the fact that the word “ABENOMICS” was never mentioned during the above shown SPIEF 2014.). In advance, I’ll show you what the Japanese will face in the near future as follows:

At latest on June 10, the Japanese stock market will sharply go up. This will be supported by strategies of both foreign and domestic institutional investors, even though it will take a little bit time that the Japanese retail investors will become aware of this come-back of the Japan’s bubble.

– While the Nikkei 225 index will jump up over 17000 in the early summer, the retail investors will rush for the Japanese stock market. Based on that, it will continues to soar until its index will reach nearly 20000 (!!!).

– But this will be the beginning of the end. Between the latter half of September and the beginning of November, a series of risks such as breakout of the ME war will burst all over the world, which lead to turnover of the previous trend in the market. As the last resort or “safe haven”, Japanese Yen will be sharply appreciated, and the exchange rate of JPY and USD will go even beyond 90 Yen against the dollar. This will, of course, cause a dramatic collapse of the Japanese stock market, which will then called “the end of ABENOMICS”.

– In the accelerating turbulance, PM Abe will be forced to resign and Taro Aso will be elected as his successor.  Current PM Abe will be defeated partly because of his failure of negotiation with DPRK on Japanese abductees. Although the DPRK promised to let a research panel find and rescue them, its final report will deny their existence.

– Despite of lamentation among Japanese retail investors who won’t be able to evade massive loss of their assets, the Japanese stock market will rocket again at latest in the very end of this year.  Then, the people will finally understand the appreciation of JPY will positively affect the stock market like the historical phenomenon in the Heisei bubble in the late 1980’s. The second phase of the Japan’s bubble will be launched and continue till the latter half of 2016.

Again, I’d like to take this opportunity to underline that harsh volatilities we will soon face will be signals given by the SYSTEM, so that all the Japanese will awake and achieve their own mission beyond egoistic interests.  Further survival of the Japanese as nation totally depends on whether they will perceive it. If not, the SYSTEM will heartlessly delete their existence on the globe. In this regard, the global common strategic/risk scenario I mentioned before is inevitable related to the fate of Japan. WACHET AUF, ruft uns die Stimme!!


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