End of American Type of Democracy in Japan?



At the dawn of final stage of the so-called “ABENOMICS”, I can’t help feeling something is wrong. Even though it’s quite obvious that the Japanese stock market is about to soar at least until August, a monstrous being has been emerging.

In addition to the fact the GOJ is secretly trying to prepare for a de facto default of the huge amount of national debt by around 2018 without any public explanation, there is another thing which the ABE administration is just doing by telling a noble lie. It’s regarding the latest announcement to establish a research panel on Japanese abductees by the DPRK.

The government plans to invite North Korean officials to Japan to receive updates and seek more information about Pyongyang’s promised reinvestigation of the whereabouts of Japanese nationals it abducted decades ago, a government source said Sunday.

Japan hopes to move forward on the long-stalled abduction issue by having North Korean officials come to Japan and by sending Japanese officials, including diplomats and members of the National Police Agency, to North Korea, the source said.

Hmm… As long as this reinvestigation of DPRK authorities will continue, Japanese officials will remain in Pyongyang to check the results, I suppose. The point is nobody believes Pyongyang is honest enough to tell the truth to Tokyo. That means this process of reinvestigation will continue forever, while Japanese officials dispatched by the GOJ will be forced to settle down there. This will lead to a kind of permanent representative of the GOJ in Pyongyang, the first step for normalization of diplomatic relationship with the DPRK.

Of course, I have nothing against the GOJ’s attempt to get back the abductees who are still trying to survive in severe circumstances in DPRK. However, the whole process clearly shows deficit of Japanese democracy, while the authority never tells the truth on what it really does to the public.

Now, you may wonder what “democracy” means. It all depends on its definition to evaluate what the ABE administration does is pseudodemocracy or not. The eminent Oxford Dictionaries defines this word as follows:

A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

I think this definition is extremely cynical as far as it covers only appearances of political system called “democracy”. But the heart of democracy lies in traditional belief of western modernity that everybody has reason to always make right decision. As Carl Schmitt correctly pointed out in the context of parliamentarism during the Weimar period, it isn’t the case and democracy in this mean doesn’t work. Behind this perfect definition of democracy, every single ruler made use of “noble lie” to govern in spite of phantom democracy.

After the WWII, the word “democracy” has meant “American type of democracy”, which was established by the Americans for the Japanese people. The former gave political frameworks such as party system from right (LDP) to left (JCP) to the latter, which has been maintained until now.

Now that former Japanese General Toshio Tamogami declared to establish a new conservative party which should stand “on the right side of the ruling LDP”, the above mentioned, given system of Japanese democracy is about to collapse. In fact, large number of Japanese losers due to financial capitalism massively sympathizes with this trend, and they have been already practicing protest by force. Welcome back to the age of terrorism in 1930’s!

While wealthy Japanese people are disgusted by such an apparent trend and evade any kind of politicism, more and more poor people have got enthusiastically involved in radicalism. This erodes the previous Japanese political system based on American type of democracy. On extension line of this story, you can easily see defeat of globalism, temporary triumph of national radicalism and total collapse of humanity.

Maybe, only a drastic change of framework to be given by the universe can prevent from this kind of atavism. A single sun storm is significant enough to do so. In this regard, we must gradually recognize existence of the SYSTEM, which stands above all the things we have done and will do. The SYSTEM or “Zeitgeist” is crying, “Sapere aude! Habe Mut, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen!”





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