Illusion of the 3rd (or 4th) Industrial Revolution


Eruption of Sun on 10 June, 2014 (Source: National Geographic)

After participation in the 20th Conference of Montreal by the International Economic Forum of the Americas, I came back to Tokyo yesterday afternoon. The temperature here was 28 degree Celcius. Really hot…

From Montreal, I reported in the latest column on the Japanese version of Yahoo!News that a sun storm would reach the earth within two days. It was not my own illusion but a warning released by the Japanese authority such as NICT that motivated me to do so. While Japanese mass media disregarded it as usual, some western media like the eminent “National Geographic” also reported the unpredictable change of solar activities simultaneously. Again, it’s not an illusion but a reality that something significant has been happening on the sun, which irreversibly continues to affect the earth.


Based on this fact, I totally felt something was wrong with discussions I heard and watched in the above mentioned Conference of Montreal. There were several reasons why I felt and thought so:

First of all, all the panelists, who mainly represent the so-called “Francophonie”, still stuck to a proposition that nothing will be changed in the current world order dominated by the western powers. Having heard that, I wondered whether they are just incapable of recognizing simple facts such as obvious irregularity of solar activities or intentionally say “noble lies”. Even though only few panelists pointed out and implicated fundamental change of the human society, for example, affected by on-going climate change, the majority of discussants there seemed to firmly believe the world would remain as it was.


Secondly, they were, from my point of view, awfully optimistic for the future. Yes, I’m also optimistic basically, especially when I refer to the current dramatic change of the world order to “Pax Japonica” in stead of “Pax Americana”. However, I can not support the narratives generated in western-dominated international conferences and forums such as the Conference of Montreal, which explain the previous inflationary trend of the world economy would continue forever. The main stream in Montreal even argued the world is now heading to the third (or fourth) industrial revolution after turmoil in the financial world since 2007, which is said to reinvent state. Mme Lagarde told what we’re now seeing is not “deflation” but “low-flation”. Well, let’s see what will occur in the forthcoming autumn. In accordance with dramatic changes of the earth and universe, we can’t help just adapting ourselves to new rule of the nature, which will lead to total collapse of the western dominated civilization with previous inflationary economy. In short, what we urgently need is not to attempt artificial industrial revolution but to try to live along with environments to be drastically changed.

Last but not least, it’s really ridiculous for me to find nobody used the world “global” during the conference. In stead of it, almost all the major participants said, “the statehood will remain as it is.” They even argue “reinvention of state”. Hearing their speeches and discussions which were automatically switched between French and English, I just wondered how they used to define the words like “state” and “statehood”. They perhaps equate “being global” with these words and expressions, while the francophonie obviously doesn’t have the very national language. Yes, French is the first “lingua franca” there, but English is also used. Anyway, the people I met in this conference of francophonie were so diverse by nature that they don’t need to deeply think of what “diversity” is. That’s quite different even from the situation in the U. S., where everyone is officially forced to use the single national language.

This time, the earth seems to evade disaster caused by sun storm so far. But you never know it will happen in the near future. Meanwhile, Japanese official money was massively poured in the Japanese stock market yesterday, I heard. As long as fundamental change of the environment won’t come due to relatively stabilized activity of the sun, the world stock market headed by one in Japan will rocket. Please keep in mind the Le Chatelier’s Principle. Only those who are capable of anticipating dramatic change of civilizations due to sun and climate.

On the way back to Tokyo, I watched a legendary Japanese film entitled “Otokowa tsuraiyo” featuring Ms. Kiwako Taichi who represented the Japanese style of feminicity in 1970’s and 80’s. Yes, Japan was once an emerging market. But history never repeats itself as it was. Nevertheless, we must move forward, step by step.


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