Mercy, Mercy Me!

This week, I’ve been in principle staying in Tokyo rarely, while I’m recalling my journey in Argentina in the last October. In Buenos Aires, her capital located far away from Tokyo, I met local “amigos”. The one was father, financier and author, and another was his son, and also financier. Although it was 8 months ago, I can still remember vividly what they told me: Argentina is intentionally heading to technical default, and the year “2015” will be awfully critical for her.

The reason why I visited there was quite simple. I just wanted to feel how it breezed there, while a hidden strategy of the Vatican for the sake of Israel had been realized step by step.

What is this “hidden strategy of the Vatican”? In my previous book entitled “Rush to Japan”, I deeply referred to this issue once. The strategy seems to consist of the following three parts:

– Massive transfer of “Nazi Gold” to Argentina, which her government hasn’t brought back to original possessor.

– Provision of Uranium by Argentina to Israel, which has led to instability of the Middle East

– Removal of Israel to Argentina, after the former will have declared fatal war against Iran and be defeated.

Therefore, it’s not just a technical default but switchover of nations that matters in Argentina. In her capital, Buenos Aires, you can easily understand what I mean, when you encounter Jewish residents and their big synagogues there.

Mme President Kirchner also seems to know quite well what her country is actually facing. In order to secure transfer of power for the sake of her own group of local elites, she can’t help coping with the Vatican. Otherwise, she will immediately lose the power and be politically ruined even before the forthcoming presidential election to be held in 2015, while crying to vulture funds, “Mercy, mercy me!”

For Israel, it’s vitally important that her evacuation will be secured on the occasion of the “regional war” in the Middle East, which the UN anticipated. Israel is given an essential role to initiate this war by attacking Iran preemptively. However, it is not Israel but Saudi Arabia that is finally targeted. Accusing the Saudis of helping the Israelis militarily, Iran will mainly counter the former vehemently, which will bring about an eternal war between the Sunnis and Shiites. As compensation for such a historical adventure, the Vatican will give a new holy land to the Israelis in the southern hemisphere. That’s Argentina.

How about Japan’s reaction to this movement? The GOJ seems not to understand this hidden scenario as a whole, when Prime Minister Abe will skip this new holy land and hot spot of the financial affairs at this critical time. Last year, H. I. H. Prince and Princess Akishino were dispatched to there officially, while Mme President Kirchner couldn’t understand what that really meant. It’s not the Vatican but Japan which she should ask help for her survival, because the former is a shadow author of this hidden scenario.  What we’re now seeing on the globe is final battle between the Vatican (the WEST) and Japan (the EAST). Everybody is gradually forced to choose the one or another.

Anyway… This is just the beginning of the whole story. Let’s see whether the intrigue vaticana would succeed. It’s not appreciation of Japanese Yen but irreversible shift to Pax Japonica that matters.

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