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The Ultimate Question: Who Owns the World??


While I took a walk in HK without any specific reasons a few days ago, I just concentrated on thinking about one simple question: “Who owns the world??” I’m fully aware of such a question is so stupid that nobody usually takes it into account seriously. However, I’ve not been able to asking myself this question since I was invited this time to HK for a surreal reason.

“IF” the world is owned by someone specific, it can be theoretically controlled at the very last stage of a series of theater of the absurd we’ve seen since the beginning of the current financial meltdown in 2007/8. Capers around the world will be stopped, and the world order will be settled down thanks to such a power. But now, the point is how to prove the existence of such an ultimate controller of the world.

In HK, a wise person totally unknown to the public gave me an advice in this regard, which I really, really appreciate. This person just instructed me to draw the following question into attention: “Every single state including even the United States, the biggest one, has been accumulating a huge among of its national debt. Everybody knows this national debt is issued by a certain state, while that is owned by either its own people or other states. Let’s go back to the origin of the whole story. Who could decide to own debt issued by the first nation state, even though he/she stood outside it? There had to be someone who could play this role. It’s the guy who owns the world.”

When you try to find, for example, who possesses a certain company, you always check its list of equity holders. You may then find “Jewish” private persons’ or companies’ names normally, and conclude they own the company. Because it’s not legally obliged to disclose debt structure, its true system of controlling interest isn’t exposed publicly. In short, it’s not equity but debt which is historically of decisive importance in the world history. Such a single truth is never been told in US CPA course.

The above mentioned wise person further pointed out I should take a look at the chart of stock price of the HSBC holdings.


Recently, the government of PRC tried to finally find out who owns the bank, while it began to buy massively to purchase its equity in the market. The real and ultimate owner of this bank is said to have successfully defended its historical position by selling its portion once drastically in the stock market to let the price fall down. While the PRC government had been shocked to have a huge amount of loss and made a fatal decision to evade further battle, the owner then bought back the stock massively and won back.

Official statistics clearly shows the Chinese mainland’s government owns as a single state the largest portion of US national debt and theoretically control its government’s direction, even though PRC and US always pretend to skirmish with each other. However, the truth is there stands someone as the ultimate controller of the world even above these biggest countries. You should forget every Jewish name known usually in this context, because they have been just playing the role of servant of the ultimate controller and forced to be exposed and attacked by others.

Fianally, I understood in HK the very problem we should hurry up to solve for saving the world. The hard core of Japanese traditional authority seems to swerve from the course of this ultimate controller. Whether this is intentionally done or not is the question, in which I’ve been involved since this visit to HK a few days ago. Now that I came so close to the ultimate fact of the world history, I sincerely hope I would be allowed to tell it in detail to you, dear readers, someday. Stay tuned…

Who is behind Shooting Down MH17??


I just woke up in Tokyo and read through the statement by US President Obama on the tragedy of MH17 in Eastern Ukraine. The most essential part of it is, I think, the following:

Here’s what we know so far.  Evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile that was launched from an area that is controlled by Russian-backed separatists inside of Ukraine.  We also know that this is not the first time a plane has been shot down in eastern Ukraine.  Over the last several weeks, Russian-backed separatists have shot down a Ukrainian transport plane and a Ukrainian helicopter, and they claimed responsibility for shooting down a Ukrainian fighter jet. Moreover, we know that these separatists have received a steady flow of support from Russia.  This includes arms and training.  It includes heavy weapons, and it includes anti-aircraft weapons. 


Here’s what must happen now.  This was a global tragedy.  An Asian airliner was destroyed in European skies, filled with citizens from many countries.  So there has to be a credible international investigation into what happened.  The U.N. Security Council has endorsed this investigation, and we will hold all its members — including Russia — to their word.  In order to facilitate that investigation, Russia, pro-Russian separatists, and Ukraine must adhere to an immediate cease-fire.  Evidence must not be tampered with.  Investigators need to access the crash site.  And the solemn task of returning those who were lost on board the plane to their loved ones needs to go forward immediately.

I’m just wondering why Obama still stick to the framework of nation states, although any single party as a nation state can theoretically take advantage of this tragedy. That’s also the case for Russia, although Obama obviously implied her secret involvement in this incident.

Of course, I never want to be a supporter of conspiracy theory. However, it’s worth contemplating who’s actually behind the whole scenes in Ukraine and really want to do.

First of all, it’s nonsense to believe Putin has been motivated to destroy the former rebels in Ukraine (=ruling elites currently), as Henry Kissinger once pointed out.  Of course, Russia has great interest in establishing a kind of autonomous entity in Eastern Ukraine. But how come does Putin want to give an order to shoot down a civil airplane of the third party by a Russian surface-to-air missile? That could ruin his own ambition to let the Russian come back to the first class of the world community. This option is theoretically excluded, I think.

Secondly, the western powers including the United States could have accomplished a covert action against the Russian, but this option still remains a theoretical one, I suppose. To motivate the world community by a clandestine mean to blame Putin for his brutal maneuver can bring them a lot of advantages, which can be, however, easily found out by hits secret service equipped with high technologies.

Last but not least, the current Ukrainian government can be shallow enough to do such a thing, which can be also easily uncovered by such an international investigation as Obama proposed. Once the truth in this context will reveal, that automatically will mean the end of its revolution. This option must be excluded at a glance, I think.

map of khazariaukrine_pro_russian_troops

It’s quite ridiculous nobody has pointed out the region was the very one which historically affected the world history between East and West in an irreversible manner. It’s the forgotten empire of “Khazaria” that was located there.

Without knowing the historical fact the Khazars converted to Judaism from unknown reasons, you never understand the real Jewish history. Despite loudly voiced controversy, the Khazars are broadly believed to be ancestors of the Ashkenazi. No one can deny the historical fact the Russians has been suffered from a series of intrigues by groups of the Ashkenazi.

Well, please don’t misunderstand I will vote for anti-Semitic polemics, which have been typical in the Russian and western societies. Still, I haven’t been able to find a persuading reason for intervention of former Israeli IDF soldiers in street fights in Ukraine from the beginning. They came from Israel, the country of the Ashkenazi.


In sum, I would say we should gradually leave the conventional thought of nation state and recall lost legacies between East and West, which the hidden network of descendants of the Khazars, the Ashkenazi, is now trying to realize beyond the borders. It is the adamant ambition of the Ashkenazi that matters in the world community.

In addition, I must give a short answer to the question you may have: “Why is the Airline of “Malaysia” repeatedly targeted?” Malaysia is the country which has been playing an essential role as one of the distributors of the historical hidden assets of the Japanese empire and Chinese dynasties.  Therefore, it’s awfully symbolic that this country is now losing a tool to transfer this asset to abroad. In the course of time, I’ll get back and tell you the truth related to this issue. Stay tuned…





All about the Truth of Greenland

Every day, plenty of people reach the official website of my think tank, “IISIA”, in Japanese. Thanks to Google Analytics, my colleagues and I always check big data to be collected through the site and adapt ourselves to emerging trends on internet.

This week, one specific key word drew attention during the work. That was “Greenland”: Many readers obviously reached the IISIA’s website with great interest in this country’s name by search engines.

Why “Greenland” now?? The answer is quite simple: The latest issue of the IISIA’s Monthly Report (Sorry, written only in Japanese recently) focuses on this country and its huge potential in the crude oil market.


Greenland is still an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. I say, “Still”, because this country will soon declare its independence. In addition to that, we have a very reason why we should now pay attention to it. That is closely related to Japan’s bubble economy I’ve been describing in previous columns on this weblog.

Recalling the Heisei Bubble in late 1980’s in Japan, we can easily find three decisive causes which led Japan to this historical bubble economy: “capital flights from the world to Japan”, “massive appreciation of JPY” and “finding of a new giant oil field”.

Now, let’s apply these three factors to the current situation of Japan. That can be described as follows:

– Official statistics of the Japanese Ministry of Finance clearly shows foreign investors have been continuing to accumulate Japanese stocks as their assets. Almost 60 percent of Japanese stocks sold in the market is now hold by them. During the last one month, it’s been the Nikkei 225 index that rose most among the major indices in US, UK and Japan (shown below). This means the irreversible capital flight to Japan is continuing.


– In terms of the exchange rate of JPY, the moment of the truth didn’t come yet. However, we shouldn’t forget major European countries secretly begun to leave the previous hegemony of US recently. For example, the French have obviously no more interest to maintain the era of US dollar, while their economic leadership slowly prefer EURO to USD as trade currency in oil market. Furthermore, Germany tries to withdraw from historical collaboration with US intelligence agencies, while she suddenly expelled the local station chief of CIA from Berlin. This is awfully unbelievable because Bundesnachrichtendiest, the German intelligence agency, was established as a holdover from the Nazionalsozialismus, thanks to approval of USG. In sum, this trend of European flight from the US hegemony will soon lead to depreciation of USD, which will then automatically cause massive appreciation of JPY as the ultimate safe haven automatically. I would say the moment of the truth in this regard would come in the forthcoming September.

– Last but not least, the brandnew oil field to be found in the world. Despite several official announcements released recently, almost all of us isn’t aware of the fact that Japan created a company called “GreenPex” to explore the oil field in Greenland and got successfully awarded two licences of exploration jointly with Chevron and Shell in December, 2013.

Please make sure that this exploration is being undertaken by Japan “jointly” with US and UK. Whenever the Japanese stock market is about to rocket, the oil price must be falling, for example, due to successful finding of new giant oil fields. One of them can be found in Greenland, while this success of exploration can be controlled “jointly” by JPN, US and UK.

Well, dear readers, don’t you feel something when you watch the following two videos on flags of Greenland and Japan? This feeling tells you exactly that the history is not sequence of accidents as described usually, but results of strategies pursued by those who know the arcanum of the earth.







Japan’s Bubble and Russian Bubble


Elvira Nabiullina

Having got back from St. Petersburg, where I was invited to the 23rd International Banking Congress hosted by the Bank of Russia, I’m now quite sure western elites of the financial world have been preparing for a new bubble. That is to be seen in Russia. Although nobody tells such a story, especially in Japan, I’m awfully confident of such a near future. Why?

The key to the whole secret is “inflation targeting”. Russia will join the group of nations which have already done this financial policy from the next year, 2015. The Russian aim is obviously to “disinflate” her economy. In order to get the continuous inflation under control, Russia urgently needs to introduce disinflationary policy, explains Ksenia Yudaeva, younger but powerful colleague of Elvira Nabiullina, governor of the Bank of Russia.

Ksenia Yudaeva

When I heard this explanation, I spontaneously thought it to be a typical “noble lie“. Because the recent history of western countries since late 1990’s clearly shows that this disinflationary policy inevitably leads to extremely low or even “negative” interest late at its final stage, it is always related to excessive risk taking in the financial market. This is the very reason why bubbles and their collapses have been repeated since 2000. Finally, Russia’s turn will come. As soon as the new financial policy will be launched, the Russian economy will start to boost and reach a bubble, maybe in 2018, when her financial market will be finally opened in accordance with rules of the WTO. As the very person of merit for that, either Elvira Nabiullina or Ksenia Yudaeva will be given the position of Russian Prime Minister, I suppose. Ms. Yudaeva has got an advantage over the former, since she is in charge of this new type of monetary policy based on her broad human networks in the World Economic Forum.

The point is Japan’s Bubble is simultaneously happening with the Russian one. In this regard, we must be aware of the fact it’s not US but Russia which should be intensively taken care of by both the financial policy and diplomacy of Japan, which nobody in the Japanese society knows yet.

As I have pointed out in previous columns on this English weblog, the Japan’s Bubble has already begun since the beginning of the so-called “ABENOMICS” launched in December, 2012, and is now reaching the very finaal stage of its first phase based on intentional, massive depreciation of JPY. My adaptive unconscious tells you fatal breakout of the war in ME will drastically change the world in the forthcoming autumn, while every single investor will rush for Japan as the very safe haven. Even though this historical movement will make an irreversible appreciation of JPY and collapse of the Japanese stock market happen, the world community will soon become aware of the fact there is only an option for them to invest: That’ll be JAPAN.

When this scenario will come true before 2015, Japan will have an decisive advantage over Russia. Since the dramatic change of Russian financial policy will be launched, as I explained above, from the next year,  we can’t expect a Russian bubble till the end of this year. As long as Moscow/St. Petersburg will stick to this time schedule, there is a huge opportunity for us to see the realization of Pax Japonica, which I described before.

Again, it’s not US but Russia, with which Japan will have to battle. While the authority of Japanese diplomacy still maintains its traditional narrow viewpoint vis‐à‐vis Russia only in bilateral relationship, Russia itself is now stepping forward to become the global power even in the financial world. We must urgently check what’s hidden behind charming Ksenia’s smile. That’s why I intensively repeated trips to St. Petersburg where President Putin was incubated thanks to financial assistance of a Japanese shadow man. Only this guy can clearly say “NO” to Vladimir Putin for the sake of Japanese national interest. You may wonder who it is. When the right time will come, I’ll selectively tell you the truth. Stay tuned.

IBC2014 St.Petersburg